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The Shootitlive API is in version 0.8. Use of the API requires a Shootitlive account and an API token to use and returns requests in JSON or JSONP. This photo sharing app allows you to connect your... Media 02.03.2015
TomTom Map Input Tracker
The Map Input Tracker API by TomTom allows businesses to crowdsource the detection of real world changes as well as general map feedback. By crowdsourcing map feedback, TomTom helps map providers... Mapping 01.28.2015
Ammando is a global crowdsourcing platform where visitors can donate to support millions of fundraisers and non profits worldwide. The platform supports 75+ different currency types. Using the... Crowdsourcing 12.29.2014 is a company that provides atmosphere data and software intelligence for improving weather and climate forecasting. They've built an open source platform that collects live... Weather 12.02.2014
Crowdfunder is a UK based platform where people can crowdsource funding for unique projects. Crowdfunder projects typically involve social endeavors related to community, charity, environment, art,... Crowdsourcing 10.15.2014
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Equaldex: The Collaborative LGBT Rights Knowledge Base
Equaldex is a collaborative knowledge base for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement. The site aims to crowdsource every law related to LGBT rights to provide a comprehensive and... Reference 01.12.2015
Synced with multiple news sources and platforms, Mesh network provides users with access to a vast amount of news content from around the web that are focused on socio-economic issues. News Services 09.15.2014
Medical Fundraising, Crisis & Disaster Map
Shows recent crisis and disaster areas where crowdfunding could help save or improve lives. Emergency 07.03.2013
Mechanical Turk Integration Tool
ScalableWorkforce leverages the Mechanical Turk API to connect businesses to the Mechanical Turk infrastructure without any coding or detailed Turk-specific knowledge required. Crowdsourcing 04.20.2011
Throwing a party? With djtxt you can set up a crowdsourced party playlist in one click. Your party guests send in song requests by text message, and djtxt plays their tunes. Messaging 01.03.2011
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