Google Enterprise License Manager

Located within the Admin SDK, the Google Enterprise License Manager API enables enterprise developers to programmatically manage their licenses. The API can be used to revoke a license, return a specific user's licensee by inputted product SKU, create and assign licenses, list all licenses associated with a specific product, and reassign SKUs with licenses. The API is constructed to be processed with HTTP and JSON formats.


migme is a social media service that offers chat, microblogging, and entertainment integrations to increase monetization through marketing and user onboarding. The RESTful migme API allows access to it's 9 million user base, enabling programmatic social media functionality, such as the acquisition of comprehensive user profile information, and the ability to invite friends, make a post, and bill a user for in-app purchases. The migme API is processed using HTTP requests and supports JSON formatting.


Yandex.Disk is a service for storing and sharing files. The Yandex.Disk API enables programmatic access and retrieval of these files from any device connected to the internet. Applications that use the Yandex.Disk API can request access to users' files, as well as store their own files on Yandex servers. The API offers a RESET as well as WebDAV interface and mobile SDKs, enabling users to work on their own files, store files, store applications settings, and sync this all with cloud storage to simplify data synchronization between smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Dropbox for Business

The Dropbox for Business API enables businesses to manage the lifecycle of their employee file sharing accounts with Dropbox. With the ability to perform Core API functions across all members of a team, the API can be used to view team usage statistics, check an audit log, and perform admin functions for team management. The API allows access to 4 basic parameters: Team information – an aggregation of team data, Team auditing – the team activity log, Team member file access – admin functionality grants the ability to perform any normal Dropbox action as any team member, and Team member management – a function that enables the creation, deletion, and editing of team members. The API accepts standard OAuth2.0 for authentication, is accessible over HTTP, and returns a JSON object.


ProveTrust is a service that incorporates social signals, user feedback, and identity verification to determine the reputation of a user. The ProveTrust API can be used to programmatically query and retrieve a user's ProveTrust reviews and ratings, as well as edit one's own account information and submitted reviews. The API is accessed over HTTP in a JSON format.


Gini is an information management company that provides users a way to manage their information on the cloud, some of the features include information extraction, storage, backend, search. The Gini API lets developers integrate its services with their applications, allowing their members to utilize Gini's services directly from the applications. All API requests require an authenticated Gini user, developers can authorize against it using OAuth 2.0.

Territory Helper

Territory Helper is a free service that helps Jehovah's Witnesses design their congregations' territories. Users can design, create, manage, graph, and explore their territories through the application. Territory Helper includes multilingual support and is still in Beta. A live demo is available. The Territory Helper API enables users to assign, return, print, or view territories from their own applications.


Fidor is a German-based bank that offers a standardized set of RESTful APIs and management systems handled with OAuth for authentication. With Fidor, each user has a specific customer ID and associated bank account. Deploying the Fidor API, calls can be made to request 3rd party payments or transfers. Single transactions as well as batch transfers or direct debit withdrawals can be made in a single API call. GET HTTP requests can be made to retrieve user information such as ID & customer email. The API enables developers to access general account management features. Developers can register their app with Fidor in order to gain API access and receive more detailed API documentation.

Front Desk HQ

Front Desk is a client management solution for small to medium sized business that require scheduling, attendance, staff, and billing management. Example businesses that Front Desk pairs well with include yoga/fitness centers, music & dance studios, martial arts, kid's activities, and other organizations that involve personal services. Using the REST Front Desk API, business management can retrieve information on staff schedules, client profiles, location inforomation, and more.


easySYS provides software and services for small businesses to help them manage customers, suppliers, appointments, warehouses, orders, invoices, accounting, and other tasks. easySYS is entirely web-based and offers free support and updates. The easySYS API allows users to integrate easySYS's functions into their own applications using REST calls. Although the API documentation is provided in English, much of the rest of the site is provided in German.