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The BrightPlanet API allows developers to programmatically gather and analyze data from a global news data feed that includes more than 10,000 news sources in multiple languages. The feed currently... News Services 04.01.2015
HP IDOL OnDemand Add Role
The Add Role API offered by HP IDOL OnDemand lets developers add a role. HP IDOL OnDemand offers an array of data processing APIs for audio-video analytics, connectors, format conversion, image... Authorization 03.21.2015
HP IDOL OnDemand List Resources
The List Resources API offered by HP IDOL OnDemand returns a list of the developer's dynamic resources. The response includes the name, flavor, and type of the indexes that you have created... Lists 03.21.2015
HP IDOL OnDemand Train Prediction
The Train Prediction API offered by HP IDOL OnDemand lets developers create a prediction model according to a training data set provided to the API. Data sets are run against several algorithms:... Predictions 03.21.2015
Qubell Platform
Qubell provides autonomic system and configuration management services. The Qubell API allows developers to streamline updates to applications and self repair problems. The API includes other... Big Data 03.10.2015
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Name Description Category Date is a web application that uses the Traitify API to accept user feedback to generate a personality profile. This is done by selecting "Me" or "Not Me" when presented... Travel 11.17.2014
Whereabouts London
Whereabouts London is a web application created by the Future Cities Catapult with the goal to explore what London could look like in the future based on how people live currently. It aims to use... Data 10.27.2014
Explore App
The "Explore" app, developed by big data provider Datarella, accesses sensors in Android smartphones and wearable devices to record information like location, environment, mood, activity,... Quantified Self 10.22.2014 is a software-as-aservice that aims to help developers, designers, and teams to protect digital products from pirates such as site templates, eBooks, plugins, and extensions with the goal... Copyright 08.31.2014
KPI watchdog
Online tool for monitoring the key business metrics independently of the source of data. Reporting 03.11.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Qubell Python Client Library
The Qubell Python client library is written in Python. The Qubell allows developers access to the Qubell via dev (non-stable) API. The Qubell API allows for self-healing and self-updating features in... Big Data 03.12.2015
Cloudera Manager Python Client Library
This is a client library for the Cloudera Manager API written in Python. This library can be used as a Python wrapper for Cloudera Manager. Cloudera Manager is a management application for Apache... Big Data 03.08.2015
Cloudera Manager Java Client Library
This is a client library for the Cloudera Manager API written in Java. This library can be used as a Java wrapper for Cloudera Manager. Cloudera Manager is a management application for Apache Hadoop... Big Data 03.08.2015 .NET Library
This library provides access to API through .NET/C# programming languages. Search 03.03.2015 Python SDK
This SDK provides access to API using Pyhon programming language. Search 03.03.2015
Flurry Analytics iOS SDK
This Objective-C SDK allows for integration of Flurry Analytics and iOS. This SDK supports Xcode 6, with an SDK for Xcode 5 available upon request. This SDK requires unique API Keys for each... Analytics 02.27.2015
Flurry Analytics Android SDK
This Flurry Analytics JAVA SDK uses Google Play Services' Android Advertising ID and adheres to user's tracking preference. The documentation addresses using this SDK with Android Studio... Analytics 02.27.2015
Google BigQuery Java Library
The Google BigQuery Java Library allows developers to easily call the BigQuery API from their Java applications. A usage sample is provided to help developers get started. Database 02.03.2015
Luminoso REST Python Library
The Luminoso-API Python client library is useful for communicating with the Luminoso REST API. The Client Library package contains Python code for interacting with a Luminoso text processing server... Tools 01.31.2015
Apache Spark Java Library
Apache Spark is a fast cluster computing system supporting interactive queries with SQL, machine learning, and graph computation all handled through the Spark API. The Apache Spark Java Library... SQL 11.17.2014

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