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MyJobHelper is a site that allows a user to search through a comprehensive database for specific job listings. The site gives the the ability to filter by zip code and by job title. The MyJobHelper API allows developers to integrate MyJobHelper's extensive database and search capabilities into 3rd party applications and web presences. In order to gain API access, publishers must submit a company profile to Join the MyJobHelper Partner Program. The service is intended for use within the United States. Located at the bottom of the home website is the phrase "Canadian users are forbidden." Canadians beware.

Print From Windows Phone

Print From Windows Phone offers an API in SOAP format that can be used to send documents to print using the print spooler software. Users need to install the software on the PC to connect to the destination printer, either via WIFI or USB. The site shows 3 steps to use Print From Windows Phone: create an account to have access to 10mb, download the software required, use the e-mail in the website to print from a Windows phone. To test the service, developers can access 2 responses in SOAP with respective requests and responses.


The S3 Bubble is a cloud storage and media streaming service that syncs with an Amazon Web Services API. Through storing, selling, and streaming media S3Bubble states they are a revenue generating service. Currently in production, the API is meant to give users and developers more control in implementing the S3Bubble plugins.

IBM Watson

The IBM Watson Developer Cloud is currently available to a select group of partner developers who are developing “Powered by Watson” applications. These developers are exploring the use of cognitive capabilities of Watson to enhance their business. You can follow the Watson developer site for the latest news and technical how-to guides, API docs, and tools. Or, choose to request access to the Watson Developer Cloud and Watson APIs when they are publicly available. or make a request to participate in the IBM Watson Ecosystem program.


NuPIC is an open source project written in Python / C++ that implements Numenta's Cortical Learning Algorithm (CLA) which has three principle properties: Sparse Distributed Representations, Temporal inference, and On-line learning. The NuPIC API allows developers to work with the raw algorithms, string together multiple regions (including hierarchies), and utilize other platform functions.

Express SMS

Express SMS is a platform that allows users to send and receive text messages from their applications, websites, or systems. The platform provides international coverage along with intelligent routing, load distribution, and dynamic capacity management. Express SMS's messaging gateway can handle up to 1500 messages per second.

TripleClick SMS

TripleClick is a Nigerian bulk SMS service that can be branded with the user's business name for either direct use or resale. The TripleClick SMS API allows users to integrate the service's messaging gateway into their applications, websites, or systems. The messaging gateway enables users to deliver messages and check their account balances.

iWiz SMS

iWiz is a company that develops services geared toward businesses and entrepreneurs. One of these services is its SMS API, which allows users to send SMS to any GSM or CDMA mobile device in the world using a custom sender name. Users pay per SMS sent with no monthly fees. The iWiz SMS API enables developers to integrate the iWiz SMS Gateway into their websites and applications.

Health Topics. Net

Health Topics .Net is an unofficial API that displays health information from recognized sources in English and Spanish. To know more about this application, developers can either access a live preview or a screenshot. This API could be valuable for developers in bilingual markets who work with health related applications. To start, users could register at codecanyon and then purchase a regular or an extended license. Files include VB, XML, Javascript, HTML and CSS protocols.

OpenVX Hardware Acceleration

The OpenVX Hardware Acceleration API provides programmatic access to the Khronos Group's Computer Vision applications and libraries. These can be integrated with the user's applications to optimize computer vision algorithms for gesture tracking, object recognition, smart video surveillance, augmented reality, and more. The OpenVX API has been tested extensively to ensure consistent and reliable performance across multiple vendors and platforms.