Dexterity GIVE

Dexterity Ventures Inc. offers an API called the DVI GIVE_api. It is a free API created for website and application developers, and allows for the facilitation of giving and adding social good into projects. With the Give_api, users have the ability to search and access information about charities (such as financial details, locations, types, projects, and other facets) and make donations.

Flipkart Affiliate

The Flipkart Affiliate API allows affiliates of the Flipkart e-commerce website to integrate with its services. Methods are available for retrieving product feeds, Deal of the Day offers, top offers, and more. Flipkart is an online megastore and one of India's top e-commerce websites. It offers more than 20 million products across categories that include books, apparel, jewelry, office supplies, home appliances, and many more.

Salesforce Metadata

Saleforces's Metadata API is used to assit developers with retrieving, deploying, creating, updating, or deleting customized information. This can be such things as custom object definitions and page layouts for organizations. The Salesforce Metadata API is meant to be used for management of customizations and building tools to assist in managing the metadata mode.


The Float API allows developers to integrate Float's team scheduling functions into their own applications. The API's calls allow users to create, share, and update their Float data, including their people, projects, tasks, holidays, and milestones. Float is designed to help teams manage multiple projects, shifting deadlines, and the changing skill sets and availabilities of team members.


Use the PredicSis machine learning API to leverage customer data for predictive marketing. PredicSis uses JSON requests with returns over HTTPS, and authenticates using API Tokens and OAuth2. Use PredicSis to upload a dataset, create a dictionary of variables, and design your predictive model. See the extensive API documentation for more information and to get started.


The Absorbent API helps developers to connect with the Minecraft game's server permission systems to be able to read and change permissions and groups securely using REST features. The Absorbent API is also helpful for creating new mobile applications or donation systems, for example, through Absorbent project services.

Yandex Post Office

The Yandex Post Office API provides developers access to statistical data on email marketing campaigns sent from addresses that are registered and verified in Postoffice, an email marketing tool. This API is REST based, and service returns data in JSON format. Yandex is an internet company in Europe

Orange User Details

The Orange User Details API lets developers to facilitate and secure their customers' digital life. This API is REST based. Orange is a global telecommunication company that provides IT and telecommunications services.

Amazon WorkSpaces

The Amazon WorkSpaces API is one of Amazon Web Services many tools for developers to use. This API aids in creating, describing, rebooting, rebuilding, and terminating workspaces. There are several data types that the actions can use. The Amazon Workspaces API Developer Guide provides all the information developers will need to utilize these features of Amazon Web Services.

Background Check

The Background Check API allows developers to add background check services to their applications. These services includes county-level searches, verifications, DMV info, motor vehicle records, criminal database searches, and more. API documentation and free developer support are provided, including test submissions. Online release forms feature electronic signature for easy cloud based storage of online release forms. Background Check is also offered as a white-label service.