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Accurate Background
The Accurate Background API allows developers to integrate FCRA-compliant background screening into their web and mobile applications. It can screen thousands of individuals at once and provides... Human Resources 03.31.2015
Google Identity Toolkit
The Google Identity Toolkit API allows developers to create apps and websites that support user authentication via Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Paypal, and AOL. The toolkit includes UI... Identity 03.11.2015
Onfido Background Checks
The Onfido Background Checks API is an application for submitting background check requests. This RESTful API uses standard HTTP verbs with responses in JSON. Calls to the API are made over HTTPS and... Human Resources 02.19.2015
AT&T Verify Connect
AT&T Verify Connect is a service that assists with identifying customers who access mobile and web-based services by assigning each customer with a unique digital ID. With the API, developers... Verification 01.08.2015
IDology is an identity and age verification tool. IDology provides this service by offering a Web Portal, direct Mobile Access, and an API to enable identity verification solutions to be integrated... Identity 12.22.2014
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Centrify for DocuSign
Centrify is a Saas company that provides solutions for unifying identity management across cloud, mobile and data center IT environments. Docusign is integrated with Centrify to allow customers to... Electronic Signature 10.28.2014
Online passport and visa photo service that provides guaranteed government compliance based on sophisticated biometrics. Photos 08.08.2012
MusicDNA ID discovers and identifies music wherever you go and whenever you want. Whether you are in a bar, in a department store or listening to music in a car, simply record a short snippet of the... Music 03.12.2012
Facebook Bday Wish Application and QR Code Generator
Find friend's birthdays and wish them a happy one via QR code they can scan with a mobile device - Works great with Firefox and Chrome. Has some issues with IE browser. Identity 10.06.2011
BirthdayGram allows you to record an audio message for a friend on his or her birthday. Far more personal than a text message or a wall post, yet far easier than a phone call, sending a BirthdayGram... Social 08.15.2011
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