Configure multiple Virtual Machines located across several data centers. Protect data while managing your disaster recovery options via access to iland’s console and cloud infrastructure using this REST API. Simplify your data footprint while monitoring resources. iland provides enterprise cloud hosting and other services.

Tierion Hash

The Tierion Hash API helps manage authentication and API requests using JSON and REST. It works with Tierions data APIs to anchor data in the Blockchain.


Inspectlet is a service to analyze users with Heatmaps and screen capture while recording actual visitor sessions. Then search and retrieve your session recordings online using this JSON-based API. "inspectlet" can be modified for complex searches by name, country, tags, IP, browser, device and more.

ChargeIO Merchant

ChargeIO is an Austin based payment processing platform for ACH and credit card payments. The Merchant API is used to access and edit merchant and accounts information, and it allows accepting and refunding payments to bank accounts and cards. Additionally, secure storage and customer information retrieval are supported. This API uses JSON for data exchange, and Tokens for authentication.

FCC Consumer Help Center Complaint Data

The FCC Consumer Help Center Complaint Data API integrates customer complains. It is available in JSON, XML, and CSV formats with a token. Documentation can be found in the link provided by


The Stattleship API is designed to provide brands with the data they need to connect with sports fans via social media. Stattleship's data scientists help determine which sports, teams, and players a given brand's customers are passionate about. They can then automate the creation of social media assets used to engage with customers before, during, and after a game.


The CCDA API is a builder interface that simplifies the parsing and retrieval of patient records stored in CCDA files. The RESTful API allows users to add patient profiles and automate the updating of data edits from a BlueButton+ or CCDA file. It out as a full release version that sends requests and responses in XML and JSON formats.

Facebook Insights

This API is an interface that will retrieve statistic's on advertisements. Insights API can access metrics about your Page. API methods are included for ad campaigns by time, calls to action, clicks, video views, cost for video views, country, deeplink clicks, audience demographics, newsfeed impressions, and much more.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau API integrates business reviews' features into applications. Available in JSON protocol with token, the interface allows to search organizations, retrieve bulk data, and send push notifications. Users are able to apply for BBB accreditation.

ChartMogul Metrics

The ChartMogul Metrics API integrates metrics into applications and web services. It is available in JSON protocol with secure HTTPS. Authentication is required via account token and secret key. ChartMogul is a subscription revenue analytics platform that integrates with Stripe, Braintree, Recurly and Chargify and others.