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QLD Wildlife Data
WildNet is Queensland's database of the names and conservation statuses of their plants, protists, mammals, fungi, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and some fish and invertebrates. This API from... Government 03.28.2014
Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Closed WRMD
Wildlife Rehabilitation MD (WRMD) is an on-line medical database. It is designed by and for wildlife rehabilitators to collect, manage and analyze data for patients. It is a record-keeping system... Database 03.28.2014
Your Fishing Report
Your Fishing Report is a social platform for fishing enthusiasts allowing members to send messages, share photos and videos, manage their profiles, connect with friends, and much more. The Your... Social 02.24.2014
Cat Facts
The Cat Facts API is a web service able to deliver random cat facts sourced from a variety of open web pages. Developers simply place a HTTP call specifying a number of cat facts, and the API... Entertainment 02.05.2014
Placekitten is a web service providing kitten themed image placeholders. Developers place a simple HTTP call specifying image size and placekitten responds with a kitten image to use as a placeholder... Application Development 02.05.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Cats Now
Kitten and cat classifieds. Find kittens for sale and adoption or list your avaialable cats for free. Pets 10.16.2013
Monarch Butterfly Migration Explorer
This tool searches Flickr to count sightings of Monarch Butterflies and display the results on Google Maps. It helps visualize the increase/decrease year over year. Mapping 08.03.2013
Cat Breeds
Cat Breeds uses the PetFinder API to display information all different cat varieties. Pets 04.11.2013
UKBirdMap is a Google Map of bird sightings reported via Twitter. Tweets with the hashtag #ukbirdcount, a UK postcode and the species of bird spotted are automatically added to the map in real-time. Mapping 11.16.2012
Every Day is CATurday
A CATastrophic Android app by Pura Vida Apps using Every few seconds another cat will be displayed. This is something for cat lovers! Enjoy! This project has been developed with App... Humor 04.15.2012
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Name Description Category Date
User generated fly fishing information using Google Maps Api. Users can find and create information on fly fishing locations, guides, tuition, accommodation etc or add photos or YouTube videos.... Sports 06.08.2009
Swine Flu Outbreak Dashboard
A dashboard to track, both geographically and timewise, the spread of the 2009 swine flu (AKA influenza H1N1). It uses a combination of three Google Visualization gadgets linked between each other.... Charts 05.05.2009
Swine Flu Tweets on Google Maps
Google Maps and Twitter mashup that graphically tracks tweets on a map of the United States divided by region. The mashup shows the tweet, the tweeter, and the tweeter's location. Blogging 04.29.2009
Birds of the World
Browse through birds of the world, categorized by continent and country. When you click a bird link, photos are retrieved from Flickr, and Wikipedia integration appears. Animals 03.24.2009 is a natural species search engine where you can search about 2.000.000 species. Use and APIs. Search 10.16.2008
Animal Photos
A large and growing collection of Creative Commons animal photographs selected from Flickr. Photos 04.13.2008
BBC On Move
Join us as we explore some of the most awe inspiring events on Planet Earth: great animal migrations. We are asking you to contribute to the project wherever it happens. TV 02.29.2008
Maps most of the major National Parks, Game Reserves, Private reserves, and concession areas in Southern Africa and East Africa. Mapping 02.16.2008
Dog Parks USA
Dog Park USA uses Google Maps to promote the awareness of responsibly maintained public dog play areas in regional parks. Mapping 11.07.2007
My Pet Profile Widget
My Pet Profile widget, MatchMyPet, lets you create and display your pets profile through your Netvibes personal page. Pets 09.10.2007

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