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Periscope Data CSV

The Periscope Data CSV API can be activated from a unique URL available on the documentation site. Users can integrate a chart with R, Python, and Google Sheets help. Periscope Data unifies data from multiple sources to help businesses visualize data and performance.

Crosswalk Project Embedding

The Crosswalk Project Embedding API integrates HTML loader inside Android applications. The Crosswalk Project is an open source, web application runtime built with Chromium and Blink from Google.

Crosswalk Project Web

The Crosswalk Project Web API include multimedia & graphics, networking & storage, performance & optimization, and device & hardware features. The Crosswalk Project is an open source, web application runtime built with Chromium and Blink from Google.

Chrome Credential Management

The Chrome Credential Management API is a browser-based API designed to help end users authenticate themselves on the developer's website. The API's functions can get credentials, store credentials, and mediate user sign-in. This enables websites to let users sign in with one click, remember the account a user signed in with, and sign users back in when a session expires.

Chrome Intersection Observers

The Chrome Intersection Observers API allows developers to determine when an element in their DOM is visible to the end user. If an element is only partially visible, the API can determine what proportion of it is visible. This could be used to delay loading images until they're needed or to determine whether an end user is actually seeing an ad banner.


The Enrichr API allows developers to analyze gene lists, view added gene lists, get enrichment results, find terms that contain a given gene, and download files of enrichment results. Enrichr is a web-based tool that allows users to submit gene lists for enrichment analysis. Enrichment analysis infers knowledge about a gene set by comparing it to gene sets that have already been annotated and searching for overlap.

Whatsapp Chat API Daemon

The Whatsapp Chat API Daemon API allows users to send and receive Whatsapp messages in their own programs using websockets or HTTP. It does this by using the PHP-based Chat-API library to access Whatsapp. This API was created so that developers could use Chat-API to interact with Whatsapp, even if their projects weren't written in PHP.


The Consul API integrates monitoring features into software, including device service discovery and server health checking. It is available as API, HTTP, DNS, and MySQL.


The Bablic API integrates web translation and localization into applications. It is available in JavaScript, enabling users to implement widgets, languages, and locales. Bablic provides machine or human translation services.


minimesos is an experimentation and testing environment for the Mesos cluster manager. It can create clusters which receive assertions from the API; after tests are done, the clusters are destroyed. This is a REST based API which exchanges data in JSON format. Container Solutions is an Amsterdam based software consultancy that offers R&D, and training services.