Sisense provides big data and business analytics services. The Sisense API allows integration of Sisense server functions including user management and widgets manipulation. Use the API to implement a widget of the service, automate processes, or implement a UI over Sisense. Available in REST and JSON formats & accessible with token.


Episerver is a platform for brands to manage and connect content, ecommerce and digital marketing. With the interface, developers can integrate catalog, inventory, pricing, and order information. The Episerver API allows developers to integrate the platform with business applications. It's available in REST and XML formats with a token.


Priava offers venue & event management services in the cloud. The Priava API allows developer access to the platform for integrating into third-party applications. API methods include query for venues, event types, create and get contacts, opportunities, or event sources and more.

RightScale Cloud Pricing

The RightScale Cloud Pricing API is a service for developers that provides a single source of pricing data for all public clouds supported by RightScale and all private clouds registered across your RightScale accounts. RightScale is a cloud provider and cloud management service that allows users to link public and private clouds, provide self-service cloud access, and control cloud visibility and policies. RightScale is highly available and comes with automated scaling.

Layer Client Websocket

The Layer Client Websocket API provides developers with tools for real time events to be received, allowing clients to receive Messages, metadata and read receipts in real time. This API also supports other operations such as sending messages, creating conversations, and more. Layer is a company that provides mobile and web messaging tools for developers. Layer allows users to build text messaging, voice messaging, and video functionality into applications for communication.


The MicroBees API is an Internet of Things platform which exchanges information with MicroBees' products, and is used to create an automated home system. This is done without the need of changing electrical wiring. This system features power consumption measuring, and thermostat functions. The API itself has REST architecture, and responds in the JSON format. Each API call requires a bearer Token. MicroBees is based in Italy, and develops home connectivity products.


The Monasca API allows developers to integrate monitoring as a service into their own systems and applications. It includes methods for storing and querying metrics and historical information. Monasca can process hundreds of thousands of metrics per second with data retention periods of greater than a year without data loss.

Pure Storage FlashArray

The Pure Storage FlashArray API allows developers to interact with FlashArray data storage devices programmatically. Pure Storage is a company that provides flash storage for OpenStack clouds in the form of FlashArray//m devices. These use 80% less power than disk-based storage and offer up to 120TB usable in 3U.


The OpenLucius API offers a communication platform as an implementation for business applications. It features document collaboration, to-do lists, calendars, and status updates. This RESTful API returns data in JSON format. Lucius BV is based in the Netherlands and develops business collaboration technologies.


The Utility API offers a data collection system that can be integrated to renewable energy oriented applications. It can be used to gather utility bill and usage data. This is a REST API and returns data in JSON format. Developers need an API Token to use all endpoints. UtilityAPI is based in Oakland, California, and delivers "simple access to energy usage data".