YouTube Mobile Data Plan

The YouTube Mobile Data Plan offers Quality of Experience (QoE) optimization by identifying the user's data plan. This API includes two parts, one is used to establish the user's data plan with an anonymous identifier, and the other allows the application to identify the user's data plan from the mobile network operator. Optimization is achieved by improving data transparency within applications. The Mobile Data Plan API requires OAuth for authentication, and uses JSON for data exchange.

Proximity Beacon

The Proximity Beacon API aids cloud-based registration of beacons and facilitates the attachment of the corresponding data of the beacons. The API operates as a component of the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon platform that deploys RESTful endpoints to process the corresponding data of the BLE beacons. It is also flexible to a variety of beacon technologies including Google’s Eddystone and Apple’s iBeacon, an attribute that makes it accommodative to apps anchored on android, iOS, and web platforms. Proximity Beacon API conveys requests and responses in JSON format.


Transcriptic is a Science-as-a-Service company, enabling researchers to conduct bioinformatics research from their web browser. The Transcriptic REST API enables developers to access a fully automated laboratory, and program test runs. Transcriptic is a company that focuses on making life science research easily accessible. Users can send samples into Transcriptics biometrics laboratory then get results and do research remotely.


myCloudData API facilitates the development of secure cloud-based data processing and storage solutions for desktop, mobile, and web applications. The API supports creation of tables and processing of metadata on the fly in addition to facilitating storage, retrieval and restricted sharing of data in cloud platforms. myCloudData is also readily compatible with IoT devices, thanks to its high-speed properties, solid architecture, and lightweight attributes. The RESTful API deploys JSON and HTTP formats in its request and response generation processes. Access requires paid subscription although free access is provided to a limited extent.

eSign Genie

eSign Genie is an electronic signature service which allows documents to be signed securely. eSign Genie features document collaboration, template library, and 256-bit encryption. This service is UETA, ESIGN, HIPAA, FINRA, and CFR Part 11 compliant. Also, eSign Genie offers an API that allows developers to integrate these eSignature features to their applications. This API is REST based, uses OAuth 2 for authentication, and JSON for data exchange.

Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys API facilitates the use of Web and mobile apps in the creation and integration of surveys. Anchored on the Google Cloud Platform, the REST API incorporates the consumer surveys data gathering, moderation, and processing functionalities into web- and mobile-based research applications. Google Consumer Surveys conveys requests and responses in JSON and HTTP formats. Its authorization requires OAuth 2.0 authentication. Existing Google Consumer Surveys Enterprise customers can gain immediate access to the API through an invoicing contract while non Enterprise customers have to contact the company by email prior to gaining access.


Slurplick is a recommendations platform which extracts information about product images. This platform features machine learning, analytics, and a cloud infrastructure. Slurplick offers its API which functions as a machine learning recommendations system. This API is REST based, and uses OAuth 2 for authentication.


Zalando is a fashion platform for the European market which integrates an expansive shopping store with secure transactions dedicated to its business partners and their third party applications. Zalando is based in Germany, and its strategic areas include "Consumer Products, Brand and Merchant Products, Intermediary Products, and Core Capabilities". The Zalando API is REST based, exchanges information in JSON format, and uses OAuth 2 for authentication.

Reckon One

The RESTful API for Reckon One is a modular accounting system that allows developers to turn modules on and off each month to manage business costs. Protocols available in JSON & access with OAuth2. Reckon One, based in Australia, provides accounting software for small and medium sized businesses.

Orange Radio

The Orange Radio API provides worldwide free access to thousands of digital radio stations and podcasts. A catalog of over 20,000 radio stations and 5000 podcast programs is sorted by continent and genre: music, business, sports, and news. Protocols available in HTTP, JSON, and REST. Authentication via OAuth2. Orange is a global telecommunication company that provides IT and telecommunications services.