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Moxie's Engage+ Turns Facebook Fans into Customers

Moxie Software has released Engage+,"the first social chat app that leverages Facebook’s social graph leveraging public profiles to target social visitors with unique proactive offers and provide agents with a rich set of social data." Until now, sales and customer service reps had access to limited customer data when interacting with customers via chat (e.g. customer name, purchase history, email, perhaps a few other data points). Engage+ utilizes Facebook's social graph to further understand and engage customers during chat conversations (e.g. age, brand likes, friends, mobile usage, and many more data points). Deeper profiling during a customer interaction allows companies to produce customized offers pinpointed at specific customers.

Say It With Pictures: Doodle Republic Chatoon API

Messaging just got a lot more interesting to look at. Words say a lot, but a picture is worth a thousand of them; imagine the levels of communication that could be achieved using both. Doodle Republic is a messaging platform that provides the tools to create messages that include words and images. Basically, people chat by creating their own art and sending it to friends as a Chatoon. The Doodle Republic Chatoon API makes this functionality available to developers who may want to include it in other applications.

IPhone Video Chat Now Plug-and-Play

The company that turned away from 2 million users to focus on developers has announced a new way to integrate with its TokBox OpenTok API. The video chat platform is now available on iOS to create face-to-face applications. Using the new SDK, developers can integrate video chat into any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad app.