migme is a social media service that offers chat, microblogging, and entertainment integrations to increase monetization through marketing and user onboarding. The RESTful migme API allows access to it's 9 million user base, enabling programmatic social media functionality, such as the acquisition of comprehensive user profile information, and the ability to invite friends, make a post, and bill a user for in-app purchases. The migme API is processed using HTTP requests and supports JSON formatting.


Lingout is an application localization service that can be integrated seamlessly into the user's development process. Lingout collects and manages files to make it easy to update translations at any time and in however many languages the user wants. Users can have their team translate content using a built-in editor or simply order a professional translation. The Lingout API provides methods for accessing the user's projects, resources, translations, and languages.


VoilaNorbert allows users to look up email addresses using an individual's name and email provider domain. The VoilaNorbert API allows users to automate email address lookups. Each user gets 10 free API requests so that they can test and adjust their code without using paid lookups. A variety of fixed lookup plans are available.

Facebook Business Mapping

The Business Mapping API by Facebook is useful for businesses that are operating several Facebook Apps and require the user ID to be the same between them. This is a common procedure for games studios that need to support cross platform or fraud detection. In these cases, businesses may require that the user's ID be identical between apps. The Business Mapping API has 3 main methods which can be used to map the same user across multiple apps.

Link Developer

Link allows users to include links to rich digital content in their printed documents. Users can create digital watermarks, QR codes, and short URLs to add to their posters, labels, invitations, flyers, and other printed items. Digital watermarks and QR codes can be scanned by mobile devices to take people directly to linked digital content. The Link Developer API allows users to create short URLs, QR codes, and watermarked images and analyze their traffic. The API also lets users update the destinations linked to by QR codes.


The PUSH API goal is to offer developers both a SaaS and PaaS that generates communications between businesses and mobile databases and/or mobile app users. Features include customer behavior monitoring, time and location awareness, and targeted customer segment identification.

iAd Workbench

Apple's iAd Workbench API provides Advertisers access the Workbench server to manage their accounts and campaigns. The API includes methods to create campaigns, manage campaigns, and access campaign analytics. A few of the many functions available with iAd Workbench are: update a campaign, receive a list of products or apps you promoted, and summary metrics for any campaign. The iAd Workbench is available to all iAd Workbench accounts and users with Admin access, and uses a Client Side SSL certificate to authenticate users and an Access Token to provide authorization to the API. The API supports JSON-RPC payload over HTTP POST.


ProveTrust is a service that incorporates social signals, user feedback, and identity verification to determine the reputation of a user. The ProveTrust API can be used to programmatically query and retrieve a user's ProveTrust reviews and ratings, as well as edit one's own account information and submitted reviews. The API is accessed over HTTP in a JSON format.


The RESTful DotTransfers APIs support a booking system to help enable the development of worldwide ground transportation platforms. This solution can be used to organize booking of ground transportation services, and can be integrated into 3rd party applications or sites. The service is suitable for travel agents or corporate transfer services that require immediate transportation booking. The DotTransfer API specifically empowers an application with the ability to retrieve geo-locations by user-submitted text, retrieve the list of regional transportation services and rates, book transfer services, manage and cancel reservations, request quotes, and more. Developers interested in integrating the DotTransfers API can visit their site to receive a trial access token to test the API.


Respoke is a cloud platform and API that enables the integration of live voice, video, and real-time data features into web and mobile applications. The service can be implemented in such ways to engage team collaboration, power a contact center, enhance game development, act as a scalable IoT communication platform, and more. The REST API is divided into 3 different authentication tiers for Full Admin, Partial Admin, and basic App Token API access. Respoke offers JavaScript and Node.js libraries to wrap the REST API.