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Google Nearby
Google Nearby API allows to discover other devices, connect, and interact with messages. As Google suggests, this API could be useful for collaboration, using a whiteboard, local multiplayer gaming,... Location 07.16.2015
Dota 2
Dota 2, the multiplayer video game powered by Valve, offers APIs that can display data for Team Fortress 2. What developers can do is to integrate Steam information into websites such as news, stats... Games 07.12.2015
Mozilla Canvas
Mozilla Canvas is an API that allows to edit graphics, create animations, and process videos in real time. Resources include the canvas handbook, along with specifications and 11 libraries. The type... Graphics 06.22.2015
Mozilla WebVR
The Mozilla WebVR API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mozilla WebVR with other applications and devices. Some example API methods include integrating virtual reality... Augmented Reality 06.21.2015
Internet Game Database
The Internet Game Database API provides video game, video game company and employee information. The Internet Game Database is a comprehensive database dedicated to providing information about video... Games 06.12.2015
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Name Description Category Date
Detective is a chat game where the player gets randomly paired with either another player or an automated chat bot. This application uses the BOT Libre API. Games 05.21.2015
iTavli - iSmart Solutions Game
iTavli by iSmart Solutions is a backgammon game mashup. The objective of each game is to transfer the chips (or checkers) from the base area to the collecting area. Each game has different rules that... Games 03.17.2015
Find Me Similar
Find Me Similar is a web application that let users find recommendations for their games and movies. The recommendations are generated based on multiple factors such as genres, plots, actors, game... Movies 10.30.2014
Wikia Game Guides
Wikia Game Guides is a mobile application that offers walkthroughs, tips, cheats and guides to users for their games. Games 10.27.2014
Health Month, the game
Health Month is a monthly game that is concerned with making small improvements to a person's health, one month at a time. Health Month helps users take the science of nutrition and behavior... Games 09.11.2014
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Name Description Category Date
GoInstant is a platform for building and managing multiplayer applications. GoInstant provides tools and resources for developers to create and build multiplayer applications for the web. The... Games 07.18.2013
LoyaltyMatch OnDemand
Using LoyaltyMatch OnDemand’s game and loyalty mechanics, brands can reward users for real-time actions while driving user behavior, achieving business goals, and measuring and optimizing user... Games 07.10.2013
Coinworld Lotto
The Coinworld Lotto offers 14 digital currencies in which users can enter drawings to win. The users can purchase lottery tickets in specified currencies, in hopes of winning the jackpot. Users are... Entertainment 07.07.2013
Miniplay (AKA Minijuegos) is a website that hosts a variety of free, Flash-based games. It offers both solo and multiplayer games from a variety of genres, including action, adventure, racing,... Games 06.25.2013
Falcon 4.0 is a video game and combat flight simulator that provides a realistic simulation of piloting an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighter. The FalconLog website provides Falcon 4.0 pilots with a... Games 06.19.2013
PikaPay is a mobile virtual wallet for sending and receiving Bitcoin payments via Twitter. The PikaPay API provides a RESTful interface for the same wallet functionality as exposed through the... Payments 06.12.2013
Open Game
Open Game Database is a gamer community that allows users to find, add, and edit information about video games. The database covers the major gaming platforms such as Xbox 360 and Playstation, as... Games 06.11.2013 is an indie game distribution platform. Users can create customized landing pages, upload game files and screenshots, and set their own prices for games. Users may even choose to set a... eCommerce 06.10.2013
Android: Netrunner Card Database
Android: Netrunner is a two-player card game set in a dystopian future. In each game, players take on the roles of a mega-corporation and a hacker battling for control of data. The Android: Netrunner... Games 06.06.2013
##CsC e-Sim
E-Sim is an online modern world simulation wherein the player becomes a citizen of one of 50 virtual countries. Players can take on a role such as soldier or business owner in order to affect the... Games 06.03.2013
Parallel Kingdom Trade Data
Parallel Kingdom is an online game were uses go on quests, fight monsters, and interact with other users in an online world. The Parallel Kingdom Trade Data API allows users to make requests to get... Games 06.02.2013
Mumble is an open source voice over IP system specifically designed for gaming. MumbleBoxes is a Mumble server hosting service designed by gamers. The MumbleBoxes API provides a RESTful interface... Telephony 05.22.2013
Mathletics Hall of Fame provides online math games for educational purposes. It is used by schools for students ages 5 through 18. The Mathletics Hall of Fame is a scoreboard showcasing the top-scoring... Education 05.16.2013
Block Chain Roulette
Block Chain Roulette is a Bitcoin game that rewards users who correctly guess a random number that is generated by solving a new Bitcoin block. The Block Chain Roulette API gives users access to URLS... Games 05.08.2013
Elophant is a service for League of Legends (LoL), a free online game in which players take on the role of a summoner who can summon champions to fight for them. Elophant provides information on... Games 05.02.2013
MineBans is a global banning system for Minecraft servers. Server admins can publish their player bans to the MineBans database to help the owners of other servers decide whether to allow a player... Games 05.02.2013
zKillboard (zKB) is a killboard service for Eve Online, a science-fiction MMORPG. The zKB website enables players to post their kills for others to see. Visitors can compare players based on the... Games 04.14.2013
PlayHaven Reporting
PlayHaven provides in-game marketing and monetization services for mobile game developers. PlayHaven provides a Reporting API, granting developer access to granular and aggregate game related data.... Games 04.03.2013
PlanetSide 2 Census
Planetside 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) game offered by Sony Online Entertainment. It is the sequel to their earlier game, PlanetSide. Planetside Universe is a... Games 04.02.2013
Phoenix Minecraft
The Phoenix Minecraft API allows users to retrieve information about any Minecraft server at any time. Available information includes server status, server information, a player list, plugins used,... Games 04.02.2013
TF2 Backpack Explorer
TF2 (Team Fortress 2) is an online, team-based, multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Valve. In TF2, the backpack is a player's personal inventory which stores all in-game items.... Games 04.02.2013
BukkitDev is a repository for plugins that help people interact with and manage Minecraft servers. BukGet is an API for interfacing with this repository programmatically. While the API is designed to... Games 04.02.2013
Azukki is a cloud-based platform that serves as a backend for online games. It offers functions for the creation and management of items, in-game currencies, and leaderboards for any metric and over... Games 03.24.2013
BoardGameGeek is an online board gaming community and resource. BoardGameGeek hosts reviews, ratings, translations, forums, a game marketplace, and much more. The BoardGameGeek XML API provides... Social 03.15.2013
Planets Nu
Planets Nu is the online version of the classic space strategy game VGA Planets. The Planets Nu API provides programmatic access to Planets Nu functionality. API calls are supported to load game data... Games 03.15.2013
Warlight is a customizable online strategy game of world conquest. The Warlight API provides developer access to Warlight features. The API can be used to automate multi-player game creation,... Games 03.15.2013
Game Banana is a pc game customization community where users share code, learn programming tips and tricks, and participate in the development of new video game technologies. The Game Banana API uses... Games 03.04.2013
Buxville is a fast, long-running Minecraft server. They have a stable base of reliable administrators and moderators and an active, continuously-expanding community. Buxville uses a Roles system that... Games 03.03.2013
HammerWiki War
Warhammer is an online game where users create a character and explore a mythical realm. The War API allows users to manipulate almost every aspect of the Warhammer Online User interface. The service... Games 03.03.2013
NationStates is a free nation simulation game inspired by the novel Jennifer Government by Max Barry. Players create and manage their own countries. The NationStates API provides a developer... Games 02.27.2013
Newseum NewsMania
The Newseum is a museum in Washington DC that offers visitors five centuries of news history with cutting-edge technology and hands-on exhibits. NewsMania is a news trivia game offered through the... Games 02.25.2013
Path of Exile
Path of Exile is an online action fantasy RPG from Grinding Gear Games. The Path of Exile API exposes game metadata describing leagues, league rules, and player ratings. Games 02.09.2013
BinaryBeast offers tools for running eSports tournaments, leagues, and other events. Services include tournament hosting and bracket generation. The BinaryBeast API allows developers to integrate... Games 02.09.2013
Heroes of Newerth Statistics
Heroes of Newerth is an online multiplayer battle arena videogame from S2 Games. The HoN Statistics API provides a RESTful interface for accessing player and game statistics. The API supports a... Games 02.09.2013
OpenKit is a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) for game developers. Developers can build and manager their game applications with OpenKit. OpenKit offers features such as cloud syncing, social media... Backend 02.01.2013
AORecipeBook is a support tool for the Massively Multiplayer online role-playing game Anarchy Online built to fill the void of an in-game bot to show tradeskill recipes. The AORecipeBook API... Games 01.24.2013
NWN master server tracker
The service provides listings of servers where players can access the game Never Winter Nights. It allows applications to display links to game environments along with indications of the number of... Games 01.24.2013
Cheeseformice is the unofficial leaderboard for the multiplayer flash game Transformice. The Cheeseformice API provides developer access to rankings and stats for individual players and user groups... Games 01.22.2013
SharkScope is a service that provides users information on poker tournament results. The SharkScope’s database has information about players in tournaments, and their winning records over time. This... Games 01.21.2013
Using MediaSpike, brands can place relevant, targeted ads in any social or mobile game. MediaSpike is a native monetization platform built by a game development team that understands how in-game... Advertising 01.17.2013
FlashGameDistribution is an international flash game distributor, connecting game developers and flash gaming site owners. The FlashGameDistribution API provides a RESTful interface for sites to... Games 01.16.2013
The Game Crafter
The Game Crafter is a web-to-print on demand game publishing service. The Game Crafter gives game designers a system to make board games, card games, or custom playing cards. Built to the Wing API... Games 01.12.2013 is the official Opencaching site for North America and all US Territories. Users can add to the site's database of cache including descriptions and instructions necessary to find... Games 01.09.2013
GameStamper Graph
GameStamper is a casino game distribution platform. Games are set up as iFrame applications and hosted by the developer. GameStamper’s social graph defines the links between members of the... Games 01.08.2013
SmartBots is a tool for managing Second Life (SL) bots and groups. The HTTP (REST) API enables users to control SL groups and bots using queries that can be sent from SL objects (LSL script) or... Games 01.08.2013
Second Life Grid Survey
Second Life Grid Survey provides metrics for the Second Life Grid, the platform for the online virtual world. Through a series of HTTP calls, the Second Life Grid Survey API allows developers to... Games 12.26.2012
AppAware is a social application and game service that helps users find Android Apps based on which ones are currently installed by your friends and the community. The AppAware API allows users to... Recommendations 12.25.2012
Au Défi
Au Défi is a French-language website featuring educational online games. Players compete with each other for high scores, which are publicly displayed on the site. Au Défi is geared toward Canadian... Games 12.23.2012
The Archive
Designed to be the central hub for all video game information, metadata, and media, The Archive is a database of video game related information, including game and system data, images, and articles... Database 12.17.2012
Obsidian Portal
Obsidian Portal is a tool allowing roleplaying game masters to create campaign websites for tabletop games. The Obsidian Portal API offers a variety of methods designed to make it easier for... Games 12.13.2012
Everyplay is an application that allows developers to add features to their games to engage their players, allow their players to share their plays and replays, and interact with other players. The... Games 12.12.2012
Amazon Mobile App
The Amazon Mobile App SDK provides APIs that allow developers to use Amazon services to help build mobile applications. The tools include: In-App Purchasing API: For offering digital content and... Tools 12.07.2012
Sony Online Entertainment Data
Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is a leader in massively multiplayer online games. Some of it's most popular titles include EverQuest, EverQuest II, Champions of Norrath, PlanetSide, Free Realms... Games 12.05.2012
Play Truly Random
Play Truly Random is a web service that provides physics-based random bits for games and interactive media, and derives randomness from game processes. Play Truly Random’s entropy bit pool is... Tools 11.27.2012
Roll the Dice
The Roll the Dice API is a simple GET call to roll dice on the web. Users may specify the number of sides on the dice. Roll the Dice is a RESTful API built upon the Get/Set API specification. Results... Tools 11.26.2012
Roleplayer's Online Dice Roller
The Roleplayer's Online Dice Roller is a free tool for rolling dice for roleplaying games. The Roleplayer’s Online Dice Roller API allows users to integrate the Dice Roller into applications... Games 11.26.2012
Habbo is an online game where users can create their own profile, play games with others, chat, and create things within the game. The Habbo API allows developers to access Habbo and publish new and... Games 11.25.2012
Leaguevine is an online and mobile platform that allows users to create their personalized sports profiles, add statistics, and interact with other Leaguevine users. The Leaguevine API allows... Sports 11.24.2012
Auto 3D Avatar WebAPI from the 3D Avatar Store
The 3D Avatar Store is an online destination to create and interact with 3D Avatars created through our automated, photo-real 3D Reconstruction technology. With the 3D Avatar Store's WebAPI... Photos 11.19.2012
XboxLeaders is an unofficial Xbox LIVE stat tracking site, providing game session hosting, and community forums and chat, in addition to achievement and stat tracking. The XboxLeaders Xbox LIVE API... Games 11.17.2012
Mobage is a gaming platform powering free social games for iOS and Android. The Mobage API provides a RESTful API allowing developers to perform authentication, banking and social actions. URLs vary... Games 11.17.2012
RBK Games
RBK Money is an eCommerce company providing payment solutions for online games, primarily focused on the EU, Eastern European, and Russian markets. The RBK Games API consists of a Site API providing... Games 11.17.2012
Zeevex Game Wallet
Zeevex is a virtual currency sold on gift cards in retailers across the USA, and designed to be used for online games and other digital content. The Zeevex Game Wallet provides a RESTful interface... Payments 11.16.2012
XML web services for correspondence chess (Xfcc) was created by Martin Bennedik to define protocols for exchanging data between correspondence chess organizations, servers, and software. The only... Games 11.15.2012
Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG and GW2Spidy is an online trading post where players can purchase items. Players can use their game account to login and view all the items and listings. An API is available... Games 10.31.2012
SC2Ranks, part of the ZAM Network, provides statistics for Starcraft 2 players over the network. The SC2Ranks API is an unofficial RESTful service, allowing developers to easily retrieve... Games 10.30.2012
PicoMoney is a currency and economy creation service that allows users to build exchange based systems into games and other web services. The PicoMoney API enables users to create apps that include... Financial 10.16.2012
SchemingMind is a correspondence chess playing website. After signing up, users can play games against the site's more than 600 active users from around the world. Correspondence games usually... Games 10.15.2012
The service provides access to statistics compiled by an online game to measure the user's typing or keyboarding speed. Users state their age, gender, and occupation before taking the test, so... Entertainment 09.27.2012
Democracy Game
The Democracy Game(Democratiespel) is a Dutch Parliament simulator where users can vote on proposed bills and political issues. Voting earns the user points that allow them to eventually propose... Government 09.10.2012
Overwolf is a service that allows users to integrate social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and IM clients into video and mobile games. The Overwolf API allows developers to access and... Games 08.30.2012
Diablo 3
Diablo 3 is an action and role-playing video game. The Diablo 3 API provides programmatic access to much of the data created while playing the game. Developers can access character profiles, career... Games 08.28.2012
Geosophic is a user engagement solutions provider for mobile games. Their gaming platform allows developers to take in user behavior data and turn it into user profiles. Developers can use this... Games 08.28.2012
The API allows developers to enhance their HTML5 games with features like leaderboards, achievements, data storage, payment processing, social integration and more. The emphasis of the API is... Games 08.27.2012
Innovation Games
Innovation Games is a provider of games used by companies to solve business problems and encourage innovation. The company provides collaborative methods and tools for understanding their customers... Games 08.23.2012
Playmob is a charitable giving integration platform. It allows developers to create the means for players to give to charities through their apps. Playmob has a network of charities for developers to... Games 08.22.2012
Kamcord is an application that allows users to record and share their plays on mobile and web games. Kamcord works in the game, so users don't have to leave the game to record and share their... Games 08.22.2012
BringIt is an app and media engagement solution. They provide an engagement-as-service-platform that increases user retention and monetization capacity. BringIt integrates mini-games and challenges... Games 08.22.2012
Chronicless for the Secret World
The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online game created by Funcom. Chronicless is an API created to allow players to access character and cabal data to display on 3rd party websites and... Games 08.20.2012
Black Lotus Project Price Ticker
Black Lotus Project creates Magic: The Gathering card price graphs from the Magic Online Trading League's latest non-foil physical magic card list. New prices are loaded every morning around 8:... Games 08.18.2012
Turbulenz is a UK based social games developer. Turbulenz offers the ability to build, publish, iterate and monetise high-quality games. The downloadable SDK contains an API reference for all of the... Games 08.16.2012
AppLift is a mobile games discovery and marketing service. Their goal is to be a mobile affiliate network that is soley focused on games. Advertising affiliates can use the API to track, analyze and... Games 08.14.2012
The website is for uploading and sharing My Little Pony fan art. Derpibooru is an image booru (sharing/commenting/voting system) for fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A JSON API... Photos 08.11.2012
playMobi by appMobi is an HTML5 monetization and socialization service for mobile games. The playMobi API allows developers to access and integrate playMobi functionality with other applications... Games 08.08.2012
Lord of the Rings Online
Lord of the Rings On-line is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game developed by Turbine and based on JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. The LotRO API provides a RESTful interface to allow... Games 08.07.2012
Media Chaperone
Media Chaperone provides parental engagement services for digital content developers. Brands can integrate the Media Chaperone platform with their digital content that allows parents to know what... Social 08.07.2012
TwitchTV is a video game broadcasting and chat community featuring gaming personalities, players, tournaments, leagues, and commentary. The TwitchTV API, composed of a REST API and a Javascript SDK,... Social 07.31.2012 is an online database for video game fans and enthusiasts. The site serves as a frontend service that is linked to a database of video game metadata and high quality artwork. The... Games 07.31.2012
Unofficial Xbox
The Unofficial Xbox API is a publicly accessible and donation supported service that allows developers to integrate requests for game and gamer information for the Xbox. Examples of data requests... Social 07.30.2012
XboxSDK is a community where Xbox users can share and distribute Container (CON) files with other users. This allows end users the ability to download and utilize saves as well as other Xbox features... Games 07.30.2012
Betable is a platform that handles the regulation of the online gambling industry. The Betable API lets developers to legally incorporate gambling with real money into their gaming applications.... Gambling 07.09.2012
SponsorPay is a platform that allows game publishers and game developers to get paid through their applications and advertising. The SponsorPay API allows both application publishers and developers... Advertising 07.06.2012
The OpenCaching API gives users the ability to query all of the data stored in the database. The service can also authorize users to update and write to the database. The API uses... Sports 07.05.2012
Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. The Geocaching API enables users to access the data sets and feeds from The API operates using the REST protocol and OAuth.... Games 07.05.2012
Claude Hussenet Anagram
Anagrams are a type of word play in which the letters of a word or phrase are rearranged to produce a new word or phrase, using all of the original letters exactly once. The Claude Hussenet Anagram... Games 07.03.2012
The BETDAQ website allows users to place bets on sports such as horse racing, soccer, American football, rugby, and golf for real money. The site also offers poker and other online gambling games.... Sports 07.01.2012
Infostrada Sports
Infostrada Sports is an online service that provides a variety of data and information on various sports. Information includes sports publishing rights, distributing sports content, and general... Sports 06.15.2012
Washington Post NFL Statistics
The Washington Post is a newspaper out of Washington DC. The Washington Post NFL Statistics API allows developers to access and integrate statistics from the National Football League (NFL) with... Sports 06.15.2012
The TicTacToe service allows users to play the game tic-tac-toe. It is unclear from the available documentation whether the game would be played against another person or an AI. The TicTacToe service... Games 06.14.2012
The Quisque website provides resources for recreational treasure hunters. In recreational treasure hunting, the player has to resolve puzzles and enigmas created by an author in order to find a... Games 06.14.2012
Name Description Category Date
What's My Ride
What's My Ride is a fun game that uses a survey to decide what car the user would like to own. Vehicle details are retrieved using the API. Auto 07.29.2013
Democrat or Republican
Guess if congress members are democrats or republicans based on photos. Photos 07.19.2013
Download TONS of Apps & Games in Appites!. Market for download apps and games for Androdi / iPhone devices. Best look responsive compatible with all devices (smart phones, iPad, iPhone, PC) Games 06.26.2013
Smart Baby Cards
Smart Baby Cards is an Android application. Children can learn about things in different categories, how they look, how they sound and how they are called. Family 05.29.2013
GeoGuessr is an exciting way to explore the world using Google Maps to guess what area you are looking at. Take a look at the picture and make your best guess, it is harder than it looks. Humor 05.22.2013
CityStrides gives you a street-level view of your running. ... Track your runs across the streets in your city to see how much you've completed and what's left to run. Can you run... Sports 04.20.2013
iMaze is an immersive web app that allows users to upload images and then convert it into a maze. Then the user has the option to compete with a friend or take it on by himself. Photos 04.18.2013
BeatStriker is a fun game that molds music, photo, and action into one glorious gaming experience. WebRTC 01.23.2013
Score Chief
Score Chief is a game portal. The games are coming from Mochi Media via their feeds. Their score api is also used to register user scores. Users login using their Facebook account and when they get a... Games 12.28.2012 is an online treasure hunt game on Google Maps. Mapping 05.05.2012
Name Description Category Date
Box2D C++ Framework by Box2D
The Box2D C++ Framework is a 2D rigid body physics engine, written in C++ by Erin Catto. Box2D is developed on Windows using Visual C++. Ports are also available for Flash, Java, C#, Python. Games 04.15.2015
Riot Games PHP Library by Kevin Ohashi
The Riot Games PHP Library by Kevin Ohashi allows developers to integrate the Riot Games API into their PHP applications. Users will need an API key to make API calls. Games 04.02.2015
Google Play Game Services Management Java Library
The Google Play Game Services Management Java Library allows developers to integrate the Management API for Google Play Game Services into their Java applications. Developers can add the library to... Games 03.16.2015
Google Play Game Services Publishing Java Library
The Google Play Game Services Publishing Java Library allows developers to integrate the Publishing API for Google Play Game Services into their Java applications. Developers can add the library to... Games 03.16.2015
Google Play Game Services Java Library
The Google Play Game Services Java Library allows developers to easily integrate the Google Play Game Services API into their Java applications. Developers can add the library to their Maven or... Games 03.16.2015
EveLink Python Library
Python bindings for the EVE API and provides a means of access to the EVELink API. EVELink uses the `six` library to maintain compatibility with both Python 2 and 3. This library is a Python library... Games 03.06.2015
EVE Online XML API Eveapi JAVA Library
This JAVA programming language library parses xml data and serves data in JAVA objects for use in EVE Online XML API. Games 02.27.2015
Eve Online XML API Evanova JAVA Library
This library provides JAVA programming language interface for EVE Online XML API. Games 02.27.2015
EVE Online XML API Yapeal PHP Library
This PHP library allows access to EVE Online XML API data access and storage in database. Games 02.27.2015
Eve Online XML API PhealNG PHP Library
This PhealNG library allows PHP programming language interface with EVE Online XML API. Games 02.27.2015

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