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GoDaddy Cloud Server

The GoDaddy Cloud Server API is an API for developers created by developers. It is currently in Beta status and is to be a simple API with fast provisioning and KVM Virtualization. The goal of this new GoDaddy Cloud Server API is to bring better cloud hosting solutions, with improved speed and scalability for developer projects and applications.

Deck of Cards

The Deck of Cards API is a simple service that allows developers to simulate a deck of cards. Methods are available that allow users to shuffle the cards, draw a card, reshuffle the cards, get a brand new deck, or use a partial deck. This API is made available under the MIT License.

Global Forest Watch

The Global Forest Watch API allows developers to retrieve information on forest change measures, including cover loss, tree cover gain, and disturbances. Specific data that developers can retrieve includes University of Maryland tree cover loss & gain, FORMA (FORest Monitoring for Action) alerts, IMAZON SAD (Deforestation Alert System) alerts, QUICC (Quarterly Indicator of Cover Change) alerts, and NASA active fires. This API is currently in Beta.

Google Open Spherical Camera

The Google Open Spherical Camera API is a proposed set of commands for controlling spherical cameras with built-in WiFi. This should allow any app developed on any platform with this API to control a connected spherical camera that also implements this API. This documentation is composed of the Open Spherical Camera Manufacturer Guide, which provides API implementation guidance to manufacturers of spherical cameras, and the Open Spherical Camera API Specification, which describes the proposed set of commands for said cameras.

Orange Beacon

Use the Orange Beacon API by Orange Partner to send push notifications over Bluetooth. Set beacons to send a message when a Bluetooth device is in proximity to your beacon. Interested developers must sign up for an account for more information.

W3C Clipboard

The W3C Clipboard API document provides a description for an API that allows users to integrate clipboard operations such as copy, cut, and paste into web applications. This document is designed to provide guidelines for compatibility with existing implementations where possible. A few sample use cases are included with the documentation, though not all of them may be supported by this specification.

Search Company

The Search Company API allows developers to access a business directory of U.S. companies. Users can either search for a company using a query string or retrieve a company's information using its ID. A company's entry contains its address, contact numbers, email address, website, number of employees, and more. On the Search Company website, users can look up companies by state or service provided.

Italy SerieA League Live and Historical Results

The Italy SerieA League Live and Historical Results API allows developers to retrieve live Serie A results and data, including goals scored, lineups and substitutes, substitutions, yellow and red cards, statistics, weather conditions, and more. Developers can get results for every match that has occurred since the 1986-87 season.

GeoBytes IP Address Location Tool

The GeoBytes IP Address Location Tool API allows developers to determine the geographic location of a person's IP Address. An example is shown on the API Home Page using the visitor's IP Address. Visitors can also enter a different IP Address to see the results for it instead. A code sample is provided in PHP.

Geobytes GeoRemote

The Geobytes GeoRemote API allows users to get the location of an IP Address, formatted according to a template defined by the user. This allows users to organize the data any way they like. A standard template is also available. The service accepts requests in HTTP format and returns a page of HTML.