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The Coupon API supported by Stage of Life provides access to a large number of discounts on U.S. based brands by partnering with hundreds of national companies. These coupons range anywhere from 5%... Coupons 12.27.2014
Information Machine
Our API can automatically & passively collect users’ item level purchase data from online and loyalty card purchases at most healthcare, grocery, takeout and major stores (Amazon, Target, Walmart... eCommerce 12.23.2014
TwineSocial helps brands and agencies aggregate and engage their social media presence by consolidating their content into a hub. Displayed with high performance and in real time, the TwineSocial... Social 12.19.2014
DOJ News
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) News API aggregates over 14,000 press releases, speeches, blog entries, and announcements sourced from the Office of Public Affairs. These documents are available... News Services 12.11.2014
Routehappy Scores & Happiness Factors
Routehappy is a product differentiation platform for air travel. The service aggregates data on aircraft, seat, layover, Wi-Fi availability, power outlets, and fresh foods on flights globally,... Air Travel 11.10.2014
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FollowFly is a social media aggregator that can automatically bring up and display feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit AMA for anyone you search for. Different sorting... Aggregation 04.05.2015
Can I
Can I Stream.It? is a free service that lets users search across a variety of streaming, rental, and purchase services to see where a movie or TV program may be available. Some of the services... Streaming 11.26.2014 aggregates a user's cloud servers to help them monitor status and activity with a single unified interface. Users can view analytics visualizations from's web interface... Web Site Management 10.10.2014
Altmetric Explorer
Altmetric aggregates mentions of scholarly articles from many sources, providing a web interface to view analytics. It also provides badges that can be embedded into websites. The Altmetric tool is... News Services 09.25.2014
55Photos is a website where users can explore, view, edit, manage, organize, transfer, download, and backup online photos, pictures, and images. 55Photos consumes image-related APIs to aggregate and... Photos 09.25.2014
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Name Description Category Date is a website to find and listen online to soundtracks. Amazon integration provides details. Movies 11.16.2013
Funtimeplanner helps users plan trips by providing information on the top events and venues across the UK. Tourism 11.08.2013
Gift Experience Day
Gift Experience Day helps to find the very best offers from the leading experience retailers in the UK. Mapping 11.04.2013
MvBanana is a radio station that plays music videos. This is a fun way of discovering new or forgotten music. Music 09.17.2013
Visual Groove
Visual Groove is total entertainment experience: music with accompanying imagery. Visual Groove is a ground-breaking digital music service that aggregates and displays images in an entertaining way... Music 07.18.2013
ESPN News Service
Using the ESPN API, PHP, and Bootstrap, I made a simple responsive news site, giving readers the top news in various sports. Sports 07.14.2013
Tweet Awards
Tweet Awards is a collection of the best greek tweets. Greek 06.23.2013
Data under a category became an information and the aggregation of all these categories bring us the knowledge. we designed by using these guidance : The Knowledge as a Service The... Search 06.03.2013
Job Search Engine for Indonesian
Simple apps to search a job for Indonesian. Jobs 05.29.2013
ShopSmart Brazil
Shopping comparison search engine built using the PriceSpin XML Shopping Comparison API. eCommerce 05.21.2013

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