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Name Description Category Date provides a RESTful API for accessing information on cryptocurrency market data for incorporation into 3rd party applications. The Market API returns information in JSON... Bitcoin 08.29.2014
CoinSpot is an Australia-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet hosting platform. Developers can register for a free API key to implement the CoinSpot API into 3rd party applications. Simple HTTP... Bitcoin 08.29.2014
CryptoAve is a secure exchange service for purchasing and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. hosts a public API that developers can implement into 3rd party applications to... Bitcoin 08.29.2014
Intlexc API provides users access to a cryptocurrency trading platform, using both public and authenticated methods. Users have the options to create their own private API keys or create public ones... Bitcoin 08.27.2014
Palth Public API provides users access to the cryptocurrency trading platform, where they can use different 'get' methods to retrieve information such as market summary, trades, and orders... Bitcoin 08.27.2014
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Name Description Category Date
CoinDesk App
The app features the latest bitcoin news and analysis, Bitcoin Price Index, a price chart, currency converter and price alert notifications. Users can check the real-time bitcoin price on the app’... Bitcoin 05.08.2014
Bitcoin Exchange Rates
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates. Bitcoin 01.31.2014
Bitdango Market Search
The ultimate bitcoin and altcoin market search engine. Real time prices of all crypto currency markets. Bitcoin 11.20.2013
CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI)
The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) represents an average of bitcoin prices across leading global exchanges that meet criteria specified by the BPI. It is intended to serve as a standard retail... Bitcoin 09.17.2013
Currency Converter
Converts between all major currencies using the latest exchange rates, including United States Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Chinese Yuan (CNY), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (... Currency 03.04.2010
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Open Exchange Rates API: Add Real-Time Data for 161 World Currencies into Any Application

Open Exchange Rates API: Add Real-Time Data for 161 World Currencies into Any Application

The Open Exchange Rates API currently provides real-time, hourly-updated exchange rates and historical data for 161 world currencies that can be used in web and mobile applications, frameworks and ...
Name Description Category Date
CoinJar Checkout
CoinJar is a digital currency wallet that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and alternative currencies. Coinjar Checkout offers same day transaction settlement, accurate exchange rates, a 1% fee... Payments 07.17.2013
Transporeon Currency Conversion
Transporeon is a web-based platform designed to handle transport logistics for industrial and trading companies. Transporeon maintains an API that is meant solely for private use. This API can either... Tools 07.12.2013
CoinJar Trade
CoinJar is a digital currency wallet that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and alternative currencies. The CoinJar Trade API allows users to make queries to retrieve account information, get a... Financial 07.07.2013
Cryptank is a crypto-currency information service that provides users with information about various currencies across multiple markets and exchanges. The site allows users to search for current... Financial 07.07.2013
mcxNOW is a digital currency exchange platform where users can buy and trade multiple currencies. The site handles Bitcoin, among other currencies, and offers low trading fees, a C++ trading engine,... Financial 07.07.2013
Coinworld Lotto
The Coinworld Lotto offers 14 digital currencies in which users can enter drawings to win. The users can purchase lottery tickets in specified currencies, in hopes of winning the jackpot. Users are... Entertainment 07.07.2013
Pool-X is a Litecoin mining service that allows a group of user to share the computing power of multiple computers to solve blocks of Litecoins. The users then split the coins that are generated form... Financial 07.07.2013
Kraken is a professional Bitcoin trading platform that aims to bring Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, into the main stream. The site offers robust trading capabilities, secure holdings, and a... Financial 07.07.2013
Crypto-Change is a crypto-currency exchange service that provides a market place for the trade of online currencies, trading bots so users can schedule and automate certain functions, and is aiming... Financial 07.07.2013
LocalBitcoin is a Bitcoin site that facilitates the purchase, sale, and trading of Bitcoins with nearby people. The site services over 244 countries and enables the private and secure trade of the... Financial 07.07.2013
Coins-E is a crypto-currency exchange that allows users to purchase, store, and trade in an assortment of crypto-currencies. Coins-E is a The Coins-E trade API allows users to place and buy, sell,... Financial 07.06.2013
Cryptsy is an online crypto-currency trading service that allows users to trade Bitcoins for a variety of alternative currencies and fiat currencies. The Cryptsy API has both public and authenticated... Financial 07.06.2013
Crypto-Trade is a trading platform that allows users to trade crypto-currencies for U.S. Dollars Euros, and other alternative currencies. The Crypto-Trade API allows users to make queries to get... Financial 07.06.2013
CoinChoose tracks various statistics across a wide variety of crypto-currencies. The site provides charts as well a comparison of the basket of currencies against both Bitcoin and Litecoin. The... Financial 07.06.2013
Alpari is a trading platform that provides competitive pricing and market liquidity as well as direct market access to multiple tier 1 banks, smart order routing and low latency, a comprehensive... Financial 07.04.2013
MaxBTC is a Bitcoin mining pool where users combined their computing power to solve Bitcoin blocks and earn Bitcoins.The MaxBTC allows pool miners to query the poll for stats on the current block,... Financial 07.03.2013
Coin Market is a US-based exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies using US dollars. Coin Market provides a safe and secure exchange in full compliance with all AML/MSB regulation. Besides... Bitcoin 06.23.2013
Bitcoin-Contact is a site that lets users receive and send messages to Bitcoin Addresses. They aim to all Bitcoin owners to validate the identity of those they are speaking/exchanging with, and... Email 06.22.2013
BitMarket is a Bitcoin exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins in a variety of currencies. The BitMarket API allows users to submit REST requests to get the market volume, min... Financial 06.22.2013
Bitcoin 24/7
Bitcoin 24/7 is a Bitcoin exchange and merchant service that offers a Bitcoin wallet in which to store Bitcoins, and a payment service to allow merchants to accept and make payments using Bitcoins.... Financial 06.22.2013
BitcoinJS Wallet
BitcoinJS is a open-source resource for the development of Bitcoin projects. The site provides libraries of Bitcoin-related code that can be used for mobile, wallet, and trading services. The... Financial 06.22.2013
CoinCard is a service that allows users to submit Bitcoins and receive giftcards in return. The CoinCard API can convert Bitcoins into giftcards and allows users to structure requests to include the... Payments 06.04.2013
PayNetEasy is a payment service that handles payment processing, payment management, fraud prevention, security analysis, and mobile payment. The service is targeted towards banks, credit card... Payments 06.03.2013
TheRockTrading is an EU based virtual currency exchange platform that allows users to trade bitcoins, lindens and other virtual currencies using Euros and US Dollars. The site also issues and tracks... Financial 06.03.2013
IKON Finance
Ikon is a forex and futures market that provides a suite or brokerage an trading services that provides liquidity to institutional clients. To access the API, users must have 200 million + USD... Financial 06.03.2013
Btct, BTC Trading Corp, is a stock exchange service that allows users to buy shares in a virtual currency stock exchange. The site provides users with an avenue to buy or sell shares that have... Financial 06.02.2013
AlphaPoint is a New York based digital currency exchange that offers its users a trading platform with cold storage, and the capacity to implement high-frequency trading strategies among other... Financial 05.22.2013
LitePay-App is a web payment service that handles payment for merchants utilizing litecoins. The service takes orders, issues a litecoin pay address to the customer to use, and confirms payment to... Payments 05.22.2013
LiteHosting is a VPS host that is designed to accomodate crypto currencies. The site accepts Bitcoin, Namecoin, and Litecoin as payment. Litehosting's Litecoin API allows users to get Litecoin... Tools 05.22.2013
Litecoin Global
Litecoin Global is an online exchange that allows users to buy or issue stocks in virtual currency companies. The site operates entirely on Litecoin which users must purchase from exchanges or mine... Financial 05.22.2013
Litecoin Scout
LitecoinScout provides detailed information about litecoin mining and trading. The Litecoinscout API allows users to show the public key hash encoded in an address, checks an address for validity,... Financial 05.21.2013
HaveLockInvestments is a Bitcoin exchange and investment service. The site offers a serious of Bitcoin related investments such as mining equipment, and assorted exchanges. The HaveLockInvestments... Financial 05.21.2013
Unocoin aims to be a centralized location for all Bitcoin information. It provides lists of forums, news, mining technology, Bitcoin wallets, and other information. The The Unocoin API allows users... Financial 05.20.2013
Bitcurex is a Bitcoin trading system that allows users to purchase, hold, trade, and sell Bitcoins within the Bitcurex community. The Bitcurex API allows the user to manipulate his or her trading... Financial 05.20.2013
BitMyMoney is a Netherlands based payment service that allows users to accept and make payments in Bitcoins as well as hold their Bitcoin investments securely offline. The BitMyMoney API allows users... Payments 05.20.2013
RTBTC is a universal front-end trading platform that aims to allow users to trade on any exchange. The service also includes real-time data streams that can be integrated with user strategies. The... Financial 05.18.2013
Bter is a Bitcoin Exchange platform where users can buy, sell, and trade bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. The Bter API can returns the ticker for a selected currency, the market depth including... Financial 05.18.2013
Crypto::Stocks is a crowdingfunding platform that allows users to fund business ideas using Bitcoins, Litecoins, or Devcoins. The site provides an avnue to get financing for ideas, as well as invest... Financial 05.18.2013
VirCurEx is an online exchange for users to buy, sell, and trade bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. The VirCurEx allows users to make calls for bid and currency info, check trades, make trades,... Financial 05.18.2013
HashRack is a Bitcoin mining service that provides users with charts, real-time updates, giveaways, and decentralized mining technology. The HashRack API allows users to query for the status of the... Financial 05.08.2013
Block Chain Roulette
Block Chain Roulette is a Bitcoin game that rewards users who correctly guess a random number that is generated by solving a new Bitcoin block. The Block Chain Roulette API gives users access to URLS... Games 05.08.2013
BIPS is an online payment service that allows users to buy, sell, trade, withdraw and accept Bitcoins as payment. The BIPS API allows the users to send bitcoins, get the balance of the user's... Payments 05.07.2013
Pin Payments
Pin Payments is a multi-currency payment system that accepts payment from an Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card both locally and internationally. The service operates without requiring a... Financial 04.30.2013 is a web service providing price data for gold, silver and other metals, as well as currency rates. The API provides developer access to price data. The API is accessed... Financial 04.24.2013
Styfee is a webservice that provides internalization and localization (i18n/L10n) services. So far, this includes reference services for languages, currencies, timezones, countries, and date and... Reference 04.19.2013
Eclipse MC
Eclipse MC is a Bitcoin mining consortium that allows users to unite their processing power to mine Bitcoins at a greater rate than they would individually. The available calls can be retrieved... Financial 03.20.2013
BTC-e provides an online tool that allows users to freely trade Bitcoins for a number of different currencies worldwide. The BTC-e API allows users to get information about the user's current... Financial 03.19.2013
50BTC is a bitcoin mining pool. The site allows users to unite CPU and graphic card power to solve progressively more difficult blocks to create bitcoins. The earning coin are split among the pool.... Financial 03.19.2013
WalletBit is a Bitcoin storage site that allows users to create a digital wallet where they can store their Bitcoins. The site also offers a point of sale platform for using Bitcoins as payment at... Financial 03.16.2013
BTC to X
BTC to X is a currency rate calculator that converts Bitcoins into other currencies, and other currencies into Bitcoins. The BTC to X API allows users to make calls that calculate the exchange from... Financial 03.16.2013
Finotec is a London-based forex broker that that offers electronic trading, voice trading, and deliverable forex, on the FinotecPro and MT4 trading systems. The Finotec API gives users access to more... Financial 03.14.2013
The Xchangeonline API provides developers with currency conversion functionality and currency rounding functionality. All exchange rates are kept current. Developers simply call the API specifying... Financial 01.02.2013
Historical currency converter
The service provides historical exchange rates for selected currency pairs using data from the U.S. Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank (ECB). It can provide either current exchange... Financial 11.28.2012
PicoMoney is a currency and economy creation service that allows users to build exchange based systems into games and other web services. The PicoMoney API enables users to create apps that include... Financial 10.16.2012
Israel Airports Authority Utilities
The Israeli Airport Authority (IAA) is a public corporation responsible for managing air-based travel to, from, and within Israel. The IAA provides the Utilities API, which enables users to retrieve... Financial 10.11.2012
InfoValutar Rate
InfoValutar provides information on the exchange rates between foreign currencies and the Romanian leu. This information is supplied by the Banca Nationala a Romaniei (trans. National Bank of Romania... Financial 10.11.2012
MNB Exchange Rate
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) is the central bank of Hungary. In this role, its primary objective is to achieve and maintain price stability. The MNB website is available to visitors in both... Financial 10.11.2012
Gama System Exchange Rates
Gama System is a software company that offers several online services. One such service, the Exchange Rates API, can be used to perform currency conversions or to retrieve current and historical... Financial 10.09.2012
Daenet CurrencyServer
The service provides exchange rates for many currencies worldwide, allowing applications to convert amounts for transactions and to assess risk of changes in exchange rates over time. It is available... Financial 10.08.2012
Central Bank of Armenia Exchange Rates
The service from the Central Bank of the former Soviet republic of Armenia provides exchange rate quotes for the national currency, the Dram. It is intended to facilitate international trade... Financial 10.08.2012
New York Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange
The service from the New York Federal Reserve Bank provides historical data for foreign exchange transactions and exchange rates. The list of data available covers many of the world's currencies... Financial 10.08.2012
Dukascopy FIX
The service provides data feeds with real-time quotes for foreign exchange and currency exchange rates along with ability to complete trades. It serves the needs of professional market participants... Financial 10.03.2012
Cloanto Currency Server
Cloanto's Currency Server is an exchange rate information and currency conversion service. Users can employ it to convert between currencies, to retrieve the currency for a given country, to... Financial 09.14.2012
AidData USD-2009 Deflator
AidData is an initiative that aims to make aid information more transparent and improve the quality of research on aid allocation and aid effectiveness. AidData offers a searchable database of aid... Financial 09.13.2012
IFR Markets
IFR Markets is a source of real-time financial markets commentary, analysis, data, and forecasting. It employs over 70 analysts worldwide who are experienced market professionals themselves. IFR... Financial 09.01.2012
Coinbase is an electronic service and "wallet" for bitcoins and digital currency. Users can transfer currency, pay merchants, and make other payments instantly. The Coinbase API allows... Financial 08.22.2012
Easy-forex is a currency trading company that allows traders to trade currencies and commodities using any internet enabled platform. The easy-forex API gives developers the ability to integrate the... Financial 08.16.2012
Open Exchange Rates
The Open Exchange Rates API provides easy and fast programmatic access to currency exchange rates for 157 currencies, with advanced features for paying customers (cheaper than every other service... Financial 08.15.2012
BTCMine is a pooled Bitcoin mining server. Pooled mining allows many miners to work together and thereby reduce the variance in their Bitcoin reward over time. This is achieved by fairly distributing... Financial 08.15.2012
Gain Capital AutoEx Trading
GAIN Capital is a leading provider of online forex trading. The GAIN Trading platform gives members an environment where they can conduct trading in an anonymous fasion with direct access and trade... Financial 08.15.2012
PFGBEST is a U.S. Futures Commission Merchant, with customers, affiliates and brokerage offices in more than 80 countries. Their BESTDirect platform is used by day traders working with the futures... Financial 08.06.2012
ADS Securities
ADS Securities is a Middle East based trading platform that provides forex, bullion and commodities trading solutions to institutional and professional investors. The ADS Securities API allows... Financial 08.06.2012
StrikeIron Foreign Exchange Rates
The StrikeIron Foreign Exchange Rates Web Service provides both current (updated every 30-minutes) and historical foreign exchange rates based on the London Close (11:30am EST) for 160 currencies.... Financial 07.20.2012
MavaIQ Currencies
MavaIQ Currencies is a one-stop shop for self-service, pay-as-you-go, institutional-grade FX market data, available on-demand via a REST API (XML and JSON). MavaIQ Currencies delivers foreign... Financial 07.18.2012
Get Exchange Rates
Get Exchange Rates provides free exchange rates for nearly every currency in the world. The API lets developers access exchange rate information, both current and historical and integrate it into... Financial 07.16.2012
Bit-Pay is a bitcoin payment processing service. They provide bitcoin payment gateways for a variety of merchants, ranging from non-profits to independent contractors. Bit-Pay allows these merchants... Financial 06.27.2012
Vicurex is an exchange platform for bitcoins and other cryptocoins, such as devcoins, namecoins, and more. Vicurex hosts an exchange rate platform for USD and Euro comparisons with the cryptocoin... Financial 06.21.2012
EasyWallet is a bitcoin storage system. Users create virtual wallets to save their bitcoins. The virtual wallet is accessible at a secret URL, and protected by a username and password combination.... Financial 06.15.2012
BitInstant is a rapid bitcoin transferring service. Users can use the BitInstant system for numerous financial transactions such as transfers, deposits, and withdrawals. BitInstant’s rate of... Financial 06.15.2012
BitStamp is an online exchange for bitcoins. Online consumers and traders can use it as a global marketplace to buy and sell BitCoins. Users make cash deposits to buy bitcoins from other users. They... Financial 06.15.2012
Euro Bill Tracker
The Euro Bill Tracker API allows users of the Euro Bill Tracker service to search for bill information across the website as well as enter new bills. The API is available for registered users of the... Social 06.13.2012
FraudLabs IP2Currency
FraudLabs is a service for validating credit card transactions online. The IP2Currency API gives users a way to get a localized and latest Currency Exchange Rate based on the visitor's IP... Financial 06.12.2012
The service provides tools for managing balances of bitcoin virtual currency. It summarizes activity within the bitcoin network and provides statistics to guide an application's involvement in... Financial 05.23.2012
Euro42 Euro to Gulden
The Euro42 Euro to Gulden API is a currency conversion service that allows users to convert between Euros and Guldens. "Gulden" is the German word for a gold penny, equivalent to the Dutch... Tools 05.12.2012
Unofficial Google Currency Converter
This is Google's unofficial currency converter. It can convert a huge variety of currencies from around the globe. The API provides functionality for returning conversion rates between... Tools 04.26.2012
The Currency Cloud
The Currency Cloud is a payments platform offering Cross Border Payments as a Service. The platform enables companies, regulated and unregulated, to fully automate currency receiving, conversion... Payments 04.25.2012
Mondor Currency Exchange XML
The service converts money amounts between different national currencies based on current exchange rates, updated every 20 minutes based on foreign exchange market transactions. Applications can use... Financial 04.23.2012
The Royal Canadian Mint has created MintChip, a digital currency that can be used online, on mobiles, and on other devices as real currency with real value. MintChip also works offline at physical... Financial 04.05.2012
Blockchain Block Explorer
Block Explorer is a service that provides information on bitcoins and block chain data. Block Explorer also allows users to manage their online bitcoin currency with online wallets. The Block... Financial 01.20.2012
The service is private club for electronic exchanges of gold between members as investments or as payments. Members can optionally be listed in the public directory and disclose their feedback... Payments 11.16.2011
Open Source Exchange Rates
The Open Source Exchange Rates API gives developers a way to access the rates that power currency conversion services. The API provides up-to-date, flexible and portable currency conversion data that... Financial 11.01.2011
Myfxbook is a tool for Forex traders to analyze their accounts. The service supports over 100 brokers and providers community features for the traders. The Myfxbook API provides access to an... Financial 07.05.2011
Exchange Rate
Exchange Rate API provides accurate exchange rates served from the European Central Reserve Bank as they are released. It only involves getting the contents returned by a URL. This API is free to use... Financial 03.15.2010
Open Source Currency
An open source currency project with a REST API. Allows for exchanges of virtual currency between users. Responses can be formatted in either XML or JSON. Financial 01.04.2010
Currencies Exchange Rates
The Currencies API provides a single JSON structure that is a matrix containing the exchange rates for all known currencies. It is a read only service. Financial 01.07.2009
Use the VirWoX API to exchange virtual currencies (such as Linden Dollars of Second Life) for real money, or to read live market data. Access this Virtual World Exchange and use the VirWoX server for... Financial 11.23.2008
This forex rates API offers real time and historical quotes for currency exchange rates (FX). It provides support for more than 170 currencies and over 29,000 currencies pairs. Financial 01.26.2008

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