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UC Berkeley CoolClimate
With the CoolClimate API, an initiative created by the University of California, Berkeley developers can create projects that calculate carbon footprints, measurement that assists with the individual... Climate 07.27.2015
Burning Soul Moon
Moon API is part of an independent project by Burning Soul, a computer and technology organization. This API allows to obtain data from the moon such as current age of the moon in days, illumination... Science 07.20.2015
Unofficial Instructables
Unofficial Instructables API available on Mashape. Instructables in a DIY platform that allows to publish online guides. This resource does not guarantee support by Instructables, however it aims to... Education 07.20.2015
Google Classroom
The Google Classroom API is currently in developer review and it will be available soon. The goal is to integrate students' accounts and domains into education applications that include courses... Education 06.29.2015
AMS Prediction
Apply Magic Sauce (AMS) is a service that predicts users' psycho-demographic traits based on their digital footprints. This service can be useful and informative for business, research, or... Predictions 06.29.2015
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SDMX-SAX Faces brings together multiple free SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange) data services in one data portal. One of these data services is OECD, which is integrated via the OECD Open... Education 06.04.2015
Dino Map
Dino Map provides users with a visual and interactive way to explore all of the fossil records in the Paleobiology Database, which includes plants, insects, mammals, reptiles, dinosaurs, and more.... Science 03.30.2015
Udacity iOS App API
The Udacity iOS App allows users to access Udacity's programming courses from their mobile iOS devices. Using the app, Udacity students can solve programming problems and respond to short... Education 09.19.2014
Udacity Android App
The Udacity Android App allows users to access Udacity's programming courses from their mobile Android devices. Courses are taught by experts from companies like Facebook, Google, and Cloudera... Education 09.19.2014
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KU Leuven Lirias
Lirias is an archive of publications and linked files authored by researches affiliated with KU Leuven, a Dutch-speaking university in Belgium. This structured repository captures, stores, indexes,... Science 10.17.2013
CampusBooks is a search service designed to help users find the lowest prices on new and used textbooks. Rather than selling textbooks itself, CampusBooks allows users to search for the best prices... Search 10.17.2013
Spellodrome is an online education tool that helps students between the ages of 5 and 18 learn to spell. It uses games to teach students and to help them get interested in learning. Spellodrome... Education 10.12.2013
STARS is a program of AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. STARS, the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System, is a self-reporting... Education 10.07.2013
The Blue Alliance
FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) hosts a Robotics Competition that is open to high school students around the world. The Blue Alliance is a website the provides... Education 10.03.2013
BioDigital Human
BioDigital Human is an interactive 3D tool for learning about and teaching the human body. BioDigital Human provides information about the human body and anatomy in a 3D, interactive way with visuals... Science 09.24.2013
Art Clinic
Art Clinic is a member of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) that provides programs for infants, children, teenagers, adults, and families. The Art Clinic API allows people... Education 09.10.2013
Datumbox offers a Machine Learning platform composed of 14 classifiers and Natural Language processing functions. Functions include sentiment analysis, topic classification, readability assessment,... Tools 09.03.2013
TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning platform that helps small and medium sized organizations train their employees and customers. Users can create courses using their own videos, presentations and... Enterprise 08.26.2013
Learnosity is a cloud-based learning assessment toolkit. It enables users to create tests, administer them, and then analyze the results. So far, Learnosity provides 23 different kinds of questions.... Education 08.19.2013
NUSMods (National University of Singapore Modules) is an unofficial API for consolidating NUS module information. Modules are the NUS equivalent of courses. Information used in the NUSMods API is... Education 08.19.2013
The TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network (TRAIN) is a free service for public health professionals provided by the Public Health Foundation (PHF). TRAIN website users can find and... Medical 07.13.2013
i>clicker GO
The i>clicker is a type of device that helps audiences and presenters interact by letting audience members respond to questions instantly with the press of a button. It was originally conceived as... Tools 07.13.2013
Riverside Township High School Workspace Calendar
The Riverside Township High School located in Riverside, New Jersey has a website that, among other things, provides a calendar that covers all of the major school events for the year. This calendar... Calendars 07.12.2013
Newcastle Public Schools Workspace Calendar
The Newcastle Public Schools website hosts information on the school district of Newcastle, Oklahoma. Among other things, the site provides a calendar of all of the major school events for the year.... Calendars 07.12.2013
MagnusHealth provides a web-based student medical record management service that aims to provide schools with the capability to reduce liability, save time and money, remain current on regulatory... Medical 07.04.2013
Matchbox is an applications and admissions system for colleges and universities. Matchbox provides higher education institutions with features to manage all aspects of the application process, from... Education 07.01.2013
Eveoh MyTimetable
Located in the Netherlands, Eveoh develops education software for educational institutions with a focus on improving information delivery to students and employees. MyTimetable is Eveoh's... Education 07.01.2013
Royal Albert Memorial Museum
Located in Devon, England The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) houses over one million individual objects and specimens from around the world in areas such as zoology,... Education 07.01.2013
The PastPlaces API offers access to information from A Vision of Britain Through Time, a database that compiles the data from historical surveys of Britain. The database is part of the Great Britain... Education 07.01.2013
Velocedge CADE LMW
The SCORM-compliant Communication And Distance Education (CADE) software system was developed by Velocedge to help facilitate distance learning. One feature of CADE is the Learning Management Web (... Education 06.28.2013
ZOWi is a voice experience platform that enables users to engage in pure voice interactions. The ZOWi API enables developers to interact with the ZOWi mobile app via JSON objects to deliver pure... Entertainment 06.14.2013
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution and is the only museum in the U.S. devoted to historical and contemporary design. Collections and exhibitions are... Education 06.11.2013
LearnUpon is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that allows users to create and manage their own courses. It includes functions that let users import course content, create exams, award... Education 05.23.2013
Indiana University Knowledge Base
The Indiana University Knowledge Base is a database of reference information covering IT-related topics. It is designed and maintained by the UITS support center to provide answers to computer-... Reference 05.23.2013
StudiHelp is a German website where students can meet and collaborate online. Students can search for study buddies or experts in specific subjects as well as just chat and discuss common interests.... Education 05.23.2013
Mathletics Hall of Fame provides online math games for educational purposes. It is used by schools for students ages 5 through 18. The Mathletics Hall of Fame is a scoreboard showcasing the top-scoring... Education 05.16.2013
USC Event Calendar
The University of Southern California Events Calendar provides a comprehensive searchable listing of campus events, including music and theater, exhibits, lectures, film, sports, and more. The USC... Calendars 05.10.2013
USC Map Data
The University of Southern California’s Map Data API provides a RESTful interface for retrieving content from the University’s online map. The API supports JSON and JSONP formats. Users can... Mapping 05.09.2013
USC Webcam
The University of Southern California’s Webcam API is produced by the University’s Web Services. The API provides RESTful access to archived still photos and movies from TommyCam, the webcam... Video 05.09.2013
Stanford University Workgroup
Stanford University’s Middleware and Integration Services (MaIS) provide integration services and technologies to the campus community to facilitate the management of enterprise data of people,... Education 05.03.2013
Stanford University Student
Stanford University’s Middleware and Integration Services (MaIS) provide integration services and technologies to the campus community to facilitate the management of enterprise data of people,... Education 05.03.2013
Rutgers University Community Repository
Rutgers Community Repository (RUcore) is the University’s digital repository of educational materials and digital research created and used by the Rutgers community and its collaborators. The... Education 05.03.2013
Harvard Faculty Finder
The Harvard Faculty Finder (HFF) provides a method by which students, faculty, administrators, and the general public can search for Harvard faculty members based on their research and teaching... Education 05.02.2013
Noisebridge is a non-profit, educational corporation that provides a public space containing an electronics lab, a machine shop, a library, a darkroom, a kitchen, and more. Anyone can come in and use... Education 05.02.2013
Johns Hopkins University Hub
Johns Hopkins University Hub serves as the news center for all of the university's diverse, decentralized research activity. This includes everything from cancer studies to mechanical... Education 05.02.2013
Harvard Dash
DASH is Harvard University’s digital repository for scholarly articles, dissertations, theses, and other literature generated by the Harvard educational community. Bibliographic data from DASH is... Education 04.30.2013
The eLife journal seeks to improve access to new research and discoveries in the fields of life sciences and biomedicine. It provides researchers with a publishing option that's designed to be... Science 04.19.2013
Plagtracker is a free service for determining whether a given text is original or plagiarized. Users can upload their papers to the site, and Plagtracker will scan them for plagiarism and return a... Education 04.19.2013
CORE (COnnecting REpositories) facilitates free access to scholarly articles aggregated from Open Access repositories. Additionally, CORE harvests, enriches, and makes accessible metadata and full-... Education 04.15.2013 Local School Database is a non-profit foundation dedicated to spreading computer programming education. On their website, they provide the Local School Search, which allows users to locate schools near a given... Education 04.14.2013
USOS is a student management information system used in Polish institutions of higher education. The USOS API provides a RESTful interface for interacting with data on courses, users, faculties... Education 03.26.2013
Aalto University
Aalto University is a new multidisciplinary university, where science and art meet technology and business. The University is located in Espoo and Helsinki in Finland. Aalto University provides an... Education 03.26.2013
University of Reddit
University of Reddit is a community of people looking to teach and learn, in the form of an online collection of free and accessible courses. The University of Reddit API provides a developer... Education 03.26.2013
OrgSync provides an online campus engagement platform for education communities, connecting students to organizations, departments, and programs with the goal of improving communication, information... Education 03.25.2013
Stanford HighWire
HighWire is an ePublishing service for independent scholarly works, publishers, societies, associations, and universities. The service provides a venue for the distribution of 1765 journals,... Education 03.17.2013
University of British Columbia Labs
The University of British Columbia (UBC) science department provides the Labs API, which allows users to retrieve information about the UBC's laboratories. The information available through this... Science 03.14.2013
Sketch Engine
The Sketch Engine (SkE) is a Corpus Query System that lets users access information on 30 million to 10 billion words for each of 42 languages (with more to come). Information is provided in the form... Education 03.06.2013
UC Berkeley Registration Status Check
The University of California - Berkeley has opened up some of its institutional data. The University of California - Berkeley API allows developers to access and integrate the data of Berkeley with... Education 02.25.2013
MVU CareerForward
CareerForward is a self-contained online course that provides students with the opportunity to assess their career interests, explore career options, and create an educational development plan. It is... Education 02.25.2013
Jorum is service in development in the UK to provide further and higher education, and to collect and share learning and teaching materials, allowing their reuse and repurposing. The Jorum API allows... Education 02.21.2013
SpanDex is a collaborative academic platform that is intended to ease the research and collaboration between professors and other project works. The SpanDex API allows users to open entire ZIP or... Education 02.18.2013
TurnItin iThenticate
The service provides search against published articles and other resources to match a sample provided by a user or application. It reports other occurrences of text provided to the service across... Education 02.18.2013
GlobalTeach LMS
The service provides learning management system (LMS) functions for e-learning courses and online instructional components. It helps with creation, updating, and accessing educational content for use... Education 02.11.2013
Pearson Brilliant Series
Brilliant books, from Pearson, are outcome-focused and straight to the point. Brilliant books cover over 100 topics to help readers learn about a subject quickly.<br> <br> The Pearson... Education 02.01.2013
Drillster is a memorization platform. Users can create drill exercises on various topics to help with memorization and knowledge retention. There is a community where users can share and access other... Education 01.31.2013
"WESP" is the Web, E-mail, and Storage Project, which can be used to host homepages, mail, and files. WESP was created for the University of Twente's student associations. The service... Education 01.29.2013
Victorian Student Number
The service provides a registry of school students within the Australian state of Victoria. Listings allow retrieval of student data as well as updating records for activities and events related to... Education 01.24.2013
eduroam URN
The service provides a registry of permanently valid resource identifiers for entities within the GÉANT infrastructure that serves European educational institutions and affiliated people. For each... Education 01.24.2013
MasteryConnect is a platform for educators and teachers. MasteryConnect allows teachers to access core standards and common standards, track student progress, and grade student performance. The... Education 01.21.2013
Memjogger is a web application for spaced repetition learning. The API makes it possible to perform progammatically most of the operations available through web interface. All operations are fully... Education 01.16.2013 is a German podcasting site that caters to teaching users everything about podcasting. The API gives developers access to over 100,000 podcasts and the information surrounding... Education 01.10.2013
CPE Monitor Service
CPE Monitor allows continuing education providers to submit attendee lists from CPE (continuing pharmacy education) activities. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and the... Education 01.05.2013
iLanguageArts is an online education system provided by Perfection Learning. It allows teachers and students to access and manage their Language Arts-related digital books and resources at any time,... Education 01.05.2013
University of Leeds Progress File
The University of Leeds, founded in 1904, is Yorkshire's oldest and largest university. In September 2010, they launched a new e-portfolio system, the Progress File, for all medical and... Education 01.05.2013
BYU Academic
The service provides support for courses taught at Brigham Young University. It allows creation and updating of course records with links to the university curriculum inventory of all courses and... Education 01.04.2013
BYU Email Verification
The service validates email addresses under the internet domains used by Brigham Young University. It accepts a character string as input which it compares against records for the and Email 01.04.2013
BYU Entrance Exams
The service provides access to scores on placement exams reported to Brigham Young University on behalf of students applying for admission and to course credits awarded on the basis of those scores.... Education 01.04.2013
The service provides embedded links to purchase books and other educational materials intended for children in kindergarten and primary grades. Educational content and activities are also provided,... Education 01.04.2013
The service provides a hosted learning management platform with scheduling for educational activities. It allows instructors to create and update online class information resources, manage student... Education 01.02.2013
The service provides a cloud-hosting platform for training and education providers, including video demos and related media resources. It seeks to create an environment for managing instructional... Education 12.26.2012
The service provides functions for managing school records via a software as a service (SaaS) platform. Its Podium module supports faculty needs for instructional resources, class roster management,... Education 12.26.2012
Au Défi
Au Défi is a French-language website featuring educational online games. Players compete with each other for high scores, which are publicly displayed on the site. Au Défi is geared toward Canadian... Games 12.23.2012
National Taiwan University Activity
The National Taiwan University (NTU) website provides the Activity API for retrieving information on persons with NTU accounts and monitoring their activities on the site while logged in. Retrievable... Education 12.22.2012
Inside Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed is an online news, opinion and job listing provider for all of higher education. The Inside Higher Ed Job Posting API allows contracted job providers to automate posting job listings... Education 12.14.2012
OSU Calendar Web Service
The Oklahoma State University (OSU) website hosts a number of useful features, one of which is the Calendar Web Service API. This service enables users to programmatically retrieve scheduled OSU... Calendars 12.10.2012
OpenMinds is a learning platform that transforms user content into learning applications. The application is then accessible to students and tracks their individual performance. The service is pre-... Education 12.05.2012
MELT (Metadata Ecology for Learning and Teaching) is a project designed to provide people who use educational content with access to more useful types of metadata. The goal is to help them to find... Education 12.03.2012
StudyStack is a web site that lets visitors use their computer to display a stack of "virtual cards" which contain information about a certain subject. Subjects include, Geography, History... Education 11.30.2012
The service, formally named Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, provides access to a resource collection and instructional resources to support online instruction,... Education 11.27.2012
inome exchange
Inome is a platform that looks to make information person-centric. Their INXSearch binds a users to a corresponding profile in inome and returns enriched user information. Developers can use the API... Database 11.21.2012
CS50 is an introductory programming course offered through Harvard University. Instructor David Malan has made avaialable a set of APIs for use with the class. These APIs include the following:... Education 11.21.2012
Figshare allows researchers to publish all of their research online in an easily citable, sharable, and discoverable manner. All file formats can be published, including videos and datasets. Creative... Education 11.20.2012
IDS Knowledge Services
IDS Knowledge Services provides access to tens of thousands of research documents regarding poverty reduction in the developing world. All of these documents are freely available online. IDS provides... Education 11.20.2012
Altmetric is a powerful web application that tracks online conversations about scientific articles. It searches for mentions of scholarly works on social media sites, scholarly bookmarking services,... Education 11.20.2012
New Zealand Ministry of Education DEX
The New Zealand Ministry of Education provides the Data Exchange Service (DEX), which is the main automated integration point between the student data systems managed by schools and those managed by... Education 11.15.2012
The service provides operational support for the activities of colleges, schools, and other educational institutions. Specific services include custom online admissions forms for new student... Education 11.13.2012
IRIS Seismographs in Schools
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology’s Seismographs in Schools Program provides real-time seismic data and other research tools to a nationwide network of participating teachers. The... Education 11.07.2012
Bibliotek is not a library itself, but rather a database of items held by Danish public libraries. Bibliotek provides online access to the records of all items published in Denmark as well as all... Education 11.07.2012
HighWire Press
HighWire Press is a leading ePublishing platform that partners with independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses to facilitate the digital dissemination of... Education 10.23.2012
Culture24 is a non-profit, cultural publishing organization that collects and shares cultural data, publishes websites, and leads campaigns and research projects. The Culture24 SOAP API provides... Entertainment 10.11.2012
Nova Software Schedule File
Nova Software is an IT company that focuses on the area of school administration. The company's products and services support processes for service planning, scheduling, absence management, and... Education 10.11.2012
USC Schedule of Classes
The University of Southern California’s Schedule of Classes API is a web service providing a RESTful interface to cached Schedule of Classes data. The API’s primary purpose is to integrate... Education 10.05.2012
The service provides current reports from schools and educational institutions in the former Soviet republic of Moldova. It exposes lists and details of Moldovan educational institutions, accessible... Education 10.04.2012
Academic Benchmarks
Academic Benchmarks (AB) provides education companies with an underlying data utility that standardizes the management and use of education standards. The AB Standards Registry hosts over 2.6 million... Education 10.01.2012
Springest is a Dutch continuing education service that helps users find and compare courses, books, articles, training courses using search and filter capabilities. The Springest API opens up all of... Education 10.01.2012
CommunityMX (CMX) hosts a panel of experts who help visitors learn about the latest web development techniques and provide personal support with project goals. Every day, CMX adds new articles,... Education 09.27.2012
BrainMeasures is a testing and certification service that helps employers screen to hire the best candidates and for users to take developer and other certifications to further their professional... Education 09.24.2012
Skolportalen (Education Portal) is a service run by the Local Authorities of Jämtland County. It provides a collection of software and services for the Association of any school system. These are IT... Education 09.16.2012
RockTech CloudMate Platform
RockTech is a provider of software adoption solutions. Their products help businesses streamline the introduction of new enterprise software. Their CloudMate platform helps train employees on how to... Enterprise 09.14.2012
Name Description Category Date
University of South Florida Campus Map
Mashup of the University of South Florida campus map with Google Maps. You can search for a building on the map. Education 08.04.2013
You can find various learning programs and ask your questions about them. Additionally we try to find related questions about each program on Yahoo Answers and related discussion on twitter. If that... Education 06.06.2013
Smart Baby Cards
Smart Baby Cards is an Android application. Children can learn about things in different categories, how they look, how they sound and how they are called. Family 05.29.2013
Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking)
Map top 100 world universities on Google Maps. Use Google charts to show distributions by country and regions. Visualize rankings on a map. Ratings 04.30.2013
Find Great Colleges has information on over 7000 colleges and universities in US. You can find general information, offerings, enrollment, admission, tuition, room and board information on most of... Education 04.11.2013
TapAMap is a mobile mashup between a zoomable full-world satellite map and Wikipedia. Users simply do a half-second touch on a location to see up to five nearby Wikipedia articles Travel 02.02.2013
Scholarship Database
Scholarship Database uses Indeed and Google maps to create a job posting aggregate. Education 07.17.2012
The portal of the Inter-University Campus of Excelence of Murcia. The CMS made for this website integrate publication of videos, news, events, maps locations, audio files and images publishing... Content Management 05.23.2012
Emagister Symposium
Emagister Symposium is a new scientific and educational events portal licensed to different universities and educational and investigation centers. Education 05.23.2012
San Diego School Pal
San Diego School Pal is the easiest way to see San Diego&#039;s school districts and their associated levels of crime. We combine a school district map with the 2011 San Diego crime database and... Visualizations 04.01.2012
Name Description Category Date
Cambridge Dictionaries Online API JAVA Library
The Cambridge Dictionaries Online API JAVA Library is one of the API Client Libraries offered for Cambridge Dictionaries APIs which can be used to retrieve dictionary data. Cambridge Dictionaries... Dictionary 03.25.2015
Udacity Course Catalog Python Library udacity-api-python
Udacity-api-python is a library that allows developers to integrate access to Udacity course progress, information, and user account details into their Python applications. This is an unofficial... Education 02.26.2015
National Library of the Netherlands Python Library KB-python-API
A python library for the National Library of the Netherlands API. Developed by the research department of the KB National Library of the Netherlands, this library offers access to the Library's... Education 01.28.2015
University of Toronto EASI API Node.js Library
The Node.js Library for University of Toronto EASI API is a user friendly module for gathering data from the University of Toronto course listings. It parses data from the University of Toronto'... Education 01.21.2015
JournalTOCs Node.js Client
node-journalTOCs is a very simple Node.js client for the JournalTOCs API that exposes methods for searching journals by keyword or ISSN and retrieving articles by journal ISSN. The library is... Search 12.23.2014
Valence Python SDK
The Valence Python Client Library SDK divides functionality into a number of modules. The primary module assists with REST API authentication, while other modules assist with making calls in the... Education 11.24.2014
Valence PHP SDK
The Valence PHP Client Library SDK provides developers with a helper API to create authenticated URLs for REST API authentications. With an App ID and App Key, developers can create and integrate... Education 11.24.2014
Valence JavaScript SDK
The Valence JavaScript Client Library SDK provides developers with a helper API to create authenticated URLs for REST API authentications. With an App ID and App Key, developers can create and... Education 11.24.2014
Valence Java SDK
java library sdkThe Valence Java Client Library SDK provides developers with a helper API to create authenticated URLs for REST API authentications. With an App ID and App Key, developers can create... Education 11.24.2014
Valence C#/.NET SDK
The Valence C#/.NET Client Library SDK provides developers with a helper API to create authenticated URLs for REST API authentications. With an App ID and App Key, developers can create and... Education 11.24.2014

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