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Overleaf offers an API that allows developers to programmatically publish work through unique endpoints to Overleaf, a distribution and publishing channel geared toward scientific, research, and... Publishing 01.10.2015
Grimoire provides access to a datastore to help elucidate the Conjure programming language. The datastore contains information regarding symbols, namespaces, and packages within the Closure ecosystem... Application Development 12.26.2014
Link Developer
Link allows users to include links to rich digital content in their printed documents. Users can create digital watermarks, QR codes, and short URLs to add to their posters, labels, invitations,... Linked Data 12.02.2014
Gini is an information management company that provides users a way to manage their information on the cloud, some of the features include information extraction, storage, backend, search. The Gini... Analytics 11.30.2014
CloudFuze is a cloud platform for document and file management, enabling users to collaborate and manage files remotely. The CloudFuze API lets developers integrate its services with their... Cloud 11.19.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Convert Cat
Convert Cat is a free web tool that allows users to convert any file type into nearly any desired extension. The following formats for conversions are supported on Convert Cat: images, documents,... Conversions 12.03.2014
DocuSign for Microsoft Word
DocuSign for Microsoft is an eSignature application that is integrated with Microsoft Word. The application lets users to review and send documents for signature directly from the MS Office... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
rOpenSci offers packages that provide programmatic access to a warehouse of data repositories, with a focus on scholarly works. rOpenSci uses the Mendeley API as a source for scholarly articles. Documents 09.25.2014
Scholarley is the unofficial Android client for viewing and managing Mendeley documents from an Android device. Mendeley users can open documents and attachments, and sort documents by artist, folder... Documents 09.25.2014
KinSync is a web application that automatically sends documents from a user's Mendeley account to their Kindle. The app resizes documents, formatting them to fit the Kindle's 6" screen... Documents 09.25.2014
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Name Description Category Date
The Crocodoc API lets developers integrate the document viewer and markup tools within their web application. Crocodoc takes PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, and lets users view... Collaboration 12.21.2010
Find That File
Find That File searches the web by file type, returning only results for the audio, video, or other type you want. The API allows access to search engine for files/media. Search 10.11.2010
Mendeley is a platform that allows scholars from all over the world to collaborate, and opens up science for everyone. If you’re inspired to contribute to our mission to build tools to make... Education 04.30.2010
Adeptol CloudConnect
Adeptol provides an on-demand viewer that supports more than 300 document types which includes Office documents, Open Office, PDF, Images, AutoCAD files etc. The RESTful API allows users to link... Tools 02.19.2010
edocr provides a highly interactivity environment for publishing and distributing an organisation�s public documents across the Internet. The API uses a RESTful protocol to interact with the... Enterprise 02.04.2010
RightSignature provdes a service for easy online document signing. The RightSignature API gives users the same service to use in their projects and websites. Documentation and example code is... Enterprise 08.14.2009
LOOP API allows you to merge, convert and combine documents on the Web. Automate the creation of sales proposals, sales contracts, quotes and virtually any document package required to sell or... Office 08.09.2009
Issuu Search
Issuu turns your documents into online publications. Features and benefits: Upload your documents and turn them into professional online publications. Explore a living library with the web's... File Sharing 08.04.2009
Docstoc is an online community to find and share professional documents. Docstoc provides the platform for users and businesses to upload and share their documents, and serves as a repository of... Office 05.13.2009
WhereIsNow� tells you where to find the very latest version of a given document. Whether you are looking for a catalog, a law or a regulation, or maybe somebody's personal contacts,... Office 04.13.2009
ContractPal empowers web developers to quickly design, develop, and deploy contract-oriented web applications. ContractPal makes it easy: no hardware to buy, no software to license and configure, and... Enterprise 04.02.2009
PDF Alchemy
PDF Alchemy is a free REST web service API to convert Microsoft Word documents (.doc .docx .rtf .txt) to PDF format. Designed for programmers, purely online, nothing to download or install. Code for... Office 03.17.2009
The Web Service API allows developers to interact securely with their Vuzit account. You can easily upload, remove, and retrieve attributes about Vuzit documents. Office 02.23.2009
This API allows users to send physical post directly from their computer to any address in the UK. The electronic document to be mailed is printed at a location close to where it needs to go for... Other 01.26.2009
DocuSign Enterprise
DocuSign is a Cloud based legally compliant eSignature service. DocuSign service provides an intuitive web, mobile and an API interfaces. DocuSign API allows an application to connect DocuSign... Enterprise 03.29.2008
Name Description Category Date
EDU Libs
University papers and educational ebooks and documents. Education 11.25.2013
Librables brings together a community of word lovers. In our site you will be able to find any kind of documents and official manuals (pdf, txt, word, ppt, etc), books and eBooks. eBooks 11.11.2013
eBooksDoc brings together a community of word lovers. In our site you will be able to find any kind of documents and official manuals (pdf, txt, word, ppt, etc), books and eBooks. Books 09.14.2013
#docs ("pound docs")
Lets a business share docs from their Microsoft SkyDrive over SMS via Twilio. Go to the app which is running on Windows Azure, set which SkyDrive account to use, and select a public file to share... Tools 07.01.2012
iPad mashup for finishing / revising documents on Google Docs with the help of an Acapela voice. Started for German, but applicable to all languages having Acapela voices. Dictionaries for user&#... Text-to-Speech 06.14.2012
Cloud-Based Mail-Merge with BatchBook and Drawloop
100% Cloud-based mail-merge using data from BatchBook and Drawloop's SaaS mail-merge solution. Customer Relationship Management 10.28.2010 and Live Documents
This integration allows Box users to send documents directly to Live Documents, edit them, and save them back to Box. Documents 08.23.2010
E-Learning document search engine and online viewer. Users Google Docs Documents 07.06.2010
Zoho and
This mashup allows users to edit files within their Box accounts using Zoho, then save the edited files directly back to Box. Editing 01.19.2010
Snipshot and
Allows users to send files from their Box accounts to Snipshot to be edited, then save them directly back to Box from within Snipshot. Documents 01.19.2010
Name Description Category Date
HiDrive JavaScript SDK
HiDrive is a cloud storage service. The HiDrive JavaScript SDK allows an easy way to integrate websites or web apps with the HiDrive cloud storage platform. Interfacing with the HiDrive the API,... Storage 09.11.2014
HiDrive Android SDK
HiDrive is a cloud storage service. The HiDrive Android SDK allows an easy way to integrate an Android app with the HiDrive cloud storage platform. Interfacing with the HiDrive the API, Android... Storage 09.11.2014
This package contains Node.js API bindings to integrate the cloudXLS API into an existing Node.js application. The cloudXLS API accepts a CSV file and converts into an XLS or XLSX spreadsheet. It can... Conversions 09.08.2014
cloudXLS PHP Wrapper
This is a PHP Wrapper for integrating the cloudXLS API into an existing PHP application. The cloudXLS API accepts a CSV file and converts into an XLS or XLSX spreadsheet. It can also receive an XLS... Conversions 08.19.2014
cloudXLS Ruby Wrapper
This is a Ruby Wrapper for integrating the cloudXLS API into an existing Ruby / Ruby on Rails application. The cloudXLS API accepts a CSV file and converts into an XLS or XLSX spreadsheet. It can... Conversions 08.19.2014
MediaFire SDK
MediaFire SDK aims to improve cloud efficiency. With this service, users can download, upload, sync multimedia, and trans-code video. MediaFire SDK is available for Windows, OSX, iPhone, and Web... Cloud 07.09.2014
Google APIs Client Library for Python
The Google APIs Client Library for Python is designed to provide provide simple, flexible, powerful access to many of Google's APIs from Python. Some of the APIs accessible through this library... Data 05.29.2014
Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C
The Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C is a flexible, efficient library provided by Google for accessing its JSON-based APIs. This Library is recommended for applications that will be used on... Data 05.29.2014
WhereIsNow WSCL
The WhereIsNow™ Web Service Client Library project is a java library used to query the WhereIsNow™ Web Services. You can freely embed it in your code to easily develop new clients and integrate the... Documents 08.07.2009
A DLL client of the WhereIsNow™ WebService. The DLL has been developed in C++ and works through the open source framework gSoap 2.7. You can embed WINLibrary.Now in your applications in order to use... Documents 04.14.2009

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