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Chartio Launches New Access Control Features Ahead of Expected API Integration Platform

Data visualization and dashboard creation service Chartio has this week released a new set of user features targeting the enterprise. The move comes as Chartio prepares to extend its data integration capabilities beyond the use of existing Google Analytics API and Salesforce API. CEO and Founder of Chartio, Dave Fowler, spoke with ProgrammableWeb about the new features and how APIs factor in to the dashboard provider’s roadmap.'s Plot to Visualize More Data

ProgrammableWeb recently caught up with Matt Sundquist, founder and COO of, a graphing and analytics startup. The Plotly API enables users to analyze and visualize data in one place, and forms an important step in building the infrastructure for data science to be further democratized. Sundquist spoke about the API, comparing it with existing visual solutions, and how visual data science solutions can evolve.