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I Need A Bike for Smartphone
Telephony 02.11.2009
Where Izzit Singapore
Travel 06.14.2008
Recreation 08.28.2006
Iron Skull
Mapping 06.20.2006
Tour de France Live Maps
Mapping 07.03.2006
Bike Rides in California
Mapping 10.18.2006
Tour Tracker
Mapping 06.04.2007
Tour de France Tracking in Realtime
Mapping 07.13.2007
Contoso Bicycle Club
Mapping 12.02.2007
I Need A Bike
Mapping 02.08.2008
Dirtbike Locator
Mapping 02.16.2008
City Spokes Chicago
Mapping 07.17.2008
GPS Tour
Mapping 07.24.2008
Mapping 05.23.2012
Real Indoor
Mapping 08.27.2012
Mapping 08.06.2013
Berlin Bicycle Accidents by Location
Mapping 10.30.2013
Sports 01.04.2007
Sports 05.17.2007
Piste ciclabili
Sports 04.08.2008
Sports 10.23.2014
Barcelona Bicing mashup with Google Maps
Spanish 07.12.2011
North Yorkshire Bike
Search 02.16.2008
Chicago Bike Map
Cycling 11.07.2005
Cycling 05.26.2006