Audiosearch Swagger

The Swagger API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving audio recommendations based on networks, shows, categories, and topics. is a full-text search & recommendation API for podcasts and radio.

IconFinder REST

This API allows users access to a library of icons through IconFinder. All data is sent as UTF-8 encoded JSON identified by the media type. Filtering options include sizes, format, licenses, styles, categories and more. It is also possible to search inside a single icon sets or a specific designer. IconFinder is a search tool for graphic designers and web developers.

Movida Labs Deeva

The Movida Labs Deeva API offers a video processing system that extracts specific information such as entities, people, organizations, keywords, and locations. This system can be used to offer customer recommendations based on extracted information. Potential applications include tagging and transcribing, SEO, and video content search. The Deeva API requires API Keys for authentication, and responds in JSON and XML.


Muzzley allows developers to integrate applications with an Internet of Things platform which features products related to lighting, thermostats, automotive, and health. The Muzzley REST API offers device connection, automation, and control. This API requires API Keys for authentication, uses OAuth, and exchanges information in JSON format. Additionally, Muzzley provides support and recommendations on building and interacting with connected devices.

PureCloud Platform

The PureCloud Platform API allows developers to control their own PureCloud Environment. Developers can access system configuration, conversations, and other functions. PureCloud is available in four regions (North America, Australia/New Zealand, E.U. [Ireland], and Japan.), and requests are made by using the correct region in which the customer is located. This API uses OAuth 2 for authentication, and JSON for responses. Interactive Intelligence is an IT firm based in Indiana.


The Catapush API allows users to integrate the ability to deliver transactional push notifications into their mobile and web applications. The API also allows users to track the delivery status of their push notifications. Specifically, users can learn whether their notifications were sent, delivered on the mobile terminal, opened/read, encountered an error, or whether a contained URL was clicked. Gravity

The Gravity API provides access to the Dashboards in JSON or XML format. 3rd party applications can integrate with this cloud based API to create personalized TV dashboards. Also, this API offers real-time KPI metrics for businesses.

Campus Labs

The Campus Labs API integrates educational data into applications. OAuth2 authentication is available with HTTP requests and JSON responses. Developers can explore courses, evaluations, notations, demographics, accounts, and outcomes interfaces. The Campus Labs platform helps unify campus data to help institutions make data-informed decisions.

Outlook Notifications REST

This REST API allows apps to learn about changes to the user's mail, calendar, or contact data secured by Azure Active Directory in Office 365. Data includes;,,,, and

Office 365 Schools

This REST API provides access to school entities in Office 365 for Education tenants. It allows you the ability to extract data from your Office 365 tenant which has been synced to the cloud by Microsoft School Data Sync. This includes information about schools, sections, teachers, students and rosters.