MobiCart Store

MobiCart helps eCommerce website providers to create mCommerce mobile applications. Create native iPhone, iPad and Android apps that users can download from app stores and HTML5 web apps that are accessible from a mobile browser. MobiCart Store API aims to facilitate business transactions with mobile devices, providing API features such as store settings, shipping, tax, countries, and states. Available in JSON and XML format, this API can be accessed with a Key. Additional APIs that could enhance integration include Product API, Order API, and Department API.

CartoDB Maps

CartoDB Maps API offers database, data, and location services for developers interested in generating maps, working with JSON format. With the API, anonymous maps and named maps can be customized using SQL and CSS parameters. In addition to Maps API, CartoDB provides Data API, Import API, and SQL API.


Mailboxlayer offers a free JSON API for instant email validation and verification using SMTP, syntax checks, typo checks and suggestions, free and disposable provider filtering, an email quality score, and more. The system is REST-based, secured by 256-bit HTTPS encryption, and is designed to aid developers and businesses in fighting fraudulent users and increasing success rates of email campaigns.

Robohash Image Generator

Robohash Image Generator API is available on Mashape in JSON format and API Key authentication method, with the goal to produce robot images for any text. Along with robots, aliens and monsters can also be displayed in IP address, email, filename, and userID. Created by independent developer


Movin gives people directions indoors. The API is available using a Key with the aim to implement mapping & routing applications. Affordances of the API include to create a MapContainer, load a map, and add a map. Based in The Netherlands, Movin provides solutions for indoor navigation to help visitors find an office route and for asset tracking to find valuable equipment with an accuracy of up to 2 meters. Services beneficial for businesses, airports, and warehouses.


The textCavate API provides metadata extraction to documents in existing applications. This API uses the SOAP protocol. It can extract keywords from English, Afrikaans, and Deutsch documents. It can distinguish between proper and common names. TextCavate offers different plans with different limits depending on the developer's needs.


The InPlayer API service brings developers a tailored experience and white-labeled management from all parties that are interested in taking on the direct-to-API approach. In the time of AWS, distributed systems, and expanding need for integration and growth, the InPlayer API has grown into its own CMS-as-a-Service and User-Management-as-a-Service. The API document and key is only available to registered users. For more information and to register, contact InPlayer at InPlayer allows media publishers to monetize videos via video ads within the player, user data capture, and paywall within videos, and other services.

Cloud at Cost

The Cloud at Cost API allows developers to access its cloud hosting services programmatically. Cloud at Cost allows users to manage their servers even when the server network is misconfigured or disconnected. Users can add and remove additional storage as needed and move their virtual drivers from server to server. They can also add and remove IPs from their servers and even set their own reverse DNS records.

Zip Code to USEAC

The Zip Code to USEAC API provides developers direct access to the U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEACs) that have been assigned to all of the 40,000+ zip codes in the United States. This API has outputs in JSON format, and the data set gets updated weekly. The International Trade Administration (ITA) strengthens the competitiveness of U.S. industry, promotes trade and investment, and ensures fair trade through the rigorous enforcement of our trade laws and agreements.

Sighthound Cloud

The Sighthound API allows developers to integrate their applications with the Cloud services from Sighthound. The API allows for real-time analysis of video frames and still images, can detect faces or whether or not people are in the frames. An API key is required for making requests to the API. The API utilizes an HTTP POST request with a JSON body. Sighthound is a provider of computer vision for developers, OEMs, homes and businesses. They provide intelligent technology for video surveillance.