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F9Analytics Lease Optimizer

F9Analytics, owned and operated by Codeworks, offers financial analytics tools for commercial real estate. The F9Analytics Lease Optimizer employs an algorithm that considers metrics such as lease term, property value, start rate, escalations, and more data to determine an optimized lease that reaches long term financial objectives for a tenant and landlord. The F9Analytics tool can be accessed via the F9Analytics iOS app, or can be downloaded to be accessed on a company's corporate server as a cross platform enterprise API.


The Grabicon API will generate a favicon from any site. If the site does not appear to have a favicon, the API will create a suitable default for you. Grabicon will also ensure that all favicons appear at a consistent size, no matter what size they were originally displayed as. This API is free and the documentation includes several code examples for use.

Stock Pulse Keyword Analysis

The Stock Pulse Keyword Analysis API enables users to explore the association count with keywords associated with the tag "stocks." The API searches a large dataset of linked bookmarks, and counts the number of occurrences for each keyword. A call can be made to view the available 'tags,' returning a JSON serialized array arranged by the popularity of the word. Searching for other tags, such as "apple" will return the most commonly associated keywords with that word, such as "stocks, money, iphone, mac..." etc. The API is supported by Thinktag. Example requests include:,,,


Overleaf offers an API that allows developers to programmatically publish work through unique endpoints to Overleaf, a distribution and publishing channel geared toward scientific, research, and scholarly documents using LaTeX editor, a high-quality typesetting system and industry standard. Overleaf is a publishing resource and also a collaborative environment supporting cloud real time multi-user editing of documents stored on Overleaf URIs.

Cleveland Voices

The Cleveland State University's Center for Public History + Digital Humanities hosts a catalog of nearly 1,000 recorded audio interviews compiled by students, educators, and researchers throughout Northeast Ohio with the aim to create a comprehensive digitized oral history. Clevland Voices is a site that highlights randomly generated snippets of these recordings for public listening. The Cleveland Voices API can also be directly accessed over HTTP and can be used to retrieve information on the project.

LeaseWeb CDN

LeaseWeb is a hosting company and global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, offering cloud and bare-metal servers, as well as domain hosting. The LeaseWeb CDN (Content Delivery Network) API offers a user programmatic control over specific LeaseWeb domain services. The API can accessed over HTTP with GET, POST, and PUT requests in order to retrieve JSON-serialized data on web visitor statistics, gauge average site traffic, push zones for specific customer IDs, and to retrieve the total number of API calls being made. Calls to the API can be adjusted to reflect subgroups based on country tags, billing region, granularity of frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), and additional factors.


The only accurate long range forecast API available. Using the LRC methodology and created by actual meteorologists, the Weather2020 API offers 12-weeks of written forecasts as well as video forecasts and education.

Sunrise and Sunset Times

Sunrise-Sunset is a free online service that provides users with information on day length, twilight, sunrise times, and sunset times for any date and location in the world. The free Sunrise Sunset Times API allows users to retrieve exact sunrise and sunset times for a given latitude and longitude. Users may also specify a date if they wish.

Pop Up Archive

Pop Up Archive is an application that allows sounds searchable with speech-to-text technology. Pop Up Archive tags, indexes, and transcribes audio files so they are searchable. The Pop Up Archive API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pop Up Archive with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact Pop Up Archive for more information.


Scio is a molecular sensor device that can read the chemical make up of materials and objects. With the Scio application, the chemical make up of whatever the user scans with Scio is retrieved. The Scio API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Scio with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.