The Codeforces API is a platform as a service that integrates rankings of programming contests around the world. It is available in JSON architecture with HTTP requests and API Key, which can be generated at If developers prefer to work via JSONP, they will receive JavaScript as a data return.

Urban Algorithms Geo Data

The Urban Geo Data API allows users to access socio-economic and environmental profiles of specific GPS locations. Such data types include: air and noise pollution, crime rate, demographic profiles, social amenities, and infrastructure as well as prevailing real estate conditions. The API sends HTTP-formatted requests and returns JSON-formatted responses. Currently, the API only supports GPS locations in the Czech Republic.

Agora Interactive Broadcasting

The Agora Interactive Broadcasting API supports the integration of real-time audio and video streaming functionality in web and mobile applications. It is designed to facilitate the streaming of interactive communication discourses such as live broadcasting and group audio conversations as well as interpersonal and group video chats. The cloud-based API is accessible through the Agora SDK, features WebRTC compatibility, accommodates up to seven speakers, and can be deployed to engage large audiences numbering as many as 10,000 participants. It is applicable to a broad spectrum of live events such as concerts, talk shows, gaming, online auctions, remote personnel training, and online classes, among others.

MasterCard Masterpass Merchant Onboarding

The MasterCard Masterpass Merchant Onboarding API offers tools to make onboarding and setup easily available for merchants and service providers using Masterpass. With the Masterpass services, single and multi-merchant options for onboarding are available, and the Merchant Onboarding API has tools to get started and integrated. The Merchant Onboarding API is part of MasterCard's Masterpass APIs.

Lionbridge GeoFluent Communication

The Lionbridge GeoFluent Communication is a real-time language translation tool for interactive conversations such as telephone calls, chats, emails, ticketing, forums, communities, and customer care helpdesk. The RESTful API is capable of translating audio and text formats of the majority of the languages that are spoken around the world. The API that is well suited for use in contact centers is functionally designed to integrate all communications to a single platform, and this helps organizations achieve cost effectiveness. Developers are required to register API keys and build their applications in their developer sandbox prior to launching its translation feature on the production mode.

Lionbridge onDemand Content

The Lionbridge onDemand Content API is a proprietary language translation solution. It operates as a cost-effective onDemand translation portal for different types of content. A developer can conveniently accommodate all translation needs in a single Lionbridge Content API. The API’s Create Account, List Services, and Generate Quote functionalities support the creation of onDemand buyer accounts, identification of translation quality levels, and creation of translation projects, respectively. Its provider recommends that it can be applied on the Lionbridge onDemand Retail portal and the Lionbridge onDemand Enterprise portal. Developers are required to register API keys and build their applications in their developer sandbox prior to launching its translation feature on the production mode.

Google Verified Access

The Google Verified Access API authenticates the legitimacy of the users of network services and facilitates the monitoring of their adherence to policy guidelines. The Google Admin console hosts the Verified Access feature that conveys communication to the API and a client-side chrome device. As such, it is mandatory to have a running Chrome extension on the intermediate device that communicates with the Google enterprise management platform. Prior to obtaining approval to deploy the Google Verified Access API, a developer must fill out a form through a link provided on the documentation homepage. A developer also must enroll the Chrome device for enterprise management, ensure the devise and the enterprise share domains, configure policies appropriately to be able to activate Verified Access feature, and provide project ID. The API sends requests and returns responses in JSON format.

Cenit IO

The Cenit IO API is an open platform for data and business integration (iPaaS). It processes, storages and moves data in connection with Cloud or On-Premise services. It has been designed to orchestrate data flows that may involve several kinds of endpoints (APIs, Datasets, EDI). It makes possible the automation of all operational processes in a company, connecting between organization's on-premises infrastructure and cloud provider services. Available in JSON and XML formats.


The Buildkite API integrates software automation processes, including organization, pipelines, jobs, agents, artifacts, and emojis as its main components. It is available in JSON architecture with API Key authentication and REST transfer.

HeyZap Publishers

The HeyZap Publishers API integrates reports with advertising data, that developers can integrate via mobile. With API Key as authentication method and URL API, developers can access statistics, filtering, and grouping features.