PandaDoc Templates

The PandaDoc Templates API allows to send documents from a template, with the aim to repeat the process and achieve automation. It is available in JSON format with Api Key. Endpoint, requests, and responses available. PandaDoc is a platform for creating and delivering sales quotes and esignatures.

PandaDoc Documents

The PandaDoc Documents API integrates documents' sending, signing, and tracking features. It is available in JSON format with a Key. Developers can work from the backend or web embed. PandaDoc is a platform for creating and delivering sales quotes and esignatures.

Harvard Art Museums

The Harvard Art Museums API integrates museum's collections into an application. Users gain access to data about Objects, People, Exhibitions, Publications, and Galleries. It is available in REST-style architecture with JSON data and API Key access.

DeviantART RSS

The DeviantART RSS API integrates media feeds into applications. Developers can create RSS URLs via front page or search, authenticating with OAuth 2.0, sending requests and receiving responses in HTTP JSON architecture.

DeviantART oEmbed

The DeviantART oEmbed API integrates link sharing into applications. It is available with JSON callbacks and accessible with Key. YouTube, Flickr, Hulu, Vimeo, Viddler, Qik, and MyOpera support the API, that aims to be useful to enable an embedded URL display on third party websites. DeviantArt is a social community network for artists and art enthusiasts.

IPS Community Suite

The IPS Community Suite API provides developers with methods for building their own web-based communities and interacting with their contents. Online communities may be used to engage fans, allow employees to share information, answer customers' questions, and increase customer loyalty. Invision Power Services (IPS) provides users with methods for handling forums, content, calendars, image galleries, blogs, chat rooms, and more.


The BetterWorks API allows developers to integrate enterprise goal-setting software into their applications. BetterWorks provides a single platform from which users can manage their strategic plans, collaborative goals, and ongoing performance conversions. BetterWorks uses S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to help users formulate and achieve their business goals.

Rigor Optimization

The Rigor Optimization API serves as a gateway to a suite of analytical tools for measuring and tracking web performance metrics. The RESTful API sends requests in HTTP format and returns either JSON or XML responses. The API is a proprietary platform and its access requires preapproved license from the provider.


The LeakedSource API is a data filtering tool for detecting user profiles that may have been hacked and posted to leaked databases. It is a security solution for protecting the individual profiles and transactional data of customers that have subscribed to a company’s online services. The API returns JSON responses to all HTTP requests. LeakedSource currently restricts the API’s access to large corporate organizations.

Crisp Platform

The Crisp Platform API is a security and content moderation solution of web content shared through social media channels and applications. The API allows users to detect and weed out security risks by monitoring the posting and sharing of social media content. The API’s provider, Crisp Thinking Group, is leading vendor of proprietary security solutions for filtering offensive content in social media networks, online forums, images, and videos in addition to providing a buffer against cyber security risks such as bullying and radicalization. The Crisp Platform API sends HTTP requests and returns JSON responses.