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Review: HP IDOL OnDemand APIs Help Organizations Make Sense of Data

HP IDOL OnDemand is a suite of APIs focused on solving overcoming some of the tough challenges of the data boom. Indeed, data is being generated at levels never before seen, and the flow shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down. This data comes from many different sources, and, to make use of it, organizations must be able to effectively tap into--and make effective use of--unstructured text and images. This will enable them to drive a variety of key applications, ranging from business intelligence to analytics to behavior analysis. This is no easy task: The data in question may not be in the format that you want (or need) it in, and it involves text/image processing algorithms combined with natural language processing.

Hypermedia API Provides Flexibility, Standardization to Public Media Organizations API University

Although hypermedia APIs may not be a fit for every situation, they can be a powerful option when both standardization and flexibility are needed for cross-organizational data. That’s a key reason why a hypermedia API lies at the core of the Public Media Platform (PMP), a collaborative project among five of the country’s leading public media organizations.

ServiceWorker Caching Solution Holds Great Promise

The ServiceWorker specification allows scripts to cache resources and handle all resource requests for an application even when a network isn't available. To put it in a different way, the ServiceWorker browser feature enables developers to build applications that work offline, overcoming the limits of HTML5 Application Cache (AppCache) by giving developers a set of primitives to handle every HTTP call on a Website, as well as controlling installation and updates for the cache rules.

Zoeticx Opens Electronic Medical Records API

Just about every provider of a platform in the cloud is moving down the same path; albeit at different rates of speed. First they figure out that developers of third-party applications can drive more usage of their platform, so they publish a private API. However, it’s not too long before they figure out that making that API public winds up driving the most usage of their platform.

10 Ways To Market Your API (And Why Old-School Marketing Won’t Work)

So you’ve built a stellar API. Now what? How do you get the word out? First, throw everything you know about marketing out the window. Indeed, the old style of marketing doesn’t apply when it comes to APIs. The notion of building a marketing campaign replete with ads and PR fluff is virtually non-existent in the world of API marketing. Why? When you create an API, you are creating a community. This community of users will drive your marketing in a highly decentralized way.

DeskAlerts Expands API Functionality

DeskAlerts, desktop notification alert solution, has expanded functionality of the DeskAlerts API. Many find DeskAlerts to be a superior business communication to traditional email. Its API allowed for custom add-ons and integration with third party software and applications. Over the weekend, new functionality went live for all DeskAlerts users. The new functionality came directly from user feedback and requests.