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Lob Simple Check Service
Lob Simple Check Service API is a fee based cloud API that automates check payments for businesses and developers. This API is scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to add branding logos and... Printing 01.28.2015
Lob Simple Postcard Service
Lob Simple Postcard Service API is a cloud based API that scales postcard production to business specification and allows personalization through dynamic content . This API creates on-demand... Printing 01.28.2015
Lob Simple Print Service
Lob Simple Print Service API is a cloud based API that automates business print workflow. This API creates on-demand and recurring customer communication, such as invoicing, postcards, and greeting... Printing 01.28.2015
Google Cloud Monitoring
Google Cloud Monitoring provides access to metrics and data from the Google Cloud Platform. Developers can access and integrate the functionality of Google Cloud Monitoring with other applications.... Cloud 01.20.2015
DeviceHive is a framework for machine-to-machine communication that can be used to bring connected devices into the Internet of Things. DeviceHive provides control software, and platform specific... Machine-to-Machine 12.26.2014
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Name Description Category Date aggregates a user's cloud servers to help them monitor status and activity with a single unified interface. Users can view analytics visualizations from's web interface... Web Site Management 10.10.2014
Cloud Elements
Cloud Elements is a cloud to cloud API integration service. A SaaS for developers, it supplies easy connectivity with 3rd party apps via uniform APIs, allowing developers to write to a single API to... Cloud 09.03.2014
Multcloud consolidates major cloud storage services into a single file manager interface with a single login. Multcloud assists in moving files between cloud storage accounts, editing metadata file... Storage 09.03.2014
Mohiomap takes important documents and files in the Cloud and enables users to understand how they relate to one another and to visualize them in a way the brain understands. Starting with Evernote... Visualizations 05.12.2014
DocuSign and Egnyte
Egnyte and DocuSign integration is the easiest and the most secure way to collaborate on 100% of your files irrespective of where they live, on-prem or in the cloud. Using this app, users can... Electronic Signature 01.23.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Nimblevox serviceStart
Nimblevox is a cloud communications service with Hosted IVR, Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Answering Machine Detection, Outbound Dialing, SMS Solution, Service Creation Tool, and Out... Telephony 04.12.2014
Nimblevox Click-2-Dial
Nimblevox is a cloud communications service with Hosted IVR, Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Answering Machine Detection, Outbound Dialing, SMS Solution, Service Creation Tool, and Out... Messaging 04.12.2014
Codenvy provides cloud-based services that include public cloud-based workspaces and private enterprise clouds. It provides facilities for quickly launching projects and for embedding and... Backend 04.08.2014
Google Cloud DNS
Google offers access to a Domain Name System (DNS) management service utilizing Google's global infrastructure of name servers. The Google Cloud DNS API allows developers to store and look up IP... Cloud 04.04.2014
GreenButton Incus
GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the... Search 04.04.2014
The Kloudless API allows developers to code once and integrate many cloud storage services into their apps. Developers can connect applications to multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box,... Storage 03.30.2014
HappyFox is a web based customer support ticketing system hosted on the cloud. HappyFox helps you to track and manage customer support requests across multiple channels like email, chats and social... Cloud 03.30.2014
Xplenty is a cloud service that processes big data for large and small companies. Its platform provides all the system administration needed to use Hadoop, so that businesses can access their data... Database 03.26.2014
SDL Language Cloud Translation
SDL is an industry leader in translation and related technology, and provides customer experience optimization services, including analysis, strategy, management and delivery of web content,... Tools 03.26.2014
Microsoft OneNote is a notebook tool, subdivided into sections and pages, where users can jot down and organize notes, insert images, online content and drawings, and also record audio or video.... Tools 03.20.2014
Sqwiggle is an online workplace for remote teams. Sqwiggle features include online collaboration software, always-on video conferencing, drag and drop file uploading, and group video chat. The... Office 02.08.2014
BetterServers provides users with fast cloud servers that can be deployed in less than ten seconds. Users may deploy whatever number of servers they need, from one to over one thousand. BetterServers... Backend 02.08.2014
CradlePoint provides networking solutions and mobile broadband services. They offer high-performance routers that can be managed remotely through their Enterprise Cloud Manager server. Developers can... Cloud 02.08.2014
Atama is a UK based company that focuses on developing app-enabled products that work with smartphones. Current products include Seasame, a wireless lock that automatically locks your Mac computer... Tools 02.06.2014
Zipwhip provides cloud-based texting services that leverage the user's existing mobile and landlines, allowing them to send and receive texts from any device that connects to the internet. This... Messaging 02.05.2014
Aha! is a cloud-based collaboration service for product-building teams. It allows teams to map their product strategies and keep everyone apprised of upcoming release dates and work sprints. Teams... Project Management 01.29.2014
Telerik Platform is a mobile application development platform that combines a set of tools for developing applications for multiple platforms with cloud services that manage the application lifecycle... Backend 01.28.2014
Zoom provides a platform for hosting meetings in the cloud. The platform comes with high quality video, voice, content, and screen sharing services and works with all kinds of systems, including... Enterprise 01.22.2014
AT&T's M2X provides data storage and device provisioning services to help people build M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. Developers can connect their devices using AT&T's... Backend 01.03.2014
Cloud 66
Cloud 66 provides application stack management as a service, allowing users to easily provision, deploy, and manage their applications in the cloud. Cloud 66 provides regular database backups, memory... Backend 12.21.2013
City Cloud City Network Control Panel
City Cloud provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in the form of virtual servers. Users can choose their own hardware profiles and operating systems, paying by the hour for whatever resources... Backend 12.10.2013
KuroBase is a cloud-based Database as a Service (DbaaS) that can be set up quickly and scales easily from shared to dedicated instances. KuroBase monitors database capacity and software status... Database 12.03.2013
Akamai is a cloud platform solutions provider. Akamai offers products and solutions for enterprise that are built on the cloud. The Akamai Intelligence Platform offers users scalability and... Enterprise 12.02.2013
Yetti is a platform for creating e-commerce and content-managed websites. It comes equipped to handle product management, general content management, custom pricing rules, promotions, and shipping.... eCommerce 11.25.2013
FME Cloud
FME Cloud is an application integration service that allows enterprises to connect applications and make information available when, where and how it's needed. FME Cloud offer a simple GUI that... Enterprise 11.25.2013
HEXONET is a domain name registration service that offers a wide variety of domains at wholesale prices. They sell to both customers and resellers. HEXONET provides a set of APIs for their larger... Cloud 11.25.2013
Adobe Marketing Cloud
Adobe Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated marketing solution composed of services such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Media Optimizer.... Advertising 11.05.2013
Redis Cloud
VoxImplant is a real-time communications cloud platform for developers. The VoxImplant platform is customizable through a JavaScript call control engine, a web SDK, and an API allowing developers to... Backend 11.01.2013
SurDoc provides a cloud-based storage service that allows users to view, edit, send, share, and even sign their files from anywhere with an internet connection, on any kind of device. A SurDoc... Storage 10.30.2013
Tiktalik is a dedicated hosting platform for developers. Tiktalik services include: Tiktalik Computing, a reliable and scalable platform for virtual servers; Tiktalik Files, which offers safty and... Backend 10.28.2013
CloudBroker offers scientific and technical applications in the cloud. The platform enables users to offer and use compute-intensive applications on different cloud computing infrastructures.... Science 10.07.2013
AccountingSuite integrates accounting, inventory, and order management into a single cloud application. The AccountingSuite API provides a RESTful interface for developers to integrate the... Enterprise 10.04.2013
Vendo is an online shopping cart application providing retailers with a simple solution for seeing up websites as online stores. Vendo provides customer applications with read/write access to their... eCommerce 10.02.2013
eOptin Authorize Connect
eOptin is an end-to-end platform that authorizes secure connections between the cloud and any kind of electronic device or appliance. It also enables users to manage those connections securely from... Cloud 10.01.2013
Cloudessa is a cloud-hosted WiFi network access authentication service. The platform provides user authentication solutions that allow enterprises and hotspot network providers to secure and control... Security 09.29.2013
HP Cloud DNS
The HP Public Cloud is an enterprise-quality public cloud that offers a variety of public services, including a Domain Name Service (DNS). The HP Cloud DNS allows users to manage their DNS zones and... Domains 09.20.2013
Valobox is a web application that stores books in the cloud, making them instantly available to read on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Valobox offers reading and discovery enhancement tools such as... Tools 09.20.2013
Stackdriver is a cloud hosting monitoring service. Stackdriver provides monitoring and services for DevOps, including AWS, OpenStack, and Rackspace. The Stackdriver API allows developers to access... Hosting 09.18.2013
CPUsage is a cloud computing at scale service. CPUsage provides access to high performance cloud computing, memory, storage, and infrastructure for applications and computing at scale. The CPUsage... Tools 09.10.2013
Tienda Nube
Tienda Nube (Cloud Store in English) is a Spanish-language online store creation service. A Portuguese-language version of the service called Nuvem Shop also exists. Users can create their stores... eCommerce 09.10.2013
SecureSocial is a cloud based social and global identity platform that focuses on security and privacy for its users. Message and document content is secure, even from service operators. SecureSocial... Social 09.08.2013
ComputeNext is a cloud technology company that provides a cloud service brokerage platform, allowing users to discover and deploy cloud services from a single, value-added marketplace. The... Backend 09.06.2013
MiniCloud provides a cloud-based hosting service that can scale up or down depending on site traffic. Users only pay for what they use and are given full control over networking options, programming... Backend 08.28.2013
Synnefo is an open source IaaS cloud platform that separates the traditional cluster management layer and the cloud layer. This design approach leads to a layered architecture which aims to boosts... Enterprise 08.26.2013
Oxygen Cloud
Oxygen Cloud is a cloud-based desktop that works exactly like a regular desktop, but allows users to keep their files secure and synced across multiple devices. Users can edit files while offline,... Storage 08.19.2013
Sumo Logic
Sumo Logic is a service for managing and analyzing large quantities of data in the cloud. It uses machine learning algorithms to help extract insights from big data, even in cases where the users don... Tools 08.14.2013
The GleSYS Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a flexible, scalable, cloud-based server platform. Users are provided with full root access to their servers and can create or delete servers... Backend 08.14.2013
UploadHero is an online file manager and storage service. UploadHero exposes its file management capabilities through an API. The API allows 3rd party applications to upload, delete, or rename files... Storage 08.13.2013 is a simple image uploading web service. Users may upload an unlimited number of images to be stored on the server indefinitely. The API allows third party applications to... Photos 08.13.2013
Younity is a cloud-based application that stores and automatically syncs all uploaded files and content across multiple devices. Users can upload and store documents, videos, music, and more to... Storage 08.12.2013
ExpressFlow is a file encryption service that enables users to encrypt documents in a browser before pushing them to a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. Just drag and drop... Security 08.09.2013
Siteleaf is a service that allows developers to manage their websites in the cloud. Users can develop their own templates locally or use Siteleaf templates, both of which are built with HTML and... Backend 08.08.2013
Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean is a cloud server and cloud hosting service. Digital Ocean offers developers a service to manage and control their virtual servers and SSD cloud servers in the cloud. The Digital... Cloud 08.07.2013 is a one-click image sharing service allowing users to upload an image to share or link to. Images depicting inappropriate or illegal content, or design elements, will be removed, as will... Photos 08.06.2013
Cumulocity is an open, application centric, cloud-enabled M2M solution. Cumulocity's aim is to make mobile machine to machine applications profitable for businesses through ready-made, cloud... Enterprise 08.05.2013
Nimbus Phantom
Nimbus Phantom is a service that simplifies the management of on-demand resources across multiple infrastructure clouds. Phantom monitors available resources and automatically provisions and... Backend 08.02.2013 is a cloud service using machine learning algorithms to deliver predictive analytics to businesses of all sizes. Customers simply upload data, select and run an algorithm, and receive a... Backend 08.01.2013 is a backend management service for mobile developers that takes care of all of the relational and non-relational data storage required for an application’s data. Shared API... Backend 07.31.2013
Lob is a cloud printing API capable of automating the on-demand printing and mailing documents such as posters, photos, invoices, checks, and much more. Lob is a RESTful service designed to have... Office 07.25.2013
InsynQ provides businesses with cloud-based hosting for their apps. It was one of the first cloud computing companies formed and currently hosts more than 300 applications. One of InsynQ's... Backend 07.22.2013
JSLogger is a service that monitors websites for errors in the execution of their JavaScript code. It also tracks visitors' behavior on the websites. All of this information is stored by... Tools 07.16.2013
Metro Publisher
Metro Publisher is a cloud management system built to help media companies succeed online by growing readership, increasing revenue, and building their brand. Metro Publisher exposes their system... Enterprise 07.14.2013
Dataplug is a cloud shipping system built to allow users to manage all their transport carriers in a single place. The Dataplug API provides a RESTful interface for automating transactions.... Shipping 07.14.2013
Catchoom provides image recognition technology built to interact with 3rd party applications. End users take pictures with their smartphones and Catchoom matches relevant images and connects users to... Recognition 07.14.2013
HeyWatch HTTP Live Streaming
HeyWatch is a video encoding service that provides encoding software and APIs that allow users to convert files in the cloud. The HTTP Live Streaming API allows users to encode files using the HTTP... Video 07.08.2013
Chapoo is a cloud-based platform for collaboration and project information management. The service allows project managers, designers, engineers and other contributors to improve productivity through... File Sharing 07.07.2013
MailWriter is a cloud mailing service allowing users to create and send single letters, complete mailings, or personalized postcards. The MailWriter API allows third-party applications to create and... Office 07.03.2013
Meebox Cloud Server
Meebox offers pay-as-you-go virtual servers. Maintain as many servers as you want. Servers can be based on the Meebox library of OS or appliance images, or on images you have made yourself from a... Hosting 06.27.2013
Infraprint is a cloud printing and mailing service allowing users to upload files to be printed and mailed. Applications include automating bills and invoices, sending thank you notes and welcome... Office 06.27.2013
Aspose provides cloud-based services for document generation, conversion, and automation. It works with documents created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe, and... Office 06.25.2013
Bizowie is a cloud-solutions technology company. Bizowie offers cloud-based software-as-a-service platforms for enterprise, companies, governments, and more. The Bizowie API allows developers to... Enterprise 06.22.2013
ElephantDrive is a cloud-based file backup and sharing service. Users can retrieve their files from any browser on a PC or mobile device without needing to download the ElephantDrive software.... Storage 06.22.2013
Ritc is a rule engine API that allows you to use rules to add functionality to your cloud applications and services. The Ritc API offers a way to integrate and automate cloud services and SAAS... Tools 06.16.2013
Dome9 is a service for centralizing and automating security for cloud servers of all kinds. Server managers can monitor user activity in detail, maintaining reports even after servers are retired.... Security 06.13.2013
Deveo is an enterprise-class, cloud-based software collaboration platform built around version control. Deveo allows users to manage their Git, Subversion, and Mercurial repositories and their access... Enterprise 06.12.2013
Bluebox Blocks
Blue Box is a cloud hosting and managed services company. Blocks is their on demand virtual computing resource. This cloud computing solution allows you to build an infrastructure by combining high... Storage 06.11.2013
Onehub is a file sharing solution that allows you to store files, collaborate with coworkers, and communicate with clients all in the same place. Use the services to quickly upload and organize... File Sharing 06.08.2013
Skytap Cloud is a cloud computing service that allows enterprises to create complex computing environments in the cloud. The platform allows users to create, access, and share multi-machine virtual... Enterprise 06.08.2013
Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud SQL provides a cloud-based MySQL database that is recommended for small- and medium-sized applications. It offers the same abilities and functions as MySQL along with some additional... Database 06.07.2013
Copy is a cloud-based file storage and sharing service. Users can access their files from anywhere, including on mobile devices, and still keep all of their files synced. Copy users can share their... File Sharing 06.06.2013
TPP Wholesale
TPP Wholesale is an Australian domain and hosting wholesaler that offers resellers services such as domain names, cloud and cPanel web hosting, e-mail hosting and SSL certificates. The TPP Wholesale... Domains 06.04.2013
Dial2Verify is a free, cloud-based, missed call notification service built around an API that enables users to build call verification based applications. The Dial2Verify API allows missed calls to... Telephony 06.01.2013
Exotel provides its users with virtual phone numbers that can be used for customer service, bulk SMS, and conference calls. These numbers come with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording,... Telephony 05.28.2013
Backendless is a cloud backend platform that enables developers to create apps without server coding by utilizing programmable services which supply standard server functions. The following... Backend 05.08.2013
Advection.NET is a global video delivery network that comes with virtual commerce, DRM, membership, pay-per-minute, and geo-targeting services. Advection.NET’s cloud-based network can be used to... Video 05.02.2013
GreenButton Management
GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the... Enterprise 05.01.2013
GreenButton Cloud
GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the... Enterprise 05.01.2013
Weemo provides video collaboration services that can be embedded into work applications and websites, allowing users to communicate without having to switch programs. The high-quality video feed is... Video 04.26.2013
FireHost provides managed hosting solutions, including secure cloud hosting. The FireHost API provides customers with developer access to all of the features and controls available in the cloud... Security 04.10.2013
Smartsheet is a Software as a Service company offering a cloud application supporting project management and collaboration at the enterprise level. The Smartsheet API provides a RESTful interface for... Project Management 04.03.2013
SolidFire is cloud storage architecture designed to deliver a guaranteed quality of service that allows service providers to host performance-sensitive applications safely in their cloud. It... Storage 03.29.2013
Enginio is a backend-as-a-service solution that simplifies backend development for connected and data-driven applications. Enginio manages application data as objects which are stored with additional... Backend 03.29.2013
Opscode Chef Server
Chef Server is an open-source system integration framework built specifically for automating the cloud. It is used for configuration management, cloud management, and continuous delivery. Chef... Backend 03.28.2013
Enstratius provides a suite of tools to help enterprises manage their cloud infrastructure. It supports the provisioning, management, and automation of applications in all leading public and private... Backend 03.28.2013
FaxLogic provides its customers with an enterprise-level fax service. Its notable features include a cloud-based infrastructure, unlimited scalability, the ability to receive faxes via email, a... Fax 03.19.2013
OCR-IT provides developers and organizations with backend cloud-based OCR API image processing services and documented conversion outsourcing. Images form mobile devices, PCs, scanners, or any other... Photos 03.11.2013
SimpleVox is a phone and VoIP solution. SimpleVox is cloud-based offers a variety of telephony features such as voicemail, voice menus, wait music, and multiple lines on various types of phones (cell... Telephony 02.24.2013
OPENi is a framework for integrating applications with cloud-based services. OPENi is open-source and web-based and is a project from the European Union. The OPENi API is a single API for social... Tools 02.12.2013
Jelastic is a cloud platform that allows for hosting and server services in the cloud. The Jelastic API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Jelastic with other... Other 02.06.2013
Name Description Category Date
Cloud PBX
Cloud PBX is a PBX system on the cloud for Indian businesses. Cloud 04.23.2012
Real time simple SMS Voting App
Simply text #selection to see it appearing on the web page in real time! Messaging 01.30.2012
Fax From Google Docs
Send and receive faxes directly to and from a Google Docs account with InterFAX. Send faxes by simply clicking a bookmarklet; receive faxes directly into your Google Docs folder. Logging on to the... Fax 08.31.2011
Fieldforce App
Fieldforce is a communication and productivity app for iPhone. Share contacts, calendars, tasks and memos seamlessly in the cloud. Geo-tagged business check-ins and a threaded Twitter-like status... Messaging 08.23.2011
Starbucks Map
18,000 Starbucks from around the world, on a clustered map. Can filter by store type. Mapping 04.21.2010
Music Artist Cloud
Generate a tag cloud from music artists similar to the one you submit. Use it find find new bands you like. Including YouTube music videos. Music 03.18.2007
Name Description Category Date
SightCall iOS SDK
Sightcall is a Platform-as-a-service offering a browser-centric Javascript API that enhances WebRTC to enable easier implementation of real time cloud-based video conferencing. The API allows... WebRTC 12.26.2014
theThings.IO Node.js Library
thThings.IO offers cloud-based backend and database services for IOT devices. Using the Node.js Library, applications can sync with theThings.IO REST API endpoints to programmatically store and... Internet of Things 12.19.2014
Salesforce Moblie iOS SDK
The Salesforce Mobile iOS SDK allows developers control over mobile device features, offline support, data synchronization, and mobile software design. Other features include automation of the OAuth2... Cloud 12.09.2014
Salesforce Mobile Android SDK
The Salesforce Android SDK for Moblie development allows developers to control mobile device features, offline support, data synchronization, and mobile software design. The Mobile SDK integrates... Cloud 12.09.2014
Terminal Ruby Library
Terminal, supported by Cloudlabs, allows developers to build applications on virtual servers that mimic the convenience of local builds combined with the scalability of cloud services. The Terminal... Application Development 12.05.2014
DOCOMO Data Storage Android SDK
This SDK enables an interface with the DOCOMO Data Storage BOX API from an Android application. The API can be used to obtain and manage the files and folders stored in a user's cloud DOCOMO... Storage 11.26.2014
DOCOMO Data Storage iOS SDK
This SDK enables an interface with the DOCOMO Data Storage BOX API from an iOS application. The API can be used to obtain and manage the files and folders stored in a user's cloud DOCOMO Data... Storage 11.26.2014
Google Apps Engine JavaScript Endpoints Library
This documentation provides information on using the Google JavaScript Library to access Google Cloud Endpoints. This library is for use with the Google Apps Engine. Tools 11.19.2014
Google Apps Engine Android Endpoints Library
These documents instruct you on setting up a Google Apps Engine client library in order to use Endpoints in an Android client. Tools 11.19.2014
Google Apps Engine iOS Endpoints Library
For use with Google Apps Engine, this library compiles an iOS client library generator to generate your library. Tools 11.19.2014
Name Description Category Date
Python Overview for Amazon EC2
A low-down on the EC2 service along with some python example code on using EC2. Data 07.10.2008