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TE Browser
TE Browser is a traffic exchange program that provides professionals a way to gain traffic on their website. The TE Browser API enables developers to make requests to retrieve information such as... Browsers 12.11.2014
FindMaven REST
FindMaven allows users to find Maven dependency trees, Jar sources, JavaDocs, Jar structures, and Maven POMs by searching for a class name or Jar name. The FindMaven repository syncs with Maven'... Search 12.02.2014
SpringEdge SMS
SpringEdge Technologies provides bulk SMS services that enable instant messaging across all major network providers. SpringEdge also offers web-based cloud messaging and reporting and analytics... Messaging 11.27.2014
The Configure.IT API allows developers to build mobile apps using developer tools available for iOS, iPhone and others. This mobile application development platform offers custom UI design, templates... Application Development 11.17.2014
A standard interface for the internet of tomorrow. CloudRail is a universal self adapting API that allows access to multiple cloud services via a single interface. Data flows P2P without a middleware... Internet of Things 10.22.2014
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Udacity iOS App API
The Udacity iOS App allows users to access Udacity's programming courses from their mobile iOS devices. Using the app, Udacity students can solve programming problems and respond to short... Education 09.19.2014
Udacity Android App
The Udacity Android App allows users to access Udacity's programming courses from their mobile Android devices. Courses are taught by experts from companies like Facebook, Google, and Cloudera... Education 09.19.2014
Python Developer Salary Survey
Analysis and visualization of Python Developer Salary Survey. Uses SlashDB API for data content and IPython Notebook for presentation. Analytics 05.18.2014
Coderbits is a network for software developers and designers that automatically builds knowledge portfolios using 60+ data sources. Portfolios are built using source code, packages, designs,... Social 07.22.2013
Elseif is the hangout place for developers, programmers and hackers. Come and watch the curated set of screencasts and explore and discover the wonderful world of repositories. Contents are curated... Database 07.10.2012
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Name Description Category Date
Java MonkeyLearn
This simple Java snippet is made for interfacing with the MonkeyLearn web API. MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and semantic processing service. Developers can integrate MonkeyLearn into... Data Mining 09.15.2014
Ruby MonkeyLearn
This Ruby gem is made for interfacing with the MonkeyLearn web API. MonkeyLearn is a cloud based text mining and semantic processing service. Developers can integrate MonkeyLearn into their app for... Data Mining 09.15.2014
Ember JavaScript
Ember-Runtime is a framework that provides core functions for Ember including cross-platform functions, and support for property observing and objects. It's focus is on small size and... Web Site Management 09.05.2014
Meteor JavaScript Framework
Meteor is a service that allows users to build web applications. Some features of Meteor include application interoperability, data synchronization, and live page updates. The Meteor JavaScript... Backend 09.05.2014
easyXDM Framework
easyXDM is a JavaScript framework that enables easy cross-domain messaging and JavaScript API exposure. It is a nearly independent framework written with light and flexible code. The framework allows... Domains 08.20.2014
The very first Hacklang framework. It takes the best of the language and bring it to your applications: safety, speed and verboseness. Application Development 07.08.2014
Apple iOS8
Apple iOS 8 opens new areas of iOS and enables developers to extend the content and functionality of their applications. Developers can create customized experiences in the realms of photo editing,... Application Development 06.12.2014
twython is an actively managed python wrapper for the Twitter and Twitter Streaming APIs. All functions are mapped to the coinciding endpoint in the Twitter docs, providing developers with a lot of... Mobile 05.31.2014
Twitter Console
Twitter Console is a interactive console built on the Twitter gem. Developers simply invoke the console from their shell to interact with the Twitter API. Social 05.29.2014
TweetPony is a Python library for the Twitter API. It offers an internal model system to simplify methods when using an API call. Users can also manually connect to API for instances not supported by... Mobile 05.29.2014

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