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Venues Search from Phone
Mobile 06.24.2006
Photos from Friendster on Phone
Mobile 08.02.2006
Mobile 10.30.2006
Fotolia Mobilized
Mobile 01.08.2007
Photobucket Mobile
Mobile 05.09.2007
medioh iPhone Videos
Mobile 04.03.2008
iFashion Android application
Mobile 12.28.2010
Tim Hortons Store Finder
Mobile 01.03.2011
Canadian Skating Rink / Arena Finder
Mobile 01.03.2011
Canadian Cell Tower Finder
Mobile 01.03.2011
Foursquare Check-in Deals
Mobile 04.24.2011
Gatekrash Mobile
Mobile 04.26.2011
Mobile 05.02.2011
DoAt (do@)
Mobile 05.31.2011
Fly Time Notify
Mobile 08.23.2011
Crime Near You
Mobile 06.07.2012
Mobile Search on Urban Dictionary
Language 10.12.2006
2lingual Bing Search
Language 10.28.2011
Student Housing Info at UC Davis
Education 04.26.2007
College and University Search by State
Education 09.15.2008
Education 11.16.2009
Find Great Colleges
Education 04.11.2013
Travel 06.07.2006
Flex Hotel Search
Travel 03.24.2008
Where Can I Live?
Travel 01.22.2009