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Humanitarian Data Exchange Ebola Data

The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) provides a dataset containing top line figures for the Ebola outbreak. The dataset includes information on cumulative cases of ebola, cumulative deaths from ebola, open ebola treatment centers, people receiving food aid, appeal coverage, and currently affected countries. The Ebola Data API allows users to access this data for integration into their own applications.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a fast cluster computing system. The tool enables developers to quickly write programs in Python, Java, and Scala that access a unified processing engine in order to process large amounts of data. Spark supports interactive queries with SQL, machine learning, and graph computation all handled through the Spark API. Sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation, Spark support offers a user mailing list, schedules Spark meetups in the San Francisco Bay Area, and allows contributions from developers within the Apache Spark community.


Vidyo can be implemented into websites for video and audio communication abilities. The VidyoWorks APIs incorporate the VidyoConferencing infrastructure via the client or server, with easy plugin API capabilities for adding videoconferencing to desktop or web environments. The VidyoWorks Server API can be implemented over HTTP using SOAP protocols. The API enables complete video and calling management and control features. The Server API also allows access to a custom web portal and application integration.

Wowza REST

Wowza Streaming Engine software has REST Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that can be used to manage, configure, and monitor the media server with HTTP requests. Wowza Streaming Engine 4.1 includes a servlet that provides access to runtime documentation of these REST APIs as a preview feature. The documentation is displayed as JSON data in the Swagger user interface (v1.2). Developers can use the "Try it out!" buttons in the Swagger UI to control the Streaming Engine software if they acquire a preview license.


Showtime is a media center designed for use directly on TVs. It can be used on Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi, and Playstation 3 systems. It provides playback for video and audio, a unified search service, live TV streaming, installable plugins, automatic upgrades, and more. Some of the service's common actions can be accessed via the Showtime API. short urls

The API provides developers tools for short URL creation and looking up URLs using SOAP and HTTP GET requests and responses.

Routehappy Scores & Happiness Factors

Routehappy is a product differentiation platform for air travel. The service aggregates data on aircraft, seat, layover, Wi-Fi availability, power outlets, and fresh foods on flights globally, returning estimated ratings for comfort between various travel combinations. The API, currently open only for partners such as, deploys Routehappy's FlightPad for aggregating accurate flight comparison data from hundreds of sources, and Flightmatch, using powerful algorithms to determine a happiness score using considerations such as ratings and flight durations for billions of flight combinations. Developers interested in integrating the Routehappy API should email to request API access and to recieve additional information.


Decooda's cognitive linguistics analysis API can help businesses to harvest insights from mass amounts of data. Currently, the API is in a closed beta. Interested developers may visit their site to request access and additional information. The API rapidly filters a limitless amount of structured or unstructured text based content on demand or in real time to return smart analytics and content tagging for potential use in reports, business decision making, and community engagement capturing.

SearchBug Find Name and Phone Number from Address

With SearchBug Find Name and Phone Number from Address, users can identify data for people and businesses in the United States. Searches can be specified by address, city, and state. Inquiries can also include apartment number, unit number, and zip code.

Vivek Sentiment Tool

Vivek Narayanan proposed a fast and accurate sentiment classification using an enhanced Naive Bayes model along with authors Ishan Arora and Arjun Bhatia. The paper can be retrieved online from the department of computation and language at Cornell University Library. Along with the article, Vivek has developed Vivek Sentiment Tool, an API that could be useful to access sentiment classifications. This application is about sentiment analysis. Developers who work with sentiment research could benefit from this work. To use it, users need to send a POST request with a JSON array to