Cisco Spark

The Cisco Spark API integrates synced communications between employees through video calls, messaging, and whiteboard sessions. Available in REST architecture with JSON format and OAuth authentication. Use the API to create a virtual room, invite people, search company users, post messages, and get notifications from previous conversations.


This API provides methods for retrieving data from financial institutions on behalf of consumers, advisors, and other users. It is built on RESTful principles with resource-oriented URL endpoints. Quovo supplies aggregation and insights to empower advisors and their clients. It is an enterprise-grade data science platform offering applications and services for financial advisors, institutions, and fintech companies to aggregate and analyze financial account data. Quovo provides account aggregation and data analytics technology for finance.


This API is based on a transparent integration type which allows the Merchant to accept card payments without redirecting users to a page hosted by the payment service provider. This integration type retains the security level and minimizes the PCI DSS compliance effort. It also gives the Merchant flexibility and control over the payment process. PayU is a Naspers-owned online and mobile payments company.

MasterCard Masterpass Merchant Integration

The MasterCard Masterpass Merchant Integration API is a checkout service API that allows simple and secure checkout from Masterpass digital wallets. Using this API enables merchants to get payment information from the consumer’s digital wallet and be able to process their order on a website, app or in store. Details on setup can be found in the documentation- once setup and integrated, merchants can implement all the checkout options that are useful for their front end applications. The Merchant Integration API is part of MasterCard's Masterpass APIs.

C2Call Low Level

The C2Call Low Level API integrates chat, messaging, voice, and video into web and mobile applications. It is available in JSON architecture with OAuth as authentication method. Usage aims to facilitate enterprise communication, secure messaging, and monetization strategies.

InsideSales SOAP

This SOAP API is a cloud-based lead management solution. It enables InsideSales reps to qualify leads, dial and improve contact rates. To use the SOAP webservice you will need to access the WSDL document for your company's subdomain. Insidesales is a provider of response management solutions for sales and marketing and has a telephony suite of tools including voice messaging, auto dialing, and lead response.

Pitney Bowes GeoCode

This REST API allows you to convert addresses to location coordinates and vice versa. It provides a way for you to develop and deploy geocode desktop, mobile or Web applications that are capable of delivering location information. It returns latitude & longitude coordinates with the input of an address and vice versa, for over 140 countries and contains the following four methods; Geocode, Reverse GeoCode, Capabilities and Dictionaries. Pitney Bowes is a global technology company offering products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement and more.