Spiritual Networks

The Spiritual Networks connect over 1,000,000 people on Facebook and Twitter interested in spiritual living with chakra healing, intuition, lightworkers, mediums, and yoga as the main common topics. Users who register can create profiles, share photos, and watch videos at no cost. For developers interested in a social networking integration, the API is available in JSON format with API key access.

Windows Azure Billing

The Windows Azure Billing API, that predicts and manages billing services, is available for preview. It works with HTTP protocol and authenticates with Token. The goals of this API include to interact with Azure Resource Usage, which affords to obtain consumption data for an Azure subscription and Azure RateCard, which gets prices used in an Azure subscription.


Medable is a cloud platform that provides HIPAA-compliant services to mobile and web applications. Using this API, you can build HIPAA compliant full-stack and scalable health applications in a matter of weeks. The Medable API is RESTful and organized around resources that provide for building rich interactive healthcare applications.

BlockCypher Microtransaction

What the Microtransaction API does in addition to the Transaction API, is to propagate smaller and more frequent transactions that still exist on the blockchain and are still publicly auditable. BlockCypher pays the mining fees for the first 8,000 microtransactions. After that number, the company optimizes a fee to gain balance and achieve results.

BlockCypher Transaction

With BlockCypher,the crypto-currency platform as a service, developers can create block chain applications with the APIs that include Transaction API. In detail, this API affords to find information related to unconfirmed transactions, create own transactions, and embed data on the blockchain based on the coin chosen for endpoints.

LeadSift Consumers Insights

The Consumer Insights API allows for easy integration of real-time social insights into other business applications to enrich contact and profile data. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.<br> <br> LeadSift is a social intelligence platform that mines audiences to help brands identify, understand and reach consumers in real-time through the lens of intent, profile and affinity. For every user collected, over 100 attributes about their habits, trends, preferences and lifestyle are extracted and analyzed to create a 360-degree view of a customer.


The EnderMetrics API allows developers to integrate analytics technology into their mobile education apps. The API collects information on how children learn and develop skills while using education apps so that those apps can be optimized to better serve their needs. API documentation is only available upon registration with EnderMetrics.

Dexterity GIVE

Dexterity Ventures Inc. offers an API called the DVI GIVE_api. It is a free API created for website and application developers, and allows for the facilitation of giving and adding social good into projects. With the Give_api, users have the ability to search and access information about charities (such as financial details, locations, types, projects, and other facets) and make donations.


The BitMEX API allows users to automate their BitMEX trading and account management functions. BitMEX (The Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) is a cryptocurrency derivatives platform built by financial professionals. The platform is a safe place to hedge risk, since profits are never clawed back. BitMEX employs multi-factor security and uses multi-signature wallets for all transactions.


The Vault API provides developers with complete access to Vault's multiple backends via HTTP calls. Vault is a service for securing, storing, and controlling access to secret data such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and API keys. It comes with access control policies that provide strict control over who can access which secrets. Every action taken in Vault - including authentication, token creation, secret access, and more - is stored in a detailed audit log.