Pitney Bowes GeoCode

This REST API allows you to convert addresses to location coordinates and vice versa. It provides a way for you to develop and deploy geocode desktop, mobile or Web applications that are capable of delivering location information. It returns latitude & longitude coordinates with the input of an address and vice versa, for over 140 countries and contains the following four methods; Geocode, Reverse GeoCode, Capabilities and Dictionaries. Pitney Bowes is a global technology company offering products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement and more.

Atlassian JIRA Service Desk Cloud REST

This API allows developers to integrate JIRA Service Desk with other applications, and for administrators who want to script configuration interactions with JIRA Service Desk. It is a service solution including asset management to DevOps that supports these teams and solutions with features like customer request portals, support queues, SLAs, and more.

Factual CPG Products

This API provides product data for over 650,000 consumer packaged goods, including; health, beauty, food, beverage, and household products. With CPG Products, you can access key product attributes, find products using powerful search tools or UPC lookup, and connect to product pages across the web. Factual is an open data platform for application developers that leverages large-scale data aggregation and community exchange.


Muzzley allows developers to integrate applications with an Internet of Things platform which features products related to lighting, thermostats, automotive, and health. The Muzzley REST API offers device connection, automation, and control. This API requires API Keys for authentication, uses OAuth, and exchanges information in JSON format. Additionally, Muzzley provides support and recommendations on building and interacting with connected devices.


This REST API allows third-party applications to retrieve data stored within BIGSdb databases or to send new submissions to database curators. PubMLST is a public database for molecular typing and microbial genome diversity.

FatSecret Platform

This REST API provides you with food and nutrition data for monitoring restaurants, exercise, weight and recipes. It also allows you to maintain a food diary with common nutrient data types that returns; calories, proteins, fat, vitamins, carbohydrates and more. FatSecret is an online diet, nutrition and weight loss community service that allows users to set up user profiles, track their activity, food and weight and contribute information and content to help people achieve their diet, nutrition and weight goals.


Keepit is a backup and cloud service based in Denmark which helps in maintaining a collection of digital media across devices. This service features version control, collaboration, and automated synchronization. For businesses, it offers audit support, backup statistics, and overviews of interrupted backups. The Keepit API uses OAuth for authentication.


The GovDelivery API integrates government data, aiming to increase engagement, promote content, and build data communities. Developers can create keywords with GET and POST commands and authenticate with token.


The Hexoskin RESTful API integrates metrics data into software. Hexoskin is a wearable biometric shirt that reports training, recovery, and sleep with the aim to optimize health performance. Available in JSON architecture with OAuth.

MasterCard Audiences

The Audiences API by MasterCard identifies user segments with a higher probability to make continuous purchases within a category. This API provides purchasing insight, and forms audience profiles based on annually aggregated transactions. Audiences are represented by behaviors such as number of transactions, frequency of purchase, location, and merchant category. The Audiences API follows the REST architectural style, XML is used for data exchange, and OAuth 1 for authentication.