OpenStack Freezer

The OpenStack Freezer API operates as a systems backup solution. The RESTful API can be used to restore systems or applied in disaster recovery procedures. OpenStack, the API’s provider, manages bulk volumes of storage and networking resources.

MasterCard Masterpass Merchant Integration

The MasterCard Masterpass Merchant Integration API is a checkout service API that allows simple and secure checkout from Masterpass digital wallets. Using this API enables merchants to get payment information from the consumer’s digital wallet and be able to process their order on a website, app or in store. Details on setup can be found in the documentation- once setup and integrated, merchants can implement all the checkout options that are useful for their front end applications. The Merchant Integration API is part of MasterCard's Masterpass APIs.

Cayan Merchantware

This API for Merchantware services is split up among various domains and includes the following list of the various units composing: overview, credit transactions, vault transactions, EBT transactions, gift card transactions, LevelUp Transactions and more. Cayan is a provider of payment technologies and merchant account services.


This API allows you to gain acces to all of your Contiki tour data including; brochures, countries, places, tour details, departures and more. Contiki is a youth travel organization that provides tours for 18-35 year olds across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America & North America.

10to8 Booking

This REST API allows its availability to be queried and appointments to be booked. Organizations and their partners can book appointments for their customers with access to information about the organization, its services, locations and staff. 10to8 provides a platform for appointment scheduling, online booking & professional communications.

Cayan Genius Transaction Processing

This API allows you to integrate payments into your shopping cart with Authorize.Net. It provides a way for business to collect payment information and run transactions through the Virtual Terminal. This includes; Genius Certification Script, Implementation Review Outline, EMV Response message field and value documentation and more. Cayan is a leading provider of payment technologies and merchant account services.


This REST API lets you access your submission and organization data and allows you to start accepting text, audio, video, image, or link submissions. It returns submissions, categories, submitters, organization, staff and payments. Submittable is a cloud-based online submission platform used by publishers and organizations. It is useful for writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs and provides any submission or application process for contests, competitions academic apps, grants & funds, internal applications and more.


This API allows you to create your own booking interface from the simplest widget to a multifunctional application, with functionality customized according to your specific business. Simplybook uses the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol and returns employees, locations and more. is a booking system for service providers including; dentists, medical services, hair & beauty salons, repair services, event planners, rental agencies, educational services and more.


The JivoChat integrates chat features into Windows, Mac OS X, Android iPhone, and Web. Available in JSON architecture. Methods and functions include chatMode, getContactInfo, setUserToken, and showProactiveInvitation.

Microsoft Parature

The Microsoft Parature API integrates chat experiences that aim to increase customer engagement. Ut includes JSON architecture with Token as the authentication method. In addition to chat, users can also request support tickets, interacting with a CSR platform.