Microsoft Health Cloud

Preview Microsoft's Health Cloud API and leverage data from Microsoft Health in your own apps. The API uses HTTP GET methods and JSON data types with OAuth2 for authentication. Register for a developer account to receive your Client ID and Secret. Use Microsoft Cloud API to access user data like heart rate, step counts, or distance and activity data like run, bike, guided workout, or sleep activity. See the project documentation for full method descriptions and instructions on getting started.


FitBarks works like an activity measurement device that registers dog's health, dog's behavior, and dog's progress. FitBark is a device a dog wears in a collar and an application for monitoring the pet's activity. FitBark API helps pet care businesses and dog parents to monitor canine performance. The API features JSON protocols and requires OAuth2 authentication. Collar available for pre-order. API open once developers fill an application for individual access.


Quini provides a suite of APIs that enable the display of rich, detailed and visual consumer wine reviews information. The Quini APIs connect wine e-commerce sites and kiosks, wine e-commerce solution providers, wine clubs and other industry related websites that offer wine listings, wine ratings and wine reviews search, to Quini’s expanding collection of crowdsourced consumer wine reviews and wines database. The Quini API suite is designed to easily allow wine industry related websites to integrate engaging visual wine reviews content into their sites. Visit the Quini API home page for additional information on the APIs within the suite.

littleBits Cloud

The littleBits Cloud API allows developers to connect their littleBits devices to the internet. LittleBits sells sets of tiny electrical modules that users can snap together to easily create and prototype electronic devices. These modules can be used by educators to teach students about electrical systems or by DIYers for prototyping their ideas.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web API is a feature available to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organizations that use Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1. The API uses HTTP methods, JSON for requests/returns, and implements the ADAL API to manage OAuth2 authentication. Developers should note that this API is a preview feature and is currently unsupported. Use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web API to manage and query entities, or call unbound functions and actions. See the extensive API documentation for a full description of the API's current capabilities, code samples, and sample API implementations.

Google Resource Manager RPC

The Google Cloud Resource Manager RPC API manages Google Cloud Platform project metadata. Use the API to create, delete, or update a project. Developers should note that Google Cloud Resource Manager is in Beta. See the API docs for query parameters and usage limits.

Google Cloud Resource Manager REST

Use the Google Cloud Resource Manager REST API to manage Google Cloud Platform project metadata. The API uses HTTP PUT/POST methods for requests and OAuth2 for authentication. Use the API to create, read, and update project metadata. Developers should note that Google Cloud Resource Manager is in Beta. See the API docs for query parameters and usage limits.

BlockTrail Bitcoin Webhooks

The BlockTrail Bitcoin Webhooks REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BlockTrail with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving webhooks, setting up webhooks, and returning webhooks. BlockTrail is a company that provides infrastructure for bitcoin and bitcoin transactions for developers and enterprise.

Office 365 Unified

Office 365 Unified API allows Microsoft cloud service to expose multiple APIs through one REST API endpoint. The API uses a single authentication and provides unified metadata, payload format, error handling, and library to expose productivity entities and their relationships. All APIs use JSON with the Auth02 protocol for authentication and OpenConnect ID for authorization.


The Terracycle API allows application developers to give their end users access to Terracycle's waste collection services. Terracycle is an international upcycling and recycling company that collects difficult-to-recycle packaging and products and repurposes them. They work with over 100 major U.S. brands and 22 countries to collect used packaging and products to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Please contact Terracycle before using their API. Users of the API can get account, shipment, language, and location information, and also information on specific waste collection programs called Brigades.