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coinmap REST

The coinmap REST API allows developers to programmatically access a map of locations where popular cryptocurrencies - including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Peercoin - are accepted. The data provided by this API is licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Users are free to make use of the data as long as they credit coinmap and its contributors. Any projects or applications built with this data may only be distributed under the same license.


WordAi uses JSON and plaintext return to show spintax, or article spinning, a technique that aims to write various versions of a text with artificial intelligence. WordAi automatically creates human quality content. The machine understands word interaction, article rewriting, and human writer readability.

Indigo Domotics

The Indigo Domotics API allows developers to integrate methods for monitoring and controlling their smart home devices into third-party applications. Comprehensive scheduling and triggering features allow users to not only control their smart homes, but to automate them as well. Indigo Domotics offers support for hundreds of popular smart devices, and users can customize its graphical user interface to their liking.


The Syndicate-G API offers Google Plus data conversion services to existing applications. This API returns public posts to an RSS feed in XML format by using a Google Plus user ID. It runs on Express.js and Redis.


Use the OMDb (Open Movie Database) API to search data from the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). The API uses HTTP methods and can return data in either JSON or XML. Use the OMDb API to search for movies by title, IMDb identifier, date released, season or episode. The API also retrieves plot information and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Developers should note that the API is currently in Beta. See the API documentation for full method descriptions and example instances.

National Agricultural Statistics Service VegScape

The VegScape API provides access to geospatial data of daily, weekly averaged, and biweekly averaged vegetation condition across the United States. Calls are made over HTTP and data is returned in XML format. VegScape is a vegetation condition monitoring system using a web-based interactive mapping platform that allows navigation, zooming, panning, and downloading of data.

National Agricultural Statistics Service CropScape

The National Agricultural Statistics Service CropScape API provides access to the cropland data layer. This data layer is geo-referenced and crop specific and is created using satellite imagery. The API is available in both RESTful and SOAP forms and returns data in Text, CSV and JSON formats.


Waynaut API provides a RESTful JSON interface to implement mapping features around Europe. With this service, developers have access to door to door search and multimodal trip planning integration. Waynaut allows users to find the best way to their destination using combined traditional methods of transportation such as bus, metro or taxi with innovative methods such as ridesharing. To see how Waynaut works with trains, cars, and BlaBla cars, search a destination at


Captchatronix aims to solve ReCAPTCHA and over 2,000 Captchas with accuracy. API documentation is available for software and application developers who plan to integrate Capctha features into their services. Implementation can be completed via HTTP POST, Web Form, cURL, PHP, Python, Perl, VB.NET, C#, C++, and iMacros.

Captcha Bot Detect

Captcha Bot Detect offers integration services to users who work with PHP, ASP.NET, and Java. Bot Detect allows various parameters for customizing Captcha design. Examples include Captcha with bubbles, neon, paint mess, radar, and chess images. To learn more about what a website authorization service can do for a project, see the crash course for developers, available at