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Resgrid is a cloud management and logistics platform built specifically for first responder teams. They offer mobile apps to track the real time status of phone responders as well as the location of... Collaboration 10.06.2014
ReliefWeb, a specialized digital service of the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), is a source for timely information on global crises and disasters, enabling humanitarians to make... News Services 04.23.2014
Japan Seismic Hazard Information Station
The Japan Seismic Hazard Information Station, or J-SHIS, is part of Japan's National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention. It helps the Japanese public prepare for... Database 04.08.2014
Earthquakes Canada Seismograph Stations is a part of Canada's Action Plan on Open Government, enhancing transparency and accountability. The Earthquakes Canada Seismograph Stations API provides current information on the... Science 03.17.2014
Kuakes is a webservice displaying data from the last 50 earthquakes around the world, as reported by USGS, Instituto Geografico Nacional, and European-Mediterranean Seismological Center. Data is... Tools 07.07.2013
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Sinsai Japan Earthquake Resources
Using Ushahidi crowdsourced crisis response platform and OpenStreetMap, this mashup communicates the location a services and resources useful to those on the scene in Japan. Mapping 03.21.2011
The ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan has highlighted our collective reliance on trusted sources. With conflicting reports of radiation levels in affected areas, Portland-based Uncorked Studios has... Japanese 03.21.2011
Earthquake or Garbage Truck?
This site monitors information from USGS every 15 minutes on magnitude 1+ earthquakes occurring in the Pacific Northwest. You can get the information by texting in your zip code. Messaging 06.10.2010
Southern California Earthquake Tweets
Google Maps Mashup which looks at tweets from Southern California (related to earthquake). The tweets are within 750 miles radius from Los Angeles. The map moves on to the next tweet after 5 seconds. Mapping 04.12.2010
News on Haiti
News about Haiti via Yahoo Pipes. Pulls data from Flickr, Yahoo Search and other APIs. Mapping 01.28.2010
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Quakes in the Last 24 hours
Do you know how many quakes occur in Alaska everyday. About 6. And in the Bay Area, sometimes its 5. Use the keyword quake and find out where the latest quakes are happening world wide. This service... Mobile 12.23.2006
World and Regional Earthquakes
The maps on this site show the location and details of thousands of earthquakes. Specific maps have been created for regions where there is substantial earthquake activity, including New Zealand,... Earthquakes 11.11.2006

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