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The Clef API allows developers to integrate Clef's two-factor authentication service into their applications. This authentication service uses no passwords or tokens. Instead, the end user... Authentication 06.05.2015
Instart Logic
The Instart Logic API allows developers to access Instart Logic's cloud application delivery services programmatically. Users can do anything with the API that they can do through the customer... Content Management 06.05.2015
The LaunchDarkly REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of LaunchDarkly with other applications. Some example API methods include integrating features in applications,... Application Development 06.04.2015
The EnderMetrics API allows developers to integrate analytics technology into their mobile education apps. The API collects information on how children learn and develop skills while using education... Education 05.25.2015
The WhereDat API provides developers with a simple service for searching apps. It is an API to be used with Android applications. Search 05.20.2015
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Real Time Chat App
This mashup is a simple web app demo that demonstrates how a real time chat application using the Beebotte API would behave. Users are able to create a tag ID, login, enter text, and post to a... Chat 08.12.2014
Software catalog with thousands of apps for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Android, MacOSx, etc) Created by leveraging the Softonic API. Applications 07.08.2014
Weather Web App
This is a pretty simple web app that shows the current weather with an image taken near user's location. Weather 03.03.2014
Concur Mobile
Manage and track business expenses and receipts *View credit card transactions and add them to expense reports *Capture receipts with your camera phone *Submit and approve expense reports (approve... Applications 02.18.2014
Hulimail notifies you the instant someone important to you joins your mailing list. Email 02.17.2014
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InsynQ provides businesses with cloud-based hosting for their apps. It was one of the first cloud computing companies formed and currently hosts more than 300 applications. One of InsynQ's... Backend 07.22.2013 enables organizations to develop and maintain mobile apps.’s platform enables employees, partners, and customers to access unstructured data from various places and sources.... Backend 07.18.2013
GoInstant is a platform for building and managing multiplayer applications. GoInstant provides tools and resources for developers to create and build multiplayer applications for the web. The... Games 07.18.2013
StatusPage is a platform to build and manage status pages for web and mobile applications. Users can design, build, and manage application status pages with StatusPage. The StatusPage API allows... Monitoring 07.16.2013
Swift Identity
Swift Identity is a service for managing security for all aspects of web applications. Users can use Swift Identity to manage users and web applications. The Swift Identity API allows developers to... Security 07.12.2013
OpenLabels is a free database of labels that app-makers can use instead of coding the same labels over and over. Examples of labels in the database include firstname, lastname, address, email address... Backend 07.06.2013
The WeatherRepo
There are a lot of apps available online, and it can be difficult to sort through them to identify which ones are safest to use. The WeatherRepo is a service designed to determine the security of a... Security 07.06.2013
StreamIn is a platform to receive all notifications from all kinds of mobile and web applications. StreamIn provides features to connect applications to aggregate all notifications in one place. The... Social 07.03.2013
Pixate is an application building platform. Pixate allows developers to create, build, and manage applications for mobile, web, and desktop. The Pixate API allows developers to access and integrate... Backend 07.02.2013
Webinos is a service funded by the European Union (EU) to build and deliver web, mobile, TV, car, and cross-platform applications. Webinos offers tools and features for developers to build and manage... Backend 07.01.2013
Contentful is a content management system (CMS) for mobile and web applications. Contentful offers a variety of CMS features for mobile and web app publishers and delivers the content to multiple... Applications 06.26.2013
AppSocially is a service for making applications engaging and viral. AppSocially helps application developers and companies engage with their users and understand their needs and wants. The... Enterprise 06.08.2013 is a service that allows users to add features to applications without having to use databases. allows people to add features like location services, activity feeds, and... Backend 06.08.2013
AngularJS is a platform that allows developers to extend static HTML vocabulary to interactive content in web and mobile applications. The AngularJS API allows developers to access and integrate... Backend 06.08.2013
Ember is a platform that allows users to build and manage web applications. Ember is open source and free to use. The Ember API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Ember... Backend 06.08.2013
AnyPresence is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) to create, develop, and manage mobile applications. AnyPresence allows developers to create applications and add and manage application features. The... Backend 06.08.2013
Verivo Akula
Verivo is a enterprise mobile application development platforms that facilitates development and operation of applications designed to enhance business processes. Verivo Akula's Management API... Enterprise 06.06.2013
AppFog is a Portland-based company that serves as a platform-as-a-service provider for launching cloud-based apps. The service is open source and the site strives to further web and app development.... Backend 06.05.2013
Framebase makes it easier to include and maintain videos in applications by taking care of transcoding, compatibility, and other such issues. Framebase enables end-users to record videos from inside... Video 06.05.2013
ExpressPlay is a cloud-based service that allows users to add content protection to their media apps without having to add new infrastructure or incur setup costs. Using industry standards like DASH... Media 05.29.2013
Validic helps healthcare businesses connect with dozens of mobile health applications - apps such as Fitbit, RunKeeper, MapMyRide, and iHealth - and offer them to their users. When end-users enter... Medical 05.27.2013
AppAddict is an online collection of cracked applications and digital books for mobile devices. The AppAddict API allows users to automate mass uploads via HTTP GET/POST calls. Users must have an... File Sharing 05.19.2013
Kochava is a tool for keeping track of user installs of mobile applications and the actions precipitating those installs. This helps app developers optimize their ad campaigns and use the methods... Enterprise 05.13.2013
Backendless is a cloud backend platform that enables developers to create apps without server coding by utilizing programmable services which supply standard server functions. The following... Backend 05.08.2013 is a mobile application building and management platform. Users can use to build, manage, and cloud host their mobile applications. The API allows developers to access... Backend 04.24.2013
Backlift is a service that helps people create, build, and manage websites and web applications. Backlift serves as the backend and management system for web applications. The Backlift API allows... Backend 04.11.2013
IXAPI is an application creation, building, and management service. IXAPI helps users to create applications and RESTful APIs for their applications. IXAPI also offers it's own API for... Backend 04.01.2013
Bipio gives its users the means to create cheap, dynamic endpoints (either public or private) for pipelining APIs. It does so using "Bips", which are fast, lightweight endpoint definitions... Feeds 03.26.2013
Azukki is a cloud-based platform that serves as a backend for online games. It offers functions for the creation and management of items, in-game currencies, and leaderboards for any metric and over... Games 03.24.2013
CardFlight is an in-application payment service. CardFlight allows application owners and developers to access credit card payments in their applications. The CardFlight API allows developers to... Payments 03.23.2013
Corona Cloud
Corona Cloud by Corona Labs is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) provider for applications. Corona Cloud enables users and developers to use Corona Cloud to create, build, and manage applications. The... Backend 03.20.2013
Errplane is a service that allows developers and application owners to monitor applications to get metrics on performance, errors, exceptions, and other custom metrics. The Errplane API allows... Monitoring 03.18.2013
cisimple is a testing and deployment service for mobile applications. Developers can use cisimple to test and deploy their mobile applications. The cisimple API allows developers to access and... Tools 03.17.2013
Crittercism is a mobile application error monitoring and network monitoring service. Crittercism allows application owners and developers access application diagnostics and identify errors and... Tools 03.12.2013 is a cross-platform app development service. Companies and developers can use to create and manage cross-platform for iOS and Android applications from a HTML5 codebase. The... Backend 03.05.2013
Scringo is a mobile and tablet application feature provider. Scringo offers a variety of features, such as social networking, place-based information, and messaging, for applications. The Scringo... Tools 03.05.2013
Vistarmedia is a place-based advertising platform. Advertisers and brands can use Vistarmedia to place ads in applications and websites to reach customers by location. Publishers can use Vistarmedia... Advertising 03.05.2013
AppGlu is a platform to build, manage, and launch mobile applications. Companies can use AppGlu to create and manage their mobile applications. The AppGlu API and SDK allow developers to access and... Backend 03.04.2013
Appsecute is a collaborative application management platform for developers, IT professionals, and managers. Appsecute allows users to access all of the applications they use daily, such as Github... Project Management 02.21.2013
Distimo is an application analytics platform. Distimo tracks and measures application performance and metrics for developer and application owner insight. The Distimo API allows developers to access... Tools 02.11.2013
biNu is a mobile application development platform. Developers can use biNu to build and manage mobile applications and use biNu as a backend service for their mobile applications. The biNu API... Backend 02.10.2013 is a web application testing service. allows users to test load capability of web applications and track their testing results over time. The API allows developers to... Tools 12.29.2012
SetOn{x} is a utility app that allows the user to add features to mobile phones. Examples of possible functionality on the site include location-based volume that adjusts phone volume when you are at... Applications 12.27.2012
Xamarin is a web and mobile application building platform. Xamarin allows developers to build and manage cross-platform applications. The Xamarin API allows developers to access and integrate the... Backend 12.26.2012
Smadex is mobile advertising service. Smadex offers advertisers and publishers features to integrate advertising into mobile applications and content. The Smadex API allows developers to access and... Advertising 12.12.2012
Octopod is a mobile application building and backend service. Users can build and manage mobile applications for a variety of mobile platforms. The Octopod API allows developers to access and... Backend 12.09.2012
Amazon Mobile App
The Amazon Mobile App SDK provides APIs that allow developers to use Amazon services to help build mobile applications. The tools include: In-App Purchasing API: For offering digital content and... Tools 12.07.2012
Continuuity is a service that helps users build applications based on big data. Continuuity offers application hosting in the cloud, tools and features to build applications, and data storage. The... Backend 12.02.2012
Fabersys is a group of web and iPhone application developers that provide small and medium businesses with custom web and iPhone applications. A collection of WSDL endpoints are hosted by Fabesys and... Office 11.30.2012
imobeCommerce is a Mobile application that allows developers to integrate their eCommerce website into their existing mobile application. Integration includes an eCommerce site's catalog,... eCommerce 11.28.2012
Clickatell Connect
One of eight SMS APIs offered by Clickatell. Clickatell covers over 819 networks in more than 220 countries. Clickatell will connect you to the wireless world through simple integration. You will be... Messaging 11.26.2012
Phocoder is an application that allows developers to add photo handling capabilities to applications. With the Phocoder API, developers can access and integrate the functionality of Phocoder with... Photos 11.25.2012
StatHat is a service that allows users to create and track statistics about their applications in their applications. StatHat offers features like charts and tables for visualizing the statistics... Enterprise 11.23.2012
CloudWork is an integration as a service platform, iPaaS, that allows anyone to build connections between business and social media apps. As a result businesses are able to automate repetitive... Backend 11.21.2012
NovelASPect is a leading application hosting provider for small to medium-sized businesses. NovelASPect offers everything from QuickBooks Hosting to Business VoIP services. Their hosted VoIP service... Telephony 11.15.2012
Open Desktop is an online community where developers, artists, and users can share applications, tools, wallpapers, sounds, icons, themes and more for the open desktop. provides... Social 10.31.2012
TappingStone is a tool to help developers build more personalized applications with features that target their users based on user behavior within the applications. The TappingStone API allows... Tools 10.18.2012
Message Bus
Message Bus is a messaging service that allows developers to add messaging capabilities to their websites and applications. Through the Message Bus API, developers can access and integrate the... Messaging 10.15.2012
Rogerthat brings a single A2P solution for all types of apps and web services. Rogerthat is a MEAP (mobile enterprise application platform) for business process automation, allowing developers to... Other 10.05.2012
Voice Actions Jeannie
Voice Actions Jeannie is an application for mobile and computers that enables voice controlled functions, such as voice dialing, setting alarms, and dictation by voice. The Voice Actions Jeannie API... Tools 09.28.2012
AppFirst is an online dashboard that provides developers with information about their applications, such as performance metrics, server monitoring, and reporting tools. The AppFirst API allows... Tools 09.26.2012
DeployGate is a platform for users to deploy, analyze, and update applications in real-time wirelessly. DeployGate offers a dashboard that provides information about applications. The DeployGate API... Tools 09.18.2012
MetricFire is an app-metrics tool. Developers can use it measure performance and usage metrics from their apps. Its features include different data modeling options and data transformation for... Tools 09.14.2012
LibStation Numbers in Words
Numbers In Words is a .NET library for adding number-to-words conversion capabilities in your .NET applications. Its API allows spelling out numeric values in a variety of languages with a few lines... Tools 09.13.2012
Jibe Mobile
Jibe Mobile is an app-to-app connection service provider. They provide tools for creating connected mobile experiences in peer-to-peer app usage. This includes features for video calling and chat,... Backend 09.10.2012
Piecable Software is an app development platform. It allows developers, retailers, companies, and others desiring to create an app for their service tools to construct, test, and deploy their own.... Tools 09.10.2012
FatFractal is a application backend service. FatFractal offers web and mobile application developers cloud-hosted backend services for their applications. The FatFractal API allows developers to... Backend 09.10.2012
Cabana is a mobile application building and management service. Cabana allows users to build, host, and manage their mobile applications with all backend features. The Cabana API allows developers... Backend 09.05.2012
AppNowGo! is an app development platform. It helps businesses and developers create web apps easily. Its features include wizards to assist users in transferring data from spreadsheets to... Tools 09.03.2012
Totango is a customer engagement platform. Their services allow app developers and businesses to measure and improve user engagement. This helps developers and business accelerate user retention and... Tools 09.03.2012
Sencha is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) provider for mobile applications. Sencha offers backend solutions and mobile application building tools and features. The Sencha API allows developers to... Backend 08.24.2012
apiOmat is a backend-as-a-service (BAAS) provider. API O MAT offers various features such as chat, email clients, Facebook connections, content push, and WordPress syncing. The apiOmat API allows... Backend 08.24.2012
MobileIgniter is an app development platform. It also helps build mobile apps. Websites, brands, developers, and others can customize their own apps using the MobileIgniter template. Features such as... Backend 08.23.2012
Ratchet accepts Items (errors, warnings, etc.) via a RESTful JSON API. Developers can use the API to collect and analyze their applications errors and deploys. Ratchet understands "log levels... Tools 08.13.2012 lets developers create micro-apps for mobile devices, specifically Android and iOS mobile devices. The micro-apps run on the mobile app. also offers an API for both Python... Tools 08.09.2012
Realtime ORTC
Realtime ORTC is a real-time, cloud-hosted messaging solution for web and mobile applications. Realtime ORTC delivers messages, content, and data to a variety of platforms and devices and across... Messaging 08.08.2012
Temboo is your technology stack for connected devices and the Internet of Things. Generate production-ready code for robust IoT applications in minutes, complete with application logic, sensor data... Internet of Things 07.23.2012
iKnode is a backend-as-a-service platform. iKnode allows users to create backend applications for either web or mobile. The iKnode API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of... Backend 06.29.2012
Appcelerator is the leading enterprise-grade, cross-platform development solution that powers over 30,000 cloud-connected applications across mobile, desktop and web platforms. Appcelerator's... Backend 06.28.2012
Zapier is an application that integrates applications together. Users can choose triggers that automatically push data and content from one application to another. With Zapier, developers and users... Tools 06.21.2012
Cumula is a platform that allows developers to build web applications on top of web services. The Cumula API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Cumula with other... Tools 06.20.2012
Hojoki is an application that allows multiple cloud applications, such as Google Reader, Highrise, and Basecamp, act as one with one newsfeed for all integrated and synced applications. The Hojoki... Tools 06.19.2012
Drawbridge is a service for both advertisers and publishers for mobile application advertising. Advertisers can target their audiences with different ads for different applications and publishers can... Advertising 06.16.2012
Applicasa is a server side solution that lets developers build backends for their mobile apps. Applicasas offers a drag and drop interface for database creation allowing a backend to be built in... Backend 06.15.2012
Kony is a mobile application development service. Kony helps customers build mobile applications, as well as hosting mobile applications and providing backend solutions for mobile applications. The... Backend 05.24.2012
Kawet is a mobile app creation platform. Its main prodcut is Cashew, a CMS dedicated to the design and management of mobile apps. The platform is based on a CMS and aims to reduce the time and const... Enterprise 05.21.2012
WorldMate is a mobile travel itinerary management platform. The platform collates structured itineraries by recognizing and then parsing confirmation emails from travel providers worldwide. The... Travel 05.17.2012
Mob eCommerce
Mob eCommerce is a mobile app (Android and iPhone) for eCommerce platforms Magento, prestashop and others. It allows users to enable their customers to access their eCommerce sites on mobile... eCommerce 04.20.2012
mydigitalstructure is a web application building service. mydigitalstructure provides backend-as-a-service for websites and web applications. The mydigitalstructure API allows developers to access... Backend 04.20.2012
CatApplus is a service that lets users automatically categorize their android apps. Users do not need to create folders and drag their apps, the apps are automatically categorized into 30 available... Tools 04.18.2012 is a database of mobile and web applications. The database can be searched and browsed for a variety of mobile and web applications. Developers can add and manage their applications... Database 04.17.2012
Adfonic is an advertising marketplace for mobile advertising. Adfonic's services allow mobile application developers and publishers to generate revenue through advertising in their applications... Advertising 04.12.2012
Keen IO helps app developers build custom analytics & data science features directly into their mobile apps and web dashboards. Keen IO provides the infrastructure and APIs to collect data and... Analytics 04.11.2012
Meteor is a service that allows users to build web applications. Some features of Meteor include application interoperability, data synchronization, and live page updates. The Meteor API allows... Backend 04.11.2012
Capptain is a mobile apps analytics service that allows users to track and communicate with their users in real-time. Features of the service include the ability to track installs and their origins,... Tools 04.02.2012
Appolicious is a mobile application discovery service. Appolicious includes applications for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Users can browse and search by category, devices, trending... Search 04.01.2012
Precog is an application building platform. Precog's APIs allow developers to access the functionality of Precog to build, support, store, and analyze features and applications. Some of the API... Backend 04.01.2012
iBuildApp is a "do-it-yourself" mobile application building platform. iBuildApp offers features and services to help companies and organizations build mobile applications. iBuildApp's... Tools 03.29.2012
AppHarbor is a cloud based Platform as a Service solution for .NET. that can be used to deploy and scale any standard .NET application. AppHarbor is used to host blogs, web sites and high traffic web... Applications 03.19.2012
Name Description Category Date
DocuSign Lobby App
The Lobby Sign In Management Application is a product built by DocuSign that helps customers and partners bring their lobbies into the 21st Century. The Lobby Sign In Application helps manage who is... Government 01.18.2013
DocuSign for Google Enterprise Apps
With DocuSign for Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs and many more), an enterprise user of Google Apps can access DocuSign to send envelopes from any application through the MORE link in the... Applications 01.18.2013
App Review Tube
Search and watch app reviews for iOS and Android. Allows you to also watch reviews being watched by other people. Applications 01.02.2013
Makes ordering food when you're sick easy and hassle free. Hacking 10.10.2012
App building options
App building options is a list of 6 common options for building apps on mydigitalstructure. Tools 04.26.2012
hearSay lets you make recorded phone calls from an anonymous number using only your web browser. hearSay uses Twilio Client to connect the user to any US number, then emails the user a recording of... Database 08.12.2011
ChartLyrics is a downloadable Windows application designed to help you grab lyrics information using ChartLyrics Lyric API. Lyrics 10.19.2010 Desktop auf Ihrem Desktop - Nachrichten genau nach Ihrem Geschmack. Note: this application is available in German only. News Services 04.26.2010
Migratr is a desktop application which moves photos between popular photo sharing services. Migrates your metadata, including titles, tags, descriptions and album org. Services supported: Flickr,... Photos 01.05.2009
OMOM - Online Members On Map
Online members from,,,,, and on a Google Map. 34 supported languages, such as English, Turkish, Arabic, and Bulgarian. Social 12.23.2008
Name Description Category Date
Leanplum JavaScript SDK by Leanplum
This is the JavaScript SDK for Leanplum, allowing developers to access and integrate the functionality of Leanplum with applications and devices through JavaScript and HTML5. Leanplum is an... Application Development 06.02.2015
Leanplum Adobe Air SDK by Leanplum
This is the Adobe Air SDK for Leanplum, allowing developers to access and integrate the functionality of Leanplum with applications and devices. Leanplum is an application development platform that... Application Development 06.02.2015
Leanplum Unity SDK by Leanplum
This is the Unity SDK for Leanplum, allowing developers to access and integrate the functionality of Leanplum with applications and devices through Unity. Leanplum is an application development... Application Development 06.02.2015
Leanplum Android SDK by Leanplum
This is the Android SDK for Leanplum, allowing developers to access and integrate the functionality of Leanplum with Android applications and devices through C and Java. Leanplum is an application... Application Development 06.02.2015
Leanplum iOS SDK by Leanplum
This is the iOS SDK for Leanplum, allowing developers to access and integrate the functionality of Leanplum with iOS applications and devices through Objective-C. Leanplum is an application... Application Development 06.02.2015
Taplytics iOS Swift SDK by Taplytics
This is the iOS Swift SDK for Taplytics that allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Taplytics with iOS applications and devices through Swift. Taplytics is a mobile data and... Enterprise 05.27.2015
Taplytics Android SDK by Taplytics
This is the Android SDK for Taplytics that allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Taplytics with Android applications and devices through C and Java. Taplytics is a mobile... Enterprise 05.27.2015
Taplytics iOS SDK by Taplytics
This is the iOS SDK for Taplytics that allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Taplytics with iOS applications and devices through Objective-C. Taplytics is a mobile data and... Enterprise 05.27.2015
Docker Python Library by Docker
The Docker Python Library by Docker makes it easier for developers to integrate the Docker API's methods into their Python applications. Application Development 05.13.2015
ZeroPush Python Library by Hakan W
The ZeroPush Python Library by Hakan W is a library for the ZeroPush API that provides developers with push notification support for django-backed Android or iOS apps. The ZeroPush API provides... Messaging 04.22.2015

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