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MailZ API Brings Automated Email Response to Third Party Apps

MailZ, transactional email delivery service, offers the MailZ API to enable systems and applications to incorporate email response features. MailZ features enable third party apps to deliver single-recipient emails after integration with the MailZ API. MailZ supports a wide range of content management systems and email platforms. In addition to automated email responses, MailZ delivers analysis and tracking tools for a more powerful email response system.

Birdseye Mail API Tackles the Tablet Email Problem

DE-DE Group’s Birdseye Mail might be the first email client built purely for a tablet environment. Now, the Birdseye Mail API allows developers to integrate Birdseye Mail functionality with third party applications. App developers can take advantage of tablet-specific functionality and add rich email functionality to new and existing apps.

SendGrid Scalable Transactional Email Platform Now Available to Google App Engine Developers

SendGrid, a leading cloud-based email service, has announced that the company has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program giving App Engine developers a trusted third-party and non-native option for adding transactional email management and delivery services to their applications. In addition, Google App Engine customers will have access to SendGrid APIs, real-time analytics and reporting all of which are powered by Google services infrastructure.

Create and Manage Email Newsletters in Browser via the Ubivox API

Ubivox, email marketing service, has released a number of its features via the Ubivox API. Ubivox allows marketers to create, track, and manage email marketing campaigns directly in a web browser. Because Ubivox is web-based, no additional software becomes necessary to create top notch campaigns. From simple email marketing to tips, to enterprise grade web based software tools, Ubivox aims to be the go to newsletter partner.

Ready-Made Multi-Messaging Functionality: Whispir API

Whispir, a platform that enables its users to send messages to various channels at the same time, provides the Whispir API designed to allow developers to embed any feature of the platform into any cloud-based web application. Users can send these high-volume messages that are tailored and targeted for each channel and recipient via SMS, voice, email, web, mobile, or social media.

Don't Send Mails In Vain: Email Pie API Let's You Know What Is Legit

For any business or website that relies on user or customer interaction, communication is important, and often the only point of contact a business may have with that customer is an email address. This is where email validation can lend a helping hand; as long as mail can be successfully sent to an address all is good, but if there's some issue causing failed delivery and other errors, better to know about it. Email Pie is a free, JSON API that provides a simple way to validate email addresses.

Cost Effective Communication On The Go With Red Oxygen's API

With work forces becoming increasingly more mobile, there is a need for businesses to have quick and easy communication lines with employees on the move. Being able to achieve this with existing enterprise and telecommunication infrastructure means companies can improve communication with staff without increasing costs. This was the idea behind the creation of Red Oxygen. It's a service that combines the functionality of email applications with the convenience and mobility of text messaging. With the help of Red Oxygen's API, sending text messages from an application or CRM is simple.

Railsware Releases Mailtrap API for Email Test/Dev Environments

Railsware, creator of Mailtrap (email test environment), has released the Mailtrap API. Mailtrap provides a "fake" SMTP server so developers can test email environments without the need of actual customers or users. Mailtrap has proved a useful tool to the developer community; however, API access to Mailtrap features has been desired for third party integration. Mailtrap Product Manager, Pavel Pavlovsky, announced that numerous developers requested API access over the past year and Railsware is happy to announce its availability.

Message Bus Plus Zapier Equals Endless Email Centric Possibilities

In a press release on 11 March 2013, Message Bus announced that its Message Bus Platform is now available for integration via Zapier's drag and drop API integration capabilities. This is exciting news for anyone trying to create efficient integrations and workflows that make sense for business but don't come with the associated efforts, long lead times and costs that custom API work entails.

Send More, Save More: Cost Effective Emailing With The Sendy API

Email newsletter campaigns are often a big part of a company's marketing strategy, and with that comes the costs involved. Sendy is a self-hosted email application that prides itself on being one hundred times cheaper than some other email services. The Sendy API makes this cost effective solution available to developers who may want to integrate the data into other applications.

The Embarke "All-You-Can-Eat" Messaging API: Communicate Across Social Networks but Skip the Coding

As a developer, you can figure out how to make your program connect to Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email. Or you can use the Embarke API and connect just to Embarke, a messaging platform that connects you to them all. You can skip learning the specifics of how to connect to each of them. The REST API's website has a five minute tutorial video on how to use this gateway to its developer tools for social communications.