The Streamable API allows developers to implement streaming features into an application. What the documentation shows is related to video schema, upload a video, and import a video from an URL. The API is in JSON format accessible with OAuth2 authorization. Resources to interact with users are also available.


The Pyrus API aims to automate business tasks and improve customer relations. Developers can register their application to obtain a Client ID and Secret Key. Then, they can access methods to implement through SSL. Available in JSON and REST protocols. Pyrus helps users automate workflows and automate tasks.

Fiz FizPlaces

The FizPlaces API provides location based feedback with customized capabilities. High quality content for all locations, and up to 20 pieces of informaton can be shown per place (plus custom content). This REST API responds in the JSON format, and uses the OAuth2 method for authorization. Fiz focuses on aggregating 'experiential' travel content, and supplying custom feeds to travel, hotel, and leisure companies.

Mondo Web hooks

The Mondo Web hooks API is an API that allows developers to incorporate real-time, push notifications of events occuring within an account, into their application. The Mondo API allows interaction with users' banking accounts including transaction listing and retrieval. The API is currently in beta so interested developers should get in touch via the Mondo Twitter account. Mondo is a mobile-first bank and banking application.

Mondo REST

The Mondo REST API is a banking API that allows interaction with users' accounts. Interactions include listing and retrieving transactions. The API is currently in beta so interested developers should get in touch via the Mondo Twitter account. Mondo is a mobile-first bank and banking application.

Pearson LearningStudio

The LearningStudio APIs are a set of RESTful and SOAP services by Pearson that provide many tools for the online course environment. With the LearningStudio APIs users can leverage the LearningStudio Learning Management System (LMS) to strengthen engagement and interaction, develop rich user experiences, integrate with student information systems (SIS), create student and faculty portals, create ad-hoc reports, develop new course tools, integrate with third-party tools, and much more. Explore the LearningStudio APIs to build the next great learning experience. Pearson provides educational products and services to learning institutions, governments and individuals.

SAIFE Management

The SAIFE Management API allows developers to establish secure communication networks, manage certificate groups, sign and revoke certificates, create device endpoints, set configuration parameters, establish customized roles and permissions, and manage SAIFE applications. The SAIFE Management Service pre-populates devices with public certificates, friendly names, routing information, and device capabilities for all members of the security group, ensuring that all devices that need to communicate are well-known to each other.


Yaas API provides a variety of services to developers. From REST interfaces to URI searches to aggregation, join hybris YaaS to build business services that reach other developers on YaaS or customers using the hybris Front Office (i.e. hybris Commerce, hybris Marketing, hybris PCM, etc.) and use what YaaS has built to get there faster. The YaaS developer portal contains APIs for all the services developers need to build anything in YaaS and for commerce functionality needed to build a storefront.

The API brings developers a wealth of tools in back-end services. is a Cloud platform for implementing secure, scalable and reliable Internet of Things applications, through server-side JavaScript scripts and provides developers and development teams with a wide range of tools (web IDE, integration with code repositories) and APIs. further simplifies the development of IoT apps and reduces their time to market by providing you with connectors to many third party devices (Nest, Withings, Fitbit, Carvoyant, etc.) and services, which are seamlessly used as first class objects in your scripts.


The Besepa API is a service for developers for the SEPA direct debit platform. With the API, the platform is structured around the following models: Customer, Group, Bank Account, Mandate, Debit, Product, and Subscription. Besepa is a Spanish company whose main goal is to simplify the management of direct debits for companies and organizations. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit is a European system of rules and standards for merchants to collect payments.