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GeoBytes IP Address Location Tool

The GeoBytes IP Address Location Tool API allows developers to determine the geographic location of a person's IP Address. An example is shown on the API Home Page using the visitor's IP Address. Visitors can also enter a different IP Address to see the results for it instead. A code sample is provided in PHP.

Geobytes GeoRemote

The Geobytes GeoRemote API allows users to get the location of an IP Address, formatted according to a template defined by the user. This allows users to organize the data any way they like. A standard template is also available. The service accepts requests in HTTP format and returns a page of HTML.

Geobytes GeoPhrase and GeoFlag

The Geobytes GeoPhrase and GeoFlag API allows users to dynamically insert custom greetings onto their webpages. Users can choose from many available templates, but the default greeting is “Special welcome to our visitors from ...”. This API is offered free of charge, without any sign-up or registration requirements. It can be added to a webpage simply by copy-pasting a bit of JavaScript code.

Jenkins Authentication Token

This is a plugin which provides an API for converting credentials to authentication tokens in Jenkins. Jenkins is a Java based, open-source continuous integration server. The plugin is maintained by Stephen Connolly and is currently in version 1.1.

Acision Forge SMS

Forge SMS API by Acision is a RESTful text messaging platform. This API provides various ways to send and receive messages by using a secure server between the customer and commercial mobile network providers. This API uses HTTP(S) GET method for requests and responses are in XML. Forge SMS requires customer IP-addresses to be whitelisted for security. Acision provides communication services to enterprise, such as text messaging, multi-media messaging and carrier infrastructure platforms. Acision has developed a suite of cloud-based messaging APIs and SDKs to provide communication services to businesses.

Geobytes GeoDirection

The GeoBytes GeoDirection API allows developers to detect a website visitor's IP Address and redirect them based on their geographic location. Developers can use the API to redirect visitors based on their city, region, or country or to insert localized content into a webpage. Developers can use this service without installing any special software on their web server.

GeoBytes Get Nearby Cities

The GeoBytes Get Nearby Cities API allows developers to retrieve information on cities near a given location. The API returns the name, bearing, direction, latitude, longitude, and distance for each nearby city. Locations and distances are calculated based on a given IP Address, Fully Qualified City Name (FQCN), or Geobytes Location Code.

Geobytes Get Distance

The Geobytes Get Distance API allows developers to get the bearing, direction, and distance between two cities, both by road and by air (as the crow flies). It also provides a map and driving directions. Distance is calculated with the "great circle distance" method using the cities' latitudes and longitudes. Users can have distances returned in either miles or kilometers.

Geobytes Get City Details

The Geobytes Get City Details API allows developers to retrieve city attributes for a location given as an IP Address, latitude/longitude, Fully Qualified City Name (FQCN), or Geobytes Location Code. It also has an optional parameter that lets users set the default location the API will return if it's unable to determine the location of an IP Address. This API is the free version of Geobytes' legacy IP Locator API.

AddThis Smart Layers

The AddThis Smart Layers API allows developers to configure and customize the Smart Layers displayed on their webpages. Smart Layers are features that float over the user's webpages and provide sharing, following, and content recommendation functions. With the API, developers can enable or disable layers, customize text labels, specify a theme, and choose what services appear.