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Google Play Game Services
The Google Play Game Services API allows developers to add features such as achievements, leaderboards, events, quests, and multiplayer support to their web and mobile games. It can also be used to... Games 03.16.2015 APIs
The APIs offer developers several gaming features for character development and game design. The Blizzard gaming community APIs provide many options for games such as World of Warcraft (... Games 03.12.2015
Bungie has developed state of the art games such as Halo, Marathon, and Myth. Bungie's most current and newest game venture is Destiny. This Bungie API is the Destiny Companion API. To get the... Games 03.06.2015
The Coinding API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Coinding and bitcoin functionality with their applications. Some example API methods include managing bitcoins,... Bitcoin 02.09.2015
The GameUp API is an ever-growing, functionable, and feature rich gaming service for game developers. GameUp strives to enable game developers to utilize their creativity and continue to build great... Games 01.30.2015
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Find Me Similar
Find Me Similar is a web application that let users find recommendations for their games and movies. The recommendations are generated based on multiple factors such as genres, plots, actors, game... Movies 10.30.2014
Wikia Game Guides
Wikia Game Guides is a mobile application that offers walkthroughs, tips, cheats and guides to users for their games. Games 10.27.2014
Health Month, the game
Health Month is a monthly game that is concerned with making small improvements to a person's health, one month at a time. Health Month helps users take the science of nutrition and behavior... Games 09.11.2014
Flashfreeonline leverages the FlashGameDistribution so flash developers can automate customized game-broadcasts from the FlashGameDistribution server. Games 04.11.2014 is a Norwegian credit card aggregator based on data feeds from government run Finansportalen. Using filters, the user can compare the 400+ credit cards in Norway. Aggregation 03.08.2014
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Name Description Category Date
PSN Sign In
This API allows people to use the Playstation Network SignIn for their own sites. If a developer's site URL is allowed by Sony, they can set their site as the returnURL by GET. This allows them... Games 04.11.2012
The service logs and provides access to information about game-play on the PlayStation 3 platform. It allows creation and updating of player profiles and social links among players. It also provides... Games 04.02.2012
The service logs scoring history for online games, allowing reporting and comparison across individual game platforms. It is intended to promote social interaction among players, which increases... Games 04.02.2012
Unofficial JeuxVideo
JeuxVideo is a French website dedicated to video games on both PC and consoles. It offers news, previews, tips and tricks, forums and more. The unofficial API provides users with access to the... Games 03.23.2012
Reto Loser's Lotto Generator
The Lotto Generator API, created and maintained by Reto Loser, randomly generates lottery numbers. Users can specify the range of possible numbers, the number of numbers per lottery guess, and the... Games 03.04.2012
Viximo is a social game distribution and marketing service. Viximo offers creators and developers of social games a variety of services to distribute, market, and monetize their social gaming... Games 03.01.2012
Unofficial Fitocracy
Fitocracy is a site that uses gamification elements and a social network to encourage users to engage with a fitness plan and track their progress. This unofficial API was developed to be used as a... Games 02.21.2012
Z33K Tournament API
Z33K is an online platform that facilitates organized competitive gaming. The site provides access to thousands of tournaments for gamers, live streaming video, forums, and coaching services. Z33K... Games 02.21.2012
WallaBee is a location-based collectible game application for mobile phones. Users of WallaBee can collect items from locations to build collections, buy items from the WallaBee store to complete... Games 02.14.2012
VoiceBunny is an online platform for voiceovers and voice talent. Customers of VoiceBunny can search voice talent, upload projects for voiceovers, and run voiceover contests. The VoiceBunny API... Other 02.11.2012
XPG Live
XPG Live is cross-platform social gaming API. The services provides gamers with the ability to compete with other gamers across multiple platforms. The platforms include Windows Phone, iPhone,... Games 02.09.2012
The service offers users a platform to deliver livestreams focused on gaming. On the site, users can upload gaming related videos without size or length limits and they can create... Video 01.29.2012
Xsolla is a provider of localized in-game payment solutions specializing in MMO, social, mobile and casual games. The Xsolla platform provides access to over 150 payment options including credit and... Payments 01.24.2012
Tap Me is a service that introduces advertising into games through the use of gameification. Players are allowed to choose a sponsor which will grant them benefits during game play and can offer... Advertising 01.23.2012
Blizzard Community Platform
Blizzard is a developer and publisher of entertainment software including World of Warcraft (WoW). Blizzard allows their community of gamers to create extended communities outside of the game by... Games 01.18.2012
Greengoose was created with the intent to turn everyday things into opportunities to play. Using a variety of different types of sticker-based sensors, Greengoose allows you to creatively gamify... Games 12.29.2011
Braineos is a website that offers flashcards and games for learning a variety of subjects and topics. Example subjects include vocabulary, foreign languages, math, and history. The Braineos API... Education 12.29.2011
OneWinner.Me is a service that lets users check the earning expectation of their lottery numbers and register their combination to prevent other players from choosing similar ones. The API lets... Games 12.16.2011
The web service logs submitting game statistics, awards badges to players, and provides shared content. Players can interact with games and one another, while building achievements and reputation... Games 11.29.2011
Battlefield 3 Stats is a website that provides up-to-date, cross-platform stats for almost every facet of Battlefield 3, a modern combat game by Electronic Arts. bf3stats now provides an API for retrieving... Games 11.09.2011
SendMe Mobile
SendMe Mobile is a service that provides entertainment for use on mobile phones. Some features of SendMe Mobile include ringtones, wallpaper, games, and other entertainment options. The SendMe... Entertainment 11.08.2011
Texas Holdem
With this API users can create a full Texas Holdem game, just create the graphic and associate it with the results. It has one method that allows users to get a ready-to-play full Texas Holdem match... Games 11.04.2011
LSG Lightspeed Reseller
LightSpeed Gaming's Reseller Program allows users to resell voice servers in over 25 worldwide locations. The Reseller Program is designed for established businesses with existing customer bases... Hosting 10.19.2011
Roar Engine
Roar Engine is a platform that gives users the ability to quickly build social games and monetize them. It lets users create social game mechanics using core building blocks that can be combined to... Games 10.12.2011
Record Setter URDB
Record Setter is a site that compiles and lists world records. Record Setter displays current record holders and writes posts about them, sometimes with videos of the record being set. Site visitors... Reference 10.01.2011
Glitch is a web-based massively-multiplayer game. The Glitch API allows the user to expand and extend the game. The API provides information about players, skills, locations, times, dates and more.... Games 09.29.2011
Game Jolt
Game Joltis a web site and community centered on free online video games. The API provides access to site data. Data includes users, sessions, trophies, scores and the data store. The API uses... Games 09.21.2011
This Arcade
This Arcade is a place where developers submit games that are largely available as a paid service with the exception of a few free games. The This Arcade High Scores API allows developers to include... Games 08.23.2011
World of Warcraft
Blizzard, makers of the popular online MMORPG World of Warcraft, provide this API for users who are interested in gathering game statistics and data. Users can gather data by categories such as realm... Games 08.22.2011
GamerID is a free gamer identity website with social networking features "where your games are your friends." A gamerID is a unique online identifier used for logging in to any gaming... Games 08.19.2011
Pwned is an online community for gamers built by gamers. Gamers can interact with each other, learn about new games, as well as established games. The Pwned API allows developers to access Pwned... Games 08.10.2011
Steam Web
This API allows users of the Steam game Team Fortress 2 to include data from their game play, such as player rankings and stats, on their own sites. The service allows the user to submit a request... Games 07.14.2011
CasualCafe is a browser-based game arcade which uses Flash technology. CasualCafe includes social networking features and offers Facebook integration. The API uses REST and JavaScript protocols.... Games 07.06.2011
Gameyola is a website centered on building a community around online games. Gameyola�s API helps increase gameplays by transforming single player Flash games into social gaming experiences on... Games 07.01.2011
ShockedFish is a price comparison engine for video games across digital download services. The API lets users access this data and integrate it into their websites or applications. It offers... eCommerce 06.24.2011
Halo:Reach Stats
The Halo:Reach Stats API is a collection of methods to access the Halo:Reach game, player, and file information. With the API, users can browse through a player's history of games, return... Games 06.09.2011
Battlefield Bad Company Stats
Battlefield Bad Company is a video game for XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. Battlefield Bad Company Stats is a website to share player statistics and scores from within the game. The Battlefield Bad... Games 05.30.2011
Shtoss is an online gaming portal. Their API lets users integrate Shtoss games into their existing site. Users can setup games' page and upload own CSS. Documentation is not available. Games 05.18.2011
Aonaware CountCheatService
Aonaware CountCheatService allows users to find solutions to simple anagram problems, for example those posed by the UK Channel 4 game 'Countdown'. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are... Games 05.16.2011
Gbanga Puppetmaster
Gbanga is a mixed reality, social gaming platform for mobile phones. The Gbanga Puppetmaster API is a location-based gaming platform. It allows developers to integrate location awareness into games,... Games 05.11.2011
Spil Games
Spil Games is a games publisher and online global gaming portal. Spil Games focuses on reaching local audiences with localized content and encouraging gamer loyalty through social gaming as... Games 05.11.2011
IActionable is a gamification provider. Their goal is to help companies engage with their users using feedback techniques learned from games but applied to non gaming applications. The API can be... Games 04.22.2011
The API can be used to give ActionScript games the ability to report scores and statistics to the main server. The API is easy to install into an ActionScript game; simply copy some code... Games 04.15.2011
RuBets allows users to trade not only via the web site but also via Bet API - a set of functions to work with events and to place bets. RuBets is a Russian-speaking market providing a forum to make... Games 02.02.2011
The API provides both a RESTful and XML-RPC interface to Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing video games. The API allows users to access data from Games 02.01.2011
Weplay is a youth sports community that connects youth athletes, parents, and coaches. Weplay offers an API that lets developers create applications that can access Weplay (update/retrieve/delete... Sports 01.30.2011
Facebook Credits
The Facebook Credits API enables a user to use credits as a method for purchasing digital and virtual goods within an application. A user places an order by clicking a "Pay with Facebook"... Payments 01.26.2011
Online strategy game eRepublik is used by over 200,000 active players internationally. The site calls itself the "first massive online social strategy game" and invites you to "change... Games 01.25.2011
Digimi Gizmo
Digimi provides 3d avatar creation tools, for gaming or personal use. Users can also create animated clips with these avatars. The Digimi Gizmo API allows developers to use the Digimi/Gizmo... Games 01.08.2011
Like A Little
Like A Little is a website providing a way for users to flirt anonymously. The Like A Little API provides a platform for developers to make games for Like A Little (think the Facebook games). Invite... Dating 12.17.2010
Heyzap Server
Heyzap provides game platforms for developers and publishers. An SDK is required to create a game, but the Heyzap Server API is used to exchange data about game players either inside or outside of... Games 12.14.2010
Mochi Media Flash Games
Mochi Media Flash Games API is a feed of free Flash games that can be used integrated into any website. The feed parameters can be changed to pull more or less games, to pull games from certain... Games 12.03.2010
Quizlet Flashcards
The Quizlet API lets developers use Quizlet's vast database of over 200 million flashcards covering every possible subject. With over 2 million registered users and more than 7 million flashcard... Education 11.12.2010
The 360voice API provided by allows users to request data about Xbox Live gamertags and 360voice user profile data. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in XML.... Games 11.10.2010
Using the API users can easily embed videos on their web pages. With the API users have full access to 6000 high quality movie and game trailers. The trailers are updated everyday... Video 10.30.2010
The BigDoor API offers web developers help building game-like mechanics and loyalty programs into their sites or applications through points, badges, levels, leaderboards, virtual currency and... Other 07.16.2010
Yahoo Fantasy Sports
Yahoo Fantasy Sports is the world's largest fantasy sports provider, allowing users to compete against each other using statistics from real-world competitions. The Yahoo Fantasy Sports API... Sports 06.02.2010
The Airbana database contains information about Airsoft Skirmish and Retail sites globally and also event listings, live weather reports, live pricing information. From Wikipedia: Airsoft is a a... Other 05.10.2010
The NewHaze API enables websites to be able to add games from the library to their websites. NewHaze is a gaming website providing you with every single flash game on the internet. The API can also... Games 04.26.2010
PlaySpan provides monetization solutions for over 1,000 online games, virtual worlds, and social networks. The Player-to-Player Marketplace offers a secure solution for monetizing games through... Payments 04.26.2010
JoyRack Games
JoyRack Games web service allows users to access free online flash games from their directory and embed it on a website or other internet application, free of charge for non-commercial use. JoyRack... Games 03.22.2010
Social Gold
Social Gold is a virtual economy platform that developers can use to create their currency systems, monetize it using in-game payments by Social Gold, and manage and grow their economy using Social... Payments 02.14.2010
FairLuck is a software development company that lets its users to ‘confidently’ gamble online. FairLuck API lets developers to integrate their services into their applications/websites. By using this... Games 11.06.2009
Gamepro offers a database of content for gamers and developers that includes: * 11,000 game titles on 20 different game platforms * 18 types of meta data for most game titles such as video... Games 08.06.2009
Cubiculus provides large sets of Lego building instruction, lego set reference and other LEGO related informations. Registered users can track their LEGO collections. The Cubiculus API allows... Games 08.06.2009
3DArmory is the socialized World of Warcraft Armory alternative with 3D Models and galleries. Within the site, you can discuss, comment and rate toons, and screenshots. provides... Games 07.20.2009
Nabaztag is a Wi-Fi enabled ambient electronic device in the shape of a rabbit. The Nabaztag API allows you to activate, from a third-party application, an event on your Nabaztag. For example:... Games 07.20.2009
PlayPhone provides personalization and entertainment content to mobile consumers in the form of ringtones, and mobile games. The PlayPhone API, updated weekly, gives you access to mobile download... Music 04.20.2009
Wazap! is a Japanese gaming information site. With its API, you can access cheats, game reviews, questions and answers about all games released in Japan. Games 04.15.2009
Heyzap allows any website or blog to take the most exciting Flash games and put them into their website. This results in the website/blog having increased traffic, user time of site and engagement.... Games 03.03.2009
Orion's Belt
The Orion's Belt API allows developers to build custom aplications on top of the game. You can create custom battle calculatores, custom universe maps, battle bots using AI, battle clients, etc. Games 02.26.2009
Fupa Games
This API allows users to incorporate Fupa games into their site. Content is then displayed dynamically on the specified site. The games can be displayed either on a prefabricated site made by Fupa,... Games 01.26.2009
Giant Bomb
Giant Bomb is the world's largest editable video game database. The Giant Bomb API lets you access and search across the site's database of video games, characters, creators and companies. Games 01.23.2009
The Spore API gives you access to the database for the game Spore from Maxis and Electronic Arts. Millions of custom content created and shared by the community of players. You can select items made... Games 01.05.2009
Use the VirWoX API to exchange virtual currencies (such as Linden Dollars of Second Life) for real money, or to read live market data. Access this Virtual World Exchange and use the VirWoX server for... Financial 11.23.2008
GamerDNA Helix
Use the GamerDNA Helix API to get information about a Warhammer character. To get the information returned to you, you provide the name of the character and the server. GamerDNA allows you to... Games 10.27.2008
Use the BF2S API to locate player profiles and leaderboard details for those who play the game, Battlefield 2, and socialize on the BF2S website. When you get player profiles using the API, nearly... Games 10.16.2008
LandGrab is an easy-to-play game that connects friends, families, and complete strangers in amiable games of cut-throat world domination. You can create public or private games. The API provides... Games 10.06.2008
The Weewar API allows you to create notifiers, widgets, or other display apps that contain statistics, user information, open games, maps, and so on. The API comes in a read-only flavor or... Games 10.03.2008
Java Game Tome
The Java Game Tome (JGT) API lets you access the Java Game Tome, providing game listings and more. You can get games by topic, count the total number of games, and search games. REST interface is not... Games 08.17.2008
Members of the Goozex community trade video games and earn points doing it. Use the Goozex API to access the users who are selling and buying, the point value of games, top 10 games, and other data... Games 08.02.2008
From their site: The GamesRadar Developer API makes Games Radar's vast data set available to everyone free of charge. Currently this data includes full game information as well as lists of... Games 07.02.2008
From their site: Many APIs for gaming: (1) With the Nonoba Multiplayer API, any Flash game developer can easily create a multiplayer flash game. (2) With the Highscores API, we want to encourage... Games 05.25.2008
Internet Video Archive
Internet Video Archive's API connects you to our huge library of video assets, our massive ever growing metadata collection, and our amassing number of images. Our video assets include: movie... Video 05.18.2008
From their site: Want to integrate sophisticated avatars into your web-site? Or create an avatar-based widget? The Meez API allows you to retrieve our avatar images by inputting a Meez username.... Social 02.27.2008
Note: This developer platform is scheduled to launch in mid February 2008. Games 02.14.2008
Social Gaming Network
From their site: The SGN Developer Platform provides an API for social games that allows developers to plug their games into the SGN Gaming Hub and gain the benefits of mass distribution across our... Games 02.14.2008
From their site: Wakoopa tracks what kind of software or games you use, and lets you create your own software profile. Use the Wakoopa API to access some of your data via XML. The following data is... Social 12.26.2007
Aevum Obscurum
The AO API allows connecting to Royal AO, a multiplayer strategy game, providing services to poll games, players, standings, news, game maps and signatures. The API includes functionality to manage... Games 11.28.2007
EVE Online CREST Carbon RESTful
The CREST API is a read and write API for use with EVE Online Universe game. This API allows for scalable cluster interaction and uses HTTP GET, PUT, and DELETE requests to modify representation of... Games 07.15.2007
Dominions Dice
Part of the Dominions Gaming System (DGS) and represents the throwing of any number of dice with any number of sides and returning a random result. he Dominions Gaming System (DGS) is a role playing... Games 08.15.2006
From their site: Have a web page somewhere? Take any of our games and put the game directly into your page. Sometimes it's fun to play by yourself. Usually it's more fun to play with other... Games 02.03.2006
Games 02.02.2006
From their site: Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by nearly 100,000... Games 01.29.2006
Name Description Category Date
More Than F1
More Than F1 is a free, web-based, fantasy F1 Management game. Pick drivers, chassis, engine and sponsors then watch your team’s fortunes and finances develop! Games 01.25.2012
Music Pop Quiz
Guess the artist from a song clip or a picture. Questions are randomly generated from the 7digital catalogue and get more and more difficult as you progress through levels. Choose your favourite... Games 01.11.2012
A Minecraft mod that adds tracking of carbon emissions using AMEE. Science 12.02.2011
Wander Mapper
The app lets you create an illustrated version of your Foursquare neighborhood, building a visual game on top of FourSquare’s existing technology. Social 11.10.2011
Bumpin Santa Games
You never know who you’ll bump into this Christmas. Gather with your friends and start collecting santas to unlock their unique holiday rap. It gets bigger and better with each santa you collect.... Humor 10.18.2011
MapAttack is a game of real-time strategy built for real life. Virtual geofences are scattered onto the map and players must physically go to where they are on the map in order to capture them. Mapping 09.18.2011
Tag Fight!
Created for Photo Hack Day 2011, Tag Fight! participants send texts to "fight" over what type of photos to display full-screen. Social 09.06.2011
PhoneTacToe uses the Twilio, Twilio SMS and Heroku APIs and allows you to play a quick game of tic-tac-toe with a friend on your phone. Messaging 08.24.2011
I Do Voices
Like Catch Phrase, but you use your phone instead of a device, and everyone always has a word. Text "play" to start. You will receive the name of a famous person/character. Get... Voice 08.23.2011 is a web service, built with Google App Engine, that lets people share Game Genie codes for Nintendo Entertainment System (8-bit) games. Call to look up a game and have the current codes... Games 08.23.2011
Name Description Category Date
Riot Games API Node.js Library
Authored by Patrick McHugh, this library is a Node.js Library for the Riot Games API. Developers can utilize this library to access all the information that Riot provides using their API. This Node.... Games 01.07.2015
Shpero SDK
The Sphero SDK allows developers to create mobile apps utilizing the ball gaming system. Sphero provides SDK access for both iOS (written in Objective-C) and Android (written in Java) devices.... Games 01.06.2015
Pokéapi Ruby Library Pokegem
The free-to-use Pokémon RESTful API (Pokéapi) is linked to an extensive database of Pokémon-related information- a true virtual Pokédex. Pokegem is a Ruby gem for Pokéapi constructed by GitHub... Games 12.05.2014
Pokéapi Java Library PokeJava
The free-to-use Pokémon RESTful API (Pokéapi) is linked to an extensive database of Pokémon-related information- a true virtual Pokédex. PokeJava is a wrapper for Pokéapi constructed by GitHub... Games 12.05.2014
Pokéapi .NET Library PokeApi.NET
The free-to-use Pokémon RESTful API (Pokéapi) is linked to an extensive database of Pokémon-related information- a true virtual Pokédex. PokeApi.NET is a wrapper constructed by GitHub contributor... Games 12.05.2014
Pokéapi Python Library Pykemon
The free-to-use Pokémon RESTful API (Pokéapi) is linked to an extensive database of Pokémon-related information- a true virtual Pokédex. Pykemon is a wrapper that enables an interface to the Pokéapi... Games 12.05.2014
Intel RealSense Windows SDK
The Intel RealSense SDK allows developers to create more immersive applications for gaming using Intel's RealSense camera technology. The SDK offers developers several immersive gaming features... Augmented Reality 12.05.2014
Heyzap iOS SDK
This is the official Android SDK developed and maintained by Heyzap. Using the SDK, developers can construct Android applications that interface more conveniently with the Heyzap API. Requires a... Games 10.07.2014
Heyzap Android SDK
This is the official Android SDK developed and maintained by Heyzap. Using the SDK, developers can construct Android applications that interface more conveniently with the Heyzap API. The SDK... Games 10.07.2014
Marmalade SDK

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