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TfL Live Bus & River Bus Arrivals
TfL is a London based transportation company that provides customers a way to find travel related information within the city of London. The TfL Live Bus & River Bus Arrivals API enables... Real Time 01.05.2015
Fidor is a German-based bank that offers a standardized set of RESTful APIs and management systems handled with OAuth for authentication. With Fidor, each user has a specific customer ID and... Financial 11.26.2014
Games Department
Games Department is a video game retail service created by a group of British gamers. All pre-owned games sold on their website are fully tested and - unless otherwise stated - are in perfect working... Games 10.22.2014
Netagio allows investors to automate their trading of Bitcoin, British pounds, or gold. They also accept US dollars and Euro. After setting up a verified account users have access to Netagio's... Bitcoin 10.10.2014
Ordnance Survey Places
Ordnance Survey claims to be Great Britain’s national mapping agency. The organization provides geographical information that could be helpful for government agencies, business, and individuals.... Mapping 08.27.2014
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Census maps of England
Interactive maps of Census 2011 data for England. Over 400 variables are visualised at ward level using SVG, Leaflet and D3. Mapping 10.10.2013
UK Renewable Electricity Map
Renewable electricity generation sites in the UK mapped as SVG circles using D3, with background mapping via the Leaflet API. Mouseover interaction is provided for the legend and data points. The... Mapping 10.01.2013
Free Postcode Maps
Free UK Postcode maps using the latest Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey Postcode information with Google Maps. England 08.20.2012
Belmonte Online
Thanet Real Estate Mashup combining Blogger, Google Maps and Twitter Mapping 12.18.2011
LiveMap UK Great Britain Events
An at-a-glance reference calendar featuring Britain’s top events throughout the year, we include the leading Festivals, Sporting Occasions, Agricultural/County Shows, Exhibitions, Cultural &... Mapping 12.01.2011
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Open Domesday
Domesday Book, England's earliest surviving public record, is a record of the survey of the land held by William the Conqueror and his people. The Open Domesday API supports geographical queries... Education 01.11.2012
Little Green Plane
The mix of services from a U.K. email marketing agency emphasize html message formatting, contact address and list management, flexible delivery options, and extensive reporting on success metrics.... Email 01.04.2012
Bertram Books
The service enables online book sales by partner sites with transaction processing and fulfillment by the provider's UK distribution facility. Applications can search by ISBN to get price and... eCommerce 12.28.2011
Subway SubCard
The unofficial Subway SubCard available in the UK allows cardholders to collect points on all Subway purchases and redeem them for free subs. The card functions by using a JSON API to send data. Once... Food 12.20.2011
Data Greater Manchester
DataGM (Data Greater Manchester) is a joint project of several public sector organizations to make data of the Greater Manchester (England) area more easily discoverable and usable. Datasets include... Government 12.19.2011
Black Country History
The service provides information about museum holdings, archives, images, and historic artifacts related the the Black Country. This region in central England west of Birmingham is prominent in UK... Education 12.16.2011
Raphael Research Resource
The service exposes linked data from the U.K National Gallery's collection of works by the 16th-century painter Raphael. It provides access to images with descriptive text and metadata.... Education 12.16.2011
Open Kent
Open Kent is the open government data portal for the county of Kent, England. Data is available for: public service spending; available services; traffic and travel; government performance; leisure... Government 12.04.2011
National Student Radio Chart
The National Student Radio Chart Show is a weekly live broadcast in the U.K. produced by the Student Radio Association. The program offers web services with music metadata such as performer bio and... Music 11.28.2011
IM Group
Based in the UK, the I.M. Group imports and operates vehicle franchises throughout the UK and Europe. The API provides users with access to vehicle information as well as the latest news, events and... Transportation 10.30.2011
Redbridge DataShare
The London Borough of Redbridge, in following the UK Government's programme to expose more government data, has created DataShare. DataShare makes datasets in the following categories available... Government 10.29.2011
Shropshire Council
The Shropshire Council website is the online portal for the Shropshire Council government. Access information about births, carbon emissions reduction, elected representatives, grants, local... Government 10.29.2011
txttools uses a web interface to allow users to send and receive text messages to multiple people, schedule a message to go later in the day, week, month or year, and track the delivery of the... Messaging 10.27.2011
Information Environment Service Registry
An academic "Yellow Pages" to support discovery and use of scholarly resources. Its catalog of information about electronic resources and research collections enables discovery of new... Search 10.26.2011
Culture Grid
Service from the UK Collections Trust to access information about collections of museums, libraries, or archives. Supports services to open up UK cultural institution collections for public benefit... Search 10.26.2011
Allows websites, CRM systems, social media, mobile apps and other customer facing applications to submit reports of environmental or anti-social behaviour problems to government agencies through a... Government 10.26.2011
HM Revenue & Customs
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) ensures the correct tax is paid at the right time, whether this relates to payment of taxes received by the department or entitlement to benefits paid. They provide an... Government 10.26.2011
The National Archives publishes all UK legislation, and its Legislation API provides consolidated UK legislation, with a few limitations, in a variety of formats for people to reuse. Identifier... Government 10.26.2011
DirectGov syndication service
Directgov is the official UK government website for citizens. The syndication service includes widgets that enable users to embed Directgov content and services directly into their site. The free... Government 10.26.2011
Hopewiser Atlas
Hopewiser's Atlas SOAP API allows developers to add simple UK and Australian address lookup and verification without the need for manual integration and storage of large data files. Functions... Shipping 10.25.2011
The Oxford Celtic Coin Index
The Celtic Coin Index is the online incarnation of the Celtic Coin collection at the Institute of Archaeology at Oxford University. The collection began in 1960 and contains photographs and... Education 10.15.2011
Zoopla is one of the UK's leading providers of property data for consumers and property professionals, giving free access to information on 27,000,000 homes, over 1,000,000 property listings and... Real Estate 10.14.2011
TMC SMS Gateway
TMC is the UK's leading provider of business SMS messaging. TMC's API allows an organization to utilize SMS as a communication tool, direct from a database or software application. With the... Messaging 09.21.2011
Bank Account Checker lets users verify, check and validate bank account and sortcode details. The API returns a validation code and a validation description for the UK bank account and sort code... Financial 09.07.2011
Lemonstorm is a UK-based web development company providing domain hosting, web and graphic design services, SSL certificates, and online texting service. The Lemonstorm API allows for the... Messaging 09.01.2011
Mobyko is a service that allows users to access their mobile phone information online. Features include backing up information, organizing mobile information, accessing address books and calendars,... Telephony 08.10.2011
Simunix T2A
Simunix is a UK based directory solutions provider. The information they provide includes Address Information, Company Information, Data Validation (e.g. Deceased Suppression and TPS checking), Find... Reference 08.04.2011
Festivalslab is part of Festivals Edinburgh, the umbrella organization which works on behalf of the 12 Edinburgh festivals and represents their shared strategic interests. Festivalslab is a program... Events 07.12.2011
Company Wizard Open Point
The Company Wizard is an online resource providing electronic company formation services and business products for use in the UK. The Company Wizard Open Point API is an extension to the reseller... Enterprise 06.30.2011
AHDS Identifier Resolver
The Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) is a UK national service that strives to collect, preserve and promote the electronic resources which result from research and teaching in the arts and... Reference 06.29.2011
Bluevia Location
BlueVia is a developer initiative from communications company Telef�nica. The Location API enables an application to get the user's handset location. The API uses RESTful calls and responses... Telephony 06.27.2011
Press Association Sport
Press Association Sport is the sports branch of the national news agency for the UK and Ireland. Developers can use the API to integrate football data and use it to power websites, live-score tickers... News Services 06.24.2011
Placr is a UK public transport data aggregator offering feeds to apps and real-time running displays. Placr's public transport aggregation services give access to timetables and live running... Transportation 06.08.2011
Gatekrash aggregates event listings in the UK by searching other websites. Gatekrash then collects the listings and provides filter and sort options. Events are grouped geographically, by venue or by... Events 04.22.2011
#blue is a service that stores text messages in a conversational style. With this API, client apps can, on behalf of users, do almost anything that can be done through the #blue website. This... Messaging 04.19.2011
Postcode Anywhere Government Data
Postcode Anywhere is an information-as-a-service provider offering over 250 separate web services covering a broad range of business efficiency tools for address and data capture, validation and... Government 03.09.2011
Postcode Anywhere Maps
Postcode Anywhere is an information-as-a-service provider offering over 250 separate web services covering a broad range of business efficiency tools for address and data capture, validation and... Mapping 03.04.2011
Postcode Anywhere Route Optimisation
Postcode Anywhere is an information-as-a-service provider offering over 250 separate web services covering a broad range of business efficiency tools for address and data capture, validation and... Mapping 03.04.2011
Postcode Anywhere Store Finder
Postcode Anywhere is an information-as-a-service provider offering over 250 separate web services covering a broad range of business efficiency tools for address and data capture, validation and... Mapping 03.04.2011
Postcode Anywhere Geocoding
Postcode Anywhere is an "information-as-a-service" provider offering over 250 separate web services covering a broad range of business efficiency tools for address and data capture,... Mapping 03.04.2011
Postcode Anywhere Customer Profiling
Postcode Anywhere is an information-as-a-service provider offering over 250 separate web services covering a broad range of business efficiency tools for address and data capture, validation and... Reference 03.04.2011
Skiddle is a whats on guide website that offers a ticket search and booking service for events, restaurants, hotels and more in the UK. The Events API lets users access events data and integrate... Events 03.02.2011
Deduktiv ebaas distance
Ebaas distance is a web service of deduktiv consulting, which works with postcodes - only for the delivery, not for the post office box - based on geographic coordinates. Ebaas distance is available... Reference 02.24.2011
Tube Updates
Tube Updates provides a basic way for users to access the data from the Transport For London site. The unofficial API allows developers to instantly query what state the London Tube network is in.... Transportation 02.22.2011
Data8 Goneaway Identification Web Service
Data8 is the UK's premier data solutions provider with a range of data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation services to ultimately improve the way businesses communicate with their... Tools 02.18.2011
Data8 Unusable/Salacious Names
Data8 is the UK's premier data solutions provider with a range of data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation services to ultimately improve the way businesses communicate with their... Tools 02.18.2011
Data8 Preference Services
Data8 is the UK's premier data solutions provider with a range of data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation services to ultimately improve the way businesses communicate with their... Telephony 02.18.2011
Data8 Live Number Testing
Data8 is the UK's premier data solutions provider with a range of data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation services to ultimately improve the way businesses communicate with their... Telephony 02.18.2011
Patient Opinion
Patient Opinion is a UK organization that collects patients' opinions about heath care and treatments they have recently received. Patient Opinion also offers a read-only API, intended to make... Recommendations 01.30.2011
Conferma CSP On-Demand
Conferma is the UK travel industry’s leading provider of booking, reconciliation and settlement software. Conferma specialises in providing tools to financial partners to enable the automation of... Travel 01.12.2011
Through using the Web Service, applications can communicate with the SMS Gateway, using the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) specification. The Web Service has been designed to provide a rich set... Messaging 01.12.2011
Where Does My Money Go
Where Does My Money Go is a UK-based open government site from the Open Knowledge Foundation. It aims to make government finances much easier to explore and understand. The Where Does My Money Go API... Government 12.21.2010
TextMarketer SMS
TextMarketer is a UK-based SMS messaging platform that allows developers to send text messages with their applications. In addition, you can check for available keywords, retrieve the number of... Messaging 12.16.2010 is a service for uploading, managing and measuring online video. The service is directed at content creators and video sharing sites. The API provides a RESTful interface to your... Video 12.16.2010
AddressingHistory is a searchable, historical database of the people of Edinburgh, Scotland. It provides access to the data within digitized historical Scottish Post Office Directories. The... Tools 12.14.2010
Bview Content
The Bview Content API provides users with content about local businesses to add to their site. The API includes ratings, reviews, photos, descriptions and promotions. BView is the UK's most... Reference 12.10.2010
Bview Local Search
The Bview local search API allows user to integrate search results into their website. This API can be combined with the Voucher & Offers API and the Content API to create localised offerings.... eCommerce 12.10.2010
Bview Promotion
This API enables users to use any of the vouchers from BView -- the UK's most comprehensive clearinghouse for money saving offers. BView aggregates vouchers for thousands of merchants and... eCommerce 12.10.2010
The eTapestry service helps organizations with online fundraising and donor management. Intended mainly for non-profits, the service is free to small organizations, but charges a monthly fee for a... Financial 12.09.2010
FreebieSMS Auto Dialer
The FreebieSMS Auto Dialer API lets users send an audio message to a landline or mobile phone. FreebieSMS offers bulk SMS provision to businesses who need to send SMS messages automatically. Public... Telephony 11.30.2010
The FreebieSMS API gives users access to the SMS gateway. FreebieSMS offers bulk SMS provision to businesses who need to send SMS messages automatically. The service is available in 22 countries. The... Messaging 11.30.2010
RapidSwitch is a UK-based hosting company. It offers many types of hosting, including dedicated servers. For managing dedicated servers, it includes a control panel and an API to perform much of the... Hosting 11.18.2010
The Bitsnbobs API allows developers to access and post items for sale on Bitsnbobs is an online version of a boot sale. Users are allowed to buy and sell online and in keeping with... eCommerce 10.30.2010
Conferma Booking
With the Conferma API 2.0 Booking Engine, users can integrate many additional services into existing booking and settlement systems without having to connect to multiple providers individually.... Travel 10.28.2010
TFL Cycle Hire
The TFL Cycle Hire API was created to display real-time data from the TFL Cycle Hire website. TFL Cycle Hire is a docking station in the U.K. The project was made to gather the data regarding the TFL... Transportation 10.27.2010
UK Postcodes
The UK Postcodes API allows users to access the site database. UK Postcodes provides postcode lookup services. Using the RESTful API, users can return data for a given postcode. Responses can be... Reference 08.24.2010
Local Food Advisor
The API allows users remote application access to the site's search service. is a UK local food website with over 160,000 visitors per month. It lists... Food 05.10.2010
Unlock places is a digital gazetteer service. Given a place name, it will return a geographic location and a suggested type for the place. Look up a name with a simple HTTP GET request. Get back the... Search 05.01.2010
HotUKDeals offers a community where users can share deals, vouchers, and coupons. Concerning the API, from the website: "With the introduction of the new HotUKDeals API, we are hoping to allow... eCommerce 04.30.2010
CycleStreets is a UK-wide cycle journey planner system, which lets you plan routes from A to B by bike. It is designed by cyclists, for cyclists, and caters for the needs of less both confident and... Sports 04.06.2010
Data8 Country Detection
Data8's Country Detection service quickly identifies a country from an address (and optionally email and telephone number). The API allows you to get a correctly formatted country name without... Other 03.06.2010
Graydon Company Data Webservice
The Graydon Company webservice API gives access to all our UK and International information. Graydon UK supplies company information on millions of companies worlwide. Company Searches, Detail and... Reference 03.04.2010
Guardian Politics
The Guardian Politics API covers information about politicians and elections in the UK, with many details going back to 1992. It also contains limited older data, as far back as 1945. Get information... Government 03.01.2010
Sitestat OneCall
Nedstat provides solutions for online business optimisation and delivers this through its main product Sitestat. The Sitestat platform is designed to integrate data from multiple sources including... Enterprise 02.25.2010
welovelocal is a site for finding the best local businesses by reading reviews and ratings from people in your city. The SOAP web service allows users to perform direct queries against the database... Recommendations 02.20.2010
CraftyClicks UK Postal Address Lookup
The Crafty Clicks web service gives access to the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF) - allows building a postcode lookup function. The RESTful API takes a UK post code as input and returns a list... Reference 02.02.2010
Openly Local
Openly Local is a project to develop an open and unified way of accessing Local Government information in the UK. Openly Local uses a REST based API that allows users to access information such as a... Government 02.02.2010
This is the official data directory from the UK government. It seeks to give a way into the wealth of government data. The resources here are accessible via linked data formats like RDF. Government 01.20.2010
The Taykt API allows developers to control your Taykt account, including changing message content, viewing activity, creating new messages, and dynamically responding to an SMS message on their own... Messaging 11.29.2009
Data8 Mobile Validation
Data8 is the UK's premier data solutions provider with a range of data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation services to ultimately improve the way businesses communicate with their... Telephony 11.27.2009
Data8 Postcode Lookup
Data8 is the UK's premier data solutions provider with a range of data cleansing, postcode lookup and data validation services to ultimately improve the way businesses communicate with their... Search 11.27.2009
Touch Local
The TouchLocal online business directory,, offers blanket UK coverage and contains over 2.4 million business listings. It attracts 4 million unique visitors a month who in-turn... Search 11.27.2009
Victoria & Albert Museum
The Victoria & Albert Museum API is designed as a RESTful interface to our collections and what we know about them. It returns all items in the database (paginated) in XML or JSON format. The... Education 11.20.2009
What They Claimed
The What They Claimed API allows access to the information database of expenses made by the UK members of parliament, published by Parliament in June 2009. The original data is being transcribed... Government 08.08.2009
Transport for London
Information on all forms of public transport in London, routes, maps, journey planner and online tickets sales. Includes guide to what to see and do and visit. The 'Tube this weekend' feed... Transportation 07.20.2009
Ericsson SMS Send and Receive
SMS Send & Receive lets you send and receive SMS messages using a simple REST-like web API. With your personal API key you get 1000 free SMS messages that you can send using the API, as well as a... Messaging 07.01.2009
UK Civil Service
The UK's Civil Service helps job-seekers find work or retrain for new careers in industry, government, agriculture, and education. The Civil Service API enables developers retrieve and list all... Jobs 04.28.2009
Our vouchers and offers API includes a geocoded searchable data base of local and national vouchers, voucher codes, offers and discounted restaurants and hotels. The service currently allows data to... eCommerce 04.28.2009
The innovative web service for contextual location. Lets providers of mobile social applications enhance their application by meaningful location information quickly and easily. End users share their... Social 04.02.2009
Unified Software AddressVal
Unified Software's AddressVal API allows users to provide a partial address, and returns one or more addresses from the Royal Mail Postcode Address File. If AddressVal can find an exact match, a... Tools 02.17.2009
The CloudMade APIs and tools provide geo developers with a rich mapping platform. It's built on top of the rapidly growing OpenStreetMap project of open source geo data. The CloudMade Web Maps... Mapping 02.16.2009
BBC Music
The BBC music site provides a definitive set of online information about all the music the BBC plays. Artist pages aggregate information from around the BBC and elsewhere on the web. You will also... Music 02.05.2009
This API allows users to send physical post directly from their computer to any address in the UK. The electronic document to be mailed is printed at a location close to where it needs to go for... Other 01.26.2009
The Qype API gives you access to their database of over 0.5M reviews and ratings of pubs, bars, restaurants and other local businesses across the world. You can search by name, longitude and latitude... Recommendations 01.07.2009
Use the Vouchers.Im API to access an open database of vouchers and discount codes for UK retailers. For example, when Pizza Express offers a deal, the API can return information, such as Pizza... eCommerce 12.07.2008
The Copac SRU Interface allows you to search the collections of materials held in libraries throughout the UK. The API lets you search by title, source, publisher, subject and many more. Search 12.02.2008
I Rate My Day
Use the IRateMyDay API to get the last 10 ratings of all users, get the last 10 ratings of a certain user, get specific rating details, and get details for a certain user. Social 11.19.2008
Science Museum
Use the Science Museum APIs to access pledge information and a list of exhibitions and galleries, both current and historical. The Pledges API was developed for the Science Museum exhibition, Does... Education 09.03.2008
Unified Software BankVal UK
The BankVal UK API lets users obtain ISCD bank branch details, perform UK sort code validation, validate account numbers, validate debit cards, and verify credit cards. The API uses both RESTful and... Financial 08.16.2008
Office for National Statistics
UK neighbourhood and census statistics including Neighbourhood Statistics (NeSS) data including 2001 Census, Access to Services, Community wellbeing/Social Environment, Crime and Safety, Economic... Government 07.03.2008
Name Description Category Date
Royal Wedding Zombie Attack
Not for the easily offended. William and Kate have just completed their wedding vows and are standing outside the Abbey, surrounded by onlookers, and appear to be unaware of the oncoming zombie... Weddings 04.28.2011
Gatekrash Mobile
Gatekrash Mobile is a touchscreen-optimised version of Gatekrash, providing event listings for the UK. It uses the Gatekrash API to request relevant data. Mobile 04.26.2011
200 Towns
Perspecives of British landscape: images and text from cities and towns around Britain. Mapping 03.26.2011
Centrer Parcs
Discover 18 stunning villages throughout Europe, each set in acres of beautiful forest surrounded by lakes and streams. First class facilities include stylish accommodation, restaurants and a wide... Travel 03.25.2011
Hotels Near To
Ensure you book a hotel as close to your desired London location, landmark or attraction as possible. shows you all the sights and sounds in the area too. Find hotels in London near... Mapping 02.24.2011
RAC Member Offers Map
Uses the Google Maps APi and a RAC Membership Offer feed to display locations where people can redeem special offers. Coupons 02.24.2011
UK rail passenger tweet mashup
Rail passenger tweets are plotted on a map, highlighting tweets about delays and cancellations. Mapping 01.20.2011
LiveMap Lincoln Essentials
A directory that details a range of useful information and locations such as car parks, cash machines, recycling banks, post offices, emergency contacts plus much more in the city of Lincoln, UK. England 12.19.2010
LiveMap Wildlife Parks
Plots the location of over 130 zoos, safari parks, butterfly farms and other wildlife attractions throughout the UK. Mapping 12.19.2010
LiveMap Roadworks
A portal to roadworks information published by local and national highway authorities (UK). Please note the map itself does not plot the works. In addition the site provides links to real time... England 12.19.2010

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