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API Name Category Date
Your Mapper
Mapping 08.15.2009
Database 10.25.2012
Your Mapper CrimeScore
Mapping 12.13.2013
UK Street Level Crime
Government 03.06.2010
San Francisco Crimespotting
Government 08.21.2009
Security 12.17.2013
Security 12.13.2013
Real Estate 12.10.2013
FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention
Security 11.13.2013
National Crime Victimization Survey
Government 10.18.2013
Iowa Sex Offender Registry
Government 10.15.2013
Henrico County Public Crime Data Access
Government 10.09.2013
Open Fraud Detection Project
Security 10.04.2013
UK Police
Government 07.09.2013
The Freedom Registry
Reference 07.06.2013
Humbug Analytics
Telephony 07.01.2013
Envoy Services Merchant
Payments 06.29.2013
Security 06.10.2013
Chicago Police Department CLEARpath
Government 05.25.2013
Black Book Online
Government 03.24.2013
Other 02.21.2013
Hampton Roads Crime
News Services 12.25.2012
Mapping 12.11.2012
Iovation ReputationManager 360
Security 09.21.2012
New Dawn JustWare
Government 08.27.2012
MaxMind MinFraud
Security 08.24.2012
eKim eKart Fraud Buster
Payments 08.09.2012
Search 03.02.2012
Oakland Crimespotting
Government 01.25.2012
The Old Bailey
Government 01.23.2012
Oakland Crime Reports
Government 11.03.2011
Security 10.09.2011
RealSearch FraudGATE
Security 07.26.2011
RealSearch Liberty Criminal
Reference 05.23.2011
Lyons SSN Validation
Security 11.12.2010
CDYNE Death Index
Reference 09.15.2009