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The Attendify event API allows you to build custom apps for your event or conference. The API accepts XML or JSON data formats and supports HTTP Basic Auth for authentication. Use Attendify to add... Events 06.19.2015
Timekit provides a REST API that works with calendars to provide scheduling, event suggestions, and calendar overlays. This API is consumable by browser clients and servers, as well as supporting... Calendars 04.27.2015
The Arlo API is a REST API that provides developers access to events, contacts, organization, registration and CRM data stored in your Arlo platform. The API also supports a public API designed for... Events 03.03.2015
Dansk Supermarked
The Dansk Supermarked API is a Danish Web API that provides geocoded store information. This includes store resources such as basic information, location, and hours for Dansk Supermarked stores:... Addresses 02.25.2015
GitHub Issue Events
The GitHub Issue Events API allows developers to integrate the GitHub issue events service into their applications, and to gain access to records of various events that occur around an Issue or Pull... Events 02.22.2015
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Going out in Paris?
"Où sortir à Paris ?" is a mobile application, designed for users in Paris, France. This application lets users find information about local events in Paris. Travel 04.15.2015
ActionSprout is a web application that can be integrated into Facebook. ActionSprout enables Facebook users to share events and/or sign petitions right on their Facebook page. ActionSprout enables... Social 10.06.2014
pinkbigmac is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application... Travel 09.25.2014
IFTTT Channel
IFTTT is a service that lets you create “if this then that” connections to automate interaction between Fitbit and over one hundred applications including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Box, and Gmail.... Collaboration 09.08.2014
ArgenCities is a web app that delivers a Google Maps powered search of Argentinian cities. The tool displays useful city info such as weather using Forecast. It also features restaurants,... Geography 08.22.2014
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EMS Master Calendar
The service provides online access to a shared, centralized event calendar allowing individuals and groups to coordinate activities. Each listing gives date, time, and location, along with details... Events 08.27.2012
Fanggle EventBreeze
Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The EventBreeze API is an event planning... Project Management 08.21.2012
Eventarc is an online event registration service that allows users to set up and administer online event listings as well as ticketing services for the events they have listed. From small events to... Events 08.18.2012
Mbar is a bar, terrace & café in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. The club offers a free, read only REST API for access to its program data, including event, artist and club series information.... Events 08.14.2012
Ticketscript is a free event ticketing software tool. Developers can use Ticketscript to integrate their website and Facebook page to Ticketscript's platform. From the platform, developers can... Events 08.13.2012
Open Notify
Open Notify is an open source project to bring digital notifications into the physical world. The software is used to monitor real world events and use them as a means of turning an LED light on and... Tools 08.13.2012
The service provides information of interest to local audiences. It gives access to separate content databases related to events, companies, topics, and general content such as reviews, how-to... Events 08.06.2012
CashOrTrade is a platform on which users can sell, trade, or put our requests for concert tickets. The service also includes forums to organize ride-sharing, housing in concert cities, and post lost... Feeds 07.21.2012
Ingresse is Brazilian event management platform. It allows event planners and attendees convenient access to ticket sales, as well as event information and communications. Events can range from... Events 07.18.2012
The service provides tools for communications around events and surveys, with ability to email notifications and requests to provide input via online questionnaires. Other possible applications... Events 07.17.2012
Zerista is a data-management service for event planners. It provides a suite of tools for organizers and exhibitors to organize their planning and maximize the value of the information in those... Events 07.09.2012
The Evently API allows users to include the Evently event information on outside websites. Evently collects event information from over 1000 unique event listing services and organizes the data to be... Events 07.05.2012
Scottish Enterprise Events
Scottish Enterprise offers business advice and support for Scotland's businesses in order to stimulate economic growth and improve the business environment. They also offer grants, loans, and... Events 07.03.2012
StesCodes Friends Inviter
StesCodes is a web solution provider. As part of their portfolio of services, StesCodes offers several APIs. The StesCodes Friends Inviter gives users the ability to send invitations to their friends... Social 06.27.2012
Glimt is an event discovery platform. aggregates event data from multiple sources and adds geotag to all events in Norway. displays events via lists or maps. Events of all... Events 06.20.2012
CoveritLive is a live-blogging platform. It allows journalists and bloggers to cover events in real time. CoveritLive also provides Social TV and Chat Events solutions. These options offer entire... Video 06.13.2012
West World Media
West World Media is a leading provider of movie showtimes, entertainment listings and venue marketing. They collect, compile and provide shotimes and movie data to newspapers worldwide. The company... Events 05.30.2012
Sapo Alerts
SAPO is a Portuguese Internet service provider whose main web site acts as a web portal featuring a directory of Portuguese sites. SAPO Services provides a large suite of web services and... Events 05.03.2012
Sapo Agenda
SAPO is a Portuguese Internet service provider whose main web site acts as a web portal featuring a directory of Portuguese sites. SAPO Services provides a large suite of web services and... Events 04.26.2012
Eventility is an event organization and promotion platform. It contains a database of venues, events, clubs, groups and communities. The API gives users access to public event content for use in... Events 04.25.2012
Certain is an on demand event management service. It's cloud based platform allows users to plan, promote, manage and track events. The Certain API allows developers to integrate some of the... Events 04.16.2012
BeThereNYC hosts a listing for events occurring in New York City. It focuses on events taking place at museums, such as exhibitions and stargazing. It also provides a map that shows the locations of... Events 04.13.2012
TicketCity is a service that both buys and sells tickets for events including sports, theater and concerts. It offers tickets to over 75,000 events in over 28 countries and includes a marketplace of... Events 03.22.2012
The service provides online information about an annual independent culture culture festival in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Festival activities include an eclectic mix of music, dance, film, and visual... Music 03.09.2012
Seatwave is an online platform to buy and sell tickets for live events, such as concerts, sports, and theater. The Seatwave API is available in two profiles: Discovery API and Purchase API. The... Entertainment 02.24.2012
GigMasters is an online booking service for entertainers and performers. Users can book entertainment for their events and parties with GigMasters. GigMasters lists entertainers and performers from a... Entertainment 01.25.2012
AttendStar is an online event ticketing and promotion service. AttendStar allows users to create, promote, and sell tickets online, collect buyer information, access reports on sales, and scan... Events 01.16.2012
HubSpot Events
HubSpot is an internet company that provides high-quality internet marketing to small internet-based businesses. HubSpot transforms relatively static small-business websites into modern marketing... Events 12.18.2011
New York Times Events
The New York Times offers a variety of APIs available to developers. The New York Times Events API allows developers to access and integrate cultural event listings from the New York Times with other... Events 12.17.2011
Kaltura is an open source online platform for video publishing, management, syndication, and monetization. The associated APIs allow users to access every core service of the platform for... Video 12.04.2011
Bullseyehub provides event promotion software, employing automatic event listings, email, and mobile and social tools to assist its users in promoting their events online. The API allows developers... Events 11.20.2011
Malmö Festival is an art, music, and culture festival which occurs in downtown Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city. An API is available to grab information about the festival including:... Events 11.10.2011
Hyperpublic is a platform that collects geographic and local information from the web. Hyperpublic collects open data on places and points of interest, local deals and events, and other geo data that... Mapping 11.09.2011
TicketLeap is a portal for selling tickets and promoting events. TicketLeap's services for ticket sellers include branding, social marketing, technological integration, data analysis, and live... Events 11.08.2011
InstantEncore Maestro
InstantEncore is a marketing platform and online community for the classical music community at large. It provides concert calendars, an online music and video file database, and aggregation of... Music 10.15.2011
Memory Reel
Memory Reel is an event marketing service. Memory Reel offers clients tools such as event mobile applications, online tools to connect with event attendees, and analytics to measure marketing... Events 09.08.2011
Mobli is a real-time visual media platform social networking service. Through channels, such as people channels, subject channels, event channels, and place channels, users can upload and share media... Social 09.08.2011
LearningSource is an online training and events management platform. It automates communications, scheduling and registration processing while providing a collaborative learning platform. Using the... Events 08.31.2011
Thrill call is a web site that acts as a hub where fans can find tour dates, tickets and reviews at the best venues to see live music. For artists, Thrillcall helps with event and concert promotion... Music 08.31.2011
Plings is a UK based activities and destinations website for young people, and it works with local organizations to promote positive activities for teens. The Plings Input API is aimed at providing... Entertainment 08.28.2011
CS50 HarvardEvents
HarvardEvents is a calendar app that details events happening around the Harvard campus. The data is also available programaticaly through the RESTful HarvardEvents API in CSV, iCalendar, JSON, JSONP... Events 08.28.2011
Brown Paper Tickets
Brown Paper Tickets is a fair-trade ticketing company, providing tickets for both large and small events. In addition to their website, Brown Paper Tickets provides a RESTful API for developers to... Events 08.21.2011
Fusicology is a website dedicated to the promotion of and documentation of the Soul music movement, as well as being a hub for progressive events. The site provides information about music events,... Music 08.13.2011
Activism Network Community
The Activism Network Community is an online, interactive community for activists and social movements. The network includes a database of activists and social movements, contacts for certain... Events 08.12.2011
ShowClix is a ticketing service for performing arts centers, nightclubs, music venues, non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities. The API can fetch information about upcoming events... Events 08.11.2011
Tweetvite allows users to create and find tweetups in the user's area. Tweetvite's features include customizable invites, tracking tweets and retweets about the tweetup, and listing of... Events 08.10.2011
VenueWebServices is a service that collects information on events, venues, and tickets and distributes it and a collection of venue promotions, giveaways, and concession pricing for integration on... Events 08.08.2011
SpeakerRate is an online service for event organizers, attendees, and speakers. It allows event organizers to search for event speakers, attendees to get more information and provide feedback on... Events 07.25.2011
Kijubi is a experience marketplace dedicated to aggregating and organizing things to do all over the US. Kijubi's search engine stores information on activities on the water, in the air, or on... Travel 07.13.2011
Festivalslab is part of Festivals Edinburgh, the umbrella organization which works on behalf of the 12 Edinburgh festivals and represents their shared strategic interests. Festivalslab is a program... Events 07.12.2011
Daum Events
Daum is a web portal in South Korea that offers many Internet services to web users, including a popular free web-based e-mail, messaging service, forums, shopping and news. The Daum Content API... Events 07.08.2011
Socializr is a social networking site aimed at event planning and online invitation services. It can be integrated with other online social networks such as Friendster, MySpace, Flickr and Facebook,... Events 06.24.2011
Wots-On is a free promotional service for Australian events. The Wots-On API allows users to access the database of event information to display within their website or application. With the... Events 06.20.2011
Ticket Evolution
Ticket Evolution provides the most flexible and robust API to create your own unique ticket experience on your site while allowing you to maintain your brand. We have aggregated inventory from over... Events 06.20.2011
Happenstand is a website featuring Bay Area arts events. The API allows developers to retrieve lists of events, venues and person data from the site. The lists can be sorted by start date, end date,... Events 05.30.2011
DoStuff Media is a company that helps local media companies and music festivals monetize their web sites by providing a technology that aggregates, organizes and displays critical information about... Events 05.11.2011
Lollapalooza is an annual music festival with popular acts performing over several days. DoStuffMedia works with Lollapalooza to provide much of the technology that the event uses, such as helping... Music 05.06.2011
Gatekrash aggregates event listings in the UK by searching other websites. Gatekrash then collects the listings and provides filter and sort options. Events are grouped geographically, by venue or by... Events 04.22.2011
SCHED* is a service for event scheduling and planning, with social network integration and tools for attendees to build their own agendas, along with other services. For conference organizers, SCHED... Events 03.26.2011
Localstreamer is a geolocation system that allows users to explore events, data and people's thoughts in every place on the earth. Localstreamer provides a set of API services to allow users to... Social 03.18.2011
SeatGeek is a ticket search site that aggregates sports, concert, and theater ticket listings from Stubhub, ebay, TicketsNow, and many more. The site displays this information in addition to... Events 03.16.2011
Fuze Box
Fuze Box is a provider of Internet and mobile based unified communications solutions. The Fuze Box APIs allow users to incorporate meetings, presence and IM into their applications. A suite of APIs... Chat 03.10.2011
Skiddle is a whats on guide website that offers a ticket search and booking service for events, restaurants, hotels and more in the UK. The Events API lets users access events data and integrate... Events 03.02.2011
Live Matrix
Live Matrix is a guide to what’s happening when on the Web. It lists thousands of live online events every day including live video streams of events, live celebrity chats, one-time sales, gaming... Events 02.28.2011
Eventification is a website where users can submit, browse, and subscribe/RSVP to events published by other users. The Eventification API is still in production, but devvelopers can still use the... Events 02.26.2011
Proxomo is a cloud infrastructure solution specifically designed with mobile developers in mind. The tool kit is for social location aware applications. The Proxomo services help developers realize... Social 02.22.2011
Plakatt is a website built around events. Users can view events, add tags, comments, pictures or videos, or create new events. Events can be browsed by city or by tags. The Plakatt API allows... Events 02.21.2011
The Codebits API allows developers and users to look up information about the SAPO Codebits event and look up information about users/speakers and talks at the event. The API can be called through... Events 02.21.2011
Avacaster is a webcasting and webconferencing solution. The Avacaster API is a RESTful or SOAP based API that lets users manage and edit their events on their Avacaster server. Users can create or... Events 12.30.2010
The Plancast API can be used to build applications on top of Plancast that make the service more useful and leverage its data off-site. Plancast is a service that lets users share events and other... Social 12.06.2010
Ticketfly is the fastest-growing, independent ticketing and social marketing platform. Ticketfly�s API is available for commercial or non-commercial use to approved sites. It offers event promoters... Events 06.19.2010
The Airbana database contains information about Airsoft Skirmish and Retail sites globally and also event listings, live weather reports, live pricing information. From Wikipedia: Airsoft is a a... Other 05.10.2010
GigJunkie API has simple queries to enable powerful concert searches with a range of filters including geolocation, genre and date ranges. You can also query for hot artists or events in a specific... Music 04.30.2010 is a membership management and event registration service for motorsport driving and social events organized by motorsport clubs, racetracks and sanctioning bodies in North America... Sports 03.12.2010
TeliaSonera Calendar
The RESTful Calendar API gives users the possibility to create calendars and fill them with events and todo-points with alarms and attendees to schedule events that can be used in other... Calendars 12.10.2009
Bandsintown allows users to view local concerts and gives live music recommendations. The Bandsintown concert API allows any website or mobile application to display the information Bandsintown... Music 09.27.2009
Burning Man
Burning Man is an art event and temporary community "based on radical self expression and self-reliance" that takes place each summer at Black Rock City of Nevada It has its own API that... Events 08.30.2009
FanSnap is a live event ticket search engine for fans. Its mission is to provide the most comprehensive, accurate, fast and easy-to-use resource for fans to find the tickets they desire to sports,... Events 07.19.2009
From their site: At Songkick we've spent a lot of time collecting data about live music, and now we want to see what you can do with it. We're currently putting together an API to allow... Music 07.09.2009
Community Megaphone
Community Megaphone is intended to provide a way to add events, without needing to sign up, register, or provide personal information, and easily share information about upcoming events via the web,... Events 05.06.2009
TicketStumbler is a secondary ticket market search engine and comparison website. We search thousands of ticket listings from hundreds of brokers and ticket exchanges across the internet and present... Events 04.28.2009
Gigulate provides information about music news, blogs, and upcoming gigs. Gigulate also charts artist popularity across the web. Using the API, Gigulate's listings are all available for you to... Music 04.21.2009
The API provides read-only access to data produced by systems within The Active Network. This includes things like running events, tennis tournaments, triathlons and highschool sports... Events 04.13.2009
The API lists concerts and gigs from the live music agenda of 5gig network of sites. You can filter the information by artist, venue, city, genre, among other options. Music 02.03.2009
The Livekick API helps you discover great local live concerts based on the artists you like and to find the best and cheapest available tickets online. Import your iTunes artists, PC music libraries... Events 01.21.2009
The Venteria service allows you to create, schedule, monitor and indicate attendance to local social events. The API gives you access to find events based on location, date, time and more. Events 12.31.2008
Use the BoomLoop API to add events and coordinate social activities with your friends. You can use this API to create, manage and share calendar entries and events with other people. Boomloop is a... Events 12.31.2008
Amiando is a leading on-demand tool in Europe for online event organization. It is used by thousands of event hosts worldwide. Three APIs are available: Community Ticketing API for letting users sell... Events 12.20.2008
SonicLiving Concerts
SonicLiving is a Beta API and can return dates for upcoming performances for artists. The SonicLivng API requires an API key and is available for both commercial and non-commercial use. The... Music 12.05.2008
Use the YouPage API to get all YouPage content for business, promotional sale, and event listings in XML or RDF/XML. Create widgets or gadgets that show business contact details and open hours.... eCommerce 11.16.2008
Use the ArtBeat API to get art and design event information for different areas of NYC or Tokyo. Get events by longitude and latitude, area, media, popularity... Events 10.22.2008
Seattle 2.0
Use the Seattle 2.0 API to get upcoming events in Seattle. Seattle 2.0 was founded in 2007 to help tech entrepreneurs build great companies. It is different because it's written by doers.... Events 10.09.2008
Mycitymate Location
Use the MyCityMate Location API to insert venues, reviews, your present location, and more into your web site, social network, or application. Mycitymate is about finding and sharing the places in... Recommendations 09.20.2008
Social Actions
Use the Social Actions Open API to search the database of volunteer and philanthropy opportunities, called social actions, useful for those interested in peer-to-peer social change... Other 09.14.2008
The Happenr API allows integration of location-based event calendar information in any application. Tap into a large database of events from thousands of sources that is frequently updated. Each... Events 08.31.2008
Use the Vitalist API to get, add, edit, and delete all your actions, projects, contacts, and contexts. You can also get information and settings for your user account. David Allen's Getting... Project Management 08.31.2008
The Smynx API lets you find new ideas for having fun, and arrange to try them with friends and people near you. Search and return details for an idea or location. Search upcoming public try-outs... Social 08.22.2008
Eventbrite's API web services allows developers to create users and events as well as pull the associated events into an application. Using the API, developers may access Eventbrite data and... Events 08.02.2008
Live Nation Event Data
From their site: Live Nation's concert event database features a comprehensive listing of worldwide live music events. The Event Data API includes artist names, venue names, event location, show... Music 07.17.2008
Name Description Category Date
MapDays allows users to refine event searching by location and time. Events 11.18.2013
Vinexpo 2013 Map
This mashup uses Google Maps to display a detailed illustration of the Vinexpo 2013 facilities. This allows visitors to easily find exactly what they are looking for. Mapping 08.20.2013
Austin City Limits Music Festival radio
Discover all the artists playing at thse 2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival taking place on October 4-6 & 11-13 in Austin, TX with, the unofficial radio app for ACL Fest. Music 08.08.2013
Fanbible is a live music event guide that works on android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers. The application automatically detects a user's location and presents them with relevant... Events 07.01.2013
A site for setlists and statistics on artists concert chronology. Music 10.18.2012
Party gator
A free app that combines facebook events with google maps location service. Mapping 10.15.2012
Qabic allows you to effortlessly handle Q&A for your talks/panels by allowing your audience to submit and vote on questions throughout the event. This allows the best questions to be easily... Tools 09.05.2012
Emagister Symposium
Emagister Symposium is a new scientific and educational events portal licensed to different universities and educational and investigation centers. Education 05.23.2012
What Are the Haps?
Local event search engine, powered by user contributions. Find something to do today, or promote your own event! Events 05.12.2012
Create your own dynamic leaderboard by mashing data from various sources. Works especially well at increasing the number of tweets during live events. Engagement 05.08.2012
Name Description Category Date
Eventbrite Python Client Library
Eventbrite Python Client Library is a Python based web client for the Eventbrite API. An API/Application key is required for initializing the client. With this Client Library, developers will be able... Events 11.24.2014
Eventbrite PHP Client Library
Eventbrite PHP Client Library is a PHP based web client for the Eventbrite API. An API/Application key is required for initializing the client. With this Client Library, developers will be able to... Events 11.24.2014
Meetup Node.js Library meetup-api
The Meetup API library for Node.js allows users to integrate their applications with the Meetup API. The library is written in JavaScript code and hosted at npm. Social 11.14.2014
Opentracker JavaScript Library
The Opentracker JavaScript library provides developers with tools to integrate their web applications with Opentracker service. With this, developers will be able to track any action or event in... Events 11.09.2014
Eventful Ruby Api
EventfulApi is a programming library that allows users to access the Eventful API from Ruby code. This library supports the API's new OAuth authentication method. Events 09.01.2014
The library provides Python-based access to the Eventful API. In order for the library to function, the user must already have simplejson and httplib2. Events 09.01.2014
Services_EVDB PHP Package
The Services_EVDB PHP Package provides developers with a PHP interface to the Events & Venues Database. The package can handle authentication, object creation, and other basic API calls. Events 09.01.2014
WebService::Eventful provides a Perl interface to the Eventful API - including its authentication infrastructure - that allows users to build tools and applications that interact with it. Events 09.01.2014
TicketEvolution API source code
Open Source PHP Library for accessing the TicketEvolution API. Requires Zend Framework. Framework 06.27.2011
ArtBeat AS3 Wrapper
The AS3 Artbeat wrapper is a handy ActionScript 3.0 library that any Flash developer access our ArtBeat APIs. Developed by Reuben Stanton. Events 10.24.2008

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