Carnival is a marketing system designed for customer retention. Some of Carnival's features include in-app messaging, advanced audience segmentation, customized insights, integration assistance, and behavioral triggering. Carnival offers its API which is REST based, and makes use of HTTP Basic Authentication. Carnival is located in New York and Wellington, New Zealand.


PortaText is an SMS marketing platform based in Florida. Its features include bulk SMS, integrated notifications, added security, and auto responder. PortaText as a platform can be used as a communication layer between businesses and customers. This REST HTTP based API uses HTTP Basic Auth as well as API Keys for authentication.


The Rosette API allows developers to integrate linguistic analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning into their own Big Text processing applications. The API includes methods for language identification, relationship extraction, categorization, sentiment analysis, name translation, name matching, base linguistics, entity extraction, and entity linking against Wikidata for English, Spanish, and Chinese. Rosette is a suite of linguistic analysis components that integrate into applications to quickly add multilingual capability for mining unstructured data. It is provided by Basis Technology.


The Weaver API provides tools for developers using the Weaver Internet of Things services and frameworks. Use of the Weaver API enables handling many devices with no relation to brand or vendor. Weaver strives for user-friendly, efficient, scalable, and cost effective service for developers connecting apps with IOT devices such as smart bulbs, thermostats, and much more.


The Elasticode API helps users integrate Elasticode's capabilities directly. Elasticode is a service to help create more personalized mobile user onboarding experiences. To create an API key, follow the regular path to create an app, and choose the API option. More information about the Elasticode API is available upon contacting Elasticode directly.

SYSTRAN Multimodal

The SYSTRAN Multimodal API enables developers to use the Multimodal features: Speech recognition, Image Processing, Text extraction.. SYSTRAN Platform is a collection of REST APIs, Client Libraries and samples for Text extraction, Translation, Multilingual dictionaries searches, Natural Language Processing (Language Identification, Segmentation, Morphological analysis, Speech to text and OCR).


With the Pepipost API, you can connect Pepipost to a CMS, your application server, blog platform, and more for instant sending of transactional mails. The custom developed HTTP API can send up to 1000 emails per API call. Since a single API call can suffice for multiple email addresses, it can reduce bandwidth costs significantly. In addition, you can track statistics for number of emails sent, bounces and spam complaints. Pepipost is a reliable and scalable email delivery engine.


The Deepviz API allows developers to interact with the Deepviz sandbox to submit malware samples and retrieve analysis reports on them. Deepviz is designed to help users analyze, correlate, and understand key information about malware. This may include whether the malware is well-known or unique to a given environment, the communication infrastructure used by the malware, and the behaviors of a specific object.

Bulk SMS Gateway

The Bulk SMS Gateway API is a service provided by KAPSYSTEM, a fast growing Bulk SMS Gateway/API Provider Company in India. Kapsystem offers promotional and transactional bulk SMS services and solutions. The Bulk SMS Gateway API can be provided to integrate on user applications and portals. Mock

The API is available as a simulation for initial implementation in healthcare practices. Documentation includes JSON protocols and access with API Key. Developers can use the API to create projects that require HIPPA compliance to protect patients' privacy rights. Catalyze is a HIPPA compliant, healthcare software company.