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W3C Geofencing

The Geofencing API by the World Wide Web Consortium is a type of geolocating API. Geofencing API allows apps to create geographic boundaries around a specific location, and then receive notifications when a device leaves or enters the designated area. This differs from the W3C's Geolocating API in that it can be more power efficient by receiving notifications when a boundary is breached, rather than needing to be continuously checked or refreshed. The Geofencing API can also receive notifications even after the app has been closed. Developers should note that this document is a work in progress and may change. See the project page for a detailed description of current issues and methods.

Sketchfab Viewer

The SketchFab Viewer JavaScript API allows developers to access and integrate the viewing functionality of SketchFab with other applications. The main API method is displaying the viewer, along with playing, pausing, and skipping the content. SketchFab is media platform that hosts interactive 3D models. Artists can publish their 3D modeling work to share with friends, family, or perspective employers. Others can browse the site or look up specific kinds of models, like planes, trains, or automobiles.

MyScript Cloud Recognition

The MyScript Cloud Recognition API allows developers to integrate handwriting recognition capabilities into their applications. MyScript's handwriting recognition and digital ink management service offers accurate text recognition technology that provides consistent results across all digital writing devices. MyScript can also recognize mathematical equations, geometric shapes, and music notation.

W3C Contacts Manager

The W3C Contacts Manager API specification defines an API that provides an interface for managing a user's contacts in an address book. This is a draft document and may be updated, replaced, or declared obsolete at any time. If a developer finds a problem with the specification, they can file a bug on GitHub. This document is made available under the terms of the W3C Software and Document License.


The Bindo API allows developers to integrate access to their stores, products, and payments into 3rd-party applications. Bindo is an e-commerce platform that provides users with real-time store data, 24/7 payment gateway access, and order tracking services. The API documentation is not public, but is available upon request.


The Workflow REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Workflow with other applications and create new applications. Some example API methods include creating workflows, managing workflows, and retrieving workflows. Workflow is a task automation application.


SavePaise provides discounts and coupons to online retailers in India. The Savepaise API lets developers get the data from various networks like payoom, icubeswire, flipkart etc to enable users to get all active Indian deals, offers and coupons from different stores like flipkart, amazon, shopperstop etc.

Ability Access

Ability Network is a customer management system that targets healthcare services like home health, hospice agencies, and skilled nursing facilities. Clinics and physicians can also benefit from Ability. The REST-based API, Ability Access, is available as a toolkit that aims to manage business health data more efficiently.

Docker Registry

The Docker Registry REST API stores the images and graph for a set of repositories. Registry uses HTTP PUT/GET methods with JSON calls/returns. Docker Registry does not contain any user accounts data, does not have a local database, and supports multiple storage backends. Use the API to retrieve image layers, get image ancestry, or list repository tags.

GoDaddy Cloud Server

The GoDaddy Cloud Server API is an API for developers created by developers. It is currently in Beta status and is to be a simple API with fast provisioning and KVM Virtualization. The goal of this new GoDaddy Cloud Server API is to bring better cloud hosting solutions, with improved speed and scalability for developer projects and applications.