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BlockCypher Microtransaction
What the Microtransaction API does in addition to the Transaction API, is to propagate smaller and more frequent transactions that still exist on the blockchain and are still publicly auditable.... Cryptocurrency 06.23.2015
BlockCypher Transaction
With BlockCypher,the crypto-currency platform as a service, developers can create block chain applications with the APIs that include Transaction API. In detail, this API affords to find information... Cryptocurrency 06.23.2015
Vatlayer is a simple REST-based JSON API offering instant EU VAT (Value Added Tax) number validation, VAT compliant price calculations and VAT rates for all 28 current member states of the European... Financial 06.16.2015
IAmReal Social Validation
The IAmReal Social Validation API allows developers to integrate their applications with the Social Validation service provided by I Am Real, enabling them to authenticate users by using their... Identity 06.04.2015
The BitMEX API allows users to automate their BitMEX trading and account management functions. BitMEX (The Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) is a cryptocurrency derivatives platform built by financial... Cryptocurrency 05.21.2015
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Bitcoin Checkout
Bitcoin Checkout is an open source Google App Engine demo project that shows a checkout and invoicing system that works for Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Blackcoin. It provides QR and BIP32-compliant payment... Bitcoin 04.16.2015
Bitcoin ATM
Bitcoin ATM uses AngularJS and the Coinkite API to simulate a Bitcoin vending machine. In addition to Bitcoins, it can also dispense Litecoins and Blackcoins. Bitcoin 04.16.2015
DocuSign Akcelerant Integration
Akcelerant is a web application that focuses its development to provide services to the financial industry. The DocuSign Akcelerant Integration allows customers to transfer lending documents to... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
Last 10K: Financial Statements
Idea Edge is a service that provides open financial information. Their app takes the most important financial data from lengthy 10-K Annual and 10-Q Quarterly reports filed with the SEC and makes... Stocks 10.07.2014
CareFinancial is a credit card processing company that also supports social initiatives. With CareFinancial, consumers will be able to 'spend money with purpose.' CareFinancial processes... Financial 10.06.2014
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Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getIndexMembers API returns the stocks compromising a given index. All Barchart OnDemand APIs allow for queries in JSON... Profiles 08.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getRatings API provides analysts ratings on stocks (strong buy, moderate buy, hold, moderate sell or strong sell) based... Profiles 08.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getInsiders API provides insider transaction records for publically traded companies based on symbol. Data reported... Profiles 08.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getCompetitors API provides a list of related stock symbols (competitors) for an underlying stock input. All Barchart... Profiles 08.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getBalanceSheets API provides access to public company financial balance sheets based on symbol. All Barchart OnDemand... Profiles 08.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getIncomeStatements API provides access to public company financial Income statements based on symbol. All Barchart... Profiles 08.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getFinancialRatios API provides key financial ratios for equities based on symbol. Up to 8 years of financial ratios... Profiles 08.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getFinancialHighlights API provides key financial highlights, ratios and statistics for equities based on symbol.... Profiles 08.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getProfile API is used to request information about a company, such as sector, industry, company description, CEO,... Profiles 08.21.2014
Interactive Chart
Markit on Demand's Interactive Chart API is for displaying the historical value of a company’s stock. The response contains end-of-day historical price information for companies traded on the... Stocks 08.18.2014
Stock Quote
Markit on Demand's Stock Quote API is useful for finding the current value of a company’s stock. The response of this API contains price information for companies traded on the BATS Exchange in... Stocks 08.18.2014
EDGAR Online
EDGAR Online is a service that provides data related to equities, mutual funds and public assets. With the API, developers could retrieve financial information from an individual, search financial... Financial 08.13.2014 is an API that returns foreign exchange rates based on daily and historical feeds from the European Central Bank. These foreign exchange reference rates are generally updated by 3pm Central... Currency 08.08.2014
ComplyAdvantage is a PEP and sanctions screening service that checks both general and proprietary PEP watchlists and scans both standard and custom lists of global sanctions. It helps businesses... Compliance 08.06.2014
NSEFinance - Nigerian Stock Exchange
NSEFinance provides users with API access to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). The NSE was founded in 1960 and has about 200 listed companies. NSEFinance offers an unofficial API that makes use of... Stocks 08.05.2014
Jive Data
JiveData provides access to financial data for SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) reporting companies. The JiveData API allows developers to retrieve and update user details, get recent... Stocks 08.02.2014 API offers a secure wallet and payment service for transacting the three most common cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Doge, & LiteCoin). Their service is hosted without fees. Their HTTP... Bitcoin 07.29.2014
WinkDex is an index for the Bitcoin market, offering real time conversion rates from US Dollars to BitCoin. Their RESTful API allows developers to query their price index at any time to return... Bitcoin 07.29.2014
ActiveTick Market Data
ActiveTick Market Data API provides a programming interface to query market data, historical chart and tick data, manage streaming subscriptions, and receive streaming updates. The API covers a... Stocks 07.29.2014
Visa Checkout
Visa Checkout API helps developers to integrate payments. The fundamental value of this API is the functionality of e-commerce transactions, useful for developers who work with online businesses open... eCommerce 07.28.2014
EnClout Pacer
The Pacer service provides online access to documents related to appellate, bankruptcy, civil, criminal and multi-district litigation in the United States. This API about public access to court... Data-as-a-Service 07.21.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getQuoteEod API uses combined exchange and symbol to retrieve requested end-of-day price data for any equity, future or... Prices 07.15.2014
Barchart is a provider of futures, equity and foreign exchange market data. The getQuote API is used to request real-time, delayed or end-of-day price data by symbol. In addition to Last Price or... Prices 07.14.2014
Pemilu Campaign Finance Report
The Pemilu Campaign Finance Report API allows users to retrieve campaign finance reports on the 2014 Indonesian elections, including reports on the contributions for a single candidate or all... Politics 07.09.2014
IG Trading API
REST trading and streaming APIs:- Automate trades, build integrations and create trading apps using our market-leading spread betting and CFD technology. Financial 07.09.2014
BTClevels is a Bitcoin binary option trader that enables users to earn money based on exchange rate fluctuations between Bitcoins and US Dollars. The website uses listings and quotations that are... Financial 07.02.2014
CrowdTrust Bad Actor Check
The Bad Actor Check API automates the due diligence required for Equity crowd-funding. Users may register via the CrowdTrust website. CrowdTrust is a service that provides users with verified,... Crowdsourcing 06.26.2014
The AllPay API mirrors the functionality provided by the AllPay user interface. All data is available for CRUD operations. Lists of data can be polled using a fluent SQL-like syntax and updated in... Human Resources 06.19.2014
Cryptonator is a cryptocurrency rate calculator and conversion service that includes information for more than 300 cryptocurrencies. Prices are sources from 34 exchanges and are updated every 30... Currency 06.11.2014
PSP Platform Subdealers
The PSP Platform is a white-label platform that helps users create their own complete payment gateways capable of performing mobile transactions, currency exchanges, and more. The Subdealers API... eCommerce 06.02.2014
PSP Platform Dealers
The PSP Platform is a white-label platform that helps users create their own complete payment gateways capable of performing mobile transactions, currency exchanges, and more. The Dealers API enables... eCommerce 06.02.2014
PSP Platform Merchant's API ver.2
The PSP Platform is a white-label platform that helps users create their own complete payment gateways capable of performing mobile transactions, currency exchanges, and more. The Merchant's API... eCommerce 06.02.2014
PSP Platform Merchant's API ver.1
The PSP Platform is a white-label platform that helps users create their own complete payment gateways capable of performing mobile transactions, currency exchanges, and more. The Merchant's API... eCommerce 06.02.2014
PSP Platform Basic Operations
The PSP Platform is a white-label platform that helps users create their own complete payment gateways capable of performing mobile transactions, currency exchanges, and more. The Basic Operations... Payments 05.30.2014
ActiveFrequency PyAvaTax
Active Frequency is a web and mobile development group specializing in Android and Django platforms. They provide web and mobile software projects across various industries, including healthcare,... Taxes 05.30.2014
Chain Block Chain
Chain enables developers to build block chain applications. To achieve a high level of security, Chain runs a program that compares the transactions in their database against the same transactions... Bitcoin 05.29.2014
LendUp is a lender for consumers that have been declined by banks and credit unions. It is socially responsible alternative and educates borrowers on good financial behavior and enables them to... Financial 05.28.2014
hitbtc is a Bitcoin exchange service that allows users to trade Bitcoins for U.S. Dollars, Euros, or Litecoins as well as retrieve market data. Both the currency exchange and data retrieval services... Financial 05.21.2014
The Austin Global Exchange (AGX) allows users to get information on and trade cryptocurrencies online. The site covers many cryptocurrencies, including BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin. The AGX Trade... Financial 05.20.2014
EnClout Yahoo Finance
EnClout Yahoo Finance is an API that assists developers to decode Yahoo stock symbols into JSON and XML protocols. In the site, the user can test the service to observe important data such as last... Financial 05.19.2014
BlockCypher is a cloud-optimized block chain platform powering crypto currency applications reliably and at-scale. The platform is exposed through simple web APIs and callbacks for developers to... Bitcoin 05.16.2014
Coinorama is an independent service that monitors Bitcoin networks, exchanges, and blockchains. It comes with three APIs that provide users with programmatic access to Coinorama's public ticker... Bitcoin 05.08.2014
Quandl Bitcoin Market Data
The Quandl Bitcoin Market Data API provides users with programmatic access to Bitcoin price data and market statistics. Available data is consolidated from hundreds of primary sources and aggregators... Financial 04.23.2014
Doge API is a digital wallet for Dogecoins, a type of cryptocurrency. The wallet allows users to send, receive, and keep track of their Dogecoins. Doge API calls allow users to check their balance,... Financial 04.23.2014
GreenAddress is a Bitcoin wallet that is designed to be both convenient and secure. Users can quickly check their balances and successful transactions from third party services without exposing... Financial 04.23.2014
Xignite GetBars
The Xignite GetBars API allows users to retrieve intraday period bars for a given currency pair. Intraday period bars provide a visual representation of financial data that has been sampled at... Financial 04.14.2014
Xignite GetHistoricalRates
Xignite GetHistoricalRates allows users to get the historical exchange rates for currency pairs. For a given date range and currency pair, the API returns the opening and closing rate quotes, the... Financial 04.14.2014
Coinfinance Widgets
Coinfinance provides users with a Price Ticker widget that allows them to embed price information for a given cryptocurrency on their websites or blogs. Users can set prices to appear in Bitcoins, U.... Financial 04.14.2014
TeleCash is a mobile money service from Telecel. Subscribers can conduct money transactions with their mobile phone. The TeleCash API enables the validation of credit cards, the storing of credit... Financial 04.04.2014
Prelude by Moolah
Prelude is a product of Moolah, a cryptographic payments platform. Prelude's Public API allows users to retrieve ticker information for trades made in U.S. Dollars (USD) or Bitcoins (BTC). The... Financial 04.03.2014
People can retrieve data from programmatically using RESTful APIs. The Treasury Securities API lets users get information on announced securities, auctioned securities, particular... Government 04.03.2014
BTCDig is a server that allows people to pool both their efforts and their rewards for mining Bitcoins. BTCDig supports both GPU and FPGA/ASIC mining hardware. BTCDig's User Account API can... Financial 04.03.2014
Xignite Convert Historical Value
Forex API-Convert Historical Value from xignite converts an amount from one currency to another using the rate as of a specified historical date. Fixing time can be provided for rates that go back to... Financial 03.31.2014
Xignite Convert Real Time Value
Forex API-Convert Real Time Value from xignite converts an amount from one currency to another using the real-time rate. If the real-time rate is not available for a currency pair (e.g. on a weekend... Financial 03.31.2014
Xignite Get Real Time Rate Table
Forex API-Get Real Time Rate Table from xignite returns rates for multiple currency pairs in a matrix structure. Over 29,000 historical and real-time currency pairs are covered. The API uptime is... Financial 03.31.2014
Xignite Get Real Time Rate
Forex API-Get Real Time Rate from Xignite returns a real time spot rate for a requested currency pair. Calculated rates are returned for currency pairs for which spot rate data is not available. Over... Financial 03.31.2014
Xignite List Currencies
Forex API-List Currencies from Xignite returns currencies for which spot and historical data is available. Over 29,000 historical and real-time currency pairs are covered. The API uptime is at... Financial 03.31.2014
Xignite Initial Public Offering Calendar & Performance Data
Initial Public Offering Calendar & Performance Data API from xignite offers initial public offering (IPO) data, including IPO pipeline, IPO calendar, IPO schedule and performance data for U.S... Financial 03.31.2014
Xignite Global Real Time Options
The Xignite Global Real Time Options API provides real-time quotes for equity options listed in the U.S. Users can also perform option chain lookups and get highs, lows, contract sizes, underlying... Financial 03.31.2014
Xignite Global Indices Real Time
The Xignite Global Indices Real Time API provides users with real-time access to index values from over 10,000 U.S. and international markets. These include the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and other popular... Financial 03.31.2014
Xignite Global Indices Historical
The Xignite Global Indices Historical API enables users to retrieve historical prices for equities going back to January 1, 2000. It provides closing prices along with open, high, low, volume and... Financial 03.31.2014
Schedjoules Calendar
Schedjoules is an in-app calendar store that has over 180,000 public calendars that include sports, finance, holidays, and other scheduled events. The Schedjoules API provides users access to the... Calendars 03.30.2014
VentureDeal is a database that provides the latest information about venture capital firms and transactions. The VentureDeal API provides customized XML data feed tracking activity in the venture-... Database 03.26.2014 is a site that allows users to browse Bitcoin transaction blocks and view individual transactions and the addresses to which they occurred. The site also offers information on the addresses... Financial 03.19.2014
TaxJar provides retailers with easy access to the information they need to file their sales tax returns for all counties and cities in the U.S. TaxJar provides access to its information through two... Financial 03.19.2014
Masterchain is the collective ledger of all mastercoin transaction. Individuals who partake in the purchase and trade of the mastercoin crypto-currency utilize the masterchain to verify ownership of... Financial 03.12.2014
MasterXchange is an online exchange for MasterCoin, a type of cryptocurrency. This type of MasterCoin is not the same as the one traded on Cryptsy, and the two are not interchangeable. The... Financial 03.12.2014
Finansportalen is a site provided by the Norwegian Consumer Protection Agency to provide consumers the ability to make good choices in the market for financial services. The portal is a tool that... Feeds 02.28.2014
Agregador Financiero
Agregador Financiero is a financial aggregator aimed to help streamline the financial transaction collection process. The site allows users to input bank information, which is stored locally, and... Financial 02.27.2014
Bitfinex is a bitcoin trading platform that provides users with bitcoin wallets and storage, margin trading, and liquidity provisions. The Bitfinex API allows users to access the full functionality... Financial 02.27.2014
Trading Economics
Trading Economics provides its users with access to economic data for 196 countries including historical data for more than 300.000 economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes,... Financial 02.27.2014
Stocks an investment trading platform that uses algorithmic trading to provide tools to trade in equities, options, as well as provide futures prices, technical analyses and fundamental data. The... Financial 02.20.2014
Bit2c Ltd is an Israeli company that provides a monetary exchange system with Bitcoins. The Bit2c API uses REST calls, and returns JSON. The API allows users to access various trade resources... Financial 02.17.2014
CoinedUp is a a crypto-currency-only exchange that does not deal in fiat currencies. Users can transfer currencies in, and trade between the crypto-currencies. The API allows users to make market... Financial 02.17.2014
Mincoin Tools
Mincoin Tools is a crypto-currency mining pool where users combine their processing power to solve blocks to receive coins. The Mincoin Tool API allows users to make calls to access statistics on the... Financial 02.17.2014
QuickyCoin enables businesses to accept bitcoin, litecoin and other crypto-currencies as payment. The QuickyCoin API solution is tailored to a user's business enabling bitcoin, litecoin and... Payments 02.17.2014
Middlecoin is a digital currency mining pool that automatically mines the most profitable type of coin and then exchanges those coins for Bitcoins when it pays out. Payouts occur automatically on a... Financial 02.15.2014
CoinMarket is a crypto-currency data service that scrapes data from The API makes the data on the listed crypto-currencies available in a JSON format, accessible... Financial 02.12.2014
Toshl is a personal spending tracker that helps users monitor what they're spending their money on. Expenses can be entered in any currency through mobile apps or the Toshl website. Users can... Financial 02.12.2014
Auric Systems International is a PCI compliant solutions provider that produces payment transaction processing applications from cryptographic key management to tokenized credit card storage.The... Payments 02.11.2014
Mercado-Bitcoin is an Argentine bitcoin exchange that provides trade quotes in pesos and bitcoin. The Mercado-Bitcoin API allows users to make calls to get the Last Trade, last average price, mtgox... Financial 02.11.2014
Payza is a global online payment platform that enables consumers and businesses to send and receive money instantly. The Payza API provides a developer interface for interacting with this platform.... Payments 02.10.2014
BlueTarp Authorization
BlueTarp Financial is a financial services company dedicated to serving building supply dealers in the U.S. BlueTarp provides a transaction authorization API that developers can integrate into their... Payments 02.08.2014
Bahaquote is an invoicing and expensing service that provides users with access to online invoicing, expense monitoring, mobile access, email marketing, and other features. The Bahaquote platform can... Financial 02.07.2014
BTC-Dealer is a bitcoin service that allows users to purchase bitcoins using credit cards. The BTC-Dealer API allows merchants to integrate the credit card payment option into their site to sell... Financial 02.07.2014
The DSN is based on a monthly transmission of personal data of employees, automated payroll software, after payroll, via a single reception point responsible for allocating data to the recipients.... Enterprise 02.06.2014
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf is a real estate solutions provider that offers clients a wide variety of enterprise services. Lone Wolf offers services including brokerWolf, WolfConnect, globalWolf, loadingDOCS,... Real Estate 02.05.2014
FraudAssets is an online BIN database service that is designed to help card merchants identify and eliminate fraud risks from their business. The service manages a database of bank card data, and... Security 02.03.2014
LawfulBank is a group of individuals focused on ending debt slavery for the average person. The LawfulBank API allows users to make calls to get lists of friends, get mail, get notifications, and get... Social 02.03.2014
NYSE Technologies market data is a financial information provides live data across a variety of exchanges. The NYXdata API provides users access to data subsets they are interested in. Users can... Financial 02.03.2014
Financial-Sanctions is a financial information verification service that helps U.K. based companies comply with government and FCA regulations. The company offers to check existing clients against... Financial 02.03.2014
Nordea Markets
Nordea Markets is an international capital markets operator and investment banking service. The Nordea Markets FIX based API is primarily designed for FX and equity brokers, asset and hedge fund... Financial 02.03.2014 us a United States Treasury information provider that makes the data reported by the treasury on a daily basis readily available. The API provides users with access to the... Feeds 02.02.2014
MarketFactory FX Aggregator
One connection to access 50+ FX venues for ultra low latency FX data and trade execution. Used by leaders in the capital markets industry including banks, hedge funds, FX brokers. Available in C++... Financial 01.30.2014
tradeMONSTER is an online financial trading platform. It provides two APIs for programmatically accessing its resources and functions: the XML API and the FIX API. The XML API is designed to let... Financial 01.23.2014
ionDESK is a trading workspace designed with comprehensive tools for multiple types of financial instrument traders. Users can practice trading against live market data. The site also offers tools... Financial 01.23.2014
BinDB is a bank identification number database that helps businesses identify credit and debit cards. The BINDB is widely used for fraud protection and credit card payment processing. BinDB provides... Security 01.23.2014
CoinMill is a currency exchange rate calculator that allows users to select among dozens of currencies to receive slightly delayed currency conversion rates. The site also allows users to get... Widgets 01.23.2014
PriceMyLoan serves the mortgage lending industry by providing loan pricing and underwriting services online as a service. The PriceMyLoan API allows users to integrate the mortgage processing service... Financial 01.20.2014 is a crypto-currency facilitator that provides resources to utilize or incorporate litecoin payment into merchant applications. The API allows users to receive payments, get... Payments 01.19.2014
Name Description Category Date is a Norwegian credit card aggregator based on data feeds from government run Finansportalen. Using filters, the user can compare the 400+ credit cards in Norway. Aggregation 03.08.2014
Bitcoin Exchange Rates
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates. Bitcoin 01.31.2014
Kiva Tools
Website for Kiva lenders - to slice and dice the data using various parameters, and help make better decisions while lending. Financial 10.21.2013
Let It We
A web application for that harnesses collective financial intelligence using collaborative filtering algorithms. Financial 09.04.2013
Figo in Billomat
Track your account statements from bank accounts, wallets and credit cards from figo and book payments to their related invoices in Billomat. Financial 09.01.2013
Cash Flow Models on the Web
Given a company ticker, a user can compute the intrinsic value of a stock using discounted cashflow analysis. All data is retrieved using ThinkNum's API. All Assumptions can be diddled by... Financial 08.26.2013
KIva Loan Map
Shows a list of recent micro-finance loans transacted on and displays each one on a map when it is selected. Financial 08.11.2013
OpenStreetMap mashup that shows places where Bitcoin is accepted. Venues are added automatically (database is updated every 15 minutes). The map also tries to determine the type of the venue from OSM... Financial 06.10.2013
AML Source
AML Source is a highly focused job board for anti-money laundering (AML) professionals. Jobs 06.02.2013
Tweency is the first marketplace completely based on twitter and google maps. Marketplace 01.06.2013
Name Description Category Date
PayPal Android SDK by PayPal
The PayPal Android SDK by PayPal provides developers with the ability to integrate PayPal and credit card payments into their Java-language applications for Android devices. Payments 05.13.2015
PayPal Python SDK by PayPal
The PayPal Python SDK by PayPal allows developers to integrate methods for creating, processing, and managing payments into their Python applications. Payments 05.13.2015
Marketo PHP Library marketo-rest-api
The marketo-rest-api is an unofficial PHP library for interacting with the Marketo API. The library requires PHP 5.3.3+. Enterprise 01.19.2015
Open Exchange Rates API Node.js Library
The Open Exchange Rates API Node.js Library is authored by Alexander Makarenko. It is a Node.js module to work with the Open Exchange Rates API. A main feature of this library is that it allows... Financial 01.07.2015
Coinkite Python Library coinkite-api
This official Coinkite library is a Python wrapper for their Bitcoin services API. The library works with Google Apps Engine and normal Python server-side application, and also includes a CLI program... Financial 01.07.2015
Quaderno PHP Library
The Quaderno PHP Library allows users to connect to the Quaderno API from their PHP applications. The library requires PHP 5 and cURL, which is included in recent versions of PHP. Financial 12.22.2014
Quaderno Ruby Gem
The quaderno-ruby gem allows users to integrate the Quaderno API's CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functions into their Ruby applications. Financial 12.22.2014
Bloomberg Solaris Perl Library
This library allows developers using Solaris to create their Bloomberg API with Perl. Solaris developers should note that these libraries can only be used with the Bloomberg Server API and B-Pipe... Financial 12.17.2014
Bloomberg Solaris Java Library
For developers using Solaris operating system and coding in Java the Bloomberg API offers this library. Solaris users should be aware that the Solaris libraries can only be used with the Bloomberg... Financial 12.17.2014
Bloomberg OS X Python Library
For developers using OS X the Bloomberg API offers this Python library. OS X users should note that the OSX libraries are only compatible with OSX 10.7 and later, and can only be used with the... Financial 12.17.2014
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