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Crowdfunder is a UK based platform where people can crowdsource funding for unique projects. Crowdfunder projects typically involve social endeavors related to community, charity, environment, art, music, publishing, film, and theatre. Currently in an open beta, HTTP GET calls to the Crowdfunder API can be made to request JSON lists of all current campaigns filtered by project name and category. Implementing the API, users may have programmatic access to specific details on individual projects, including all project fields: biography, description, URL, current funding amount, last pledge amount, project video, image, category, and additional details. As the API is in beta, Crowdfunder is accepting any feedback users may have while implementing the API.


igot is an exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell BitCoin. Users can purchase locally using their bank credentials. igot also hosts two ticker APIs that supply data open for public consumption. Using the igot Stats API BUY developers can make HTTP GET requests to receive the latest BitCoin purchase prices against major world currencies, including daily average price, deviation percentages, and daily lowest price. Similarly, calls to the igot Stats API SELL will return highest sell of the day, average daily sell, and open price against all major currencies. In addition to the APIs, igot also offers an embeddable ticker widget for web use.


BTCXIndia is an India-based BitCoin exchange service, allowing users to see real time prices and BitCoin market data compared to the Rupee. Customers may buy, sell, or trade BitCoin with Rupees, using the online wallet service to host their digital currency. Currently in an open beta, BTCXIndia hosts a simple ticker API that will respond with important market information. Calls to the API can return BTC to INR pricing, high, low, and average daily prices, volume of trades in the last 24 hours, last traded prices, highest buy order, lowest sell order, and more. The ticker for BTCXIndia may be accessed via XML or JSON formatted requests made to the HTTP endpoint.

Hacker News

Hacker News has made it's data available for programmatic access in near real time for iOS & Android and web-enabled devices that implement Firebase. Using the server API, calls can be made to retrieve news, updates, comments, jobs, polls, and more, all by using unique identifiers. HTTP calls will return JSON-formatted responses that include actual text from articles, titles, as well as associated metadata and URL links. Though Hacker News plans to unveil an OAuth API in the future to access user data, currently the API is free for public consumption.


PlaceILive provides detailed insight into the quality of life in individual neighborhoods. It uses the Life Quality Index (LQI) as its metric. The LQI takes into account travel time to work, presence of nearby grocery stores, overall safety, etc. So far, PlaceILive is supported in Chicago, San Francisco, Berlin, and London with New York coming soon. The PlaceILive API lets users access LQI data for use on their websites.


MuninMX is a service for monitoring CPU usage, processes, load, memory, and more. It can scale to thousands of nodes without suffering IO or CPU problems, and it queries those nodes on a timescale measured in seconds rather than minutes. MuninMX also comes with custom plugins, alert notifications, and user permissions management capabilities.

Unofficial Ello

Ello is a social network service without ads. Initially, this project was created to be used privately. Now open access is available to users. However, they need to request an invitation to join the site. The founder of Ello is Paul Budnitz, the graphic design was made by and Berger & Föhr, and the software was created by Mode Set. The API featured on this profile is unofficial and it does not have a direct relationship with Ello. Developers can visit both sides and to make a decision related to the use of the API.

TVmaze shows information about TV listings. If users visit the website and choose a show, they can see the categories of episodes, cast, crew, characters, reviews, and galleries. They can also share the info on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. This service offers an API to add TV information into a website or app. The data includes shows, actors, tonight's schedule, episode lists, and more.

Microsoft Telephony

The Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) offers an API that aims to facilitate telephonic connections between 2 or more devices. In the site, developers can find Windows device application development, registry settings, references, settings, and configurations.


News Whip hosts a large database of news articles that is updated daily. Developers can access their data via POST & GET HTTP header requests to the News Whip API to return source information and associated metadata on the most publicly shared news trends. The API can retrieve news and article content, sourced from 200,000 pieces of new content from various publishers tracked daily. API parameters can filter content by region, publisher, topic, or time. The data can be used to create internal dashboards, micro-sites with links to content, side bar widgets, and for news & marketing agencies to analyze trends. The API requires an API key for usage.