Google Enterprise License Manager

Located within the Admin SDK, the Google Enterprise License Manager API enables enterprise developers to programmatically manage their licenses. The API can be used to revoke a license, return a specific user's licensee by inputted product SKU, create and assign licenses, list all licenses associated with a specific product, and reassign SKUs with licenses. The API is constructed to be processed with HTTP and JSON formats.


Clearent is an integration tool for eCommerce, combining sites, shopping carts, mobile interfaces, payment processing, and Point of Sale applications to create comprehensive payment-enabled eCommerce applications. The API is compatible with shopping carts such as ZenCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, and custom user applications. Using the Clearent API, providers can process sales, authorizations, captures, refunds, and voids. The RESTful Clearent API is processed via HTTP. All requests require an API key for access. Clearent offers an API sandbox for testing purposes.


ApplyGem offers a web-based software that can be used to create forms and review applicants. The interface allows a recruiter to navigate forms, review applicants, filter by category, and more. The ApplyGem REST API allows developers to build web forms and applications on top of the ApplyGem interface by sending applicant data via a REST API. The API can be accessed by stating an account's API key within HTTP GET and POST requests.


ContentMine is a content mining service designed primarily to work with science articles. It uses processors such as crawlers, scrapers, and visitors to mine data. Metadata from crawlers is stored in the ContentMine catalog in bibJSON format. Developers can call processors and access metadata programmatically using the ContentMine API. The API also has methods for querying which catalog records have been processed and by which processors. There are also methods for querying facts extracted by visitors.


The SmartNotify API allows developers to track and analyze communication habits of customers. The aim is to provide optimized integration for communication mediums such as emails, phone calls, text messaging and social media. It also features predictive algorithms for preferred contact methods and analytic tracking.

Jobs2Careers Publisher

Jobs2Careers is a site where users can search through job listings specific to their location. The Jobs2Careers Publisher API enables 3rd parties to add job content to monetize their sites. This job generating ad placement API also has the ability to query nearly 4 million job postings in the U.S. The API is web accessible and uses XML and JSON formats.


Terminal, supported by Cloudlabs, allows developers to build applications on virtual servers that mimic the convenience of local builds combined with the scalability of cloud services. Using Terminal, developers can manage instances and snapshots, manage versioning, and create applications that provision and duplicate code for others to use. The Terminal API can be used to access these virtual computing environments using HTTP requests and JSON-formatted responses. The API can specifically be implemented to create terminal instances, manage user permissions, manage terminal access, authorize keys, and more.

The Pressmon REST API queries an inputted word and returns it's different usages throughout varying languages. This is done by sourcing from press and literature in different languages which contain given words or word combinations, allowing one to retrieve examples of use of a word in different contexts. This tool could be useful for online dictionaries and other linguistic resources. Current available language categories for the API include: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, French.

Sites XRay

Sites XRay is a data mining service that makes web back-ends searchable, enabling users to search for websites based on the technologies they use. Sites XRay also offers alert notifications for monitoring sites that adopt different technologies. The API specifically provides technical data such as the technology used to build websites (CMS, analytics, eCommerce, JavaScript frameworks, OS), the IP address and location (City, Country, Lattitude, Longitude), and the predominant language used on the site.


Based in the Isle of Man, CoinCorners is a Bitcoin exchange and eCommerce payment gateway offering mobile apps and an API to access their platform. The CoinCorners API enables users to manage their accounts programmatically via integration with 3rd party systems. The call limit for requests is at 60 requests per minute. The public version of the API can specifically can be implemented to retrieve ticker, order-book, and transaction information. The private API can be used to retrieve account balances, withdraw Bitcoin, edit existing orders, and more.