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IIIF Image
International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) acts as a tool that helps delivering image-based resources to users. The images available are gathered from repositories around the world. The... Images 09.29.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Express.js Framework is a framework in Node.js language. Thanks to the resources available that include an introductory guide, a general guide, and a community guide, aims to facilitate... Framework 12.10.2014
Cake PHP Framework
Cake PHP is a framework that aims to build web applications with less code. Simplicity and easiness are the core values for this framework. In the site users can review the reasons why Cake PHP is... Framework 11.20.2014
Guzzle Framework
Guzzle is a framework on PHP HTTP that allows to interact with web services. Guzzle's characteristics aim to simplify POST requests with pluggable HTTP handlers and synchronous/asynchronous... Framework 11.20.2014
Flight Framework
Flight is a micro-framework on PHP that allows developers to create RESTful applications. Flight requires PHP 5.3 or greater and it is licensed by MIT. Framework 11.19.2014
Fat-Free Framework
Fat-Free is a framework on PHP. To develop applications, users can refer to the guide available on the site, that includes instructions for interact with routing engines, plug-ins, and framework... Framework 11.19.2014
Zend Framework
Zend is a Framework on PHP. Some of the features include security, modularity, and community. To start with Zend Framework 2, it is recommendable to run at least PHP 5.3.23 with Apache web server and... Framework 11.19.2014
Restlet Framework
Restlet is a framework on Java. Some of the steps to interact with Restlet include concepts related to web browsers, REST architecture, virtual hosts, static files, and URI redirection. In particular... Framework 11.19.2014
Atoms Neurospeech Framework
Atoms Neurospeech is a JavaScript framework inspired from Flex and Silverlight. Atoms offers one time/one way/two way bindings, component object model, one liner AJAX, customizable UI scopes, cascade... Framework 11.18.2014
SproutCore Framework
SproutCore is an open source framework on JavaScript. The origins of SproutCore go back to 2007, when the project was developed by Apple, inspired by Cocoa, and maintained by a growing community.... Framework 11.18.2014
Rico Framework
Rico is a framework on JavaScript that aims to ease interactive web application development. Drag-and-drop, HTML elements, and animation effects are some of the functions supported by this framework... Framework 11.18.2014

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