Sipcentric PBX

Sipcentric PBX enables businesses to create virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems. These systems are suitable for businesses of all sizes and can be scaled up or down as needed. The Sipcentric PBX Developer API enables users to access the platform's core features - such as initiating calls, and sending text messages - and integrate them into their own applications.

Mozello Reseller

Mozello is a website builder allowing non-developers to create professional-looking websites with cross device compatibility and SEO features. Registered Mozello resellers may forward users to Mozello via simple URLs, or may implement the Mozello Reseller API into their own platforms or applications to further control the system. The API accepts HTTP requests and returns JSON objects. API tokens are required for authorization.

Sycamore School

Sycamore School is a school management software servicing daycare/pre-school, K-12, and college campus school programs. The Sycamore School Public API allows developer to access the data from within Sycamore's student information system. The Sycamore School API is available for use for people who have obtained a user ID, school ID, family ID and/or studentID. The API allows users to retrieve basic information on a school including related news, news articles, events, cafeteria, class lists, and families. User specific data may be returned, such as user-created memos, tasks, journal entries, and more. Student information such as enrolled classes, homework, and grades can be retrieved. More information on class sturcture and family information can be accessed by the API as well. The Sycamore School API is consumed with HTTP requests.

One Diary Calendar

One Diary is a shared calendar integration solution for collaborative teams. The service allows users to create tags to create curated calendars using email, and schedules events with standard email applications such as Outlook, Exchange, iCloud & Gmail. The One Diary Calendar API is open for developers to integrate the One Diary event management functionality into 3rd party apps. This RESTful API accepts JSON-encoded requests.

FORUMS libre!

FORUMS libre! allows users to create their own free forums for personal, commercial, and recreational uses and embed them on their websites or blogs. Users can access their forums programmatically through the FORUMS libre! API. One advantage of accessing forums this way is that the API gives users complete control over their forum's client interface.


Guesswork is a machine learning service to predict customer intent. You can use it to build intelligent CRM that increases customer conversion. Guesswork predicts customer intent accurately using a semantic rules engine that runs on top of the Google Prediction API.


AboutMyHotel is a service to help analyze a hotel's online reputation. AboutMyHotel automatically collects opinions, reviews, articles, photos of a hotel and displays findings in an actionable viewing interface. The partner may insert any number of hotels for individualized monitoring. The affiliate program of AboutMyHotel offers an API for partners who are interested in embedding the service into their own application or web app, or software for their hotel. The AboutMyHotel API is available for integration with XML or JSON. AboutMyHotel also offers a Widget Application for easier implementation. Hotel owners may request API access by logging in or completing an affiliate request profile on their website.

LOVE droids

LOVE droids is a tool for creating chat bots that can function as virtual boyfriends or girlfriends. Users can customize their bots' avatars and language preferences, and bots can be trained through conversations, chat logs, or scripting. LOVE droids offers a directory of thousands of bots, which come with realistic voices and voice recognition capabilities. Using the API to integrate bots into websites or mobile applications gives users full control of their bot's client interface.


PRINTR is a 3D printing platform. It comes with beginner-friendly applications for designing 3D objects and also allows users to purchase existing 3D models online. Users can print objects and track the progress of objects being printed from their mobile devices. PRINTR's public API allows users to get printer types, sliceprofiles, available materials and colors, and 3D printing locations where a given material and color are available. The private API endpoints allow users to get, create, update, and delete information on users, files, printers, sliceprofiles, materials, print queues, 3D files, and file meshes. It can also render a .jpg image of a model or do a quickslice of an uploaded file.


CrowdProcess provides a browser-powered distributed computing platform. It connects with the browsers of people using websites associated with CrowdProcess and uses a small amount of each browser's processing power to perform tasks or jobs for developers. Things that run well on CrowdProcess are generally highly parallel, CPU intensive, and have low I/O requirements. The platform's performance is dependent on the number and bandwidth of browsers connected to it.