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The Medalbot API tracks the total number of medals bagged by the different countries participating in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil. It generates summary tables of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals won by each country as well as the total count of the medals awarded during the competition. The Medalbot API is a RESTful platform that returns responses in JSON format. Developers can access the credentials of the API’s independent developer along with its additional operational parameters on Github.

Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon TCG API allows developers to access in-depth details on every card and set in the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). For cards, users can get names, types, subtypes, supertypes, weaknesses, resistances, etc. For sets, users can get release dates, whether the set is still legal, and other such information. This API is made with data from

W3C Media Recorder

This W3C webservice API allows you to make basic recordings using the MediaRecorder object. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.

Mozilla Media Recorder

The Mozilla Developer Network webservices Javascript API is used with the Navigator.getUserMedia method. It provides a mechanism for developers to record media streams from the user's input devices for instant use in web applications. It includes desktop support for Chrome and Firefox as well as mobile support for Firefox on Android. The Mozilla Developer Network is a learning platform for Web technologies and the software that powers the Web including Web standards such as; CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, Open Web app development, Firefox add-on development and B2G OS.

The API is a product that provides remote procedure call in JSON formats. It is available for integration and download from the main site, with a JavaScript library as a resource to implement a search-box complete that displays results in a table. Kueri is a service platform that allows users to search natural language questions to SQL.

IP/Geo Data Lookup

The IP/Geo Data Lookup API is a free service that allows developers to get IP and Geolocation data for site visitors. Along with an IP address, the API can return the visitor's city and country, as well as their latitude and longitude. It includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind.

Snickers Media Encoding

The Snickers Media Encoding API integrates video into applications. It is available in REST architecture with HTTP requests.


The Apifaketory API is a gateway to a database of broad categories of content. It processes random data of a variety of bundled items that include: demographic profiles of correspondents, published blog posts, descriptive parameters of personal finance transactions, and markers of geographic locations. The API is capable of filtering the profiles of multiple users on the basis of personal details such as locations, billing entries, and other demographic details. The RESTful API returns JSON-formatted responses.

Open Postcode Geo

British postcodes with additional data optimised for geospace applications including easting, northing, latitude, longitude, postcode area, postcode district, postcode sector, outcode and incode. This API is provided by Things To Do With Data.

Avatar Dialler

The Avatar Dialler API automates the dialing of high-quality voice calls and supports the occurrence of simultaneous phone calls or campaigns. Its predictive dialer functionality provided access to prerecorded audio messages that have been tuned to either American or British accents. The API’s auto dialing functionality uses the interactive voice response (IVR) to elicit responses and store feedback from customers. The IVR allows target recipients to voluntarily get in touch with a standby agent by simply dialing back. The Avatar Dialler API stands out as a robust, customizable, and scalable solution for optimizing the customer support services and enhancing the productivity marketing campaigns. The API is a fully released proprietary solution that comes with detailed documentation.