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Google TranslateLanguage translation serviceUtility44     
Google AJAX LanguageText translation serviceUtility26     
EvernoteThe global platform for human memoryUtility6     
Google URL ShortenerURL shortening serviceUtility4     
GravatarOnline Avatar ServiceUtility3     
Google NotebookOnline notebook serviceUtility2     
Microsoft TranslatorWeb page and subpage language translationUtility2     
World Time EngineWorld clock and time zone serviceUtility2     
BitextMultilingual Semantic ServiceUtility1     
Intel CPUAccess to CPU informationUtility1     
LangIdLanguage identification serviceUtility1     
NodesterOpen Source Node.JS Platform as a ServiceUtility1     
Retro AvatarAvatar creatorUtility1     
stikkitLittle sticky notes that thinkUtility1     
VeryRelated Mind Maps KeywordKeywords generation serviceUtility1     
WebPurify Profanity FilterProfanity filtering serviceUtility1     
ACheckerAccessibility review serviceUtility0     
Adobe WaveDesktop notification serviceUtility0     
Ai Applied Data MinerSocial network and news dataUtility0     
Ai Applied DemographicsDemographics text analysis web serviceUtility0     
Ai Applied Language DetectionText language detection web serviceUtility0     
Ai Applied Sentiment AnalysisSemantic text analysisUtility0     
Ai Applied Text ExtractWeb page text extraction toolUtility0     
Ai Applied Text LabelAutomated text labeling toolUtility0     
AISpeechSpeech recognition serviceUtility0     
Any IpsumCustomizable placeholder text generatorUtility0     
api.naveenPersonal Statistics ServiceUtility0     
AppseeMobile application user experience platformUtility0     
Ask ZiggyNatural language voice activation for applicationsUtility0     
Autodesk BIM360 GlueCAD software resource serviceUtility0     
BackSolverIndustrial scheduling and planning serviceUtility0     
BarcodesoftBar code generating serviceUtility0     
Been PlatedLicense plate comment siteUtility0     
BestlyA/B testing platform for mobile appsUtility0     
BigMLData and analytics serviceUtility0     
Binary CanaryWebsite and online resource monitoring serviceUtility0     
BintraySocial software distribution platformUtility0     
BitlanURL shortening toolUtility0     
BlueMailCentral PostalDigital mail serviceUtility0     
Book GluttonConvert HTML to EPUBUtility0     
BoundaryReal-time cloud environment monitoring serviceUtility0     
BrowshotScreenshot and website sizing and testing service for multiple devicesUtility0     
By VoiceText-to-speech conversion serviceUtility0     
ByVoiceText to speech serviceUtility0     
CaascadeComputations as a Service APIUtility0     
CereVoice CloudMultilingual text-to-speech serviceUtility0     
Chinese Character WebChinese language glyph generation serviceUtility0     
Clothes2orderPrinted and embroidered clothing supplierUtility0     
CM23URL Shrinking ServiceUtility0     
CNGnowCompressed Natural Gas station informationUtility0     
CodeREADrBarcode scanning serviceUtility0     
Cogix RatingsSurvey Creation ServiceUtility0     
Company Data Trees Mobile Website DetectionB2B marketing analysis serviceUtility0     
ContentfulContent management system for applicationsUtility0     
CopifyOnline copywriting agencyUtility0     
CPUsageCloud computing and infrastructure serviceUtility0     
DashbookCustomized dashboard platform Utility0     
Deeplink.meMobile and web application linking serviceUtility0     
DeskMetricsSoftware use analytics serviceUtility0     
DeviceAtlasMobile device detection serviceUtility0     
Digital OceanSSD cloud server hosting and management serviceUtility0     
Din.gyURL shortening serviceUtility0     
Dino IpsumDinosaur themed placeholder text generatorUtility0     
DocMailSend physical postal mail via a webservice/websiteUtility0     
DoculiciousService for web forms with PDF outputUtility0     
EcoSCADABuilding energy consumption management serviceUtility0     
EnClout WhoisWhois for DomainsUtility0     
ErrplaneApplication monitoring & metric serviceUtility0     
ESnet OSCARSNetwork traffic management serviceUtility0     
FastlyCDN platform Utility0     
File MD5MD5 file hash serviceUtility0     
FilleramaThemed placeholder text generatorUtility0     
Flash PollingOnline survey and questionnaire serviceUtility0     
FleksySmart phone & tablet keyboard applicationUtility0     
Game of IpsumPlaceholder text generatorUtility0     
GatorURLURL Shortening ServiceUtility0     
Geodata Service Demographics Web ServiceU.S. Demographics data serviceUtility0     
GetSimpleContent management system extension serviceUtility0     
GnomeCollaborative Software ServiceUtility0     
Googe Refine ReconciliationServiceSemantic linking serviceUtility0     
Google Apps Profiles DataUpdate and retrieve Google Apps profilesUtility0     
HappyFoxHelpDesk ServiceUtility0     
Heap AnalyticsWebsite analytics serviceUtility0     
HockeyAppApp testing platformUtility0     
HTTP Redirect Chain EnumeratorSearch Engine Optimization toolUtility0     
i.materialise3D model fabrication serviceUtility0     
iChartsData visualization and sharing serviceUtility0     
ID.meIdentify verification serviceUtility0     
IdeaTreeMind map serviceUtility0     
IlliriService to connect multiple platforms & devicesUtility0     
Image Color SummarizerGraphic/image analysis serviceUtility0     
import.ioData extraction service for websites & applicationsUtility0     
Inset PersonalizationBuild Smarter Mobile AppsUtility0     
IPRentalIP address routing serviceUtility0     
IstabaiRemote home heating control serviceUtility0     
itDuzzit Cloud application integration serviceUtility0     
Ity.imURL shortening serviceUtility0     
JelasticCloud computing platform Utility0     
json-lipsumPlaceholder text generatorUtility0     
KantanMTMachine translation engine builderUtility0     
keen.ioMobile and web application usage serviceUtility0     
KoalityCode writing and testing platform Utility0     
LedningskollenFind buried cables in SwedenUtility0     
LelylanHome and electronic device automation serviceUtility0     
LicaPhoto conversion serviceUtility0     
LinkTigerLink Checking ServiceUtility0     
LinkTrustAffiliate program management serviceUtility0     
ListiamoList management serviceUtility0     
Long "R" UsURL lengthening serviceUtility0     
LouderVoiceReview and comments serviceUtility0     
MECAPIJapanese language morphology analysis serviceUtility0     
MetamarkURL shortening serviceUtility0     
MinuumKeyboard application for phones and devicesUtility0     
MobipaycashB2B Services Provider Utility0     
MokugiftTree planting serviceUtility0     
MyELearningSpace Web AccessibilityWebsite accessability validation serviceUtility0     
MytagoMobile barcode serviceUtility0     
Neurospeech SOAP to JSONSOAP to JSON conversion serviceUtility0     
New Zealand Post Label PrintingPostal label and tracking code generatorUtility0     
New Zealand Post LocatorPostal location finderUtility0     
New Zealand Post TrackingNew Zealand parcel tracking serviceUtility0     
New Zealand Post Tracking NotificationPackage tracking notification serviceUtility0     
NexiwaveSpeech recognition platformUtility0     
NotelyAcademic notes and calendar serviceUtility0     
Notify.MeWeb notifications serviceUtility0     
NREL PVWattsPhotovoltaic output simulator serviceUtility0     
OCR Web ServiceContent scanning and digitization serviceUtility0     
OfficeRecoveryData extraction and recovery from corrupted files, documents, spreadsheets and databasesUtility0     
OOchartsGoogle Analytics retrieval serviceUtility0     
Open Xerox PDF-to-XMLPDF to XML document conversion serviceUtility0     
OpenADRAutomated energy grid stabilization specificationUtility0     
OPENiCloud integration solutionUtility0     
PageMunchScraper that converts html and microformats to JSONUtility0     
PDF2DataFile data extraction serviceUtility0     
Pelican Climate ControlWireless HVAC energy solutionsUtility0     
PLACEHOLD.ITImage placeholder providerUtility0     
placekittenKitten themed image placeholder serviceUtility0     
PluploadFile uploading serviceUtility0     
Poll EverywhereSimple poll serviceUtility0     
PollDaddyPoll and survey serviceUtility0     
Pony IpsumMy Little Pony placeholder text generatorUtility0     
PredictionIOUser predictive features serviceUtility0     
PriceonomicsProduct price information serviceUtility0     
PrimadeskCloud and web application management serviceUtility0     
Prj2EPSGPRJ to EPSG conversion serviceUtility0     
ProwlGrowl development for iPhone messagingUtility0     
PushingboxCloud notification serviceUtility0     
QR and DMX Barcode Generator2 dimensional barcode generator for QR and DMX codesUtility0     
QR-Server QR CodeOnline QR Code API (a 2D barcode)Utility0     
QR4 QR CodeQR code generatorUtility0     
QRdvarkQR scanning appUtility0     
QReate.meMobile tagging serviceUtility0     
QRickit QR CodeQR code generation serviceUtility0     
RACO BarcodeBarcode and QR code generation serviceUtility0     
Rainforest QAWebsite testing serviceUtility0     
random.orgTrue random number generatorUtility0     
RapLeaf UtilitiesData normalization and deduction toolUtility0     
ReLinkContent Management and Publishing ServiceUtility0     
RemotelingRemote code execution and memory storage serviceUtility0     
RevolvSmart home & smart device automation serviceUtility0     
RollbarReal-time error tracking & monitoring serviceUtility0     
Schematic IpsumCustomizable placeholder text generatorUtility0     
SchmipsumRandom placeholder text generatorUtility0     
Science IpsumScience themed placeholder text generatorUtility0     
Sculpteo3D model fabrication serviceUtility0     
Seavus DropMindProject and idea managementUtility0     
SetOnxMicrosoft On{X} ServiceUtility0     
ShortyURL shortening toolUtility0     
ShotbotWeb page screen capture tool and thumbnail generatorUtility0     
SimpleNameNew Zealand domain name lookup serviceUtility0     
SimplenotePersonal information management serviceUtility0     
SlimSurveysWebsite Engagement Made SimpleUtility0     
SlimTimerPersonal task timerUtility0     
SmartThingsPhysical device control applicationUtility0     
Snappr.netBarcode decoding and creation servicesUtility0     
SolidOpinionDiscussion and commenting platformUtility0     
Space-Track.orgOrbital object tracking servicesUtility0     
SPARQcode QRGenCreate custom QR CodesUtility0     
SPIN RDFSPARQL query processing and translation serviceUtility0     
StackdriverCloud hosting monitoring serviceUtility0     
SYSTRAN LinksOnline translation serviceUtility0     
t0.tvURL Shortening ServiceUtility0     
Ta with youMachine translation serviceUtility0     
TeamViewerDesktop sharing & online collaboration serviceUtility0     
TeliaSonera Developer RedirectURL redirection and storage serviceUtility0     
TeliaSonera Tag2 Dimensional barcode generatorUtility0     
TemnosContent intelligence platformUtility0     
Template2pdfModifiable PDF generatorUtility0     
TestingBotWebsite testing in multiple browsers serviceUtility0     
theFilthylist.comBad word list filtering serviceUtility0     
TimeAndDateLocal time, time zone, and date serviceUtility0     
TimeAPIOnline time providerUtility0     
TimeStationEmployee attendance system for mobile devicesUtility0     
TinyPasteLong Text Shortening ServiceUtility0     
to.lyURL shortening toolUtility0     
Topple TrackAnti-piracy and content monitoring serviceUtility0     
trollem ipsumPlaceholder text generatorUtility0     
Ttb.liURL shortening toolUtility0     
TweeshotWeb screenshot capture and sharingUtility0     
Twinword Topic TaggingAutomated keyword and topic generationUtility0     
TwtmoreLong tweet utilityUtility0     
U Mini MeURL shortening toolUtility0     
U.S. Trademark Status and Document RetrievalTrademark metadata and related documentsUtility0     
uberblic Doppelganger Data Integration ServiceUtility0     
UbidotsInternet of things development platformUtility0     
Umini.meLink shortening serviceUtility0     
UnitagQR code generatorUtility0     
UntinyTiny URL Extraction ServiceUtility0     
UrloidShort URL serviceUtility0     
Utility MillWeb Utility DatabaseUtility0     
Validator.nuHTML5 validation serviceUtility0     
Venstar Network Thermostat Controller Utility0     
VINqueryMotor vehicle identifier decoding serviceUtility0     
VoxSigmaSpeech-to-text conversion serviceUtility0     
WatchsendRecording application for applicationsUtility0     
WattTime ImpactEnergy type usage data for power gridsUtility0     
WeKnowIt Speech ServiceSpeech recognition serviceUtility0     
WescriptUserscript runtime environments utilityUtility0     
WiseTrend OCR Cloud based OCR (optical character recognition) serviceUtility0     
Zapier Status Dashboard of API status informationUtility0     
ZingChartFlash or HTML5 charting and graphing serviceUtility0     
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