SoftGarden Career Websites

The SoftGarden Career Websites API targets ad agencies that aim to integrate job search, job listings and online application to leverage career websites and applications. Job board vendors can use the API available in REST format with OAuth to sell and receive employment postings.

CarmaLink GPS

CarmaLink is a fleet and equipment management service designed for smaller businesses. CarmaLink provides sensors to attach to autos and other equipment that gather data for safety and efficiency. The CarmaLink GPS is a RESTful API that integrates vehicle tracking data into applications, including OBD and J1939. It is available in HTTP, JSON, and REST formats with OAuth1.


uCoz is a website builder and content management system that provides HTTP, JSON, and REST methods along with OAuth1 authentication. 1uCoz API is available in Russian language. API methods allow developers to create new pages, add text, and include photos in the form of a blog and a news website. The API supports management of site user accounts and permissions to access content as well as content display templates.


Ghost is a collaborative publishing and blogging platform. The Ghost API provides access to publishing data. Developers who work with bloggers could benefit from the API, which is available in JSON and REST formats and is accessible via OAuth.

Twitter Ads

The Twitter Ads API provides developers with programmatic access to advertising accounts. With this Advertising API, partners will be able to integrate their solutions to promote Tweets and Twitter accounts, schedule campaigns, retrieve analytics, manage audiences, and much more. Twitter Developer Services provides three levels of Twitter Ads API access to support partner development needs: developer, basic and standard (these levels are sequential and partners are not permitted to skip stages).

Atlassian Bitbucket

The Atlassian Bitbucket API is a REST API that provides developers the tools to have their applications access the Bitbucket Cloud and its resources (such as an individual (or team) account, repositories, and aspects of these resources such as change sets or comments). With this API, which is based on open standards, users can build third party applications which can use any web development language to access the API. Atlassian offers products, support, and strategic services for teams, from start-ups to enterprises.

Sierra Wireless AirVantage

The Sierra Wireless AirVantage API allows developers to integrate data into mobile applications. It aims to be particularly useful for wireless projects associated to Internet of Things. Protocols include CSV, JSON, RSS, and XML. Developers can authenticate with Key, token, and OAuth. Sierra Wireless provides innovative connectivity options for the Internet of Things.

10Duke File+

The 10Duke File+ API is a dedicated file management and file conversion API for online files and media. This REST API provides an engine that allows large scale online file storage as well as the mapping of input files to a series of commands for producing file conversion by means of a simple configuration process. The File+ API can be licensed as a packaged application that can be deployed on premises or as a private cloud service. It can be licensed on an annual or monthly basis, depending on the deployment model. You can test the File+ API by accessing this demo:

10Duke Entitlement Service

The 10Duke Entitlement Service API provides an easy to integrate and deploy Entitlement Management and Authorization service that offers advanced entitlement capabilities on a simple SaaS basis. The 10Duke Entitlement Service provides a scalable solution for executing access policies across devices, people, companies, groups, services, assets and software applications. You can test the 10Duke Entitlement Service by accessing the demo at

10Duke Identity Provider

The 10Duke Identity Provider API enables the user of a web service (or variety of web services) to access cloud and corporate applications using a single identity. This provides businesses and organizations the ability to offer both their internal and external users a single point of access with which they are able to access a variety of online services using the same credentials. This Single Sign On (SSO) facility can be extended to a variety of actors including public customers, business partners, applications and middle-ware components, enabling SSO for consumers as well as between organizations. The 10Duke Identity Provider API has been deployed for leading technology and consumer brands worldwide. You can test the 10Duke Identity Provider by accessing this demo: