Knowtify offers engaging marketing experiences with email notifications, user insights, and customer behavior. The JSON API is available with Token authentication with the aim to integrate event data with transactional emails, segment data with digest emails, and behavioral data with behavioral emails. Knowtify is a company that intends to drive lifetime customer loyalty providing its engaging marketing platform.

CartoDB Maps

CartoDB Maps API offers database, data, and location services for developers interested in generating maps, working with JSON format. With the API, anonymous maps and named maps can be customized using SQL and CSS parameters. In addition to Maps API, CartoDB provides Data API, Import API, and SQL API.

DigitalGlobe Maps

The DigitalGlobe Maps API is a scalable, cloud-hosted solution that feeds beautiful, high-resolution map content straight into web or mobile applications. Developers can use the DigitalGlobe Maps API to access satellite, vector and terrain content as well as build captivating, location-based applications.


The SignalFx API allows developers to submit data points, extract raw data, execute analytics jobs, and more. Users can send all of their metrics and events to SignalFx for processing, storage, and analysis. Data can be sent at any scale and at frequencies up to every second. The API allows developers to perform the same tasks as they could through the SignalFx web interface, and then some.

Brightcove Videocloud Media

Brightcove Videocloud Media API allows to interact with the functions of video, cloud, and media in REST protocol. Developers can use an API Token to access the content. Guides include topics to add transcription from remote assets, embed video cloud media, and create videos with remote assets. Brightcove is a platform that distributes video on the web. It is targeted to enterprises and organizations worldwide.

adjust KPI Service

The adjust KPI Service API allows developers to retrieve statistics on the mobile applications that they track with adjust. Adjust is a business intelligence platform designed for mobile app marketers. It provides information on where the user's customers are coming from, as well as advanced analytics and app store statistics.


The MercadoPago API allows developers to exchange information with the Mercado's platform. Mercado Pago is an online payment company that processes payments for businesses globally.

DCM/DFA Google Reporting and Trafficking

Google recently released the DoubleClick Campaign/Double Click for Advertisers Reporting and Trafficking API with the aim to manage and create campaigns and reports. Accessed via JSON token, the getting started guide offers instructions to go to the Google Developers Console, create a new project, select APIs, and choose credentials. Sample code in .NET, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, and Python are available to familiarize to the API.


ZebraPlan offers agile project management tools for software development companies. The ZebraPlan REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ZebraPlan with other applications using HTTP methods, in either XML or JSON formats. Some example API methods include retrieving work item details, retrieving and managing project details, and managing user accounts.

Mythic Spoiler

Mythic Spoiler's API provides access to fantasy trading card game Magic: the Gathering game information. The Mythic Spoiler REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mythic Spoiler with other applications. API methods include retrieving game information and spoilers, retrieving game sets and searching for information.