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Telegram Bot
Telegram, the cloud-based service that offers messaging services to share text, photos, and videos, now offers the Telegram Bot API. This service allows to integrate bots with AI applications in mind... Bots 06.25.2015
Unofficial Google Cloud Print
The unofficial Google Cloud Print Java API by jittagornp offers two main options: load printer capabilities to create an XML format file with Windows API and the other alternative, obtain a PPD file... Printing 06.15.2015
Instart Logic
The Instart Logic API allows developers to access Instart Logic's cloud application delivery services programmatically. Users can do anything with the API that they can do through the customer... Content Management 06.05.2015
GoDaddy Cloud Server
The GoDaddy Cloud Server API is an API for developers created by developers. It is currently in Beta status and is to be a simple API with fast provisioning and KVM Virtualization. The goal of this... Cloud 05.22.2015
The Automile REST API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Automile with other applications. Some example API methods include managing company information, managing client... Auto 05.06.2015
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Name Description Category Date aggregates a user's cloud servers to help them monitor status and activity with a single unified interface. Users can view analytics visualizations from's web interface... Web Site Management 10.10.2014
Cloud Elements
Cloud Elements is a cloud to cloud API integration service. A SaaS for developers, it supplies easy connectivity with 3rd party apps via uniform APIs, allowing developers to write to a single API to... Cloud 09.03.2014
Multcloud consolidates major cloud storage services into a single file manager interface with a single login. Multcloud assists in moving files between cloud storage accounts, editing metadata file... Storage 09.03.2014
Mohiomap takes important documents and files in the Cloud and enables users to understand how they relate to one another and to visualize them in a way the brain understands. Starting with Evernote... Visualizations 05.12.2014
DocuSign and Egnyte
Egnyte and DocuSign integration is the easiest and the most secure way to collaborate on 100% of your files irrespective of where they live, on-prem or in the cloud. Using this app, users can... Electronic Signature 01.23.2014
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Name Description Category Date
The Neon API is for customer relationship management applications for non-profits and is currently in the Beta testing stage. It's features include working with accounting data, managing... Non-Profit 11.10.2014
Docebo LMS
Docebo is a eLearning platform that deliver educational materials for professionals and corporates. Docebo lets customers to work on their course materials online, and track their progress on the... Education 11.09.2014
eLearning Cloud
eLearning AG is an educational marketplace for professional online learning materials and services. It's an online education platform that connects individuals with course providers via the web... Education 11.09.2014
Spirent TestCenter REST
The Spirent TestCenter REST API can be used by web applications in order to perform system tests in virtual cloud environments. Using the REST API, developers can specific a sequence of steps to test... Testing 11.04.2014
Couchbase uses NoSQL technology with the aim to relate with today's megatrends: big users, big data, the internet of things, and cloud computing. At first, NoSQL was pioneered by Google,... NoSQL 11.03.2014
Visual Studio Online
Visual Studio, an integrated development environment from Microsoft, that enables programmers to develop different computer programs compatible with Microsoft Windows. The API lets developers to... Application Development 11.03.2014
LTU Cloud
LTU Technologies is an image recognition software company that provides its customers with products and tools for recognizing and tracking processed images. The LTU Cloud API is a visual search tool... Recognition 10.26.2014
Codeeta is an online marketing company that provides its customers with tools and widgets to promote their businesses on the web. With the Codeeta API, developers will be able to integrate its... Marketing 10.26.2014
Tilaa is a cloud company that offers businesses virtual private cloud for their virtual servers. With the Tilaa API, developers will be able to integrate the Tilaa cloud platform into their... Cloud 10.26.2014
GoGeo offers to developers a high-performance platform capable of processing massive amounts of geo-localized data (aka Geospatial Big Data), that can be integrated into their map applications via an... Mapping 10.23.2014
The CloudRail REST API allows access to multiple cloud services via a single interface. Data flows P2P without a middleware, everything stays automatically up-to-date, and it is free of charge. By... Internet of Things 10.22.2014
Juniper Configurations Management
Juniper Networks is a manufacturer of networking equipment, specializing in delivering products and services related to creating and maintaining networks. The Configuration Management Service lets... Cloud 10.20.2014
Testdroid Cloud
The Testdroid Cloud REST API allows subscribed users to test their application on the latest Android and iOS devices at once. The Cloud-based API delivers detailed test results, full logcat outputs... Testing 10.14.2014
Tutum is a platform for building, deploying, and managing applications across any cloud. Users are provided with a free private registry for storing applications as well as quick access to Docker... Application Development 10.14.2014
Cisco Meraki CMX
The Cisco Meraki CMX (Connected Mobile Experience) API displays real-time location analytic data to improve customer support and engagement. Data collected is reported to a dashboard which reveals... Cloud 10.10.2014 aggregates a user's cloud servers to help them monitor status and activity with a single unified interface. displays real time analytics and visualizations of system metrics, and... Web Site Management 10.10.2014
Telematic REST
This REST based API provides developers easy access to the telematics data of a vehicle fleet. Service providers may install and connect their cars in seconds to the Internet of Things. Examples... Internet of Things 10.10.2014
Kandy offers cloud services in real time for voice, video, co-browsing, SMS, WebRTC, mobile, analytics, and conferences. The API is about cloud services for businesses. In the site, developers can... Cloud 10.08.2014
Qualys provides cloud security and compliance solutions, Qualys API allows developers to support their network by integrating it into their own applications. With this API, developers will be able to... Cloud 10.06.2014
Brightbox is a company that allows users to build cloud servers across 2 UK data centers in 30 seconds. The RESTful API enables a full control of Brightbox Cloud IaaS resources. In the site, users... Cloud 10.01.2014
Sigfox is a network that connects Things of the Internet, covering many sectors, some of which include agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, and more.. The Sigfox API... Cloud 09.28.2014
Relayr is an OpenSensor Cloud Platform that allows people to create applications for the physical world around them. The Relayr API provides developers programmatic access to all entities available... Application Development 09.28.2014
ExactTarget Fuel SOAP
The ExactTarget Fuel SOAP API provides developers the tools to develop Marketing Cloud applications in the App Center that developers will able to access via the web. The API also allows developers... Cloud 09.28.2014
ExactTarget Fuel REST
The ExactTarget Fuel REST API provides developers the tools to develop Marketing Cloud applications in the App Center that developers will able to access via the web. The API also allows developers... Cloud 09.28.2014
ArcGIS: Spatial Analysis Service
ArcGIS REST API: Spatial Analysis Service helps developers to access, create, and share maps, apps, and information when they become members of the cloud-based collaborative environment. With the... Analytics 09.24.2014
Twilio Client
Twilio Client allows browsers and devices to receive and send voice calls. This API could be valuable to integrate softphones, web conferencing, and click-to-talk services in applications. The site... Telephony 09.24.2014
The Pixfizz API allows developers to integrate with a wide range of options such as payment gateways, e-commerce, social media, workflow, marketing automation and mobile apps. Developers can either... Platform-as-a-Service 09.22.2014
Joyent Manta Storage Service
Joyent API enables developers to access and modified their store data in the cloud. Joyent is an infrastrure Service that lets users store, access, and process their data in the cloud. Cloud 09.21.2014
Qloudstat API enables developers to analyze and monitor access logs in Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon ELB, Google Cloud Storage and Rackspace CloudFiles (Akamai CDN). This API also let... Cloud 09.21.2014
Dropbox Sync
Dropbox Sync API enables developers to integrate its features in their applications. The different features that Sync API has include reading, creating and modifying files, meanwhile Sync API is... Syncing 09.21.2014
Sense API provides developers the ability to access data, trigger jobs, and manage worker dashboards. Sense is a cloud platform that lets users collaborate and share their data in a quick and safe... Cloud 09.18.2014
Ersatz is a web-based machine learning program that can automate recognition tasks that previously required human interaction. The Ersatz platform can be used or model & data visualization, team... Machine Learning 09.15.2014
Bing Search
The Bing Search API enables developers to embed search results in applications or websites using XML or JSON. It allows developers to add search functionality to a website, create unique consumer or... Search 09.14.2014
OpenDrive WebDAV
OpenDrive is a platform that offers file storage, syncing, backup and team collaboration services. Developers can connect to the cloud storage service OpenDrive's web server to access files and... Storage 09.11.2014
HiDrive is a cloud storage service. Their developer API offers a RESTful method of interfacing with platform. Using the API, developers are able to upload files for storage, read and write files,... Storage 09.11.2014
The S3 Bubble is a cloud storage and media streaming service that syncs with an Amazon Web Services API. Through storing, selling, and streaming media S3Bubble states they are a revenue generating... Streaming 09.05.2014
Cloud Elements Platform
Cloud Elements is a cloud to cloud API integration service. Designed for SaaS developers, it supplies easy connectivity with 3rd party apps via uniform APIs, allowing developers to write to a single... Software-as-a-Service 09.03.2014
Vacation Labs Tours & Activities
Vacation Labs is a marketing and technology platform for tour operators. It allows tour and activity operators to manage all their content, rates, inventory, and bookings on a cloud-based SaaS... Travel 09.01.2014
CenturyLink is a telecommunications company that offers cloud services for business, development, SaaS and resellers. The company offers an API that supports REST based HTTP requests in XML, JSON and... Cloud 08.25.2014
Codero is a cloud hosting service and infrastructure as a service. They offer an API to help developers integrate Codero services into a cloud-based development architecture. The API can display... Hosting 08.21.2014
AeroFS offers a Private Cloud file sharing service that interacts behind a company's firewall, mitigating the security risk of file-sharing on a public cloud. AeroFS Private Cloud hosts a... Security 08.20.2014
Vizago offers various 3D services and products such as 3D reconstruction, face exchange, 360° views, photo expressions and cloud service. Developers could benefit from Vizago API because the main... 3D 08.18.2014
Google Kubernetes
Kubernetes is a container cluster manager made by Google that is optimized for Google Cloud Platform and is open source and free to implement. Across predetermined node instances, Kubernetes is able... Application Development 08.18.2014
Vultr provides users with access to cloud-based servers on which they can deploy their virtual machines. Once an order is placed, instances can be spun within 60 seconds. Users can choose from a wide... Hosting 08.17.2014
OpenDataSoft is a cloud based platform aiming to act as a resource for firms to publish and retrieve open data. The OpenDataSoft platform uses an API for search based retrieval and analysis of... Open Data 08.15.2014
AppearIQ offers enterprise-level mobile development solutions for cross platform applications. The RESTful Integration API evokes the platform server to notify it of new data or to query content. Application Development 08.13.2014
Google Mirror
The Google Mirror API allows you to build web-based services that interact with Google Glass. It provides this functionality over a cloud-based API and does not require running code on Glass. Cloud 08.10.2014
With Yasoon, users can access application cloud services in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013. The API is about application integration in Outlook using HTML5 and Javascript. Developers can download... Application Development 08.07.2014
IronWifi provides network authentication service via hosted RADIUS servers, that can be deployed within minutes. The API provides authentication for users, visitors or mobile devices, before allowing... Security 07.29.2014
The PrintNode API simplifies the process of integrating remote cloud printing into your application. In order to print remotely, one can use the PrintNode API to host a PDF (called a PrintJob) on the... Printing 07.22.2014 Open
Monitor.Us is a monitoring service for websites, servers, networks, and cloud systems. Users can track response times, load times, and performance from multiple checkpoint locations that cover major... Monitoring 07.11.2014
Iframely allows users to embed the contents of a URL in their own app or web page. It can be used to embed articles, slideshows, media players, and more. Iframely is available through the cloud or as... Applications 06.27.2014
Clickslide Datadipity
Datadipity allows users to combine APIs from multiple sources into a ready-to-use JSON API which can be used with any Javascript Library. It also creates an XML API endpoint with the mashup for... Tools 06.24.2014
Apple CloudKit
Apple's iCloud service now includes full, automatic syncing of files and folders across devices for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. This means everything is accessible from iCoudDrive. Utilizing... Cloud 06.12.2014
Weclapp is cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software designed to enable businesses to manage their products, orders, billing, tasks, time,... Customer Relationship Management 06.10.2014
Mesosphere is a cloud platform for scaling and managing data and big data in the cloud. The Mesosphere API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mesosphere with other... Cloud 06.09.2014
Sinch gives mobile developers a way to add communication into their apps. The platform lets developers integrate voice and messaging into their app in minutes with a few lines of code. VoIP 06.06.2014
ElasticBox develops cloud applications to support business functions. It provides a modular, service-based application development structure with encapsulated "Boxes" that are components of... Cloud 06.05.2014
Bitcasa CloudFS
CloudFS is a cloud storage service provided by Bitcasa. It comes with file system services, client-side encryption, and media transcoding services, as well as plug-and-play APIs that are designed to... Storage 06.01.2014
Eagle Eye Video
Eagle Eye Networks provides web and cloud technologies to make camera use easier, robust, and more accessible. From the cloud on Eagle Eye's servers, you can deploy analytics on one, or... Video 05.30.2014
MightyCast NEX
MightyCast NEX band is a modular wearable, connecting users to their unique interests. The device comes with "Mod" charms that are physical connections to the cloud. Using their... Modules 05.28.2014
Box Metadata
Box is a cloud based storage company that enables users to access and share their content from anywhere. The Box platform provides users storage to utilize for their applications. The Box... Metadata 05.28.2014
Box View
Box is a cloud based storage company that enables users to access and share their content from anywhere. The Box platform provides users storage to utilize for their applications. The Box View... PDF 05.28.2014
Iceberg Marketplace
Iceberg Marketplace is a white label, cloud-based retail platform that can be integrated into the user's CMS or ecommerce platform via API. Iceberg comes with modules for handling payment... eCommerce 05.21.2014
Agilefant is a simple, agile backlog management service that is designed to adapt to the users' team structure rather than forcing them to change to match its structure. It also scales for use... Tasks 05.19.2014
Google Play In-app Billing
The Google Play In-app Billing API for Android allows for online or app-based sales of digital content or digital subscriptions using Google Play and Google Wallet. Currently suppported only for apps... eCommerce 04.25.2014
Google Wallet Instant Buy
Google Wallet Instant Buy allows merchants to store and access customer payment data in the cloud. Both the Instant Buy for Android and Instant Buy for web versions offer in-app or online payments,... eCommerce 04.25.2014
Google Wallet Instant Buy
Google Wallet Instant Buy allows merchants to store and access customer payment data in the cloud. Both the Instant Buy for Android and Instant Buy for web versions offer in-app or online payments,... Payments 04.25.2014
Beebotte provides key building blocks to accelerate the development of Internet of Things and real time connected applications. Beebotte supports REST, Websockets and MQTT protocols to connect... Internet of Things 04.23.2014
MyDoorHandle is an online location-sharing app that uses GPS technology in mobile devices to create unique location-based names, aka DoorHandles. A DoorHandle enables you to share your location... Database 04.23.2014
Call2API allows users to integrate voice messaging capabilities into their contact platforms. An online editor helps users quickly build call flows and voice messages using pre-defined components.... Telephony 04.14.2014
Stretchr is a backend-as-a-service that allows users to build and manage applications. The Stretchr API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Stretchr with other applications... Backend-as-a-Service 04.14.2014
Nimblevox serviceStart
Nimblevox is a cloud communications service with Hosted IVR, Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Answering Machine Detection, Outbound Dialing, SMS Solution, Service Creation Tool, and Out... Telephony 04.12.2014
Nimblevox Click-2-Dial
Nimblevox is a cloud communications service with Hosted IVR, Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Answering Machine Detection, Outbound Dialing, SMS Solution, Service Creation Tool, and Out... Messaging 04.12.2014
Codenvy provides cloud-based services that include public cloud-based workspaces and private enterprise clouds. It provides facilities for quickly launching projects and for embedding and... Backend 04.08.2014
Google Cloud DNS
Google offers access to a Domain Name System (DNS) management service utilizing Google's global infrastructure of name servers. The Google Cloud DNS API allows developers to store and look up IP... Cloud 04.04.2014
GreenButton Incus
GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the... Search 04.04.2014
The Kloudless API allows developers to code once and integrate many cloud storage services into their apps. Developers can connect applications to multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box,... Storage 03.30.2014
HappyFox is a web based customer support ticketing system hosted on the cloud. HappyFox helps you to track and manage customer support requests across multiple channels like email, chats and social... Cloud 03.30.2014
Xplenty is a cloud service that processes big data for large and small companies. Its platform provides all the system administration needed to use Hadoop, so that businesses can access their data... Database 03.26.2014
SDL Language Cloud Translation
SDL is an industry leader in translation and related technology, and provides customer experience optimization services, including analysis, strategy, management and delivery of web content,... Tools 03.26.2014
Microsoft OneNote is a notebook tool, subdivided into sections and pages, where users can jot down and organize notes, insert images, online content and drawings, and also record audio or video.... Tools 03.20.2014
Sqwiggle is an online workplace for remote teams. Sqwiggle features include online collaboration software, always-on video conferencing, drag and drop file uploading, and group video chat. The... Office 02.08.2014
BetterServers provides users with fast cloud servers that can be deployed in less than ten seconds. Users may deploy whatever number of servers they need, from one to over one thousand. BetterServers... Backend 02.08.2014
CradlePoint provides networking solutions and mobile broadband services. They offer high-performance routers that can be managed remotely through their Enterprise Cloud Manager server. Developers can... Cloud 02.08.2014
Atama is a UK based company that focuses on developing app-enabled products that work with smartphones. Current products include Seasame, a wireless lock that automatically locks your Mac computer... Tools 02.06.2014
Zipwhip provides cloud-based texting services that leverage the user's existing mobile and landlines, allowing them to send and receive texts from any device that connects to the internet. This... Messaging 02.05.2014
Aha! is a cloud-based collaboration service for product-building teams. It allows teams to map their product strategies and keep everyone apprised of upcoming release dates and work sprints. Teams... Project Management 01.29.2014
Telerik Platform is a mobile application development platform that combines a set of tools for developing applications for multiple platforms with cloud services that manage the application lifecycle... Backend 01.28.2014
Zoom provides a platform for hosting meetings in the cloud. The platform comes with high quality video, voice, content, and screen sharing services and works with all kinds of systems, including... Enterprise 01.22.2014
AT&T's M2X provides data storage and device provisioning services to help people build M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. Developers can connect their devices using AT&T's... Backend 01.03.2014
Cloud 66
Cloud 66 provides application stack management as a service, allowing users to easily provision, deploy, and manage their applications in the cloud. Cloud 66 provides regular database backups, memory... Backend 12.21.2013
City Cloud City Network Control Panel
City Cloud provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in the form of virtual servers. Users can choose their own hardware profiles and operating systems, paying by the hour for whatever resources... Backend 12.10.2013
KuroBase is a cloud-based Database as a Service (DbaaS) that can be set up quickly and scales easily from shared to dedicated instances. KuroBase monitors database capacity and software status... Database 12.03.2013
Akamai is a cloud platform solutions provider. Akamai offers products and solutions for enterprise that are built on the cloud. The Akamai Intelligence Platform offers users scalability and... Enterprise 12.02.2013
Yetti is a platform for creating e-commerce and content-managed websites. It comes equipped to handle product management, general content management, custom pricing rules, promotions, and shipping.... eCommerce 11.25.2013
FME Cloud
FME Cloud is an application integration service that allows enterprises to connect applications and make information available when, where and how it's needed. FME Cloud offer a simple GUI that... Enterprise 11.25.2013
HEXONET is a domain name registration service that offers a wide variety of domains at wholesale prices. They sell to both customers and resellers. HEXONET provides a set of APIs for their larger... Cloud 11.25.2013
Adobe Marketing Cloud
Adobe Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated marketing solution composed of services such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Media Optimizer.... Advertising 11.05.2013
Redis Cloud
Name Description Category Date
Cloud PBX
Cloud PBX is a PBX system on the cloud for Indian businesses. Cloud 04.23.2012
Real time simple SMS Voting App
Simply text #selection to see it appearing on the web page in real time! Messaging 01.30.2012
Fax From Google Docs
Send and receive faxes directly to and from a Google Docs account with InterFAX. Send faxes by simply clicking a bookmarklet; receive faxes directly into your Google Docs folder. Logging on to the... Fax 08.31.2011
Fieldforce App
Fieldforce is a communication and productivity app for iPhone. Share contacts, calendars, tasks and memos seamlessly in the cloud. Geo-tagged business check-ins and a threaded Twitter-like status... Messaging 08.23.2011
Starbucks Map
18,000 Starbucks from around the world, on a clustered map. Can filter by store type. Mapping 04.21.2010
Music Artist Cloud
Generate a tag cloud from music artists similar to the one you submit. Use it find find new bands you like. Including YouTube music videos. Music 03.18.2007
Name Description Category Date
Amazon S3 Java SDK by Yegor Bugayenko
The Amazon S3 Java SDK by Yegor Bugayenko is a project that contains continuous integration, dependencies, issue tracking, plugins, and source repository. Aims to be useful for developers who prefer... Storage 06.01.2015
Amazon S3 Java Toolkit by Amazon
The Amazon S3 Java toolkit by Amazon aims to simplify interaction with Amazon S3, part of Amazon Web Services. It also works with Amazon CloudFront. This library has been designed to interact with... Storage 06.01.2015
iCloudDocumentSync Framework by iRare Media
The iCloudDocumentSync project by iRare Media integrates iCloud into iOS documents. With this framework, users are able to sync, upload, manage, and remove documents from iCloud. The idea is to... Cloud 06.01.2015
Apple iCloud Ruby Library by Jurriaan Pruis
The Apple iCloud Ruby library by Jurriaan Pruis aims to work with Apple iCloud services in iOS, Mac, and PC. Authentication and basic account information retrieval are needed to access the library.... Cloud 06.01.2015
Xen Java SDK by Citrix Systems
This SDK is designed for developers using Citrix XenServer, exposing the XenServer API as Java classes with methods for each XenServer API call.. The Xen API, or XAPI, gives developers tools and an... Cloud 05.31.2015
Xen Perl Library by Ben Booth
The Xen Perl Library by Ben Booth provides a Perl interface to the Xen API with shortcuts for users to import, export, create, or destroy VMs. The Xen API, or XAPI, gives developers tools and an... Cloud 05.31.2015
Xen Ruby Library by Geoff Garside
The Xen Ruby Library by Geoff Garside providers an XMLRPC client library for users of the Xen API working with XenServers. The Xen API, or XAPI, gives developers tools and an interface for the remote... Cloud 05.31.2015
Xen Python SDK by Citrix Systems
This SDK is designed to facilitate communication with Citrix XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform for users of the Xen API. The Xen API, or XAPI, gives developers tools and an interface for the remote... Cloud 05.31.2015
Xen Node.js Library by Pirlot Nicolas
The Xen Node.js Library by Pirlot Nicolas provides a module to interact with Citrix XenServer API, and is designed to let users make XML-RPC calls with Xen's API. The Xen API, or XAPI, gives... Cloud 05.31.2015
Xen Node.js Library by Julien Fontanet
The Xen Node.js Library by Julien Fontanet provides a connector to the Xen API and custom fields for hidden or read-only objects. The Xen API, or XAPI, gives developers tools and an interface for the... Cloud 05.31.2015
Name Description Category Date
OneNote API Windows Store Sample
Microsoft OneNote is a notebook tool to take and organize notes. The OneNote service API allows developers to integrate and manipulate OneNote user data in their own applications on a variety of... Notes 03.22.2014
Resource Map
Resource Map for the GreenButton REST API for managing jobs Cloud 05.04.2013
Amazon EC2 Client in PHP
This Amazon EC2 client in PHP is a simple, light-weight client app for managing Amazon EC2 images, instances, and key-pairs. Application Development 07.10.2008