Salesforce Metadata

Saleforces's Metadata API is used to assit developers with retrieving, deploying, creating, updating, or deleting customized information. This can be such things as custom object definitions and page layouts for organizations. The Salesforce Metadata API is meant to be used for management of customizations and building tools to assist in managing the metadata mode.

3D Hubs Teleport

The 3D Hubs Teleport API allows anyone to send their model to one of 16,000+ public printing locations around the world. The API uses JSON or XML for requests and returns, with a maximum request size of 128 MB. Teleport authenticates via OAuth1 and requires a Consumer Key and Secret. Register with 3D Hubs to receive your credentials. See the API documentation for more information on how to get started with Teleport.

CardStreams REST

CardStreams REST API has stream-based storage and retrieval architecture. This API allows for the creation, storage, curation, and distribution of content to display in activity streams, feeds. CardStreams REST API uses GET posts and provides REST responses and requires a authentication token. There are three levels of API access plans, ranging from free for developers, with a 10,000 call daily and 10 streams limit, to an Enterprise level with unlimited developer accounts. CardStreams is a cloud based platform for SaaS streams that provides micro-content for mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Yandex Post Office

The Yandex Post Office API provides developers access to statistical data on email marketing campaigns sent from addresses that are registered and verified in Postoffice, an email marketing tool. This API is REST based, and service returns data in JSON format. Yandex is an internet company in Europe

Yandex Disk

The Yandex Disk API allows developers to store files on remote Yandex servers by integrating their application with the API. This API is REST based, and uses HTTP requests for managing data on Yandex.Disk. Yandex is an internet company in Europe.


The higi API is a third party data API and is used for a service that allows users to share activity, health and user profile data with third parties through OAuth V1. higi helps you keep track of your health data. It combines all of your health and wellness information into one number -- the higi Score -- to simplify tracking your overall health.


WP REST API allows developers to access their Wordpress site's data in a RESTful way. Developers can get their site's data in JSON format, including users, posts, taxonomies and more.

The REST API provides developers access to infographic creation, update, and download. This API identifies applications and users using OAuth-like protocol, responses are available in JSON format. Developers can get credentials for the API by following the instruction on the API home page. is a platform for creating, publishing and sharing infographics.

MasterCard Local Favorites

MasterCard Local Favorites API lets developers integrate the API services into their applications, allowing their users to search for local restaurants in their areas. Information returned from requests include restaurant name, address, cuisine type, traffic rates.

RASON Analytics

RASON™ is a mini-language, embedded in JSON, that allows users to quickly and easily create and solve analytic models -- currently optimization and simulation/risk analysis models, soon to include data mining and predictive analytics models. A simple REST API allows users to solve the largest RASON models from their Web SPA or mobile app. RASON models can also be solved in server-based applications and manipulated from C++, C# or Java, using Frontline's Solver SDK Platform.