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Weather Online Local City and Town Weather

The Weather Online Local City and Town Weather integrates forecast predictions according to location. It is available in CSV, JSON, JSONP, and XML formats.


CampDoc offers an electronic health record system built for resident summer camps and day camps. This system features integrated management of health forms, allergies, and medications and illness/injury tracking. The CampDoc API is used to interact with the health record system and specialized functions such as profiles, users, and registrations. This API is REST based and registration is required to access detailed documentation.


The Bibler API provides full-text access to information searches and English translation comparisons of the Holy Scripture. Requests submitted to the RESTful API generate JSON-formatted responses. Developers can freely integrate the Bibler API into their own platforms or use it in pilot programs of other apps, for as long as they submit reasonable number of requests at a time.


EasySize API is an integrative solution that simplifies the sizing and purchasing of clothing from online fashion stores. The API is responsive to a variety of e-commerce platforms and it is designed to help customers in the selection of perfectly fitting sizes of their preferred brands, fabrics, measurements, and colors of clothing descriptions posted in the databases of online stores. The RESTful API utilizes analytical predictions, automated prompts, and personalization algorithms to generate suggestions of clothing sizes that match customers’ preferences.


FitPay offers payment processing enabled by user biometric information. Consumers will not be required to carry cash, credit cards or even a smartphone when integrating this API. This payment platform works by authenticating with unique biometric patterns by using wearables, and features PCI Level 1 compliant encryption, and true touch-free payments. Developers need to register in order to access API documentation. public

The Public API is a database-as-a-service platform that provides access to country-specific information about travel regulations and prevailing environmental conditions. Users seeking to travel to particular destinations only need to make API calls to remotely access information such as security situation, visa requirements, weather, transport, energy, financials, communication, health, and demographic characteristics of populations. Developers can also take advantage of the API’s flexibility to integration with other projects. The Public API conveys requests and responses in JSON format.

Transpay Mass Payout

The Transpay Mass Payout API allows developers to integrate straight-through processing for payouts into their applications. The API can process and distribute funds in real time in the recipient's local currency, without the need for intermediaries or the SWIFT wire network. Transpay can deliver payouts via direct-to-bank transfers or to one of 200,000+ pickup locations.


The Hexo API allows to integrate blogging plugins into applications. As a service, Hexo is a blog framework in Node.js language that allows users to create files in a short amount of time.


The Jam API enables to parse a website into a JSON accessible API via CSS selectors. It features element properties and corresponding arrays. Sample code is available in Node.js and Ruby languages.

Kaa Admin

The Kaa Admin API allows developers to integrate their own applications with its internet of things (IoT) platform. The open source Kaa IoT platform provides an unobscured cloud for IoT development. It allows users to connect and manage their devices via the cloud, prototype smart products, collect and analyze data in real time, scale IoT solutions, and deploy IoT solutions anywhere.