Gnip Engagement

The Gnip Engagement API allows users and companies to understand and improve Twitter ROI by providing data on how content on Twitter is engaged with by Twitter users. The API provides data on how Twitter users engage with content, and provides access to the engagement of Twitter users with URL clicks, #hashtag clicks, and more. Gnip is Twitter’s enterprise API platform that enables businesses to unleash the power of social data.

Gnip Audience

The Gnip Audience API allows users to understand the demographics of Twitter users, either individually or as a set of users. Some example types of demographic characteristics include gender, location, interests, and the category and network of device of access. The Gnip Audience API also allows understanding of any topic, any conversation, any influencer, and any event happening on Twitter. Gnip is Twitter’s enterprise API platform that enables businesses to unleash the power of social data.


IDnow is an authentication platform dedicated to bank and financial services which offers a proprietary Video-Identification technology and eSign. This platform offers client conversion optimization, automatic image improvement, and global support. Video-Identification functions in accordance with the GwG, and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany. The IDnow API uses JSON, and XML for responses, and offers webhook support.

ClickToAddress Global Address

The ClickToAddress Global Address API finds international postal addresses, auto-completes, and validates data at the point of entry. It allows predictive search-ahead interaction. Available in JSON architecture.


The DigiSigner RESTful API integrates electronic signature features into applications. Authentication is available via HTTPS with a Key. Requests in cURL, PHP, and Java with JSON architecture.

College Scorecard Data

The College Scorecard Data API integrates school, academics, admissions, students, and repayment methodologies into web services. It is available in HTTP for queries and JSON & CSV for responses. Developers require a Key to access. Additional API information at


The NewsAPI provides live headlines, images, and other article metadata from a range of popular news sources and blogs including TechCrunch, Reuters, NYT, WSJ, and BBC News. Available in JSON architecture with an API Key.


The Notion API integrates historical data. Token is available to authenticate. Developers can make JSON requests to obtain OK statuses. Notion collects metrics and data to help teams track better.


The Planio API allows users to access their project management resources programmatically. Planio is a project management service based on Redmine. It provides task management, time tracking, workflows, file management, knowledge management, wikis, issue tracking, version control, communication, and repository hosting. The pro version also includes team chat and helpdesk features.


The Proxicity API allows developers to get a new, verified proxy with every request. Proxicity provides verified, working proxy servers for all use cases. They use a custom proxy tester service to test for specific header support, get/post support, and anonymity. Verified proxies must also comply with Proxicity's connection and download speed requirements.