The Latest News On The API Economy

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How Connect IQ Brings OAuth to Wearables

Most web services available to developers have been inaccessible to Connect IQ developers because they use OAUTH to provide access control, and this functionality did not exist in Connect IQ. Connect IQ 2 added new OAUTH APIs opening up Connect IQ apps to many of the APIs available on the web.

Pinterest Users Getting Hacked For Second Time In Two Weeks

As Pinterest endures its second attack in as many weeks, Twitter is subsequently auto-flooded with fake weight-loss posts that are designed to lure followers into a trap that could expose personal information and account credentials. For its part, Pinterest's lack of transparency regarding the matter stands in contrast to industry standard best practices for such breaches. to Launch Medical Billing API for Australian Medicare is set to launch an Australian Medicare API that should drastically improve eClaiming processes for developers working with the state funded and run healthcare system. Although Medicare has served as the primary healthcare system in Australia for almost 30 years, the system has run into major bottlenecks as its technological infrastructure has not always kept up with demand. The API allows software vendors to integrate online claiming with Medicare and the Department of Veteran's Affairs. Adds More Features to Simplify Authentication

It seems at every API conference, there is a new feature being released by the team at In October, at API Strategy and Practice in San Francisco, released a mobile SDK. Now after APIDays in Paris, has released a 'code request' feature to abstract usage tokens in the authentication process. Co-Founder Mehdi Medjaoui spoke with ProgrammableWeb about the service that provides a unified API for any OAuth implementation.

The Emergence of API Middleware: An Exclusive Interview with

API middleware is emerging as a key new industry segment in the API economy with at least two launch announcements expected today (including one at DataWeek) from services offering middleware tools to API developers. Meanwhile, in an exclusive for ProgrammableWeb, founders share details of their API integration platform interface, and discuss why trust is the principal currency in the API economy.

Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Billing through the Pactas API

Pactas, recurring billing solution provider, offers the Pactas API that allows developers to include Pactas functionality within third party apps and websites. Any need for recurring billing (e.g. carsharing, music flatrates, cloud services, etc.) can be simplified and streamlined with the Pactas solution. Pactas enables users to manage subscriptions, track payments, and map pricing. Access to the platform can customize to each users' situation depending on need, resources, and integration opportunities.