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Cozi is an app to help families organize and manage day-to-day activities. Using Cozi, families can access and share calenders, shopping lists, to do lists, family journals and photo collages. Cozi... Scheduling 06.03.2014
Path is a private social networking and content sharing application. Path allows users to share information, photos, videos, and other content with a select number of people. Path also has one-on-one... Social 08.12.2013
GoMummy is Malaysian online sales website that features products for moms, babies and kids. The site offers a wide range of products at discounted prices, along with daily deals and coupons. GoMummy... eCommerce 06.16.2013
Open New York Child Care Regulated Programs
Open New York collects and exposes local, state, and federal data. The site hosts a catalogue of datasets organized by location or subject area. The Open New York Child Care Regulated Programs API... Government 04.12.2013
We Know A Place Senior Housing Locator
We Know A Place is an online directory of services and housing for seniors and elderly people. Users can search for elder care and housing. The We Know A Place Senior Housing Locator allows... Real Estate 11.23.2012
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Simple Latitude
Simple Latitude is a location-tracking iPhone app that helps users stay in touch with their families and friends. It can show a user's location, location accuracy, and timestamp on a map to... Location 03.20.2015
Place My Past
Place My Past is a family history mapping application. Family 01.12.2014
Smart Baby Cards
Smart Baby Cards is an Android application. Children can learn about things in different categories, how they look, how they sound and how they are called. Family 05.29.2013
Jooniyo Is a Social network for children that uses the Facebook API. Social 08.13.2012
TinyTube is your source for all things beneficial to your children. Ranging from movie trailers to educational videos and funny videos, TinyTube has everything your child needs on one site to be... Video 03.06.2012
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Name Description Category Date
Quintura Kids
Visual-based search engine for kids. Search 09.23.2007
Peppers and Pollywogs
Kids party entertainer and venue mashup--aggregates photos, videos and reviews, and helps parents find the right kids entertainment within their budgets. Family 08.29.2007
Child Care Finder
Find babysitters, nannies, and other care options visually with Google Maps. Mapping 05.09.2007
Legacy Commemorative Guest Book
Uses the SharedBook Reverse Publishing Platform, multiple streams of data containing the obituary, guest book entries and family photos automatically flow from to SharedBook where the... Photos 04.05.2007
Map-based parenting community. Family 01.26.2007

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