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VineOS Landed Cost
VineOS's Landed Cost API calculates international brokerage fees, taxes and duties based on a customer's shopping cart details. The Landed Cost API uses JSON over HTTP and authenticates via... eCommerce 04.10.2015
InPay - Bitcoin Payment Processor
InPay's API allows businesses to integrate Bitcoin payments into their websites and applications. The API uses POST requests over HTTPS with returns in JSON. An API Key is required and available... Bitcoin 04.09.2015
The Riskified API allows developers to integrate ecommerce fraud prevention services into their own websites and applications. These services use behavioral analysis, elastic linking, proxy detection... eCommerce 04.07.2015
Spree StoreFront Zones
Spree StoreFront Zones API lets developers get a list of zone by making RESTful requests to the API. Developers communicate with the API using the JSON data format. Requests for data use the standard... eCommerce 03.30.2015
Spree StoreFront Stock Movements
Spree StoreFront Stock Movements API allows developers to make RESTful requests to retrieve a list of all stock movements for a stock location. This API is only accessible to admin users. Developers... eCommerce 03.30.2015
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Use That Gift Card
Use That Gift Card is an application that lets users to find products from BestBuy and Walmart based on the amount of funds they have on the gift cards. This mashup uses Walmart Open and Best Buy... eCommerce 04.11.2015
Slick Deals Price Tracker
Slick Deals Price Tracker is a product price tracking service offered through Slickdeals. It is another addition to Slickdeals to help users find more great deals online. With Price Tracker, users... eCommerce 04.10.2015
PriceZombie Price Tracker
PriceZombie is a price tracker for numerous retail stores and a comparison shopping site and tool. PriceZombie's delivers its combination of price tracking and price comparison on its website,... eCommerce 02.26.2015
Magento MagTrack
MagTrack is a mobile app for Magento store owners. Use MagTrack's Android app to track sales data in real time, and receive push notifications about sales activity. The app tracks information... eCommerce 01.29.2015
Compare Prices website based on the eBay Commerce API platform. Site is fully responsive and can adapt to any screen size including mobile. eCommerce 05.14.2014
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CDScience Universal Retail
Commerce Data Science (CDScience) offers monetization partnership to access its retail platform via a suite of Universal Retail APIs to provide the shopping discovery and eCommerce engine in other... eCommerce 05.16.2014
CheapShark is a service that tracks the prices of PC games on sites like Amazon, Steam, and GamersGate and shows shoppers the best deals. Through the site, users can look up top deals, search for the... eCommerce 04.28.2014
Wish is a social network for sharing products. Users can find, collect, and share products with their friends, enabling a connected shopping experience. The Wish merchant platform enables... eCommerce 04.27.2014
Google Play In-app Billing
The Google Play In-app Billing API for Android allows for online or app-based sales of digital content or digital subscriptions using Google Play and Google Wallet. Currently suppported only for apps... eCommerce 04.25.2014
Google Wallet Instant Buy
Google Wallet Instant Buy allows merchants to store and access customer payment data in the cloud. Both the Instant Buy for Android and Instant Buy for web versions offer in-app or online payments,... eCommerce 04.25.2014
Livingsocial Monocle
Livingsocial is an online marketplace to buy and share things to do within your local city. The Livingsocial Monocle API provides location based searches that are geo-based. The searches find deals... eCommerce 04.22.2014
StrikeIron Real Time Telephone Verification
This technology guarantees that your customers provide you with a working, traceable telephone number. An automated telephone call is placed to the web user, who is told a unique security code. The... Reference 04.14.2014
StrikeIron Phone Number Validation
Save time and money by ensuring your customers’ phone numbers are correct with StrikeIron’s Phone Number Validation solution. You can easily integrate this cloud based solution into any website,... Reference 04.14.2014
StrikeIron US Geocode Information
Pinpoint the exact location of customers, prospects or competitors with geocode data. The US Address Geocode Information Web Service uses geocode technology from DataFlux to provide a powerful... Reference 04.14.2014
StrikeIron Canada Geocode Information
Pinpoint the exact location of customers, prospects or competitors with geocode data. The Canada Address Geocode Information Web Service uses geocode technology from DataFlux to provide a powerful... Reference 04.14.2014
StrikeIron Mobile ID
Identify U.S. mobile numbers quickly and easily to effectively reach your customers and prospects. New regulations require organizations to be diligent with their mobile marketing practices.... Reference 04.14.2014
StrikeIron Contact Record Verification Suite
Validate, verify, correct and enhance your customers' contact information in real-time with the Contact Record verification Suite. The suite provides instant access to email addresses, mailing... Reference 04.14.2014
Pennock Floral is a wholesale supplier of flowers, floral containers, and other specialty items that sells exclusively to retail outlets. They have locations all along the east coast of the U.S. The... eCommerce 04.08.2014
PriceCharting is a video game pricing database that tracks historical and current prices on on over 26,000 games fro a variety of consoles. The site includes price comparisons from multiple stores,... Games 03.30.2014
TaxJar provides retailers with easy access to the information they need to file their sales tax returns for all counties and cities in the U.S. TaxJar provides access to its information through two... Financial 03.19.2014
USPS Address Information
The U.S. Postal Service provides a suite of USPS Web Tools that customers may integrate into their own websites to validate or find mailing addresses, track and confirm mail delivery, calculate... Shipping 03.19.2014
UPS Tracking
UPS Tracking API provides businesses with the ability to give customers package tracking information on their own websites. Customers can track their shipments and check the status of their orders... Shipping 03.18.2014
UPS Address Validation
UPS Address Validation allows programmers to code and integrate UPS functionality into business applications and e-commerce websites. This API ensures that shipping addresses are valid. If there is... Shipping 03.18.2014
Granify is an eCommerce companion application. Granify works with eCommerce sites to predict which customers will and won't purchase goods and tries to convert them into sales. The Granify API... eCommerce 03.05.2014
MotleyBunch helps partners who have access to email inboxes to extract structured information out of them. MotleyBunch allows users to access all purchases into one place, track all shipping data,... eCommerce 02.27.2014
Cloud.IQ is a shopping cart recovery and audit service that aims to increase the online sales of its clients. The site offers cart recovery to contact customers that left a site before purchasing... Messaging 02.27.2014
Two Tap
Two Tap is an application that allows mobile and web application publishers and developers to integrate purchasing and buying features into their applications. Two Tap allows app users to purchase... eCommerce 02.20.2014
Veritrans is an online payment gateway for Indonesian markets. The service aims to provide services for credit cards, ClickPay Mandiri, CIMB Clicks, BRI e-Pay, Cash XL, Telkomsel T-Cash, and other... Payments 02.20.2014
TradeVine is an ecommerce solutions service that facilitates TradeMe listing and interactions. TradeVine allows users to get notifications when listings change, create a unique ecommerce store,... eCommerce 02.17.2014
ListSellTrade is a merchant site that allows users to access online auctions, fixed price listings, business sale listings, classified advertising, recruitment, as well as to promote a users business... eCommerce 02.17.2014
QuickyCoin enables businesses to accept bitcoin, litecoin and other crypto-currencies as payment. The QuickyCoin API solution is tailored to a user's business enabling bitcoin, litecoin and... Payments 02.17.2014
SolidShops is a cloud-based e-commerce CMS that handles updates, backups, and security on behalf of the user. Users can easily build and customize themes for their website as well as customize... eCommerce 02.15.2014
Dutch Supermarket
High quality details for supermarket store locations in the Netherlands, including Name, Brand, Address, Zipcode, City, Phone, Latitude, and Longitude. Brands in scope: Agrimarkt Albert Heijn Aldi... eCommerce 02.11.2014 provides a database of restaurants, fast food establishments, dry cleaners, and liquor stores that provide delivery options. Users can search locally for places that provide delivery,... eCommerce 02.10.2014
Payza is a global online payment platform that enables consumers and businesses to send and receive money instantly. The Payza API provides a developer interface for interacting with this platform.... Payments 02.10.2014
Recharge My
Recharge My is an online mobile recharging, bill payment, and eCommerce platform. Users can pay bills, manage payments, and recharge their mobile phone airtime and data. The Recharge My API allows... Telephony 01.30.2014
SendOwl is a retail tool that helps creative entrepreneurs sell their digital and physical goods online. Users can sell their products to and from anywhere, and buyers are automatically shown... eCommerce 01.24.2014
TSYS is a payment acceptance service that provides a services from payment processing and merchant services, to gift card servicing and exchange rate payment services. The TSYS API allows users to... Payments 01.23.2014
RoundSky Lead-Seller
RoundSky is a U.S. based advertising service that specializes in payday loans, title loans, and installment loan products. The company provides its services primarily to direct payday loan lenders,... Advertising 01.20.2014 is a crypto-currency facilitator that provides resources to utilize or incorporate litecoin payment into merchant applications. The API allows users to receive payments, get... Payments 01.19.2014
GoCoin is an international payment platform that allows users to send and accept crypto-currencies as payment within merchant shops and other organizations. The GoCoin API uses REST calls, returns... Payments 01.19.2014 is a New Zealand online department store. The Nile carries books, baby supplies, health and beauty, home and garden, pets, movies, music, sports and outdoors, textbooks, and toys. The... eCommerce 01.17.2014
Openpay is an integrated service solution for Latin America that allows users to accept and send payments online without dealing with banking systems, compliance, fraud, and security. The Openpay... Payments 01.17.2014
Moltin is a SaaS cloud based eCommerce platform for developers. Moltin provides decoupled components to create customised solutions for websites, mobile and desktop applications, as well as powering... eCommerce 01.17.2014
SITA iTravel
SITA provides global information and telecommunication solutions for the air transit industry. The SITA iTravel API is a web service that provides developer access to air travel shopping, booking,... Travel 01.10.2014
Deals Distributed
Deals Distributed is an API that allows developers to build in loyalty and rewards, cashback, points, and content monetizations tools into their applications, by aggregating offer and reporting data... Other 01.08.2014
Imonggo is a web-based point of sale service that provides inventory management, sales analysis, and business intelligence. The Imonggo API allows users to integrate third party applications and... eCommerce 12.29.2013
Payscape Advisors
Payscape Advisors provides financial tools to help businesses accept payments, streamline their business, and increase cash flow. The Payscape Advisors’ payment gateway is programmatically... Payments 12.23.2013
Nexternal XML Tools
Nexternal is an eCommerce platform that helps customers engage customers, manage orders, and more. The Nexternal XML Tools API allows 3rd party systems to integrate the Nexternal platform and... eCommerce 12.22.2013
Macy's Shopping Bag Services
Macy’s operates about 840 department stores nationwide, as well as the accompanying retail websites, and Macy’s offers a variety of APIs providing access to different... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Macy's Registry Services
Macy’s operates about 840 department stores nationwide, as well as the accompanying retail websites, and Macy’s offers a variety of APIs providing access to different... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Macy's Protected Services
Macy’s operates about 840 department stores nationwide, as well as the accompanying retail websites, and Macy’s offers a variety of APIs providing access to different... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Macy's Promotion and Coupon Services
Macy’s operates about 840 department stores nationwide, as well as the accompanying retail websites, and Macy’s offers a variety of APIs providing access to different... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Macy's Mobile Utility Services
Macy’s operates about 840 department stores nationwide, as well as the accompanying retail websites, and Macy’s offers a variety of APIs providing access to different... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Macy's Checkout Services
Macy’s operates about 840 department stores nationwide, as well as the accompanying retail websites, and Macy’s offers a variety of APIs providing access to different... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Macy's Catalog and Store Services
Macy’s operates about 840 department stores nationwide, as well as the accompanying retail websites, and Macy’s offers a variety of APIs providing access to different... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Macy's Ad Media Services
Macy’s operates about 840 department stores nationwide, as well as the accompanying retail websites, and Macy’s offers a variety of APIs providing access to different... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Digital River Connect
Digital River provides worldwide marketing, e-commerce, and payment services. The Digital River Connect APIs provide users with access to the features of its Global Commerce platform. With the... eCommerce 12.17.2013
Worldwide-FXC is a currency conversion service that provides users with up-to-date currency conversion, a currency exchange finder, and the Worldwide-FXC currency exchange API. The API uses... Financial 12.16.2013
Bitlab is an ope-source bitcoin company that designs scalable web services for businesses. Bitlab also provides a bitcoin wallet. The Bitlab API utilizes Firebase to allow uses to create a new... Financial 12.16.2013 is an easy to use platform for launching an online business. Websites can be published in minutes and's advanced publishing and e-commerce tools help to grow the business.... eCommerce 12.15.2013
Conekta is an online payment platform for Latin American businesses that enables them to process online payments using both online and offline methods. Conekta can be used for any type of transaction... Payments 12.15.2013
CityPay is an online payment service that offers a secure payment gateway, enabling merchants to accept payments from a range of environments, from mobile phones and web browsers through to fully... Payments 12.15.2013
Signifyd is an e-commerce fraud prevention service. It can identify devices uniquely and use a customer's IP address to determine their location, even detecting when customers are using proxies... Security 12.13.2013
Yieldkit is an asset and website monetization service that works through both companies and an affiliate network. The Yieldkit API uses Javascript, allows for more advanced integration, and is... Advertising 12.10.2013
Design 'N' Buy
Design 'N' Buy is a product customization service. The T-shirt Design Software, provided by Design 'N' Buy is an online turnkey e-Commerce solution with full integration with the... eCommerce 12.06.2013
MercadoLibre is an e-commerce platform for Latin American countries. The platform covers all aspects of online retail, including building an online store, offering a range of products and services... eCommerce 12.03.2013
Twinword Category Recommendation
Twinword creates tools to collect data describing the ways in which people associate concepts. The tools include word association tests, the word graph dictionary, e-commerce recommendations,... Backend 11.30.2013
Validas is a service for mobile operators and resellers that helps select the best plans for customers who are upgrading devices or switching operators. They provide a Customer Data Acquisition API,... Recommendations 11.30.2013
Classifieds for Free
Classifieds For Free is an online classifieds service for goods and services all over the world. Classifieds for Free allows users to post ads for jobs, goods, services, and more. The Classifies... eCommerce 11.30.2013
Kiind is an online gift platform that allows users and businesses to send online gift cards to people and groups of people from a wide variety of stores and merchants. The Kiind API allows... eCommerce 11.29.2013
Walmart Open
The Walmart Open APIs provide developers with access to's product catalogue information and enable affiliates to earn money through customer referrals. The Data Feed and Special... eCommerce 11.29.2013
MPower is a payment service that interacts with digital wallets and bank accounts, offering end-to-end online and mobile payment solutions. The MPower API provides programmatic access to those... Payments 11.26.2013
Yetti is a platform for creating e-commerce and content-managed websites. It comes equipped to handle product management, general content management, custom pricing rules, promotions, and shipping.... eCommerce 11.25.2013
Hubba is a brand management platform that helps retailers and brands manage product data for omni-channel commerce. The Hubba platform allows brands and retailers to manage and share their consumer-... Advertising 11.25.2013
InComm Cashtie
InComm Cashtie is an API that allows users to link cash payments to software applications. Cashtie offers solutions for eCommerce providers, retail operations, and other merchants to track and... Payments 11.24.2013
Linnworks provides order management services that are designed to help businesses keep their stock and order information up-to-date. It automates important, yet repetitive, tasks such as generating... Enterprise 11.24.2013
Datafeedr is a system that enables users to create and embed affiliate shops into word press blogs. The Datafeedr API allows users to access sales feed information on over 250,000,000 products and 10... eCommerce 11.21.2013
Slice is an online shopping assistant. Slice offers features for online shoppers such as tracking packages, price drop alerts, email receipts, and spending tracking. The Slice API allows developers... eCommerce 11.20.2013
Transdirect is an Australian company that provides a range of shipping solutions designed to deliver packages in the most economical and efficient way possible. Use Transdirect to post, send,... Shipping 11.20.2013
UberGlobal Payment Gateway
UberGlobal Payment Gateway is an Australian ecommerce payment service that allows merchants to securely complete transactions through their online store. The service also offers real-time analytics... Payments 11.15.2013
Targeted towards retail and hospitality businesses, Kounta is scalable, cloud-based point of sale platform. The Kounta POS service can be securely accessed on any device at anytime across a range of... Payments 11.15.2013
Snipcart is a service that lets users add a shopping cart to their website. The cart can be customized using HTML and CSS to make it match the site's design. Snipcart is also capable of adapting... eCommerce 11.14.2013
Indix provides information and intelligence about products. Indix provides a Big Data and SaaS tool to support brands and retailers to access product data including descriptions, images, and almost-... eCommerce 11.13.2013
FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention
The FraudLabs Pro API is a credit card screening engine that check transactions for online frauds utilizing a wide array of metrics and fraud detection analytics. AN account is required with service... Security 11.13.2013
Putler is a sales analysis and reporting service that can keep track of transactions occurring at multiple payment gateways and shopping carts. Once the data is collected, Putler processes it into... eCommerce 11.12.2013
ShopYourWay is a social network based shopping platform where products, retailers, and recommendations are generated by what your friends buy and review. The ShopYourWay developer platform comes with... eCommerce 11.11.2013
PaymentSpring is online merchant account and payment gateway that allows companies and users to quickly send and accept payments. The site offers flat rates, no contracts, lower PCI compliance issues... Payments 11.11.2013
DealerBase provides resources for vehicle dealers in New Zealand, especially (but not exclusively) clients on AutoBase, a major vehicle dealership listings website. The DealerBase SOAP API allows... eCommerce 11.05.2013
ShareMojo allows users to share products and offers that they like by using a ShareMojo share button or referral link. If someone buys a product by clicking a user's referral link or share... eCommerce 11.02.2013
Lokad is a Big-Data solutions provider. It utilizes servers and cloud computing capabilities to manager and interpret large data sets on behalf of its users, with an emphasis on forecasting and... Security 11.01.2013
BlockScore is a customer authentication and verification service that aims to assists users with handling the regulatory compliance issues surrounding international payment and transfers. The... Security 10.30.2013
BitcoinMonitor is a Bitcoin payment solution that doesn't require access to Bitcoin wallets but only facilitates transactions from payer to payee. The BitcoinMonitor API allows users to access... Payments 10.28.2013
nToklo develops eCommerce tools to help retailers capture, process, and apply user data to the development of social commerce. The nToklo API allows customer applications to implement the nToklo... eCommerce 10.19.2013
Sprylogics is a mobile solutions provider. Sprylogics provides capability of local search for mobile applications through their product, Poynt. The Sprylogics API allows developers to access and... Search 10.19.2013
Vendo is an online shopping cart application providing retailers with a simple solution for seeing up websites as online stores. Vendo provides customer applications with read/write access to their... eCommerce 10.02.2013
AlphaMail is a cloud-based transactional email service that makes it easier for developers and marketing professionals to utilize transactional email in their daily work. Users can stop worrying... Email 09.29.2013
EVO Snap*
EVO Snap* is an intelligent commerce gateway for omni-channel global processing. Snap* empowers developers to create customized, omni-channel commerce applications & services to support their... Payments 09.29.2013
Bonanza Bonapitit
Bonanza is an online marketplace with integrated social features that allow members of the community to engage other buyers and sellers. The site offers newsletters, seller profiles and real time... eCommerce 09.29.2013
Parsel is a shipment tracking service. Parsel provides tracking and verification information from multiple shipping carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, Shopify, and more. The Parsel API allows developers... Shipping 09.27.2013
Visualead is a QR code generator. Visualead allows users to create, design, and manage QR codes. The QR codes can also be tracked and edited from a dashboard. The Visualead API allows developers to... Other 09.23.2013
Play2Shop is a service that allows gamers to collect points as rewards and pays shoppers with cash back that can both be used for discounts at any of more than 1,000 retail partners. The Play2Shop... Games 09.20.2013
Tictail is a service to create and manage online stores. Tictail offers a variety of eCommerce features, including metrics reporting, checkout services, and social media integration. The Tictail API... eCommerce 09.17.2013
Zipments is an on-demand delivery and shipping service. Zipments allows users to order products from local retailers and have them delivered on the same day. Retailers can use Zipments to offer their... eCommerce 09.16.2013
Jumpseller is a hosted service for creating and managing professional online stores without any technical knowledge. Jumpseller provides a gallery of themes that are compatible with many different... eCommerce 09.14.2013
Name Description Category Date
eDigiCash Shopping Cart
Embedded shopping cart with integrated payment gateway. Allows anyone, anywhere to sell tangible goods, digital products, and memberships from a website. eCommerce 09.12.2013
Auctions is a great starting place for users that are looking to find ending eBay auctions. Auctions 06.25.2013
Lofty deals
This website allow user to find and orgnize deals, offers and coupons from around the web. User can upload deals set time to run deal write blog release news and also upload articales to promote... Mapping 06.04.2013
VitaminsMatch aggregates information on vitamins and helps users find what they need easily. Once a selection is made, the user is directed to the source of the product. eCommerce 05.26.2013
ShopSmart Brazil
Shopping comparison search engine built using the PriceSpin XML Shopping Comparison API. eCommerce 05.21.2013
Shopinterest is one of the easiest ways to buy all the amazing things you see on Pinterest. Aggregation 05.17.2013
White-Label Shopping Price Comparison
We have created a white label shopping price comparison platform using the PriceSpin XML API. Fully brandable and customisable to suit a client's look and feel. eCommerce 05.07.2013
StoreSlider Deutschland
Now for German users. Uses Ebay API (more on the way) to offer instant searching of the Ebay Marketplace. eCommerce 04.11.2013
Now for UK users. Uses Ebay API (more on the way) to offer instant searching of the Ebay Marketplace. Search 04.11.2013
iabol is a web-based multi-carrier shipping software solution. eCommerce integrations include eBay, Amazon, Netsuite and Magento. The iabol Sync Tool allows for data to be pulled into iabol from... eCommerce 03.27.2013
Name Description Category Date
Diffbot API Client Node.js Library
This client provides a Node.js wrapper for the Diffbot API. The methods associated with this client are the following: analyze, article, discussion, image, product, video, custom, and search. Data Mining 02.09.2015
Google Shopping Content Java Library
The Java library for the Google Shopping Content API allows developers to integrate methods for managing their product items, inventory, and Merchant Center accounts into their Java applications. eCommerce 02.03.2015
Amazon Product Advertising Node.js Library aws-product-api
The aws-product-api is a simple library for issuing Amazon Product Advertising API calls from Node.js code. For each call, the library will return a JavaScript Object. eCommerce 02.03.2015
LifePics Android SDK
The LifePics service provides photo finishing and printing, including online storage and sharing of images. The LifePics Android SDK provides tools that enable developers to integrate the LifePics... Photos 01.22.2015
LifePics iOS SDK
The LifePics service provides photo finishing and printing, including online storage and sharing of images. The LifePics iOS SDK provides tools that enable developers to integrate the LifePics OPEN (... Photos 01.22.2015
EBANX is an eCommerce payment solution for international merchants that are selling their products to Brazil-based individuals. The EBANX API enables developers to programmatically access and... eCommerce 01.20.2015
eBay PHP SDK for Enterprise Retail Order Management by Scott van Brug
The PHP Software Development Kit for eBay Enterprise Retail Order Management Web API aims to offer a simplified interface for remote messages and procedure calls. This PHP implementation will hide... eCommerce 01.19.2015
eBay .NET SDK by Sergiy Bidnyi
Sergiy Bidnyi authored the eBay SDK for on Github with the aim to develop applications easily in .NET language. Contact Sergiy to find out more information about possible application development... eCommerce 01.19.2015
eBay Perl SDK by Tim Keefer
The eBay API SDK for Perl by Tim Keefer aims to simplify the programmatic interface into the eBay APIs. SDK classes include Trading API to authenticate access, Finding API to obtain eBay's next... eCommerce 01.19.2015
eBay PHP SDK by David Terence Sadler
David Terence Sadler created the eBay SDK with the main goal to develop with the API in PHP projects. Services that users can find valuable include finding, trading, and shopping. To start,... eCommerce 01.19.2015
Name Description Category Date API Technical Documentation
ruby xml api
A Ruby client for eBay's unified schema XML API. Application Development 07.21.2008
Python Interface for Amazon Web Services
From the site: An integrated interface to current and future infrastructural services offered by Amazon Web Services. Currently, this includes:Simple Storage Service (S3),Simple Queue Service (SQS),... Application Development 07.10.2008
Python Wrapper for Amazon eCommerce API
From the site:PyAWS is a Python wrapper for Amazon eCommerce. It is designed to pave the way for Python developers to interactivate AWS. This project is forked from the code base of pyamazon. The... eCommerce 07.07.2008
eBay4R is a Ruby wrapper for eBay's Web Services SOAP API. Has ease of use and small footprint. Instead of 40-50 line examples eBay gives you in C# and Java, with Ruby and eBay4R, examples are 5... Application Development 01.06.2008
CNET API Quick Start Guide
Video Tutorial ASP.NET Mashups
Create an Amazon storefront using PHP
Jaaps Amazon Scripts
Good set of PHP scripts for AWS and extensive links to other scripts and AWS resources. eCommerce 12.23.2005