To start application development, users can create an account with MyUSA. The next step is to register the application. App creators should keep in mind that until the app is mature, it will be public for all MyUSA users. The main goal of this API is to create applications that can improve the lives of Americans in the United States. To review some examples, the site displays the mockup on Github, where users can study the integration between and MyUSA. In addition, the website offers a link to OAuth 2.0. When developers click this link, they will see a wide variety of implementations such as server libraries and client libraries in Java, PHP and Python languages.


2PEAK helps users create and stick to training plans for cycling, running, swimming, triathlons, MTB, and cross-country skiing. The service responds dynamically to changes in the users' plans and helps calculate an appropriate training load. 2PEAK also includes a nutrition app that specifies what and how much the user should be eating based on their activities. The 2PEAK API enables developers to access the entirety of 2PEAK's Dynamic Training Platform from their applications.

Cycling Analytics

Cycling Analytics is a software for cyclists. With a bike, a heart rate monitor, a device and an account, cyclists can monitor performance on the road. The main value of this API could be the convenience to display data from a user oriented perspective. Developers who work with health apps, sport apps and even medical apps could benefit from this service because they will have access to laps, geographical locations and histograms. With this in mind, they could measure a user strength to improve health. This API is about analytics for cyclists. The steps to follow are available on the site, where developers can access preliminary remarks, development status, OAuth 2.0, HTTP methods, parameters, responses, examples and endpoints.


Moxtra is a platform for contextual communication and collaboration. It provides a suite of messaging services that include chat, voice communication, screen-sharing, and custom notifications. Users can pull multimedia content into the cloud for the people they're conversing with to see and annotate. Content from conversations is automatically stored and can be categorized into topic binders. The Moxtra API enables users to access their content using HTTP calls.


AeroFS offers a Private Cloud file sharing service that interacts behind a company's firewall, mitigating the security risk of file-sharing on a public cloud. AeroFS Private Cloud hosts a RESTful API that uses JSON protocol for both response and request bodies to facilitate communication and perform audit control for accessing content via 0Auth 2.0 authentication. Developer licenses for the Private Cloud can be accessed by contacting customer support. Developers can sample API behavior at the AeroFS API Playground hosted through Apiary.

Sycamore School

Sycamore School is a school management software servicing daycare/pre-school, K-12, and college campus school programs. The Sycamore School Public API allows developer to access the data from within Sycamore's student information system. The Sycamore School API is available for use for people who have obtained a user ID, school ID, family ID and/or studentID. The API allows users to retrieve basic information on a school including related news, news articles, events, cafeteria, class lists, and families. User specific data may be returned, such as user-created memos, tasks, journal entries, and more. Student information such as enrolled classes, homework, and grades can be retrieved. More information on class sturcture and family information can be accessed by the API as well. The Sycamore School API is consumed with HTTP requests.


Using the Uber API, developers can integrate the power of Uber into 3rd party applications. Calls to the API can be made to request information on available car types, driver location expressed in geo-coordinates, time estimates, estimated prices (including currency conversion when applicable), as well as user account history and activity. The Uber API documentation describes deep linking techniques to programmatically launch the native app from iOS or Android, or the Uber mobile site from mobile web. The API comes with a detailed style guide and asset package for implementing licensed brandings. The Uber API Affiliate program grants cash and issues Uber credits for new user onboarding through a 3rd party app.


InsideView is a CRM intelligence service that offers complete, accurate customer information to help increase sales and marketing productivity. It helps users clean and segment their marketing databases with complete company and contact information. InsideView also helps prioritize sales opportunities so that users can focus on the ones with the best chances of closing. The InsideView API enables users to access the platform's functions programmatically and integrate them into their own applications.

One Diary Calendar

One Diary is a shared calendar integration solution for collaborative teams. The service allows users to create tags to create curated calendars using email, and schedules events with standard email applications such as Outlook, Exchange, iCloud & Gmail. The One Diary Calendar API is open for developers to integrate the One Diary event management functionality into 3rd party apps. This RESTful API accepts JSON-encoded requests.

Orange Search Top Trends

The Search Toptrends API showcases which topics are creating the most buzz according to French internet users on an hourly basis. The API analyzes and aggregates the millions of news searches made on the Orange search engine with the most shared news on twitter and media sites.