The Latest News On The API Economy

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ClickSoftware Gives Contextual Localization New Meaning

ClickSoftware is offering a library of more than 500 APIs that can be used as part of its ClickButler service, enabling businesses to create automated productivity workflows for remote staff and field service workers. Gil Bouhnick, vice president of mobility at ClickSoftware, spoke with ProgrammableWeb about the future of business use of localization and contextual data.

AT&T Pilot Mixes Location Accuracy, Context and Mobile

The way that US telecom carrier AT&T is approaching APIs for the enterprise offers key insights for app developers and business stakeholders looking for market entry opportunities into a global ecosystem. ProgrammableWeb spoke with AT&T Vice President of Ecosystem Development and Platform Solutions, Laura Merling about the broader API strategy. Meanwhile Chris Aron, Product Manager of AT&T Location Information Services, demonstrated how the AT&T approach translates into an industry-specific partnership with Sabre, the global travel tech company.

Stremor Releases Liquid Helium APIs Allowing Advanced Language Heuristics Technology to be Integrated with Third-Party Apps

Stremor, a language heuristics technology startup, has announced the availability of Liquid Helium APIs to third-party developers. Liquid Helium is a proprietary language heuristics engine that analyzes and interprets written content so that it can be manipulated and used in future online media, connected devices and systems.

Prefer To Listen To The News Rather Than Read It? Umano's API Is For You

Everybody wants to know the latest news and there are many applications that provide users with up to the minute news posts and articles. But what about the people who are moving around, rushing to or from work and simply don't have a minute to stop and read the articles that are of interest to them? That's where Umano fits in. It's basically a simple application created to deliver news to people on the go, turning online content into quality audio content read aloud by professional voice actors. Umano's API makes it possible for developers to access this cool functionality and integrate it with other applications as well.