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Preisente Merchant MyShop
The Preisente Merchant MyShop allows developers to compare prices from all supermarkets in a city in order to discover the best price for a given product. The API can easily be integrate with point... Prices 06.11.2015
Fidor is a German-based bank that offers a standardized set of RESTful APIs and management systems handled with OAuth for authentication. With Fidor, each user has a specific customer ID and... Financial 11.26.2014 is an international SMS messaging service based in Germany. Their SMS gateway services provide users with bulk SMS capabilities, a web payment system, and HTTP and email integration... Messaging 11.24.2014
Neofonie TXT Werk API
TXT Werk is a lightweight text analytic API that specializes in analyzing German texts. Using TXT Werk, users can easily get information from any unstructured text data and can quickly digest... Natural Language Processing 11.12.2014
Immobilienscout24 Construction Financing
Immobilien Scout 24 is a Real Estate company in Germany that lets customers to search for ads, build houses, and decorate. The Construction Financing API allows developers to integrate functions such... Real Estate 10.26.2014
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Name Description Category Date
Berlin Gay Maps
Maps of gay bars, clubs, hotels, shops etc. in Berlin Schöneberg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. See under the GayMap link on the main menu. Mapping 06.29.2011
Display the best twick about a topic above the google search results. Site is in German. Search 03.29.2011
Display the best twick about a topic above the wikipedia article. Site is in German. Wiki 03.24.2011
Daylogs shows daily webtrends for Germany and gets some similar videos. German 03.04.2011
Bestseller list for Germany's German 06.09.2010
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Name Description Category Date
A nice little game using Google Maps to test your knowledge of geography (mainly in Germany and Europe). Games 03.14.2009
Freizeit erleben
Childrens playgrounds and additional information about entertainment in Germany. Mapping 08.29.2008
Rezeptwiese is a website about food and recipes. Social 06.23.2008
Briefkasten finden
Interactive map for locating mailboxes in Germany German 03.25.2008
Search Holiday Flats in Germany
Mapping based search to find German holiday rentals. Compare to find by location, like nearest one to the beach. German 02.25.2008
Marketplace for Workspaces
Offers a wide array of workspaces, such as practice spaces, offices, studios, single-user work stations, conference rooms, and so on that can be rented or offered for days, weeks or for permanent use... Mapping 12.28.2007
Small community that uses the Youtube API to show off and comment on videos in users profiles. Video 09.23.2007
Zeiss European Storefinder
Zeiss European store finder for Germany. Mapping 08.16.2007
Sony Germany Storefinder
Find Sony stores in Germany with this Multimap mashup. Mapping 08.16.2007
Via Claudia Augusta
A mashup for the ancient Roman road Via Claudia Augusta between Konigsbrunn and Epfach in Germany. History 08.14.2007

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