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Teamchat Client
The Teamchat Client API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Teamchat with other systems and applications. Some example API methods include retrieving messages and composing... Messaging 02.09.2015
Teamchat Server
The Teamchat Server API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Teamchat with other systems and applications. Some example API methods include managing chats and chatrooms,... Messaging 02.09.2015
The Tendersoft BETA API provides access to Swatch Internet Time. Use the API to receive Swatch Internet time in a variety of formats including Unix Timestamp, hours/minutes/seconds, and @beats among... Enterprise 01.20.2015
The Mattermark API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Mattermark. Public documentation is not available; interested developers can contact Mattermark for API... Analytics 01.07.2015
Google Enterprise License Manager
Located within the Admin SDK, the Google Enterprise License Manager API enables enterprise developers to programmatically manage their licenses. The API can be used to revoke a license, return a... Enterprise 12.15.2014
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Audience Partners
Audience Partners is an enterprise advertising management company that focuses on on healthcare, politics and public affairs. With the Audience Partners platform, customers will be able to micro-... Enterprise 10.12.2014
CallHub is a voice broadcasting software and SMS marketing software that is used by many financial companies, marketing firms, small businesses, as well as political campaigns companies. Some of the... Voice 10.06.2014
StartupBlink is a web application that serves users as an interactive map which showcases new startups from around the world. It also has information on other entities such as freelancers,... Mapping 09.28.2014
ResultFirst, An eminent provider of digital marketing services specializes in search engine optimization. In addition to providing corporate SEO services for large organizations and online entities,... Enterprise 02.25.2014
Enterprise Rideshare + DocuSign
Enterprise Rideshare specializes in providing customized vanpool programs and commuter services for individuals and companies across the country. Enterprise Rideshare, a Division of Enterprise Rent-A... Electronic Signature 03.15.2013
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FLG 360
FLG 360 is a cloud-based platform for leads management, CRM, and marketing. It can be used to distribute sales leads to workers and monitor their progress. FLG 360 also provides email and text... Enterprise 09.21.2013
Live2Support Live Chat
Live2Support provides a Live Chat service to online businesses that allows them to communicate with site visitors and customers one-on-one. It also lets them track which pages visitors are using on... Enterprise 09.21.2013
Cloudfier is a platform for the development and deployment of enterprise applications. The service allows you to use Cloudfier’s business programming language to define a business-centric solution... Enterprise 09.19.2013
App Annie
App Annie is a metrics tracking service for applications. App Annie offers ranking, metrics, and intelligence for applications and their associated features. The App Annie API allows developers to... Enterprise 09.18.2013
Accurate Append
Accurate Append provides U.S. businesses of all sizes with contact information appending and real-time lead validation services. Data appending involves cross-referencing the information on file with... Enterprise 09.17.2013
Qubit is a user behavior data and analysis platform. Qubit's Behavioral Attribution product allows companies and brands to track user behavior to target their marketing efforts. The Qubit... Enterprise 09.16.2013
Insightly is a client relationship management (CRM) and project management platform. Insightly allows businesses to customize and utilize various CRM and project management features, such as contact... Enterprise 09.12.2013
Mindflash provides businesses with employee training services, which allows them to create courses and then evaluate the impact of training on their success. Mindflash can use pre-existing training... Enterprise 09.10.2013
Bislr is a marketing platform. Bislr provides various online marketing features, such as marketing automation, content management services, and real-time data analytics based on user behavior. The... Enterprise 09.08.2013
Stride is a simple sales tracking application organizations to manage, develop, and collaborate on new business. The Stride API allows customer applications to integrate the Stride platform. The... Enterprise 09.08.2013
**Removed per provider** SalesFUSION is a marketing automation platform. SalesFUSION provides various marketing features, such as email marketing, lead capturing, social marketing, and marketing... Enterprise 09.04.2013
Mavenlink is an online project management platform enabling users to collaborate, track tasks, manage time, work within a budge, send invoices, and much more. The Mavenlink API provides programmatic... Enterprise 09.04.2013
GraphDive is big data platform. GraphDive provides features for data analytics and personalization that shifts through data to provide various data points from social platforms on users. The... Enterprise 09.04.2013
The Persuasion API is designed to determine the best way to persuade people on an individual basis, creating a "persuasion profile" for each customer. It also allows users to alter their... Enterprise 08.28.2013 is a Norwegian company that offers an online portal for electronically signing documents using BankID. BankID is a digital identification service that can both confirm who a person and... Enterprise 08.26.2013
Synnefo is an open source IaaS cloud platform that separates the traditional cluster management layer and the cloud layer. This design approach leads to a layered architecture which aims to boosts... Enterprise 08.26.2013
TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning platform that helps small and medium sized organizations train their employees and customers. Users can create courses using their own videos, presentations and... Enterprise 08.26.2013
BambooHR provides Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Software as a Service for organizations of all sizes. The BambooHR API provides a RESTful interface for developers to manipulate employee... Enterprise 08.24.2013
KantanMT provides solutions to build machine translation engines that can be integrated into any workflow or project management system. The KantanMT API allows developers to access and integrate the... Translation 08.20.2013
Oxygen Cloud
Oxygen Cloud is a cloud-based desktop that works exactly like a regular desktop, but allows users to keep their files secure and synced across multiple devices. Users can edit files while offline,... Storage 08.19.2013
SupportFu is a flexible, lightweight helpdesk service. Support tickets can be submitted through multiple channels and are all handled in one place. The system is easy for customers to use since they... Enterprise 08.19.2013
Snappy is a collaborative customer service system. Its email ticket support system can be used from any email client and includes a tagging service that makes it easier to assign and respond to... Enterprise 08.14.2013
Vibetrace is a service that allows users to set up email triggers based on customer behaviors, such as leaving the site with items still in their shopping cart. The service can send email newsletters... Enterprise 08.14.2013
Siasto is a team collaboration and project management service. Siasto allows teams to work together and collaborate on Siasto with various features, including project management, workflow management... Enterprise 08.09.2013
Evergage is a platform for companies and brands to track user behavior in one dashboard. The dashboard is customizable, and allows companies to better their customer service and increase visitor... Enterprise 08.08.2013
Placed is a location analytics service. Placed allows marketers and publishers to track what customers physically do in the real world. Affiliates can monetize applications with Placed. The Placed... Enterprise 08.08.2013
Scout, by T3, is a platform for mobile and web application developers. Scout allows companies and brands to access smartphone sensors to tailor the application experience for each individual customer... Enterprise 08.06.2013
Engagor is a social media management, monitoring, and engagement platform. Engagor allows users to manage their social media content and posts, monitor and analyze results, and engage with their... Social 08.06.2013
Honey is an enterprise social network solution for today’s workplace information challenges. The tool allows you to discover, discuss and archive content that matters to you and your colleagues.... Enterprise 08.05.2013
Cumulocity is an open, application centric, cloud-enabled M2M solution. Cumulocity's aim is to make mobile machine to machine applications profitable for businesses through ready-made, cloud... Enterprise 08.05.2013
Vivocha is a cloud-based customer interaction platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers online at the right time and using the most effective communication channel. Businesses... Enterprise 08.05.2013
Fareclock provides web-based employee time tracking services built around biometric verification. Fareclock offers a REST API enabling customers to integrate their service into 3rd party applications... Enterprise 08.04.2013
ERN Global
ERN Global is a transactional big data platform. ERN Global offers features to capture, store, analyze, and manipulate transactional data. Consumers, merchants, credit card processors, and card... Enterprise 08.02.2013
Ritc makes managing multiple SaaS integrations easy. Ritc is a Rule Engine API. You can use rules to easily integrate SaaS products and automate your processes and workflows. Monitor and Integrate... Enterprise 07.30.2013
karmaCRM is a sales and contact database. karmaCRM helps salespeople keep track of their client relationships, sales leads, and other contact information within the client relationship management... Enterprise 07.29.2013
gazeMetrix is a service that allows brand marketers to find and curate pictures from social networking sites that contain their brand. The service uses optical character recognition to identify... Photos 07.27.2013
MoPub is a monetization platform and service for mobile and web applications. MoPub offers features like advertising integration, a dashboard of revenue, and other monetization services for... Enterprise 07.24.2013
InsynQ provides businesses with cloud-based hosting for their apps. It was one of the first cloud computing companies formed and currently hosts more than 300 applications. One of InsynQ's... Backend 07.22.2013
BOP Enterprise Bitcoin Server
Bits Of Proof(BOP) aims to provide commercial support and Bitcoin server hosting in the emerging world of Bitcoin services and companies. The BOP Enterprise Bitcoin Server API allows users to connect... Enterprise 07.22.2013 enables organizations to develop and maintain mobile apps.’s platform enables employees, partners, and customers to access unstructured data from various places and sources.... Backend 07.18.2013
Metro Publisher
Metro Publisher is a cloud management system built to help media companies succeed online by growing readership, increasing revenue, and building their brand. Metro Publisher exposes their system... Enterprise 07.14.2013
Insto is a real-time communication framework built around a REST API and providing real-time functionality such as push notifications, real-time dashboards, analytics, and communications. Responses... Enterprise 07.13.2013
LeadLedger is a sales intelligence platform built to help technology sales and marketing professionals monitor market share, understand competitors, and generate leads. The LeadLedger API provides... Enterprise 07.10.2013
TravelManager is a comprehensive business management platform for the bus charter industry. The TravelManager allows developers to integrate the platform’s capabilities into their own software.... Enterprise 07.08.2013
Seculert is a a cloud-based security service that provides targeted and timely information related to a company's exposure to cyber threats. Seculert provides an additional layer of security on... Security 07.07.2013
Futurelytics is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform for monetizing customer behavior. Futurelytics archives data from multiple sources allowing you to quantify the value of existing customers... Enterprise 07.07.2013
Unitfour Intouch
Unitfour is a marketing solutions company that offers its clients services like Intouch, which provides consultations and helps manage customer data. Clients can use Intouch to manage their users and... Enterprise 07.06.2013
Okkam is an Entity Named System (ENS) that makes it possible to reuse globally unique identifiers. It does this by storing identifiers in a database and providing tools for their creation,... Enterprise 07.05.2013
FirstACH is a business and eCommerce payment solution. FirstACH can be integrated with business and account management software and applications to make and receive payments. The FirstACH API allows... Payments 07.03.2013
DoublePositive is a marketing service designed to find and capture good leads for clients. These leads are competitively priced and custom filtered according to the client's specifications.... Enterprise 06.28.2013
Replicon is a web timesheet and time tracking solution. Replicon offers various features for tracking time for multiple reasons, such as employee schedules, project management, and billable time for... Enterprise 06.28.2013
Roambi Business
Roambi provides services and applications for businesses. Roambi provides data analytics, file and data management, mobile applications for businesses on the go, and other services for efficiency and... Enterprise 06.25.2013
Citrix Online GoToAssist Remote Support
GoToAssist is a customer service platform provided by Citrix Online that comes with Remote Support, Service Desk, and Monitoring modules. The Remote Support module enables users to deliver live... Enterprise 06.25.2013
Icestack is a customer relationship management system. Icestack allows companies engage with their customers for customer service, as well as enables social media feedback. The Icestack API allows... Enterprise 06.22.2013
Bizowie is a cloud-solutions technology company. Bizowie offers cloud-based software-as-a-service platforms for enterprise, companies, governments, and more. The Bizowie API allows developers to... Enterprise 06.22.2013
Universal Traffic Service Carrier
Universal Traffic Service Carrier provides supply chain management services associated with delivering freight, parcels, and the like. Their Rate Service API allows users to estimate the shipping... Shipping 06.22.2013
Næringslex is an online resource developed by the Service Office for Business to help people who are starting their own businesses in Oslo, Norway. It covers all of the information needed to get... Enterprise 06.22.2013
Marvelpress is a personalized product service that offers customers customers a white label service to decorate products with user content. The Marvelpress API includes calls to submit orders,... Enterprise 06.21.2013
Vesica is an online application for managing art, heritage, and cultural collections. Vesica is a complete end-to-end solution for documenting, managing, and marketing art collections of all sizes.... Enterprise 06.20.2013
Advantech is a company that sells industrial computing, machine automation, surveillance, and networking technology to buyers around the world. They expose their site's contents and product... eCommerce 06.19.2013
TradeGecko is an online inventory and order management platform. The TradeGecko API provides developer access to that platform, allowing automated manipulation of data describing customers, orders,... Enterprise 06.18.2013
Xero Payroll
Xero is an online accounting system designed for small businesses and their advisors. The Xero Payroll API exposes the application's payroll related functions. The RESTful API can be used... Human Resources 06.18.2013
Deveo is an enterprise-class, cloud-based software collaboration platform built around version control. Deveo allows users to manage their Git, Subversion, and Mercurial repositories and their access... Enterprise 06.12.2013
dimple is an API for business analytics powered by D3 (Data-Driven Documents), a JavaScript library for manipulating data-based documents using web standards. The focus of dimple is to make D3's... Enterprise 06.10.2013
AppSocially is a service for making applications engaging and viral. AppSocially helps application developers and companies engage with their users and understand their needs and wants. The... Enterprise 06.08.2013
Skytap Cloud is a cloud computing service that allows enterprises to create complex computing environments in the cloud. The platform allows users to create, access, and share multi-machine virtual... Enterprise 06.08.2013
Verivo Akula
Verivo is a enterprise mobile application development platforms that facilitates development and operation of applications designed to enhance business processes. Verivo Akula's Management API... Enterprise 06.06.2013
Copy is a cloud-based file storage and sharing service. Users can access their files from anywhere, including on mobile devices, and still keep all of their files synced. Copy users can share their... File Sharing 06.06.2013
Unleashed is an online inventory management service for businesses of all sizes. It is designed to help manage suppliers, purchases, shipments, consignment stock, locations, warehouses, production,... Enterprise 06.06.2013
Newsweaver is communications software designed to help create, deliver, and track communications campaigns. It can be used as either internal communications software or email marketing software. As... Email 06.03.2013
Tap-to is an enterprise tool for capturing data and viewing information outside of the office the service utilizes modern smart phones and tablets to extend the accessibility of business information... Enterprise 05.29.2013
SignNow provides users from most countries with an easy way to sign legally-binding documents online. Getting an account allows users to personalize and save their signature as well as organize,... Enterprise 05.27.2013
Restricted Party Screening
Restricted Party Screening is a compliance web tool that consolidates international interdiction lists to ensure that customer transactions do not violate regional, unilateral, or multilateral... Enterprise 05.23.2013
Pinpointers provide vehicle and coach tracking services for businesses in the UK, Ireland, and Europe. They allow businesses to keep track of their remote workforce's whereabouts and status in... Transportation 05.16.2013
Bizimply is a cloud service for viewing and managing day-to-day business operations. Users can view key numbers, sales targets, employee data, hours worked, customers served, and more from Bizimply... Enterprise 05.13.2013
Kochava is a tool for keeping track of user installs of mobile applications and the actions precipitating those installs. This helps app developers optimize their ad campaigns and use the methods... Enterprise 05.13.2013
Billaway offers businesses a rewards program that reduces customers’ monthly bills at the time of payment. The users can shop at designated locations and earn points that cab be applied towards... Enterprise 05.08.2013
GreenButton Management
GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the... Enterprise 05.01.2013
GreenButton Cloud
GreenButton is a New Zealand based company that helps software vendors transition applications to the cloud. With their platform, developers can scale our their compute-intensive applications to the... Enterprise 05.01.2013
AnswerHub is an enterprise-level Q&A service that helps teams collaborate by eliminating the need to answer redundant questions. It is designed to be mobile-friendly and highly customizable so... Q&A 04.25.2013
Convo is a collaboration platform for distributed work teams. Convo offers an online platform and features for teams to stay connected to collaborate on work and projects. The Convo API allows... Project Management 04.24.2013
Names & Numbers Enterprise
NN Market Data is a company that collects, processes, and dispenses up-to-date information on Danish companies and individuals. One service they provide is Navne & Numre Erhverv (trans. Names... Enterprise 04.12.2013
Smartsheet is a Software as a Service company offering a cloud application supporting project management and collaboration at the enterprise level. The Smartsheet API provides a RESTful interface for... Project Management 04.03.2013
TeamHaven provides a field force management platform for brands, marketing agencies, and enterprises. The TeamHaven API provides a RESTful interface to key elements of the TeamHaven Server business... Enterprise 04.03.2013
Converser is a service that allows brands and companies to engage with their customers and audiences and aggregate all of the data on their customers in one place. The Converser API allows... Enterprise 04.03.2013 is a sales communication application. helps salespeople and sales teams keep track of their sales calls and emails and engage with their customers, clients, and leads in one... Enterprise 04.03.2013
The Whispir Platform enables users to send information simultaneously via SMS, voice, email, web, mobile, or social media. High-volume messages are tailored and targeted for each channel and... Messaging 04.02.2013
Numenta Grok
Grok is enterprise-level software that provides deep analytical services, especially for machine-generated data. It finds complex patterns in data streams and generates real-time predictions to help... Enterprise 04.02.2013
Percolate is a service that helps brands create and manage content for social media and platforms. Percolate helps brands understand their customers and create content to cater to them. The... Enterprise 04.01.2013
Ondore is a service for data and metric analysis and insight. Ondore combines various sources of data for actionable insight, based on natural language processing. The Ondore API allows developers... Enterprise 03.30.2013
Serendio helps companies transform multi-structured data into insight and decisions through the use of big data, text analytics, machine learning, and predictive science. Serendio's APIs allow... Enterprise 03.29.2013
Opscode Chef Server
Chef Server is an open-source system integration framework built specifically for automating the cloud. It is used for configuration management, cloud management, and continuous delivery. Chef... Backend 03.28.2013
Enstratius provides a suite of tools to help enterprises manage their cloud infrastructure. It supports the provisioning, management, and automation of applications in all leading public and private... Backend 03.28.2013
LeadDyno provides online marketing services that helps users manage their affiliates and payouts and learn which online marketing channels are providing them with the best ROI. LeadDyno offers a... Enterprise 03.27.2013
HG Datenbanken
HGKV is a German company that provides software called HG Datenbanken to manage information from collective agreements reached through a collective bargaining process. The software was designed for... Enterprise 03.19.2013
SutiExpense is a web-based solution designed to make managing and tracking expenses easier for both employees and managers. It can be configured to meet the expense reporting needs for businesses of... Financial 03.13.2013
Indicee is a business data analytics service, based out of Vancouver, that provides business users with the technology required to access information and spread across multiple applications. The... Enterprise 03.11.2013
ConnectWise Suite
ConnectWise provides IT services and management services to small and mid-sized companies including IT Services, Application Development and Consulting, as well as Managed Services for companies that... Enterprise 03.08.2013
Contactually is a customer relationship management system. Some features of Contactually include automatic contact management, recommended actions for contacts based on history, and exploring other... Enterprise 03.08.2013
HRM Direct
HRM Direct is an employee recruitment system for Human Resources departments. It is designed to make it easier to attract, screen, evaluate, and hire better people in less time. Through HRM, users... Enterprise 03.03.2013
Name Description Category Date
Salesforce International Mapping
Display a Bing map on Account, Contact or any other custom object. Supports language localisation, custom icons, built using Visualforce components so easier to reuse, and can run in Group,... Sales 09.20.2010 and Live Documents
This integration allows Box users to send documents directly to Live Documents, edit them, and save them back to Box. Documents 08.23.2010
Social Salesforce
Display LinkedIn connections for a given account directly within salesforce using LinkedIn's Company Insider widget. Business 08.19.2010
SugarCRM and
SugarCRM is an online customer relationship management application, and its integration with allows SugarCRM users to view their content on Box within the SugarCRM environment. Customer Relationship Management 08.05.2010
Quickoffice Connect and
Quickoffice Connect is a mobile document editing suite, and its integration with allows users to load, edit, and save files in their Box accounts within Quickoffice. Storage 08.05.2010
Netsuite and
Netsuite is a web-based business software suite, and it is integrated with so Netsuite users can access their content on Box from within the Netsuite environment. Enterprise 08.05.2010
EchoSign and
EchoSign is an online electronic signature service, and through its integration with, Box users can send files to be e-signed with EchoSign from within the Box environment. Electronic Signature 08.05.2010
DocuSign and
DocuSign is an online electronic signature service. It is integrated with, so users can send files to be e-signed with DocuSign from within the environment. Electronic Signature 08.05.2010
Geopointe integrates with Google Maps and MapQuest. Geopointe is the premier geo/mapping solution providing numerous ways for end-users, administrators and developers to take... Mapping 06.29.2010
Opinion Crawl
Get a real-time Web sentiment assessment on any current topic. See the issues driving the sentiment in a positive or negative way. Enterprises can get custom reports on specific topics. Reputation 05.16.2010
Name Description Category Date
Cisco WebEx PHP Library SimplEx
SimplEx is a library for accessing the Cisco WebEx API from PHP code. It comes with installation instructions and usage examples to help users get started. Enterprise 12.31.2014
LinkedIn Ruby Wrapper LinkedIn Gem
The LinkedIn Ruby Gem provides users with easy access to the LinkedIn API from Ruby code. Usage examples are available to help users get started. Social 12.31.2014 Node.js Library closeio-node
Closeio-node is a wrapper for the API written in Node.js. Users will still need an API key to access the API's methods from the wrapper. Enterprise 12.23.2014 PHP Library closeio-api-wrapper
The closeio-api-wrapper is a library that enables users to easily integrate the API's calls into their PHP code. The library requires PHP 5.4.0 or greater. Enterprise 12.23.2014 Python Library closeio-api
Closeio-api is a library that provides a convenient wrapper for the API. Some sample usages are provided to get users started. Enterprise 12.23.2014
PivotalTracker Ruby Gem pivotal-tracker-api
The pivotal-tracker-api is a gem that serves as an interface to version 5 of the PivotalTracker API. Basic usage examples are provided. Project Management 11.29.2014
ConnectWise .NET SDK
The ConnectWise .NET SDK empowers developers with tools to enable construction of ConnectWise applications and communication with the ConnectWise API in .NET environments. ConnectWise provides IT and... Enterprise 11.17.2014
BigCommerce client libraries
Bigcommerce is an eCommerce company that aims to facilitate success for online stores. With themes, design tools, inventory/order management, and hundreds of apps, this service could be useful for... eCommerce 11.04.2014
Lighthouse Ruby Library
This is the official Ruby client made to interface with the Lighthouse API. Requirements for downloading the library include ActiveResource and ActiveSupport. The library comes equipped with a... Project Management 10.19.2014
Zendesk Android SDK
The Zendesk Android SDK can be used to build Android applications that incorporate native Zendesk elements. The SDK is free for all Zendesk users to download and incorporate into 3rd party projects. Support 10.16.2014
Name Description Category Date
Javascript Wrapper for Salesforce API
from the site: The AJAX Toolkit is a JavaScript wrapper around the API. Office 07.22.2008
Perl Wrapper for Salesforce API
A perl wrapper around the api. Office 07.22.2008
PHP Wrapper for Salesforce API
From the site: This new version of the PHP toolkit provides you an easy way to make Web service API method calls. As an existing user of the toolkit, you will be delighted to know that it’s been... Office 07.22.2008
ActiveSalesforce for Ruby
ActiveSalesforce is a Ruby on Rails connection adapter that provides direct access to hosted data and metadata via the ActiveRecord model layer. Objects, fields, and relationships are... Enterprise 04.26.2007