Sococo is an office collaboration and network platform incorporating private chats, digital conference rooms, group messaging and voice conferencing. Sococo also enables screen-sharing and file-sharing. This internal business productivity tool can be implemented into 3rd party applications with the Sococo RESTful API. Parameters such as sending and receiving messages, generating API tokens and connecting in real time to Sococo's servers can be utilized with the API.


Keybase is an open source data-encryption-themed command line program that hosts a directory of public social network keys and identify proofs. Developers can implement the Keybase API to access their directory programmatically. HTTP GET/POST requests can be sent with a JSON encoded structure to receive a given user's username, to calculate password hashes, and to login with a hash and csrf_token. The API can be embedded into clients or 3rd party applications, and all functionalities can also be utilized on's website and command line interface.

Diffbot Discussion

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The Diffbot Discussion API extracts discussions and posting information from web pages. It can return information about all identified objects on a submitted page and the Discussion API returns all post data in a single object. The Diffbot Discussion API is currently in Beta.

Diffbot Image

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The purpose of Diffbot’s Image API is to extract the main images from web pages. The Image API can analyze a web page and return full details on the extracted images.

Diffbot Analyze

Diffbot provides developers tools that can identify, analyze, and extract the main content and sections from any web page. The Diffbot Analyze API can analyze a web page visually, and take a URL and identify what type of page it is. Diffbot’s Analyze API can then decide which Diffbot extraction API (article, discussion, image, or product) may be appropriate, and through automatic extraction, will be returned in the Diffbot Analyze API call.


SpreadSheetSpace uses REST API to allow the user to link Excel sheets online. This app allows transformation of Microsoft Excel into a live data analysis tool through linking it to corporate data in a secure and controlled way. Due to the PKI encryption, which allows full privacy and selective sharing of Excel cells, the API is served over HTTPS , therefore HTTP is not supported. SpreadSheetSpace is in beta.


MineWhat is an eCommerce intelligence platform businesses may implement to aid their marketing efforts. The service allows a company to understand their customer better, track campaigns, as well as monitor external events. The service is accessible from the web as well as on an iPad, and as a mashup supports many different eCommerce platforms. MineWhat also hosts an API that developers may use to construct 3rd party applications that interface with the MineWhat services. The API comes well documented with methods, parameters, and return code examples explicitly stated. aggregates a user's cloud servers to help them monitor status and activity with a single unified interface. displays real time analytics and visualizations of system metrics, and offers the ability to create, manage, and edit existing servers and accounts with quality security measures. The service is compatible with Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, and additional major server providers. Aside from their mobile & web interfaces, developers may also extend site functionalities into 3rd party applications via the RESTful API.


Netagio allows investors to automate their trading of Bitcoin, British pounds, or gold. They also accept US dollars and Euro. After setting up a verified account users have access to Netagio's Authenticated and Public APIs. The Authenticated API allows investors to place a trade, view an open order, or cancel a trade. The Public API, called over unauthenticated channels, reports bid and ask prices for a variety of trades. allows users to log in to websites and retain a single login throughout their experience. hosts an API for programmatic integration with any website or application. also offers support for JavaScript, Actionscript, and Unity3D with language specific SDKs and interfaces. Using the API, developers can implement features such as login, registration, saving high scores for games, and storing and retrieving other user-specific data.