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Platfora REST
Platfora is a big data analytics company that provide businesses a way to analyze their data. The Platfora REST API lets developers integrate the Platfora's services with their applications,... Big Data 01.08.2015
Context Matters
The Context Matters Reimbursement Tracker is a platform that pharmaceutical companies and Data Scientists are using for data analysis. The database is large, with an API in Beta that enables... Big Data 12.11.2014
The API is for web-crawling and data integration across multiple online platforms and sources. The API pulls data from sources such as blogs, message boards, comments, review, news, and... Search 11.17.2014
Decooda's cognitive linguistics analysis API can help businesses to harvest insights from mass amounts of data. Currently, the API is in a closed beta. Interested developers may visit their site... Big Data 11.07.2014
Feedzai Fraud Prevention
Fraud prevention that learns. Feedzai aims to learn, predict, and prevent questionable profiles using fraud models, scoring algorithms, and machine learning. The site shows a graphic representation... Payments 11.05.2014
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Name Description Category Date is a web application that uses the Traitify API to accept user feedback to generate a personality profile. This is done by selecting "Me" or "Not Me" when presented... Travel 11.17.2014
Whereabouts London
Whereabouts London is a web application created by the Future Cities Catapult with the goal to explore what London could look like in the future based on how people live currently. It aims to use... Data 10.27.2014
Explore App
The "Explore" app, developed by big data provider Datarella, accesses sensors in Android smartphones and wearable devices to record information like location, environment, mood, activity,... Quantified Self 10.22.2014 is a software-as-aservice that aims to help developers, designers, and teams to protect digital products from pirates such as site templates, eBooks, plugins, and extensions with the goal... Copyright 08.31.2014
KPI watchdog
Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data. Reporting 03.11.2014
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