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W3C Battery Status
The Battery Status API, documented by W3C, is a browser-based API that enables web developers to discover the battery life of a hosting device. This enables web application features to be dynamically... Browsers 12.11.2014
Distinctive, innovative, and value driven are the values of Fronius, a company committed to monitor solar and energy systems. The Fronius Solar API in JSON protocol is available after a one time... Energy 11.03.2014
Energy Periscope
Energy Matters offers Energy Periscope, an API dedicated to organize project management for professionals in the energy industry. This API offers resources, key auth, and XML responses. The... Energy 11.03.2014
Clean Power Research features SolarAnywhere, an API created with the aim to produce robust applications using analytics. This RESTful API allows access to data related to direct normal irradiance,... Solar 11.03.2014
Hosted by the U.S. General Services Administration, the SFTool provides a range of sustainable building content for commercial architecture in easily consumable formats. Calls to the SFTools API can... Sustainability 10.19.2014
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UK Renewable Electricity Map
Renewable electricity generation sites in the UK mapped as SVG circles using D3, with background mapping via the Leaflet API. Mouseover interaction is provided for the legend and data points. The... Mapping 10.01.2013
The Energy Map
The Energy Map visualizes energy-related data Energy 09.08.2012
Real-time electricity price in your home from Get the latest real-time electricity price in your home from You can see what you're paying for electricity... Energy 03.09.2012
A simple social quiz, a la, that asks you questions and educates you about your energy. Correct answers generate watts that are donated to worthy charities via! Energy 03.09.2012
Energy TACO
Energy TACO is a Google Chrome extension which was developed during the 1st ever Cleanweb Hackathon by Matthew (@matthewfong) and Michael (@Dogtown7) from Genability (@genability). TACO stands for... Energy 03.09.2012
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Relight New York
Community action meets environment meets mash up. An environmental group started by a 16 year old allows kids in New York to form teams to adopt buildings and report on how many light bulbs they are... Environment 09.17.2008
California Solar
Heat map of solar power in California over the last decade. Year selector that allows you to see the change in solar from year to year. Sustainability 01.31.2008
Nice, searchable database and map of renewable energy projects from around the world. Here is an opportunity to celebrate and learn about the impact individuals and organizations create a renewable... Mapping 07.11.2006
Greenpeace New Zealand Windfarm Map
A map of proposed and existing windfarms in New Zealand. Sustainability 06.15.2006

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