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23andMeIndividual DNA and genotype serviceScience0
AILUNGene expression and proteomics data comparison serviceScience0
ALTER ReflectiveGenetic notation conversion serviceScience0
AnnotQTLGene annotation by chromosomal regionScience0
BioDB Hyperlink Management SystemLife sciences link databaseScience0
BioMortarBiological modeling serviceScience0
cBio Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)Cancer-related scientific information serviceScience0
Center for Biological Sequence AnalysisBiological sequence and molecule analysis servicesScience0
CIPF RENATOGenetic regulatory network information serviceScience0
COILS predict protein coiled-coil regionsGenetic structure prediction serviceScience0
DGIdbDrug-gene interaction information databaseMedical0
Divide-and-Conquer Multiple Sequence AlignmentAmino acid, RNA, or DNA sequence alignment serviceScience0
DKFZ SoapDBGenetics and protein sequence databasesScience0
DSC protein secondary structure predictionGenetic structure prediction serviceScience0
Duplicated Genes DatabaseDatabase of co-located and duplicated genesScience0
e-FungiFungi genomics database and analysis serviceScience0
EBI ClustalW2Global multiple sequence alignment serviceScience0
EBI KalignMultiple sequence alignment serviceScience0
EBI LalignLocal pairwise sequence alignment serviceScience0
EBI MAFFTMultiple sequence alignment serviceScience0


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