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Hablaa provides crowdsourced document translation services. Documents are split into smaller parts and translated simultaneously by multiple translators who only translate into their native languages... Dictionary 09.07.2014
CrowdProcess provides a browser-powered distributed computing platform. It connects with the browsers of people using websites associated with CrowdProcess and uses a small amount of each browser... Crowdsourcing 07.19.2014
CrowdTrust Bad Actor Check
The Bad Actor Check API automates the due diligence required for Equity crowd-funding. Users may register via the CrowdTrust website. CrowdTrust is a service that provides users with verified,... Crowdsourcing 06.26.2014
Briibe is a non-profit organization that enables users to send messages to Twitter users (namely stars, celebrities, and famous people) to "briibe" them to reply with charity donations.... Charity 05.30.2014
Apperian Crowdsourcing Ideas
Apperian is a mobile app management platform with a set of open APIs that handle the key elements to extend, integrate, and create additional functionality and value. The Crowdsourcing Ideas API... Recommendations 04.16.2014
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Medical Fundraising, Crisis & Disaster Map
Shows recent crisis and disaster areas where crowdfunding could help save or improve lives. Emergency 07.03.2013
Mechanical Turk Integration Tool
ScalableWorkforce leverages the Mechanical Turk API to connect businesses to the Mechanical Turk infrastructure without any coding or detailed Turk-specific knowledge required. Crowdsourcing 04.20.2011
Throwing a party? With djtxt you can set up a crowdsourced party playlist in one click. Your party guests send in song requests by text message, and djtxt plays their tunes. Messaging 01.03.2011
Guia Postos
Map-based price and fuel quality reporting community covering Brazil. Try searching for "Rio de Janeiro" Brazilian 07.21.2010
Threatened Voices
A collaborative mapping project to build a database of bloggers who have been threatened, arrested or killed for speaking out online and to draw attention to the campaigns to free them. Blogging 11.09.2009
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