The Latest News On The API Economy

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RingCentral Launches WebRTC Support

​Cloud communications provider RingCentral has announced an invite-only beta that gives customers access to WebRTC functionality through its RingCentral WebPhone Library, a WebRTC SDK. The SDK manages WebRTC signaling and registration, and provides functions for WebRTC events.

Supercell Launches Clash of Clans Developer API in Beta

Supercell announced a limited beta for its new Clash of Clans Developer API. The API grants access to Clan search, global/local leaderboards, Clan and player profiles, leagues, and more features are expected in the near future. Register for access and provide feedback to propel the project forward.

Can a URL Replace Your Phone Number?

The advent of WebRTC has made the ability to use a URL as a way for anyone to contact you a reality. WebRTC is the technology that allows your browser or a mobile device to operate as a phone. All that’s needed is a “click-to-call” link or button on a Web page to initiate a connection with a URL.