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Background Check
The Background Check API allows developers to add background check services to their applications. These services includes county-level searches, verifications, DMV info, motor vehicle records,... Background 04.18.2015
Action Network is an online organizing resource that groups can use to promote campaigns and petition for progressive causes. Users can create petitions to collect signatures, create forms to... Events 10.21.2014
PandaDoc is an all in one service that allows you to track, negotiate and sign contracts. This is a flexible and affordable API that allows users to build apps using on their own document templates.... Documents 10.10.2014
DigiCert Retail
DigiCert is a service that grants SSL certificates and hosts SSL management tools for web authentication, encryption, and digital trust. Using the RESTful DigiCert Retail API, developers can make... Authentication 08.15.2014
Signaturit provides a secure electronic signature service for pdf documents. The exchange takes place through e-mail, so there is no software or application to download. Signaturit is compatible with... Electronic Signature 06.23.2014
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Name Description Category Date
DocuSign for Salesforce
DocuSign for Salesforce is an eSignature application that lets users/businesses to complete and sign documents electronically, automating workflow and applying automatic updates to existing systems.... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
DocuSign for Outlook
Docusign for Outlook is an eSignature application that is fully integrated with Outlook. With this application, users will be able to electronically sign documents sent to their email, and/or assign... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
DocuSign for Microsoft Word
DocuSign for Microsoft is an eSignature application that is integrated with Microsoft Word. The application lets users to review and send documents for signature directly from the MS Office... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
Zuora + DocuSign
Zuora is an online company that provides services to businesses who want to sell their products/services via subscription. This application is integrated with DocuSign to enable its customers to... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
Contract Guardian & DocuSign
Contract Guardian integrated with DocuSign is a service offered by Contract Guardian that allows customers to sign documents electronically. Customers are also able to add more signers to the... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
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SmartSheet + DocuSign Integration
Smartsheet is a SaaS company that offers a businesses collaboration and work management tool. The Smartsheet and DocuSign integration will enable users to electronically sign documents such as... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
eSignature Gateway
eSignature Gateway leverages Amazon S3, Clockwork SMS, DocuSign, Google Storage and Twillio APIs to give users document sign functionality regardless of the email client used. In addition, eSignature... Electronic Signature 02.17.2014
DocuSign and Egnyte
Egnyte and DocuSign integration is the easiest and the most secure way to collaborate on 100% of your files irrespective of where they live, on-prem or in the cloud. Using this app, users can... Electronic Signature 01.23.2014
SchoolDocs & DocuSign
SchoolDocs offers any organization operating in the Higher Education sector the ability to Go Paperless. The solution combines document management, document tracking, document binding, e-Forms,... Electronic Signature 12.10.2013
SpringCM + DocuSign
Docusign and SpringCM makes it easy to send documents for signature directly from SpringCM. Get documents signed and checked in as new versions within minutes. Sending a contract or any other type... Electronic Signature 12.10.2013
LeadTrac & DocuSign
LeadTracâ„¢ is a web-based lead, client and data management solution that is ideal for businesses who need a secure, feature rich online system for importing, uploading and managing leads, campaigns... Electronic Signature 12.10.2013
AutoPal DocuSign Integration
Create any custom form in AutoPal; embed signature and other tags directly in the document or use the drag & drop function. Send these documents to customers with a simple click on the Ink icon;... Electronic Signature 12.10.2013
Airlift & DocuSign
AIRLIFT for Oracle Image and Process Management is the simplest way of sending forms directly from a Workflow Package in Oracle IPM. Your customers, vendors or constituents can complete complex forms... Electronic Signature 12.10.2013
DocuSign for Outlook (Windows)
With DocuSign for Outlook, you can sign and return email attachments directly from the Outlook desktop client. Click "Sign Attachments" from the ribbon bar on an email message in... Electronic Signature 12.10.2013
Selectica Integration with DocuSign
Streamline all your contract management processes, from request and authoring to negotiation and approval, with Selectica CLM. Selectica provides a one-click access to DocuSign and empowers you to... Electronic Signature 12.10.2013

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