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Senfluence Sentiment & Influence
Senfluence is formed by 2 words: sentiment and influence. The goals of this API are to understand sentiments and to analyze the popularity of websites in 13 languages. When users are redirected to... Sentiment 09.08.2014
Barchart OnDemand provides data pertaining to the agriculture, media, financial, and energy industries. The getUSDAGrainPrices API provides daily cash grain bids and prices for locations throughout... Big Data 08.26.2014
Barchart OnDemand provides data pertaining to the agriculture, media, financial, and energy industries. The getWeather API provides current conditions and forecasts based on zip code. As well as... Charts 08.26.2014
Barchart OnDemand provides data pertaining to the agriculture, media, financial, and energy industries. The getFuturesExpiration API provides first notice and last trade dates for futures contracts.... Metadata 08.26.2014
Barchart OnDemand provides data pertaining to the agriculture, media, financial, and energy industries. The getMomentum API provides a daily summary on the number of advancing, declining and... Charts 08.26.2014
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By using the methodology described by John Walker in his book, The Hacker's Diet, TrendWeight acts as a weight trend analysis tool. Customers weigh themselves each day with either a FitBit Aria... Analytics 09.11.2014
Sleep Debt
SleepDebt connects with a users' Fitbit to analyze their sleep data. With SleepDebt, customers will be able to set what time they want to wake up and how many hours of sleep they are aiming for... Analytics 09.11.2014
Weight can fluctuate depending on a person's activity and diets. It can be hard to predict how the body will react in certain scenarios. With that said, WeightGrapher is an application that... Fitness 09.11.2014
Fitabase is a research platform that collects data from internet connected consumer devices. Fitabase is for anyone wanting to aggregate, analyze, and export data gathered from many device wearers.... Database-as-a-Service 09.08.2014
Python Developer Salary Survey
Analysis and visualization of Python Developer Salary Survey. Uses SlashDB API for data content and IPython Notebook for presentation. Analytics 05.18.2014
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How to Perform, Visualize Sentiment Analysis with the WebKnox Text Processing API

How to Perform, Visualize Sentiment Analysis with the WebKnox Text Processing API

Sentiment analysis is an important community engagement metric, and with APIs like the WebKnox Text Processing API, it is an analytical technique now open to any business. This tutorial examines ho...
Name Description Category Date
VisiStat is a web analytics and customer intelligence provider that aims to help small and medium sized businesses with advanced data management. The site offers services to identify web visitors,... Tools 09.05.2013
Boston Predictive Analytics
Boston Predictive Analytics is a business intelligence provider that uses data analytics and statistical analysis to provided target approaches to business problems so that users can focus on other... Database 09.05.2013
Plaid is designed to allow developers to integrate transaction and account data from most major financial institutions into third party applications. The data includes merchant names, street... Financial 09.05.2013
Checkbook NYC
New York City provides programmatic access and feeds to the financial data that flows through The Office of the Comptroller. The Checkbook NYC API allows users to make REST calls to return a maximum... Government 09.04.2013
Searchmetrics is a search analytics service that offers SEO, SEM and other social tracking and analytics for using in the management, improvement and scale search of marketing campaigns. The... Advertising 09.03.2013
HyperTable Thrift
HyperTable is a big data management service that was designed to help companies organize, manipulate, and analyze large data sets. The company aims to reduce costs by utilizing maximum efficiency to... Database 09.03.2013
Squid Solutions is a data collection, transformation, and insight service. The site offers a data management service, data auditing, data reconciliation, and multi-level session analytics. The... Database 09.03.2013
Visitors Voice
Visitors Voice provides site search analytics, giving developers access to actionable user behavior data. Visitors Voice provides programmatic access to visitor analytics through a REST API. The API... Search 08.27.2013
Textalytics is a meaning extraction service that produces meaningful data from social media content, contracts, news, and other documents. The Textalytics Core API allows users to integrate the... Tools 08.22.2013
Response Tap
Response Tap is a online SEO and analytics company that utilizes proprietary software to track what a users does on a clients website before, during, and after calling the company. This approach is... Advertising 08.18.2013
Sumo Logic
Sumo Logic is a service for managing and analyzing large quantities of data in the cloud. It uses machine learning algorithms to help extract insights from big data, even in cases where the users don... Tools 08.14.2013
Placed is a location analytics service. Placed allows marketers and publishers to track what customers physically do in the real world. Affiliates can monetize applications with Placed. The Placed... Enterprise 08.08.2013
Google Real Time Reporting
The Google Real Time Reporting API provides access to real-time reports from Google Analytics. The API allows developers to access and integrate the data from the Google Real Time Reporting API with... Real Time 08.05.2013 is a cloud service using machine learning algorithms to deliver predictive analytics to businesses of all sizes. Customers simply upload data, select and run an algorithm, and receive a... Backend 08.01.2013
PLOS Article-Level Metrics
Public Library of Science (PLOS) is a nonprofit advocacy organization and publisher aiming to transform scientific and medical research communication. Every article PLOS publishes is open access and... Science 07.28.2013
Vidyard is a video hosting platform with embedded analytics tools that helps businesses track and monetize video content. Vidyard helps content marketers get the most out of their video assets by... Video 07.22.2013
Metafor Software
Metafor Software is an anomaly detection and predictive analytics company focusing on application diagnostics, performance troubleshooting, and monitoring server configuration drift. Metafor Software... Tools 07.22.2013
Nexalogy Nx
Nexalogy offers social media analysis solutions that help users to filter through the clutter of online social media environments and to identify and analyze the key actors, themes, and ideas that... Social 07.19.2013
Estimote is a sensor-based platform. Estimote can be used with physical spaces and objects for sensor-based engagement, interaction, and analytics. Estimote can be used by retailers and other... eCommerce 07.16.2013
Insto is a real-time communication framework built around a REST API and providing real-time functionality such as push notifications, real-time dashboards, analytics, and communications. Responses... Enterprise 07.13.2013
WhatsNew? is a service that allows bloggers to automatically show their readers what new content and/or features have been added since their last visit. The service works using the blog's RSS... Blogging 07.07.2013
Futurelytics is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform for monetizing customer behavior. Futurelytics archives data from multiple sources allowing you to quantify the value of existing customers... Enterprise 07.07.2013
AppAnnie is a App store market data provider that tracks info on assorted apps to help developers figure out target markets and do intensive market research before and during app development. The... Advertising 07.03.2013
Humbug Analytics
Humbug Telecom Labs offers enterprise-class telecommunications traffic analysis and fraud detection. Their service allows you to get real-time traffic insights and security alerts for your telecom... Telephony 07.01.2013
Roambi Business
Roambi provides services and applications for businesses. Roambi provides data analytics, file and data management, mobile applications for businesses on the go, and other services for efficiency and... Enterprise 06.25.2013
Pokelog is a personal analytics service that can be used to track almost any kind of metric. Users could, for example, track their car's mileage, the heights of their children, or their own... Tools 06.19.2013
OOcharts is a service that allows developers to retrieve Google Analytics data in a simple way. The service queues requests that would normally exceed the Google Analytics API limits to ensure that... Analytics 06.18.2013
dimple is an API for business analytics powered by D3 (Data-Driven Documents), a JavaScript library for manipulating data-based documents using web standards. The focus of dimple is to make D3's... Enterprise 06.10.2013 helps businesses effectively reach and maintain customers through improved email campaigns. The API allows developers to integrate with through a RESTful interface... Email 06.07.2013
Behavioral Media Networks Cognitive Insights
Behavioral Media Networks (BMN) is a spin-off of MIT’s Mind Machine Project focused on predicting behavior from text and other unstructured data sets. BMN’s Cognitive Insights API infers user... Tools 05.16.2013
Fed {API}
The FED {API} collects, correlates, and cataloges information from government sites and agencies to provide relevant data to users. The site source data from open government agencies, and refines it... Government 05.09.2013
Tradervue is a journaling and analytics tool for active equity traders. Users can track trades, quantify trading performance, and share trades with the Tradervue community. The Tradervue API provides... Financial 04.29.2013 is a real-time advertising platform that helps advertisers make use of their unstructured data. does not target pre-defined audiences, but uses unstructured data to build custom... Advertising 04.26.2013
Vizu, a Nielsen company, allows brands and companies to gather real-time information about their customers and audiences. Vizu offers tools to measure and track digital brand advertising. The Vizu... Advertising 04.20.2013
Heap Analytics
Heap Analytics is a service that automatically gathers information on users and user behavior on websites. Heap Analytics collects user data and user behavior data such as page views, click throughs... Tools 04.15.2013
Ftsee is a service that tracks detailed information about securities that includes their products, competitors, and suppliers. Each security has its own message stream full of information that users... Financial 04.14.2013
SharedCount is a tool providing social URL analytics. Users simply enter a URL to track shares, likes, tweets, and more, over a variety of common social services. The SharedCount API provides... Analytics 04.03.2013
Numenta Grok
Grok is enterprise-level software that provides deep analytical services, especially for machine-generated data. It finds complex patterns in data streams and generates real-time predictions to help... Enterprise 04.02.2013
Ondore is a service for data and metric analysis and insight. Ondore combines various sources of data for actionable insight, based on natural language processing. The Ondore API allows developers... Enterprise 03.30.2013
Serendio helps companies transform multi-structured data into insight and decisions through the use of big data, text analytics, machine learning, and predictive science. Serendio's APIs allow... Enterprise 03.29.2013
Rollbar is an error tracking service for websites and applications built on Ruby, Phython, PHP, Node.js, Javascript, and/or Flash. Rollbar provides users with real-time error tracking and error... Analytics 03.20.2013
Errplane is a service that allows developers and application owners to monitor applications to get metrics on performance, errors, exceptions, and other custom metrics. The Errplane API allows... Monitoring 03.18.2013
Knight Hotspot FX
Knight Hotspot FX is an online trading platform that offers a matching engine and all related systems to provide trade executions, confirmations, and real-time trade information. The Knight Hotspot... Financial 03.15.2013
Finotec is a London-based forex broker that that offers electronic trading, voice trading, and deliverable forex, on the FinotecPro and MT4 trading systems. The Finotec API gives users access to more... Financial 03.14.2013
360T is a Germany based online trading platform that serves both buy and sell-side individuals including institutional clients as well as national and multinational corporate treasuries. The 360T... Financial 03.14.2013
Indicee is a business data analytics service, based out of Vancouver, that provides business users with the technology required to access information and spread across multiple applications. The... Enterprise 03.11.2013
TREDS (Traffic Records Electronic Data Systems) is a Virginia State program that discloses accurate, contemporary, and pertinent information about highway crashes, injuries and other road incidents... Transportation 03.11.2013
ConnectWise Suite
ConnectWise provides IT services and management services to small and mid-sized companies including IT Services, Application Development and Consulting, as well as Managed Services for companies that... Enterprise 03.08.2013
SkillSense is a workforce management service that provides software solutions to help businesses track job performance, project costs, employee utilization and a variety of other business needs. The... Project Management 03.07.2013
LeadFusion is a financial experience management solutions service that helps financial institutions build relationships and brand loyalty. The API allows users to exercise full design control over... Financial 03.04.2013
OptionsXpress, by Charles Schwab, is a single platform taht allows users to trade options and futures contracts. Users can manage accounts with the API including order entry as well as any account-... Financial 03.04.2013
PowerOptions is an online options information and trading site that allows traders to do research and execute trades. The PowerOptions API allows users to do account management, create pre-defined... Financial 03.02.2013
Synapsify is a content management service and offers content discovery and text analytic services. Synapsify offers a variety of CMS and CRM services and brand management. The Synapsify API allows... Enterprise 02.27.2013
Sociocast Prediction
The service provides tracking of application traffic and analytics to segment visitors and markets. It aims to help target advertising and other messaging strategies by audiences and users based on... Advertising 02.20.2013
Call Tracking Metrics
The service provides telephone call tracking for marketing and promotional campaigns. It associates a phone number with each campaign and routes any call properly while linking the caller to the... Telephony 02.20.2013
Yandex Metrica
Yandex is a major Russia-based internet company and search engine with the stated mission of answering any question internet users may have. In 2012 Yandex handled the majority of all search traffic... Russian 02.18.2013
CitizenNet is an online advertising campaign management service. CitizenNet allows users to create, manage, and monitor online advertising on social media networks and other online venues. The... Advertising 02.17.2013
Positionly is a website analytics platform. Positionly monitors website positions, user engagement, clickthrus, keyword searches, and SEO components. The Positionly API allows developers to access... Search 02.12.2013
Sparkwise is a data visualization and metrics service for social media and website engagement. Users can add their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google Analytics, and more to track audience... Tools 02.11.2013
Distimo is an application analytics platform. Distimo tracks and measures application performance and metrics for developer and application owner insight. The Distimo API allows developers to access... Tools 02.11.2013
Less Neglect
Less Neglect is a customer analytics solution for applications. Developers can build applications on Less Neglect to analyze and monitor individual customer activities and behavior, as well as... Enterprise 01.26.2013
Aarki is a mobile application and game advertising and monetization platform for publishers, advertisers, and developers. The Aarki API allows developers to access and integrate the reporting... Advertising 01.26.2013
Pirate Metrics
Pirate Metrics is an API that tracks subscription activity and provides marketing insight for SaaS applications. The Pirate Metrics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Enterprise 01.21.2013
MarkedUp is an analytics and insights platform for applications. Developers and publishers can use MarkedUp to review metrics and user behavior of their applications to make informed decisions. The... Enterprise 01.16.2013
IKANOW is big data platform that allows for data analysis for a variety of industries. IKANOW is an open-source data analytics platform. The IKANOW API allows developers to access and integrate the... Enterprise 01.11.2013
The smart.coder API allows the automatic coding of free-text answers to open ended questions in surveys. It performs an intelligent text analytics process of free-text answers and automatically... Q&A 01.09.2013
Second Life Grid Survey
Second Life Grid Survey provides metrics for the Second Life Grid, the platform for the online virtual world. Through a series of HTTP calls, the Second Life Grid Survey API allows developers to... Games 12.26.2012
The Finland-based service provides traffic tracking and analytics for web pages, content elements, social media messaging, and some other communications campaigns. It emphasizes tracking of... Transportation 12.10.2012
PressTrends provides analytics and illuminates trends for developers, designers, and content creators within WordPress and beyond. The PressTrends API allows developers to integrate PressTrends into... Analytics 12.05.2012
SERPs SEO & Rankings is an SEO dashboard that lets users easily identify what's working and what isn't. It lets users do correlation testing by automatically logging their rankings and traffic after... SEO 11.28.2012
The service provides a number of indicators for the social impact of published works, including traditional scholarly papers but also blog posts and other more casual publications. It is part of a... Reference 11.12.2012
Ad-Juster is an online service for consolidating the user's advertising-related services and information in one convenient location. Data can be collected and stored from both local and 3rd... Advertising 11.01.2012 provides web analytics focused on user segmentation. The API provides a RESTful interface for two simple methods: identifying users and tracking user events. Results are... Analytics 10.26.2012
Sysomos is a social media monitoring and analytics service that lets organizations gather business intelligence about their brands. Sysomos goes beyond monitoring social media conversations to... Social 10.24.2012
The UserClues platform enables customers to monitor and measure user activity, with a focus on user engagement and behavior. The UserClues API provides developers with a RESTful interface to the data... Enterprise 10.23.2012
Bottlenose is a live social intelligence platform. Bottlenose has features to analyze activity across all the major social networks. Users can use it to search, monitor, analyze, target, and engage... Social 10.21.2012
Visible Social Media
Visible is a social media monitoring and analytics service. Visible offers a suite of products including Visible Edge, a listening and analysis platform; Visible Intelligence, an enterprise-ready... Enterprise 10.19.2012
Social Crawlytics
Social Crawlytics API allows users to gather social media metrics on any site/URL. The API is stateless, meaning there are no sessions or cookies to manage, users just supply their account token... Social 10.19.2012
Semantic Research Semantica
Semantic Research is a software company specializing in products that can create, view, store and share knowledge structures. Their Semantica platform is used for large-scale analytics, data fusion,... Tools 10.17.2012
Ducksboard is a web metrics and analytics platform. Ducksboard allows users to track their web metrics and produce analysis and reports based on the metrics. The Ducksboard API allows developers to... Enterprise 10.10.2012
Tuhunga is an automated data collection, analyzing, visualization, and sharing service. The service allows users to identify the online data or stored data that they they want to track or include and... Database 10.07.2012
Lytics is a data analysis platform for performing analytics on structured and unstructured data in one system in the cloud. The Lytics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality... Enterprise 10.07.2012
EnvoyRelate is a service that lets users track their donations in realtime and review analytics on this data. EnvoyRelate provides in depth statistics that help users understand the total value of... Financial 10.04.2012
AppFirst is an online dashboard that provides developers with information about their applications, such as performance metrics, server monitoring, and reporting tools. The AppFirst API allows... Tools 09.26.2012
Datameer is a data analytics product. Datameer allows users to integrate, analyze, and visualize large amounts of data for analysis. The Datameer API allows developers to access and integrate the... Enterprise 09.26.2012
Malvee Jobber
Malvee builds apps for small business and enterprises. Malvee’s Jobber app is a tool that helps managers and human resources officers gauge employee satisfaction. Jobber has multiple functions that... Enterprise 09.23.2012
Tapstream is a service that helps developers identify traffic sources, such as Twitter, application stores, websites, and emails for their applications. The Tapstream API allows developers to access... Tools 09.21.2012
Alteryx is a platform for business data processing. It is intended for enterprise to have a desktop-to-cloud solution for analyzing a variety of data sets. The desktop is a data management platform... Tools 09.20.2012
MetricFire is an app-metrics tool. Developers can use it measure performance and usage metrics from their apps. Its features include different data modeling options and data transformation for... Tools 09.14.2012
IntrepidBio is an information-processing web service. They cater specifically to institutions researching biological sciences. The platform automates information processing for large amounts of... Science 09.14.2012
Collins Indicate
Collins Indicate is an online tool that lets customers use data to search for trends, analyze results, create visual graphics and share with colleagues. Statistical data can be imported, created,... Tools 09.11.2012
Predictive Edge
Predictive Edge is a big data management solution. It is a multi-purposed suite of information gathering and processing for retailers. Its real-time and predictive data modeling helps retailers... Tools 09.09.2012
Jetlore is a data analytics tool provider. It allows app developers to track the information trail left by their users. Developers can integrate Jetlore into their apps and follow its dashboard for... Social 09.09.2012
The Tweettronics Social Media API enables developers to track brands and topics and analyze what is being said about them. The easy to use REST-based API provides sentiment analysis, influence... Media 09.07.2012
KnowledgeShift is a workflow management solutions provider. They offer mobile learning technologies, workflow automation, marketing solutions, and more. They also provide workshops for training... Media 09.05.2012
Totango is a customer engagement platform. Their services allow app developers and businesses to measure and improve user engagement. This helps developers and business accelerate user retention and... Tools 09.03.2012
The service monitors responses by recipients of marketing communications to allow evaluation and comparison of their effectiveness. It detects click events on promotional email and other online... Email 08.31.2012
StatAd is user analytics service. Businesses can use it to assess their users’ social media information. StatAd provides a user analytics dashboard for reporting on large sets of data. The data is... Social 08.29.2012
ConversionRuler is an online advertising campaign tracking and reporting service. It can be used to track pay-per-click campaigns, email campaigns, banner advertising, affiliate/partner links, or any... Advertising 08.28.2012
Geosophic is a user engagement solutions provider for mobile games. Their gaming platform allows developers to take in user behavior data and turn it into user profiles. Developers can use this... Games 08.28.2012
Name Description Category Date
A unified social tool that simplifies social login and single sign-on implementation. With the tool, you can allow users to log into your website using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn,... Social 06.28.2013
Social Media Influencers
This web application allows you to enter a keyword or hashtag, and the finds the people on Twitter who are the most influential when it comes to tweeting about that subject. Influence is based on... Social 06.11.2013
WoMEn index
Measuring world's musical energy average emission intersecting user data from and song energy data from echonest. Humor 05.16.2013
Energy Usage Analytics
View and compare Monthly, Daily and Hourly Electricity usage using interactive charts. Sustainability 04.27.2013
ShareMetric Chrome Extension
Pulls social network share counts into your Chrome browser. Utilizes APIs from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Delicious, Reddit, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. Social 03.11.2013
Analytics Portfolio
Web analytics, social interactions and SEO reports for all your sites in one place. Compare and analyze portfolios of web sites. Group them any way you like and view totals and averages. Analytics 11.03.2012
Awesome Cities Map
The Awesome Cities Map is a mashup that displays markers locating the top rated cities to live in across the world. Visualizations 06.06.2012
track, graph, tweak, find trends in your habits and share on facebook, twitter, etc. more 'input' APIs to follow Data 06.05.2012
My Top Tweet
Analyzes any Twitter account to show you the top 10 most retweeted tweets. The results are based on the past 3200 tweets by the account. Try searching for @justinbieber, @ladygaga, @CNN, anyone! Have... Social 02.04.2012
Social Media Optimization for Business. links publisher with consumers in an optimized and monitored way through Social Media Sites. Social 12.11.2011

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