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Dynatrace Synthentic Monitoring
The Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring API offers tools for testing and monitoring a website or app's performance. The API is RESTful and accepts XML and JSON data formats and, in some cases, CSV... Customer Relationship Management 07.12.2015
Demographics Pro
The Demographics Pro REST API provides a set of interfaces allowing the integration of social media demographic data into other applications. Some example API methods include aggregating audience... Demographics 07.10.2015
Windows Azure Machine Learning Recommendations
The Azure Machine Learning Recommendations service provides solutions based on predictive analysis. By additionally offering data to consume, the API features models, catalogs, features, usage data,... Machine Learning 07.09.2015
AlchemyData News
AlchemyDataNews API allows users to query daily news indexes of 250 to 300 thousand English language blog and new articles. The API also allows historical queries for the previous 60 days. Responses... Data Mining 07.08.2015
The Domino API lets developers integrate their applications with the Domino services, enabling their users to automate analyses and reports, deploy and scale their infrastructure. This API is REST... Analytics 07.08.2015
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Get Control
GetControl is a mobile payment application that provides businesses a way to measure and manage their online payments. This application is built for mobile, and uses Stripe API. Mobile 02.09.2015
Magento MagTrack
MagTrack is a mobile app for Magento store owners. Use MagTrack's Android app to track sales data in real time, and receive push notifications about sales activity. The app tracks information... eCommerce 01.29.2015
Feelter’s algorithm incorporates big data social media cues into a website. The service collects, centralizes, and analyzes large amounts of relevant information on social networks, including posts,... Marketing 12.22.2014
Spot-on is an online political ads and analytics tool that helps political campaign professionals to navigate the online social media world. Some of Spot-on's services include ad placement,... Advertising 10.12.2014
Discourse Analytics
Discourse Analytics is an online social marketing platform that utilizes surveys, content consumption, social media, and conversations to communicate with and listen to their clients' audience.... Analytics 10.12.2014
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ArcGIS: Spatial Analysis Service
ArcGIS REST API: Spatial Analysis Service helps developers to access, create, and share maps, apps, and information when they become members of the cloud-based collaborative environment. With the... Analytics 09.24.2014
Beyond Wellness
Beyond Verbal’s Wellness API can turn a smartphone, wearable device or app into a sensor that discovers and tracks emotional well-being over time. By speaking into the device Beyond Verbal’s... Health 09.21.2014
Urban Airship Wallet Studio
The Urban Airship Wallet Studio API provides developers the ability to create wallet items for their customers' individual accounts. The API supports both Android and iOS platforms. Notifications 09.21.2014
MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Web Services
The MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Web Services API provides developers the ability to personalize content, targeting ad at the right customers, analyzing customers' traffic, and much more. This API... Analytics 09.21.2014
Qloudstat API enables developers to analyze and monitor access logs in Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon ELB, Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace CloudFiles (Akamai CDN). This API also let... Cloud 09.21.2014
Sense API provides developers the ability to access data, trigger jobs, and manage worker dashboards. Sense is a cloud platform that lets users collaborate and share their data in a quick and safe... Cloud 09.18.2014
Firstrain offers enterprise tools for predictive analysis. Using the enterprise level API, developers can incorporate smart business insights to increase the effectiveness of their marketing... Predictions 09.16.2014
Real-time Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker R/T is the first and only Real-time search engine rank tracking application available on the market today. Rank Tracker will track your keywords in Google and other local searches and... Analytics 09.16.2014
Senfluence Sentiment & Influence
Senfluence is formed by 2 words: sentiment and influence. The goals of this API are to understand sentiments and to analyze the popularity of websites in 13 languages. When users are redirected to... Sentiment 09.08.2014
CryptoCzar is a BitCoin and cryptocurrency exchange service. CryptoCzar offers methods of requesting data and subscribing to new data streams via their API. Using the public CryptoCzar API, trades... Bitcoin 08.29.2014
Indacoin is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to purchase Bitcoin and LiteCoin with a credit card. The Indacoin public API allows any developer to send an HTTP request to Indacoin to... Bitcoin 08.29.2014
Barchart OnDemand provides data pertaining to the agriculture, media, financial, and energy industries. The getUSDAGrainPrices API provides daily cash grain bids and prices for locations throughout... Big Data 08.26.2014
Barchart OnDemand provides data pertaining to the agriculture, media, financial, and energy industries. The getWeather API provides current conditions and forecasts based on zip code. As well as... Charts 08.26.2014
Barchart OnDemand provides data pertaining to the agriculture, media, financial, and energy industries. The getFuturesExpiration API provides first notice and last trade dates for futures contracts.... Metadata 08.26.2014
Barchart OnDemand provides data pertaining to the agriculture, media, financial, and energy industries. The getMomentum API provides a daily summary on the number of advancing, declining and... Charts 08.26.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getSignal API provides the Barchart Technical Opinion / Signal (buy, sell or hold) based on a variety of short, medium... Charts 08.26.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getScreener API provides the ability to screen for stocks, index, mutual fund, ETF or futures instruments that meet a... Charts 08.26.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getTechnicals API provides technical data and statistics for equities, indices, futures, forex and funds based on... Charts 08.26.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getChart API is used to request a custom chart image with variables such as chart type, size, period and technical... Charts 08.26.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getHighsLows API provides lists for new 52-week highs or 52-week lows based on exchange and asset type. All Barchart... API 08.25.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getCorporateActions API provides corporate actions data on equities including Splits, Dividends and Earnings, based on... API 08.25.2014
Cycling Analytics
Cycling Analytics is a software for cyclists. With a bike, a heart rate monitor, a device and an account, cyclists can monitor performance on the road. The main value of this API could be the... Cycling 08.22.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getSpecialOptions API provides Intraday data for short-dated and weekly futures options. All Barchart OnDemand APIs... Prices 08.21.2014
TTNC Call Management
The TTNC API allows users to manage their calls and phone numbers by integrating them with TTNC's services. Features include: viewing call data records for numbers, setting up numbers and call... Telephony 08.21.2014
Sightcorp F.A.C.E.
The F.A.C.E. API from Sightcorp is a web service which allows 3rd party applications to develop smarter and interactive applications using the Face Analysis Technologies from Sightcorp. The... Machine Learning 08.21.2014
Ribbon BIN List
The BIN List API by Ribbon is a Bank Identification Number (BIN) lookup service. The API accepts a simple HTTP request with the first 6 digits of a credit or debit card and returns information on the... Credit Cards 08.19.2014
SimilarWeb Website Referrals
SimilarWeb Referrals API could be useful for developers who want to obtain the 10 main websites that will redirect activity to the principal domain in XML or JSON formats. This API can be valuable if... Referrals 08.14.2014
SimilarWeb Website Traffic
To obtain a projected number of web visitors, developers can access SimilarWeb’s Traffic API which will display results in XML or JSON. This API is about traffic and it is valuable to monitor... Monitoring 08.14.2014
SimilarWeb Website Engagement
The Engagement API could be beneficial for developers who want to obtain 3 web engagement results when they access a website. Because this API is about engagement, developers could create... Engagement 08.14.2014
SimilarWeb Website Search Keywords
SimilarWeb offers website and application analytics. The Search Keywords API could be useful for developers who want to obtain 3 keyword search results when they access a website. This API is about... Keywords 08.14.2014
Tyk is a tool for API identity management and access control. Using Tyk, developers can automate API Key creation and monitor who uses their APIs and in what capacities. Tyk can alert when errors... API Management 08.14.2014
Intention Analysis
Intention Analysis allows users to identify inquiries, expressions of immediate needs, complaints or frustration in social media messages. It allows users to filter out marketing messages from... Social 08.13.2014
Visualize data with Indicative, a service that provides the main value of business analytics. Even though the API is currently in Beta stage, the documents are available in the website and in Github... Analytics 08.13.2014
Fleet Manager Open
Fleet Manager’s vehicle location, performance, and engine diagnostic data is now available to third-party systems via an Application Programming Interface (API) that functions as a web service. This... ERP 08.07.2014
The Numerous app consolidates the important numbers that a user follows on a daily basis into a convenient viewable and customizable model. The app allows for tracking and sharing of personal... Statistics 08.07.2014
WinkDex is an index for the Bitcoin market, offering real time conversion rates from US Dollars to BitCoin. Their RESTful API allows developers to query their price index at any time to return... Bitcoin 07.29.2014
AboutMyHotel is a service to help analyze a hotel's online reputation. AboutMyHotel automatically collects opinions, reviews, articles, photos of a hotel and displays findings in an actionable... Hotels 07.23.2014
Google Analytics Adwords
The Google Adwords API gives developers direct access to the Adwords Platform. The API gives a set of tools that allow developers to access and manage complex Google Adwords campaigns. Use cases... Analytics 07.22.2014
Google Analytics Provisioning
The Google Analytics Provisioning API lets qualified service providers allow their users to automatically create and enable new Google Analytics accounts. The API is intended to integrate with the... Analytics 07.22.2014
Google Analytics Embed
The Embed API is a JavaScript library that gives one ability to easily insert a Google analytics dashboard into any 3rd party website. Queries to the Embed API are made to invoke different components... Analytics 07.22.2014
X URLS Url Shortener
The XURLS API provides short url functionality to any existing website. Other features include viewing analytics, creating automatic expiring links, and password protection. Users can have an... URL Shortener 07.19.2014
Sentigem Sentiment Analysis
Sentigem is a tool for analyzing English-language documents and plain text in order to determine their sentiments. It can analyze texts that are tens of thousands of characters long in under a second... Sentiment 07.19.2014
recolytic is a recommendation engine exposed as a service, with its rich personalization framework, it helps users discover the best recommendation strategies for their business. This API collects... Recommendations 07.18.2014
Site Information
All information about a website is available in Site Information. With the API, developers could offer website facts targeted to a predetermined niche. To mention an example, users can type any... Web Site Management 07.15.2014
Exceptiontrap Notifier
Exceptiontrap is a hosted Ruby on Rails and PHP error tracking and exception monitoring service. The provider's goal is to allow users to be notified about all errors & exceptions in... Monitoring 07.09.2014
IG Trading API
REST trading and streaming APIs:- Automate trades, build integrations and create trading apps using our market-leading spread betting and CFD technology. Financial 07.09.2014
Developers can integrate the Soshio Chinese Social Media Intelligence API into customer relationship management, 3rd party applications, and social interactions to create an intelligent monitoring... Analytics 07.07.2014
Cara is a face detection software that turns anything with a camera into an intelligent sensor to store data on the content’s viewer. It measures glances, distance, gender, timing, age, and much more... Demographics 07.07.2014
Seen is a hashtag analytics provider. Seen provides information about social media hashtags and retrieves the social media content with the hashtag users search for. The Seen API allows developers to... Analytics 07.05.2014
Instrumental is a tool that manages the performance of an application, accepting and displaying arbitrary data in real time, no matter what the volume. It can be used to monitor hardware, application... Monitoring 06.26.2014
Kontexto Metafull
The Metafull API converts webpages into metadata. The Metafull Link Rank API allows users to analyze the popularity of a link and the Metafull Content Analysis API pulls topics, categorization,... Conversions 06.13.2014
Rate Checker
Rate Checker helps hotel owners monitor the rates and availability of their competitors' hotels. Users can choose a unique sampling frequency for each of their competitors and may also manually... Hotels 06.10.2014
FeedPress is a service that provides users with hosting and analytics for all of their feeds. It comes with customizable hostnames, advanced tracking services, customizable newsletters, and more. The... Feeds 06.07.2014
Tru Optik Tru
This is the basic access, free API developed by Tru Optik, a real-time & predictive audience intelligence company specializing in peer-to-peer analysis. Using True Optik, enterprises can harness... Analytics 06.02.2014
RiteTag is a service that analyzes trending tags on Twitter so that users can optimize their hashtag use. RiteTag's hashtag directory contains information on more than 3 million hashtags. The... Social 05.16.2014
Soccermetrics Connect
Soccermetrics is a data-driven research organization that conducts and shares research on soccer (football). The Soccermetrics Connect API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality... Sports 05.06.2014
Internet Archive Wayback CDX Server
The Wayback Machine, from the Internet Archive, is a digital archive of the Internet. Users can see archived versions of web pages. The Wayback Machine supports multiple APIs enabling retrieval... Analytics 04.26.2014
AlchemyAPI Web Taxonomy
The Taxonomy API allows users to classify their content into topic categories up to five levels deep. Content can be filtered or grouped for further analysis or to track topics. Narrow classification... Data Mining 04.22.2014
MailTracker provides real-time email tracking services that let users know when, where, on what devices, for how long, and how many times their emails have been viewed. MailTracker can provide such... Email 04.14.2014
Standard Analytics IO
Standard Analytics IO is designed to improve the reproducibility of scientific results by linking scientific content with its original data and analysis methods. The Standard Analytics IO REST API... Science 04.03.2014
Cilenis is a language analysis service that helps users to analyze and extract information of texts. The Cilensis API allows users to integrate language technology into a users software using a cloud... Tools 03.24.2014
Brandwatch uses proprietary technology to search the social web and monitor mentions of its clients brands or products. It gathers data from social networks, blogs, forums, and other sites, then... Social 03.20.2014
AdStage Platform
AdStage is a online advertising platform that allows users to create and manage advertising campaigns. The service offers cross-network ad tools and a flexible platform so users can focus on the... Advertising 03.05.2014
Amplitude is a mobile analytics platform. Amplitude provides data and statistics and information about mobile applications to inform decision making by the mobile application publishers and... Tools 02.20.2014
Cyfe Push
Cyfe is a business dashboard application that helps users monitor and analyze different types of data from one place. The Cyfe Push API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Enterprise 02.20.2014
Zenobase is service that provides users with the ability to store data, as well as aggregate and visualize personal time-series data. The Zenobase API allows users to store and retreive data. The... Database 02.14.2014
CoolaData provides solutions for data and databases, analytics, and features to map, track, and analyze data and behavior data. The CoolaData API allows developers to access and integrate the... Enterprise 02.06.2014
Fluxifi is a useful platform that offers data visualization, data integration and data aggregation. Developers might find its API valuable if they want to simplify complex content from websites,... Data 02.06.2014
SatisfactionHub is a satisfaction survey and site metrics tool for websites. The service aims to help users grow their customer base by measuring customer satisfaction and encouraging fans to spread... Tools 02.06.2014
Taplytics is a mobile data and metrics analysis platform. Taplytics provides various features to view, analyze, and access mobile application data and metrics. The Taplytics API allows developers to... Enterprise 02.05.2014
ionDESK is a trading workspace designed with comprehensive tools for multiple types of financial instrument traders. Users can practice trading against live market data. The site also offers tools... Financial 01.23.2014
4C is a big data and social analytics platform. 4C collects public social data and provides insights and analytics about the relationships between consumers, brands, and behavior. The 4C API allows... Advertising 01.21.2014
Currenex is a financial pricing service that offers Executable Streaming Prices (ESPâ„¢), Algorithmic Trading, Benchmark Trading, Request For Streams (RFS), and brokerage functionality with... Financial 01.17.2014
Ahrefs is a web explorer that can be used to verify link validity. The service updates every 15 minutes and includes tools to show link domains, anchors, and top pages within a domain. The Ahrefs API... Backend 01.16.2014
Yodlee Interactive
Yodlee is a financial service provider that serves banks and financial services firms. The service aims to provide a full financial picture of consumers to optimize sales and solutions to best suit... Financial 12.30.2013
Performance Horizon
Performance Horizon is a brand marketing management service that provides dashboards, and reports to advertisers, agencies, and publishers who operate marking campaigns around the globe. The API uses... Advertising 12.30.2013
LaCuenta is an invoicing service used to create and manage custom invoices with on computers or iPads. Users can scan products, manage stock and print receipts with the integrated point of sales... Financial 12.30.2013
InvoiceOnline is a an invoicing service designed for small business that also offers a customer database feature. The InvoiceOnline API allows users to integrate the invoicing service into third-... Financial 12.30.2013
Ronin is a time tracking and invoice service designed for small businesses and freelance workers. Ronin manages clients, projects, invoices and estimates. The RoninApp API provides programmatic... Financial 12.30.2013
iCount is a business invoicing service that helps users and businesses manage billing and invoicing. The iCount API is a REST based API that uses SSL as authentication, and facilitates the... Financial 12.30.2013
FXstreet Calendar
FXstreet is a global forex information services that monitors markets around the world 24/5. The site is aimed at traders, analysts, and all financial market followers. The FXstreet Calendar API is... Calendars 12.22.2013
National Priorities Project is a national non-partisan research organization that aims to make the federal budget information transparent and accessible so people can prioritize and influence how... Government 12.22.2013
Meniscus Real Time Calculator
The Meniscus Real Time Calculator is a calculation engine that helps turn raw data into information that is meaningful and actionable. Meniscus offers various data solutions. The Meniscus Real Time... Other 12.17.2013 is a real-time TV advertising metrics service. provides various TV advertising features for publishers, advertisers, and developers to access real-time TV advertising metrics. The... Advertising 12.17.2013
FedBrain is a an economic data aggregator. The FedBrain data is acquired from public domain sources, such as the CIA, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and the U.S. Federal Reserve Banks. The... Financial 12.10.2013 Page Analyzer develops webmaster tools for both beginners and experienced professionals. Basic usage of these tools is free, while subscribers have access to more tools with less restrictions.’... Analytics 12.09.2013
Applause Analytics
Applause is an analytics tool that measures mobile app quality and user satisfaction. Applause grades apps across ten attributes, enabling companies to compare their apps version to version and... Backend 12.04.2013
Fswire is a social market data service that delivers relevant information to the financial markets community. The service uses proprietary algorithms to filter data from social applications such as... Financial 12.02.2013
Predictivez is a data prediction service that aims to help companies with predictive analytics in production, sales, forecasting, and other metrics. The Predictivez API uses REST calls, returns JSON... Tools 11.26.2013
Bime is a cloud-based data monitoring and analysis service for businesses. It can display data on all kinds of devices using a variety of visualizations, including maps, relational analyses, bullet... Tools 11.25.2013
YieldBook, provided by Citigroup, is a fixed income analytics system for use in performing analysis and stress testing on fixed income based portfolios. This includes yield calculations, duration,... Financial 11.23.2013
Redistats is a web stats tracking service that collects and processes data in real-time, and allows almost any resource to be used as a stat property. The Redistats API allows users to call for data... Tools 11.21.2013
GameAnalytics is a service that helps game developers learn about their players, improve how their games are monetized, and make their games more enjoyable. It monitors a wide range of metrics,... Games 11.18.2013
Pretzil is a website, API, and mobile application suite that leverages its cloud-based database to connect smartphone users with mobile apps. The Pretzil API enables developers to ping Pretzil data... Backend 11.13.2013
Putler is a sales analysis and reporting service that can keep track of transactions occurring at multiple payment gateways and shopping carts. Once the data is collected, Putler processes it into... eCommerce 11.12.2013
DoForms is a mobile web form building platform that allows users to quickly make forms for use in sites and web services. These forms contain any number of features including tables, music, pictures... Tools 11.09.2013
ChurnBee is a Saas metrics dashboard for startups. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the service provides a visual representation of how a startup is progressing from day to day so that... Tools 11.06.2013
TagniFi provides on-demand access to standardized financial statement data with metadata including source transparency and links to SEC filings. Collected filings include 10-K, 10-K/A, 10-Q and 10-Q/... Financial 11.05.2013
Ingenia is a tagging and categorization service. Users isolate blocks of text and assign their own tags to them, this provide a sample upon which Ingenia can the begin to apply tags and categories to... Classification 11.04.2013
Name Description Category Date
Sleep Debt
SleepDebt connects with a users' Fitbit to analyze their sleep data. With SleepDebt, customers will be able to set what time they want to wake up and how many hours of sleep they are aiming for... Analytics 09.11.2014
Weight can fluctuate depending on a person's activity and diets. It can be hard to predict how the body will react in certain scenarios. With that said, WeightGrapher is an application that... Fitness 09.11.2014
Fitabase is a research platform that collects data from internet connected consumer devices. Fitabase is for anyone wanting to aggregate, analyze, and export data gathered from many device wearers.... Database-as-a-Service 09.08.2014
Website Authority Checker
Website Authority Checker is a tool that can retrieve a website's Moz Domain Authority, Moz Page Authority, Google PageRank, approximate age, and external equity links. Domain and page authority... SEO 09.03.2014
Python Developer Salary Survey
Analysis and visualization of Python Developer Salary Survey. Uses SlashDB API for data content and IPython Notebook for presentation. Analytics 05.18.2014
KPI watchdog
Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data. Reporting 03.11.2014
conTEXT allows users to semantically analyze text corpora (such as blogs, RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc.) and provides novel ways for browsing and visualizing the results. Natural Language Processing 02.23.2014
Shared Count
Shared Count is a small utility that will fetch social media shares for a url Social 12.09.2013
#BeerMap - The Top 2,500 Beers on Twitter
To discover the most popular beer in over 15000 cities across the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland, PeekAnalytics mapped the consumer followers of over 2500 beer and microbrewery Twitter accounts. Analytics 09.19.2013
Twibitz analyzes a Twitter user based on their profile and history to give you a snapshot of their "tweet style". Analytics 09.14.2013
Name Description Category Date
Google Analytics iOS SDK by Google
Use this Google Analytics iOS SDK to track app statistics like: number of installations, active users and demographics, screens and user engagement, and crashes and exceptions. Installation of Google... Analytics 06.05.2015
Google Analytics Android SDK by Google
Use this Google Analytics SDK for Android to track information like: app installations, active users and demographics, screens and user engagement, and crashes and exceptions. This SDK is in version... Analytics 06.05.2015
Google Universal Analytics Web Tracking Java Library by Google
This Java library is an updated version of the original ga.js analytics library. Insert this Java code snippet into your website's page templates to begin tracking how users interact with your... Analytics 06.05.2015
Gini iOS SDK by Gini
The Gini iOS SDK by Gini allows developers to integrate the Gini API into their Objective-C and Swift applications for iOS devices. Analytics 06.02.2015
Gini Android SDK by Gini
The Gini Android SDK by Gini allows developers to integrate the Gini API into their Java-language Android applications. This SDK is dependent on Volley from Google, Bolts from Facebook, and IntelliJ... Analytics 06.02.2015
Gini Ruby Library by Gini
The Gini Ruby Library by Gini allows developers to integrate the Gini API into their Ruby projects and applications. This library is offered under the MIT license. Usage examples are provided in the... Analytics 06.02.2015
Luminoso Ruby Library by Luminoso Technologies
The Luminoso Ruby Library by Luminoso Technologies allows developers to integrate the Luminoso API's methods into their Ruby applications. Usage examples are provided. Tools 06.02.2015
ONVIF Java Library by Milgo
The ONVIF Java library by Milgo aims to be the first library to interact with the API features related to standardize communication between IP-based security products. ONVIF stands for open network... Non-Profit 06.01.2015
Quettra Portrait Android SDK by Quettra
This is the Android SDK for Quettra Portrait that allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Quettra Portrait with Android applications and devices through Java. Quettra Portrait... Mobile 05.31.2015
SimilarWeb API Ruby Gem by John McLaughlin and Steven Lai
This is a Ruby wrapper for SimilarWeb API. Referrals 05.31.2015

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