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Mashup Name Category Datesort descending Sales Credit Approval Mashup
Enterprise 06.23.2008
Southwind Fan and Light
Customer Relationship Management 07.05.2008
Pipeline vs. Quota for
Analytics 01.20.2009
All-in-one Dashboard Widget for
Customer Relationship Management 02.02.2009
Salesforce International Mapping
Mapping 03.25.2009
Drawloop Dynamic Document Packages
Documents 05.04.2009
In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for
Customer Relationship Management 05.06.2009
Social Salesforce Twitter Search Widget
Social 08.13.2009
Spam Check: Salesforce plus Akismet
Enterprise 09.15.2009
Visistat Real-Time Web Analytics
Enterprise 09.22.2009
ChatStat Live Chat for Sales and CRM
Sales 09.22.2009
OggChat - Live Customer Chat
Telephony 09.22.2009
Customer Relationship Management 10.03.2009
Ixcitable for Jigsaw
Contacts 11.01.2009
Sharemethods + EchoSign
Electronic Signature 01.28.2010
Salesforce Campaign Effectiveness Dashboard
Mapping 01.30.2010
eCommSource by Cloud Conversion
eCommerce 02.07.2010
QuickBase PowerTools with Click-to-Conference
Customer Relationship Management 06.07.2010
SugarCRM and
Customer Relationship Management 08.05.2010
Salesforce International Mapping
Sales 09.20.2010
Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce
Enterprise 10.05.2010
Formstack to BatchBook
Forms 10.28.2010
Cloud-Based Mail-Merge with BatchBook and Drawloop
Customer Relationship Management 10.28.2010
Context.IO/Highrise Integration
Email 03.30.2011
Telephony 04.05.2011