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The BINFind API determines the bank, type, and country of an issued card using it's first 6 digits (BIN number). Available in JSON and XML formats with GET and URL as API usage.


Expose your USB device services via the web. This API interfaces by specifications to the hardware. It allows you to permit integration and securely provide access to USB devices from web pages.

Trusted Shops Common

Trusted Shops API is used for managing ecommerce. This API is both Json and XML. This public API is capable of searching shops, shop reviews, quality indicators, shop benchmarks and more.


The Uploadify API integrates uploads into websites, via Flash and HTML5. It can parse PHP, ASP.NET, and Cold Fusion languages. Options, events, and methods available.

The Plenario integrates datasets into applications, in addition to be an open data service itself created for educational and scientific purposes. Developers can call with HTTP GET to obtain JSON responses, and in occasions, CSV and GeoJSON formats. is a global hub for datasets.


The UpCity API is available for purchase by contacting the platform as a service. Benefits include keyword, crawl, and local listing data from over 20 sources. It aims to improve ranking of websites while boosting marketing campaigns.


The Prerender API integrates JavaScript rendering features into websites, with the aim to optimize SEO content. Installation available. It can interact with frameworks as resources, that include ExpressJS, Rails, Nginx, and Apache.


Dopamine is an engagement platform for fitness, productivity, social, and education applications. This customized platform learns about its users and behavior results can be seen as fast as 4 weeks. Dopamine is based in Venice, California, and offers 3 plans including a free option with unlimited reinforced actions. Developers need to register to access API documentation.


oVirt is a Linux-based KVM virtualization project that features high availability, live migration, storage management, and system scheduler. oVirt is a group of systems which together offer a complete data center virtualization solution. The oVirt engine is used to to configure your network, storage, nodes and images, and can be accessed through the API. This API is REST based with hypermedia support, and XML is used for data exchange.

Periscope Data CSV

The Periscope Data CSV API can be activated from a unique URL available on the documentation site. Users can integrate a chart with R, Python, and Google Sheets help. Periscope Data unifies data from multiple sources to help businesses visualize data and performance.