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DoubleClick Search
The DoubleClick Search API enables users to upload data about conversions (including offline conversions) and download reporting data for use in their applications. Users can combine downloaded data... Search 02.10.2015
DoubleClick Bid Manager
The DoubleClick Bid Manager API allows developers to integrate with the DoubleClick Bid Manager platform, which helps users improve control over their ad campaigns to improve campaign performance.... Marketing 02.10.2015
DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer
The DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer API allows developers to access real-time bidding account information, find available direct deals, retrieve pretargeting configurations, retrieve performance... Advertising 02.05.2015
Google DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking
The Google DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking API enables developers to programmatically access information from their DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) accounts and DoubleClick Digital Marketing (... Reporting 02.03.2015
PubMatic Unified
PubMatic API can monetize, control, distribute, customize, analyze, and configure publishing services into web and mobile applications. This API is about the advertisement of publishing efforts.... Advertising 01.29.2015
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Name Description Category Date
Local RVs
A free classified site for RVs and trailers. This mashup makes use of the Oodle, Google AdSense, and Google Maps APIs. Advertising 02.20.2015
Feelter’s algorithm incorporates big data social media cues into a website. The service collects, centralizes, and analyzes large amounts of relevant information on social networks, including posts,... Marketing 12.22.2014
Spot-on is an online political ads and analytics tool that helps political campaign professionals to navigate the online social media world. Some of Spot-on's services include ad placement,... Advertising 10.12.2014
Targeted Engagement
Targeted Engagement is a self-service programmatic advertising platform in politics. Compatible with multiple screen types, Targeted Engagement lets organizations to customize, launch, and manage... Advertising 10.12.2014
Adtegrity is a digital advertising solutions provider that delivers cross-screen advertising solutions for mobile video ads. Adtegrity's services include content strategizing, customers... Advertising 10.06.2014
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Name Description Category Date is a television and video advertising platform. Users can buy and sell advertising space and content for television and video. The API allows developers to access and integrate the... Advertising 08.17.2013
Faxem is a direct marketing provider that offers companies in Australia with fax, email, and SMS marketing to help them reach their clients. The Faxem API allows users to integrate the Faxem data... Advertising 08.16.2013
WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for online advertising. We help you buy media intelligently and profitably for your existing and future campaigns, discover new traffic sources,... Advertising 08.14.2013
FastSpring is a complete, cloud-based e-commerce solution for selling digital products worldwide. It provides users with mobile-compatible order pages that can be customized for their brand. Its... eCommerce 08.08.2013
Vivastreet is a free, local classified ads service available for cities in countries in all over the world. Find hundreds of free classifieds in your local area for everything from rental properties... Advertising 07.29.2013
MoPub is a monetization platform and service for mobile and web applications. MoPub offers features like advertising integration, a dashboard of revenue, and other monetization services for... Enterprise 07.24.2013
Sociagram is a social video application that also enables electronic gift giving and eCommerce services. Companies can use Sociagram on their sites with the Sociagram video plug-in. The Sociagram... Video 07.18.2013
AdColony provides HD video advertising services to both advertisers and individuals seeking to monetize their apps. It uses Insta-Play technology to instantly serve full-screen video ads to mobile... Advertising 07.06.2013
Twenga affinitAD
Twenga is a shopping search engine that lists over 300 million products on a single open shopping platform. AffinitAD is Twenga’s publisher network. Based on contextual analysis, affinitAD provides... Advertising 07.03.2013
Zmags Publicator
Zmags is a digital publishing solution for companies that want to offer their customers a consistent brand and commerce experience across all digital channels. A Zmag is an online catalog, a brochure... Advertising 06.28.2013
TapCommerce is a mobile and tablet retargeting service. TapCommerce allows brands and companies reach customers and potential customers over mobile phones and tablets. The TapCommerce API allows... Advertising 06.11.2013
BrightEdge is an SEO (search engine optimization) service for the web, mobiles, and tablets. BrightEdge offers multiple features and tools for SEO. The BrightEdge API allows developers to access and... Search 06.11.2013
NameChk is a web service allowing users to easily check the availability of a desired or branded username or vanity URL on dozens of social networking and social bookmarking sites. The NameChk API... Social 06.07.2013
Gravity R&D Recommendation
Gravity Rock Solid Recommendations enables customers to increase revenues by providing personalized recommendations to their user base. The Gravity API allows developers to integrate Gravity’s... Advertising 06.06.2013
AzonMobile QR Code
AzonMobile QR Code Management and Tracking platform is a product built to help businesses generate, manage, and track QR Codes. The AzonMobile QR Code API provides developer access to the full... Advertising 06.03.2013
iPost provides digital marketing services, document management systems, and secure email for businesses. The iPost API allows other systems to import, export, or control the iPost iMM, an on-demand... Advertising 05.28.2013
Kochava is a tool for keeping track of user installs of mobile applications and the actions precipitating those installs. This helps app developers optimize their ad campaigns and use the methods... Enterprise 05.13.2013 is a real-time advertising platform that helps advertisers make use of their unstructured data. does not target pre-defined audiences, but uses unstructured data to build custom... Advertising 04.26.2013
Expert System is a leading semantic technology company and developer of Cogito semantic technology. Cogito API is based on semantic technology and offers a wide selection of text-mining tools:... Text 04.24.2013
Vizu, a Nielsen company, allows brands and companies to gather real-time information about their customers and audiences. Vizu offers tools to measure and track digital brand advertising. The Vizu... Advertising 04.20.2013
Hello Social
Hello Social is a social promotion and engagement platform that lets brands and companies engage and interact with their customers and potential customers with social promotions and contests. The... Social 04.20.2013
Schmap is a service that allows companies and brands to connect with audiences and customers on Twitter. Schmap provides data about Twitter users for targeting. The Schmap API allows developers to... Social 04.14.2013
Factual Geopulse Context
Factual provides a platform for developers to share, mash, and build applications on open data. Geopulse provides point-based access to geographic area attributes. The user provides a long/lat... Mapping 04.03.2013
Converser is a service that allows brands and companies to engage with their customers and audiences and aggregate all of the data on their customers in one place. The Converser API allows... Enterprise 04.03.2013
SiteScout is self-serve advertising software for small brands, performance marketers, and digital agencies. It provides a straightforward, web-based platform that allows users to create and manage... Advertising 04.02.2013
Percolate is a service that helps brands create and manage content for social media and platforms. Percolate helps brands understand their customers and create content to cater to them. The... Enterprise 04.01.2013
Soleo provides searchable local business data and content for a wide range of publishers. This ad-supported content is optimized to generate calls. Soleo shares revenue with its clients based on the... Advertising 03.27.2013
Mention is a social media monitoring application. Mention allows companies and brands to follow the mentions they get on media, social media, and around the web. The Mention API allows developers to... Social 03.27.2013
Commission Factory
The Commission Factory provides affiliate network management services. Users can sign up with the site as affiliates and earn money by promoting Commission Factory, or they can sign up as merchants... Advertising 03.24.2013
Push Entertainment
Push Entertainment delivers loyalty applications for consumer brands. Services include a loyalty rewards program, a crowd rewards app, fanwalls, and the Push API. The Push API provides developer... Advertising 03.23.2013
Perfect Audience
Perfect Audience is an advertising and marketing tool for brands. Perfect Audience allows users to target potential and lost customers through the web and Facebook. The Perfect Audience API allows... Advertising 03.20.2013
Strathcom aims to help automotive dealers get their inventory online to share their products across consumer search services. The Strathcom API allows users to directly access vehicle data stored on... Advertising 03.05.2013
Vistarmedia is a place-based advertising platform. Advertisers and brands can use Vistarmedia to place ads in applications and websites to reach customers by location. Publishers can use Vistarmedia... Advertising 03.05.2013
TxtBear lets authors publish documents online. It aims to provide a series of useful tools, but also allows users to extend the platform with user software. Additionally, the site offers the ability... Tools 03.01.2013
Publisheer Text Rewrite’s social content generator tool allows users to generate unique content by replacing words from an existing set of text with synonyms. Users can customize synonym sets and specify... Advertising 02.27.2013
SpinChimp is an article spinning product for article marketing. The SpinChimp API provides developer access to SpinChimp functionality through HTTP POST calls. Developers can spin articles to... Advertising 02.27.2013
Mojiva develops mobile advertising campaigns and monetization strategies for agencies, brand advertisers, and publishers worldwide. It also allows developers to ad-enable mobile applications, games,... Advertising 02.25.2013
Sociocast Prediction
The service provides tracking of application traffic and analytics to segment visitors and markets. It aims to help target advertising and other messaging strategies by audiences and users based on... Advertising 02.20.2013
CitizenNet is an online advertising campaign management service. CitizenNet allows users to create, manage, and monitor online advertising on social media networks and other online venues. The... Advertising 02.17.2013
Yext is a marketing messaging service. Yext provides messages and call to action content for marketing services and products based on local information about the market segment. The Yext API allows... Advertising 02.12.2013
Sonic Notify
Sonic Notify is an audience and customer engagement platform. Sonic Notify offers products to let brands and companies reach their audiences at home and monetize ads and content. The Sonic Notify... Advertising 02.11.2013
Glow is a social advertising platform. Users can build, manage, and adjust their Facebook advertising campaigns. Glow provides analytics and insight for tracking campaign progress. The Glow API... Advertising 01.31.2013
Aarki is a mobile application and game advertising and monetization platform for publishers, advertisers, and developers. The Aarki API allows developers to access and integrate the reporting... Advertising 01.26.2013
MobPartner is a mobile affiliate marketing platform that aims to provide risk-free performance-based marketing campaigns for advertisers, marketers, and publishers. The MobPartner API can integrate... Advertising 01.18.2013
Using MediaSpike, brands can place relevant, targeted ads in any social or mobile game. MediaSpike is a native monetization platform built by a game development team that understands how in-game... Advertising 01.17.2013
Celtra AdCreator
Celtra AdCreator is a mobile and application advertising service. Celtra AdCreator allows users to create interactive advertising for mobile devices and platforms. The Celtra AdCreator API allows... Advertising 01.17.2013
E-goi is a multichannel marketing service integrating Email, SMS, voice, fax and social media. The E-goi API provides developers with REST, SOAP, and XML-RPC interfaces for automating all aspects of... Advertising 01.14.2013
Brand Content Chat
Brand Content provides advertising services to companies trying to build their brand. They construct advertisements for all sorts of media channels including television, print ads, and social media.... Advertising 01.13.2013
The service provides custom URLs personalized for marketing campaigns and individual users linked to custom landing pages highlighting content important to those users. It is intended to allow highly... Advertising 01.09.2013
Ad Server Solutions
Ad Server Solutions provides ad serving solutions for publishers, advertisers, agencies and networks. An integrated platform for ad campaign management. The advanced ad serving and managing platform... Advertising 01.09.2013 Domain Parking is a domain parking platform with the aim of helping users make money on their domains. The platform helps users manage their domain portfolio and optimize their domains to display... Advertising 01.08.2013
The service provides integrated advertising functionality for applications across Europe. Functions include serving ad images, media, and other content along with media campaign planning, traffic... Advertising 01.04.2013
EmailR is web-based email marketing software that enables users to professionally manage a multilingual email marketing campaign without any knowledge of programming. Users can host images on emailR... Email 12.23.2012
Getit Hot Deals
Getit Hot Deals is a website designed to help businesses and customers in more than 30 cities in India connect with each other. Local businesses can advertise their products and sales through the... eCommerce 12.22.2012
Stipple is an online photograph repository. Stipple allows advertisers to use images with their products, publishers to purchase images for use, and photographers to sell and get credit for their... Photos 12.14.2012
Smadex is mobile advertising service. Smadex offers advertisers and publishers features to integrate advertising into mobile applications and content. The Smadex API allows developers to access and... Advertising 12.12.2012
Enthuse is a fan loyalty service where brands, teams, and companies can reward their fans with prizes and offer promotions to their fans. The Enthuse API allows developers to access and integrate... Advertising 12.04.2012
InviteBox enables users to design and launch social referral programs for their online businesses. Users can reward customers immediately for sharing their site through social channels by giving them... Advertising 11.30.2012
The service provides selective rerouting for URLs directly entered to catch common typos and URL variants then route them to the correct addresses for the desired sites. It prevents diversion of... Advertising 11.26.2012
MarketScout is a corporate intelligence building platform that deals with complex data pulled from a variety of sources and aggregated as well as sorted with analytical tools. The service also... Enterprise 11.25.2012
PosterOven is an online poster creation service. PosterOven offers multiple templates and designs for users to create their own PDF posters with their social media information and QR codes. The... Advertising 11.25.2012
One of the largest, opinion based social communities, SodaHead is an online platform that provides aggregation of online news stories and events. Additionally, SodaHead provides a polling platform... Advertising 11.24.2012
SimplyCast is an online marketing service. SimplyCast offers email marketing solutions, event management services, online surveys, SMS marketing, and contact management. The SimplyCast API allows... Enterprise 11.20.2012
Ecato Shopping
Ecato provides price comparison services for ecommerce websites. In your site's product listing Ecato will list (and match your site's formatting) the prices of the same product for various... eCommerce 11.14.2012
Pulsepoint Real-Time Classifier
The service provides categorization information for web content at the page level. It represents topical context for content located at a specific URL on a website with the goal of linking ads to... Reference 11.13.2012
ProPublica Free the Files
ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsgroup with the aim of producing investigative journalism in the public interest. Free the Files is a ProPublica project to detail political campaign ad... Government 11.09.2012
Ad-Juster is an online service for consolidating the user's advertising-related services and information in one convenient location. Data can be collected and stored from both local and 3rd... Advertising 11.01.2012
Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller
Google's Ad Exchange supports diverse ad buyer business models by providing multiple ways to access and buy impressions. Users can set up and manage campaigns, automate actions, bid for... Advertising 10.26.2012
HaleyMarketing's HaleyMail service provides email, print and web marketing in an easy to use platform. HaileyMail functions as a virtual sales rep for your company: HaleyMarketing provides all... Advertising 10.25.2012
Bottlenose is a live social intelligence platform. Bottlenose has features to analyze activity across all the major social networks. Users can use it to search, monitor, analyze, target, and engage... Social 10.21.2012
Wired Marketing
Wired Marketing is a UK based firm offering E-mail marketing support for Enterprises, including campaign management, consultative advice, and analytics. Wired’s Email Marketing API allows clients... Advertising 10.17.2012
Cactus Media
The service matches advertising to content posted by site publishers for topical connections likely to appeal to site visitors. It helps to target appeals to potential customers with probable... Advertising 10.17.2012
ForWhereIAm is a real-time, localized, short-lived information service that notifies users of announcements and deals based on where they are and what they are in the proximity of. The ForWhereIAm... Advertising 10.15.2012
SEOlytics provides SEO analytic software enabling managers and marketers to analyze the visibility of their websites on a daily basis and identify potential. The SEOlytics software provides a RESTful... Advertising 09.25.2012
CodeGenerate is a free service where users can create barcodes and QR codes for advertising and packaging. The site offers free updates every time new features are added, and users can save created... Shipping 09.24.2012
The Customer Connection Register Online
The Customer Connection is a leading group in the implementation of customer reward programs. Examples of their services include loyalty programs, gift cards, birthday specials, email marketing, SMS... Enterprise 09.24.2012
HIP Digital DME
HIP Digital is an online marketer specializing in digital content promotions. HIP Digital licenses content and then delivers solutions that integrate the content into various promotions. These... Advertising 09.24.2012
Hunt Mobile Ads Ad Request
Hunt is a mobile advertising network targeting the Spanish speaking market throughout Latin America and the United States. The Hunt Mobile Ads Ad Request API provides a RESTful interface allowing... Advertising 09.20.2012
adFreeq is a advertising solutions provider. They provide website owners, publishers, and other related industries a mutually supportive network. adFreeq offers adPortals that connect website owners... Advertising 09.18.2012 creates marketing tools to help businesses grow by engaging their audience. The API provides a RESTful interface for customers to automate processes including managing... Advertising 09.14.2012
LaunchBit is an email advertising service. Users can create email ad campaigns to send to target audiences. The LaunchBit API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Advertising 09.14.2012
Scup is a social media monitoring service. Scup offers a social media dashboard, along with social media planning, content, posting, analysis, and reporting. The Scup API allows developers to access... Social 09.13.2012
SpotRight provides marketers with social data and actionable influence to support multi-channel marketing. The SpotRight provides a RESTful interface for developers looking to interact directly with... Advertising 09.11.2012
madvertise is a mobile advertising platform and service in Europe. madvertise offers publishers and developers advertising integration services into their applications and content and offers... Advertising 09.10.2012
WeedDeals provides daily deals for local marijuana dispensaries to users Facebook, email, or twitter feeds. The WeedDeals API allows users to search for deals by city, retrieve information about... Advertising 09.03.2012
ConversionRuler is an online advertising campaign tracking and reporting service. It can be used to track pay-per-click campaigns, email campaigns, banner advertising, affiliate/partner links, or any... Advertising 08.28.2012
Marketpath is a website solutions provider. Their product includes feature for CMS, web design, and strategy. With their CMS features, users get blogging, ecommerce storefronts, and site-building... Advertising 08.28.2012
cXense is a context computing solutions provider. This means that offer tools for businesses to meet web service users at the level of their expectations and needs. The products include software for... Advertising 08.28.2012
Meteor Solutions
Meteor Solutions is an online advertising delivery platform. Clients can use to increase social engagement or monetize their audience. Features for advertisers include power user engagement deals,... Advertising 08.27.2012
LiveIntent is an email marketing platform. It offers a network for programmatic display advertising. Publishers can use it to sell advertising space in their newsletters, and advertisers may use it... Advertising 08.27.2012
Datalot provides a marketing platform. It is based on customer acquisition services and data enhancement. Businesses can have relevant and quality customers channeled to their sites from Datalot’s... Advertising 08.27.2012
Tapit! is a mobile advertising platform. It offers solutions and features for advertisers as well as publisher-developers. For advertisers, Tapit! offers a suite of scalable strategic and delivery... Advertising 08.27.2012
Shift Platform
Shift is an enterprise collaboration platform for social media marketers. The Shift platform comprises of multiple company-created services aimed to bring all marketing aspects into a single platform... Enterprise 08.23.2012
Optify is a B2B marketing platform. It helps generate leads and track marketing programs around the web. They do this by offering CMS plug-ins, SEO and search marketing software, social media... Advertising 08.23.2012
Microsoft Atlas
As part of Microsoft Advertising, Atlas is a suite of tools for publishers, advertisers and agencies. The suite includes a console for campaign planning, delivery, and reporting, management for paid... Advertising 08.23.2012
Virool is a video advertising service that allows advertisers to promote their video ads on applications, games, and websites from publishers. Publishers can monetize their content by allowing... Advertising 08.22.2012
Chartboost is an app promotion platform. It allows developers and businesses with well-ranked apps to promote other apps for increased revenue. Developers can also promote their next app. The... Advertising 08.22.2012
Fanggle Qwoosh/Spreevo
Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The Qwoosh/Spreevo API is a coupon... Advertising 08.21.2012
Fanggle QRazor
Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The QRazor API, provided by Fanggle, is an... Advertising 08.21.2012
Name Description Category Date
Reptiles Now
Reptiles, lizards and snakes for sale. Classified ads for all kinds of reptiles and amphibians Animals 11.18.2011
Amazon Mall using Product Advertising API
Browse Amazon Catalog for Movies, Books, Music, Electronic gadgets and more! By using affiliate account, you can get paid too! Advertising 10.18.2011
Tatvic Excel Plug-in for Google Adwords Plugins 11.22.2010
Search thousands of affiliate offers across 60+ different networks. OfferTrack helps you compare similar offers and fine the best deals to promote. Advertising 10.10.2010
Location of global billboard location, billboard maps. Advertising 06.12.2010
Handmade Spark
Find the people making great handmade things eCommerce 06.06.2010
ESellerAds - Shop anywhere, buy on Etsy. eCommerce 06.06.2010
Advertisement Tool - AdverTool
Centralized environment to efficiently manage your online advertisement campaigns no matter which network you are using for your messages. Open source. Marketing 04.16.2010
SFGate Integration of Lat49
SF Gate uses the Lat49 and Google Maps APIs to provide real estate location information and contextually relevant advertising. News Services 02.25.2010
A dashboard for online marketing for small to medium sized businesses. Connects with Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook so that advertisers can manage their online advertising from 1 account. Social 02.11.2010
Name Description Category Date
Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller Java Library
Google provides the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller Java Library to help developers get started creating Java applications that can interact with the Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller API. Advertising 02.03.2015
DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer Java Library
Google provides the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buyer Java Library to help developers integrate the Ad Exchange Buyer API into their Java applications. Advertising 02.03.2015
Facebook Ads Node.js SDK facebook-ads-sdk
The Facebook Ads Node.js SDK by Addy Osmani requires JavaScript. This kit helps to integrate advertising, social, and marketing efforts into mobile and web applications. In the repository, developers... Advertising 01.29.2015
Yellow Pages Microsoft .NET SDK
Yellow Pages Microsoft .NET SDK aims to implement in less time. Updates include an ASP.NET sample project and Deals API calls. The number of possibilities to integrate with this kit grow as users... Search 01.21.2015
Yellow Pages Ruby SDK
The Yellow Pages Ruby SDK aims to reduce implementation time. Additional to the official SDK, developer @ianbishop contributed to create a community SDK available on GitHub. Documentation includes... Search 01.21.2015
Yellow Pages Java SDK
Users can create projects with the Yellow Pages Java SDK. To facilitate development, the site shows an overview, an app gallery, documentation, resources, and support. Specifically, resources include... Search 01.21.2015
Yellow Pages Python SDK
The Yellow Pages Python SDK helps to integrate YellowAPI functionality to web apps. A particularity of this kit is the update Django project for 1.4+. With a number of resources, developers will be... Search 01.21.2015
Yellow Pages PHP SDK
With the Yellow Pages PHP SDK, developers can integrate YellowAPI functionality to a web app using PHP language. The kit aims to save time with updated Deals API calls. If users encounter download... Search 01.21.2015
Yellow Pages Android SDK
YellowAPI functionality can be integrated in a mobile phone with the Yellow Pages Android SDK. This kit in particular contains an improved sample app with auto-suggestion. Additionally, it includes... Search 01.21.2015
Yellow Pages iOS SDK
YellowAPI functionality can be integrated in a mobile phone with the Yellow Pages iOS SDK. Resources include samples, tools, and methods that aim to visualize a working API on the iOS. This kit... Search 01.21.2015

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