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Nao Perca
The Nao Perca API is a SaaS solution that provides developers with access to thousands of POIs (points of interest) in Portugal. POI categories include stores, restaurants, museums, infrastructure,... Location 07.07.2015
Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe)
The Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe) REST API allows developers to access the functionality and data of the Protein Data Bank in Europe for integration with other applications. Some example API... Science 04.23.2015
CHINO API provides to mHealth app developers secure API and storage for health data according to EU Data Protection laws. API applies RESTful principles and simplifies law compliance... Backend-as-a-Service 04.06.2015
Orange Cloud
The Orange Cloud API allows developers' application services to access the personal cloud of Orange customers in France, with Open ID Connect which provides secure identification and... Storage 03.20.2015
The Paynova API supports all aspects of payment processing for online retailers in Europe. Use the API to create and send invoices, accept payments and issue refunds, and process orders. The API... Payments 03.08.2015
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XY Shop
XY Shop provides a price comparison facility to our customers so that they can buy the product at best online available price. XY Shop is becoming popular online shopping site around UK and Europe. eCommerce 07.23.2009
Compare Hotels in Europe
Compare 65,000 hotels in Europe in one search. Hotels 05.14.2009
Home and Garden
Home and garden furniture, furnishings, and accessories. Includes range of products from some major retailers from around UK, DE, FR, AU and USA. eCommerce 02.07.2008
20,000 European camping sites on one map. Recreation 01.20.2008
Soccer Map
Soccer National league tables in a map, plus soccer news. You can search based on teams and leagues. European 01.02.2008
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Version francaise d un nouveau wiki permettant de decouvrir et publier des lieux remarquables sur google maps avec images, liens et videos youtube ou dailymotion. -- French version of wiki featuring... Photos 02.24.2007
Complete guide to fishing spots in Hungary and Central Europe. In Hungarian. Sports 02.05.2007
Maps and descriptions of skateparks for skateboarding and biking in europe. User contributed content. Sports 02.03.2007
Comic strip related art in Brussels, Belgium. Includes Tin Tin. European 12.22.2006
Lists art in public spaces in some cities around the world. In English and Dutch. Art 12.22.2006
MetaWeather is an automated weather data aggregator that take the weather predictions from various forecasters and calculates the most likely outcome. Weather 12.20.2006
Hungarian Real Estate listings with Google Maps. Mapping 12.19.2006
Geo Spots in Europe
GeoSpot consists of a huge directory of geographical spots, like for example theme park, animal, living, shops, bicycle, kids and fun. Languages are Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,... Mapping 11.15.2006

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