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Atosho Channel Partner Search
Atosho is an e-commerce company based in Copenhagen. Along with Retailer API, Atosho offers Channel Partner Search API that helps developers to create a correspondence between XML and JSON results of... eCommerce 09.12.2014
Dandelion dataTXT-NEX
dandelion dataTXT-NEX is a semantic API to extract meaning and insights from texts in several languages (Italian, English, German, Portuguese and French at the moment). Understanding text has never... Tools 08.29.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getHighsLows API provides lists for new 52-week highs or 52-week lows based on exchange and asset type. All Barchart... API 08.25.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getCorporateActions API provides corporate actions data on equities including Splits, Dividends and Earnings, based on... API 08.25.2014
Sightcorp F.A.C.E.
The F.A.C.E. API from Sightcorp is a web service which allows 3rd party applications to develop smarter and interactive applications using the Face Analysis Technologies from Sightcorp. The... Machine Learning 08.21.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Raspberry Pi and Plivo — Call Mom Button
This project was contributed by Andy Fundinger, a professional Python developer. Andy built this integration as a way to teach his students how to make calls to their mother's using Plivo... API 03.10.2014
Sales Line Bot
The Hipchat and Plivo API mashup — an IVR system that use's HipChat APIs and post details of incoming calls, recordings and voicemails on your Plivo number to HipChat. API 03.10.2014
SMS-To-Email Gateway
Build an SMS-to-email gateway using the Plivo SMS API and the Mailgun API. 1. Forward emails as SMS (sent to your Plivo number) to your email address. 2. Reply back to that SMS from your email. Messaging 03.10.2014
Cloud Elements- Messaging Hub
Cloud Elements is a cloud-to-cloud integration service that uses uniform APIs (“one-to-many”) to connect your application with entire categories of services. Our Messaging Hub connects you to... API 01.30.2014
Cloud Elements- Documents Hub
Cloud Elements is a cloud-to-cloud integration service that uses uniform APIs (“one-to-many”) to connect your application with entire categories of services. Our Documents Hub connects you to... Documents 01.30.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Vizoor Visual Search
Vizoor is a stunning and fast visual Internet Search engine, it uses the latest web search API from Bing (Microsoft). It shows results in a beautiful 3D perspective format , it is developed using... Search 03.01.2009
ProgrammableWeb Top APIs on Phone
View the top web 2.0 APIs of all time on your web enabled phone. This information is provided by ProgrammableWeb. At use the keyword pwapi. Mobile 11.13.2007
Aromatherapy Products
Online aromatherapy shop created using Shopping API. Price comparison with direct product links to stores. has subdomains for US, DE, FR, and AU. Main domain used for UK Shopping API. eCommerce 10.30.2007
Halter Top
Halter Top for Women. A fully SEO website that pulls in data from Shopzilla using their API. Can be used for UK and US. Each category page is editable and all pages have Meta titles. Easy to navigate... European 10.30.2007
imagelooop Slideshow Switcher
Mashes up different slideshows and offers easy navigation via mouse wheel. Widgets 03.29.2007

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Name Description Category Date
Geonames geographical data API
Sample VBA code for consuming various Geonames API methods. API 07.28.2011
New York Times New York State Legislature API Sample Code
Sample VBA code for consuming the New York Times New York State Legislature API. API 07.28.2011
Wordnik API example code
Sample VBA code for calling the Wordnik API API 07.28.2011
FlightCaster API VBA Code Samples
Sample VBA code for consuming FlightCaster API. API 07.28.2011
REST Agent API Reference
Provides information on the base resource and the available methods in the REST Agent API. API 06.15.2011
BlackBerry Chat Application
A BlackBerry chat application that is based on the LivePerson Visitor Chat Rest API. Chat 06.12.2011
XMPP(Jabber) Gateway
The XMPP Gateway allows visitors to communicate with site agents from their favorite IM application. For example, a visitor using Google Talk may chat with an agent. Each account is represented as a... Chat 06.12.2011
SMS Gateway
The SMS Gateway project enables you to implement chat over SMS. The application communicates with a GSM modem connected to the computer using AT commands. Chat 06.12.2011
LivePerson Android Chat Client
An Android activity which enables the user to request a chat from a given account. It provides the ability to start a chat, send and receive chat messages, and stop a chat. You can modify the server... Chat 06.12.2011
Sample chat button and chat window
A sample chat button and chat window written in JavaScript using the Chat API (JavaScript). Chat 06.12.2011