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ParseHub enables one to extract data from dynamic websites to turn them into APIs without writing any code. ParseHub has a fully documented RESTful API for extracting data from the web. The ParseHub... API Design 09.29.2014
KimonoLabs offers a tool that allows users to create an API using any web page directly from within a browser. The Kimono API is a RESTful interface that accepts simple HTTP requests and delivers... API Design 08.19.2014
Sheetlabs is an API creation, documentation, and hosting service that allows the creation of easy to implement APIs. Using Sheetlabs, users can upload spreadsheets in CSV, XLS or XLSX formats or... API Design 08.19.2014
Clickslide Datadipity
Datadipity allows users to combine APIs from multiple sources into a ready-to-use JSON API which can be used with any Javascript Library. It also creates an XML API endpoint with the mashup for... Tools 06.24.2014
Apple Swift
Swift from Apple is a programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Swift code can work side-by side with Objective-C. Swift is expressed in a clean syntax which means the APIs are easy to... API Design 06.12.2014
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