humm is a London based music and video streaming platform with focus on personalization. This service has access to tens of millions of tracks, is advertisement-free, and dedicated to the LATAM market. The humm API includes access to resources such as songs, videos, playlists, artists and albums. This REST API uses JSON for data exchange, and OAuth 2 for authentication.


Alerta is a notifications platform that combines alerts from the same environment together to avoid duplicates in order to see only the most recent ones. Also, notifications can have multiple custom attributes and be tagged for monitoring purposes. The following alert sources are supported: Syslog, SNMP, Nagios, Zabbix, and Sensu. The Alerta API uses JSON for data exchange, and API Keys for authentication.

SOCAN Works Registration

The Works Registration API allows interaction with SOCAN in order to submit work information such as performing artist, production title, origin details, and publisher's information. JSON is used for data exchange, and OAuth for authentication. SOCAN is a Canadian based music industry leader and provider with locations in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

SOCAN Notification of Live Performance

The Notification of Live Performance API allows interaction with SOCAN in order to upload performer and creator information such as type of performance, venue type and capacity, and promoter's information. JSON is used for data exchange, and OAuth for authentication. SOCAN is a Canadian based music industry leader and provider with locations in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Greenhouse Candidate Ingestion

The Greenhouse Candidate Ingestion API includes methods for getting a list of active jobs, creating new candidates, generating tracking links, and getting updates on what happened to previously pushed candidates. Greenhouse is a recruitment optimization service designed to help users find better candidates, conduct better interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Square Register

The Square Register API mediates communication between Android or iOS apps and Square’s payments processing apps. The API’s provider is the vendor of Square payments processing hardware that include the Square contactless and chip reader. Developers can choose between the Android and iOS versions of the Square Register API, although the Android option provides access to only native apps while the iOS option provides access to both web and native apps. The API that requires OAuth 2.0 authorization transmits requests and responses in HTTP and JSON formats.

Stitch Labs

The Stitch Labs API is a transactional portal for connecting client-side ecommerce applications to Stich Labs' inventory management platform. It is designed to synchronize the flow of data channeled through multiple platforms of the supply chain and track all the events involved in the inward and outward movement of inventory items. The API allows developers to integrate user rights for adjusting entries of products, supplier profiles and sales and purchases orders. The Stitch Labs API sends requests and returns responses in HTTP and JSON formats, respectively.

Google My Business

The Google My Business API allows business enterprises to create and edit locations for purposes of updating or publicizing their physical addresses. The API enhances the visibility of the location of a business in Google maps and search results, making it suitable for integration with online advertising apps. The RESTful API sends and parses request data in HTTP format, and returns responses in JSON format.

YouTube Mobile Data Plan

The YouTube Mobile Data Plan offers Quality of Experience (QoE) optimization by identifying the user's data plan. This API includes two parts, one is used to establish the user's data plan with an anonymous identifier, and the other allows the application to identify the user's data plan from the mobile network operator. Optimization is achieved by improving data transparency within applications. The Mobile Data Plan API requires OAuth for authentication, and uses JSON for data exchange.

InTouch CRM

The InTouch CRM API allows users to integrate tailored CRM solutions into their mobile and web-based apps. The API’s provider, In Touch, operates CRM systems that consolidate the contacts of clients or respondents into solid databases in addition to automating the tracking and follow-up of marketing leads and correspondences. This RESTful API makes simple HTTP calls and transmits requests and responses in JSON format. It is an adequately documented full release that requires OAuth and token authorization.