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Iteris ClearAg Crop Health
The Crop Health API provides growth, pest, and specific recommendation to agricultural users through single sine, corn growth, spring wheat growth, canola growth, sugar beet growth, and barley... Weather 03.11.2015
AB InBev BeerGarage
Beer Garage works to combine, integrate, and transform the experience of beer and food into developer's applications. The Beer Garage API helps developers get to that place of transformation in... Beer 03.06.2015
The API facilitates online ordering and in-restaurant printing for restaurant delivery services. The API uses JSON over HTTPS and requests are authenticated via HTTP Basic Auth. Use the... Ordering 02.23.2015
Edamam Recipe Search and Diet
The Edamam Recipe Search and Diet API lets you integrate recipes and faceted recipe search into your websites or mobile applications. This API provides developers with useful tools for searching... Food 02.23.2015
Edamam Nutrition Analysis
Edamam's Nutrition Analysis API provides developers the tools to submit recipe content (the title and ingredient list), and in return get a nutritional analysis based on the original information... Nutrition 02.14.2015
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Dom by Domino's Pizza
Users can order pizza with Dom, the new virtual assistant by Domino's Pizza. This voice recognition mashup can be found in Domino's app. It is available on the Apple App Store, Windows... Recognition 10.23.2014
Salsa's is a web application that lets customers place online orders for Mexican food in Australia. The application uses the MYOB AccountRight Live API which aenables the company to manage their... Accounts 10.20.2014
Places Near Me
Places Near Me is a web application that takes a user's location and locates nearby services. Types of places include gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Travel 09.26.2014
WhatWine is a mobile application that acts as a personal sommelier to those that love to pair wine with their meal. This application helps customers to quickly choose an appropriate type of wine to... Wine 09.15.2014
Pushpins is a web and mobile application that allows users to search for coupons and save them for their next grocery shopping list, eliminating the need for cutting coupons from newspapers and... Grocery 09.14.2014
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FoodEssentials Provides Access to Most Comprehensive Food Label Data with LabelAPI

FoodEssentials Provides Access to Most Comprehensive Food Label Data with LabelAPI

FoodEssentials, aimed at solving food label data problems through technology, launched the LabelAPI. The API allows developers to integrate the most comprehensive, up-to-date food and drink product...


Name Description Category Date
Makes ordering food when you're sick easy and hassle free. Hacking 10.10.2012
A mashup of the ordrin api with hubot to allow ordering of food from with a chat room. Food 10.09.2012
Meetup and Chow Down
Meetup and Chow Down let's meetup hosts choose a restaurant to deliver food to their meetup. Then when people RSVP yes to the meetup they automatically get an email telling them that their... Food 07.30.2012
IMMABEHUNGOVER is a new way to preorder food to cure your hangover while you're still enjoying a night of drinking. Food 07.23.2012
Aussie Pubcrawl
An app for Australians (written by a Canadian :) which integrates the Sensis API with the Yelp API to find who drinks at pubs near you. Works by using Sensis Yellow Pages search and matching up with... Search 06.05.2012
Lunchflock is a niche service aimed at shepherding lunch-goers into flocks large enough to earn them group discounts at their favorite restaurants. Twilio delivers the discounts to users via sms. Messaging 08.24.2011
Type in your city or zip to all the find fast food near you. Food 08.23.2011
Episkeptis helps users identify the best restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes in their city, with the help of their Facebook friends. Users are able to rate, recommend and share their favorites. Site... Reference 08.12.2011
Order Anywhere (Beta)
Order food online from over 30,000 menus. Place your order and Order Anywhere calls the restaurant for you. Your order's status is updated in real-time. Food 08.03.2011
Quick SMS Nutrition Information
"Text (415) 729-3599 with any food or beverage and it will tell you important nutrition facts in seconds. This application uses the awesome DailyBurn service to look up over 400,000 popular... Food 06.21.2011

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