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API Name Category Date
Government 12.27.2013
U.S. Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Government 12.27.2013
Health and Human Services Syndication
Medical 12.27.2013
U.S. Trademark Status and Document Retrieval
Government 12.26.2013
NOAA Severe Weather Data Inventory
Weather 12.26.2013
Government 12.22.2013
UNDP Human Development Data
Government 12.21.2013
NWCC Air-Water Database
Science 12.10.2013
Financial 12.10.2013
Park Shark
Tools 11.28.2013
Government 11.24.2013
Financial 11.12.2013
Government 11.11.2013
Mapping 11.02.2013
Reference 10.25.2013
Meteogalica MeteoSIX
Weather 10.25.2013
National Crime Victimization Survey
Government 10.18.2013
Consumer Complaint Database
Government 10.18.2013
Statistical Me
Government 10.17.2013
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Government 10.17.2013
Iowa Sex Offender Registry
Government 10.15.2013
NationBuilder Election Center
Government 10.15.2013
Social 10.15.2013
Henrico County Public Crime Data Access
Government 10.09.2013
Threat Stream
Security 10.07.2013
Government 10.04.2013
Code for America NAICS
Government 10.03.2013
Checkbook NYC
Government 09.04.2013 Mobile App Gallery
Government 09.01.2013 Federal Agency Directory
Government 09.01.2013
BusinessUSA Resource Access
Government 09.01.2013
Jobs 08.30.2013
U.S. Office of Personnel Management Government Operating Status
Government 08.29.2013
Government 08.29.2013
Reference 08.26.2013
Bureau of Labor Statistics Public Data
Government 08.19.2013
MyIGA Hypermedia
Government 08.19.2013
GSA Per Diem
Government 08.19.2013
SBA Content Share
Database 08.06.2013
Washington State Department of Transportation
Transportation 08.03.2013
LaunchPad Recruits
Video 07.31.2013
Government 07.18.2013
Medical 07.16.2013
New York State Police IEPD
Government 07.13.2013
UK Police
Government 07.09.2013
Exective Orders
Government 07.01.2013
Enterprise 06.22.2013
Broadband USA
Government 06.19.2013
USDA Economic Research Service
Government 06.15.2013
White House Policy Snapshots
Government 06.15.2013
City of Helsinki Service Map
Government 06.13.2013
City of Helsinki Open Ahjo
Government 06.13.2013
Open Knesset User Voting API
Government 06.11.2013
Government 06.10.2013
City of Helsinki Issue Reporting
Government 06.10.2013
Finnish Parliament Votings
Government 06.08.2013
NSW State Records
Government 06.04.2013
U.S. Department of State Office of the Historian Ebook Catalog
Government 06.03.2013
Chicago Police Department CLEARpath
Government 05.25.2013
Idescat International Days
Events 05.23.2013
Idescat Onomastics API
Government 05.23.2013
Idescat Embed
Government 05.23.2013
Restricted Party Screening
Enterprise 05.23.2013
USCG MARPOL Certificates of Adequacy
Government 05.16.2013
USCG Port State Information Exchange
Government 05.16.2013
USDA National Farmers Market Directory
Food 05.15.2013
Fed {API}
Government 05.09.2013
CIR VA Backlog
Government 05.08.2013
Sunlight Foundation Open States
Government 05.07.2013
Sunlight Foundation Influence Explorer
Government 05.07.2013
Sunlight Foundation Capitol Words
Government 05.07.2013
We the People
Government 05.03.2013
Video 04.15.2013
Open New York Child Care Regulated Programs
Government 04.12.2013
Open New York Recommended Fishing Rivers and Streams
Sports 04.12.2013
USASearch Jobs
Jobs 03.26.2013
Black Book Online
Government 03.24.2013
Municipal DataWorks
Government 03.15.2013
City of Tempe Local Weather
Weather 03.13.2013
Transportation 03.06.2013
Newseum NewsMania
Games 02.25.2013
Project Management 02.17.2013
City of Palo Alto
Government 02.12.2013
State Decoded
Government 02.12.2013
Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification System
Government 02.12.2013
GlobalTeach LMS
Education 02.11.2013
GeoNB Coordinate Transformation Service
Mapping 02.04.2013
New York Federal Reserve SOMA Holdings
Financial 02.04.2013
OpenGov NSW
Government 01.29.2013
Research Data Australia
Search 01.18.2013
USDA Soil Data Access
Government 01.17.2013
Government 01.17.2013
Denmark Central Business Register (CVR)
Government 01.13.2013
Georgia Revenue Service WayBill
Government 01.13.2013
Texas Franchise Tax
Government 01.11.2013
Messaging 01.08.2013
Turkish National Police AKBS
Government 01.05.2013
USFWS Geospatial Service
Mapping 01.02.2013
DOE Green Energy
Search 01.02.2013
Dubai Health Post Office
Medical 12.22.2012